How to use is_kind_supported_by_runner_command method in avocado

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...319 "configuration_used", []320 )321 return capabilities322 @staticmethod323 def is_kind_supported_by_runner_command(324 kind, runner_cmd, capabilities=None, env=None325 ):326 """Checks if a runner command that seems a good fit declares support."""327 if capabilities is None:328 capabilities = Runnable.get_capabilities_from_runner_command(329 runner_cmd, env330 )331 return kind in capabilities.get("runnables", [])332 @staticmethod333 def _module_exists(module_name):334 """Returns whether a nrunner "runner" module exists."""335 module_filename = f"{module_name}.py"336 mod_path = os.path.join("plugins", "runners", module_filename)337 return pkg_resources.resource_exists("avocado", mod_path)338 @staticmethod339 def pick_runner_command(kind, runners_registry=None):340 """Selects a runner command based on the runner kind.341 And when finding a suitable runner, keeps found runners in registry.342 This utility function will look at the given kind and try to find343 a matching runner. The matching runner probe results are kept in344 a registry (that is modified by this function) so that further345 executions take advantage of previous probes.346 This is related to the :data:`SpawnMethod.STANDALONE_EXECUTABLE`347 :param kind: runners' kind348 :type kind: str349 :param runners_registry: a registry with previously found (and not350 found) runners keyed by runnable kind351 :type runners_registry: dict352 :returns: command line arguments to execute the runner353 :rtype: list of str or None354 """355 if runners_registry is None:356 runners_registry = RUNNERS_REGISTRY_STANDALONE_EXECUTABLE357 runner_cmd = runners_registry.get(kind)358 if runner_cmd is False:359 return None360 if runner_cmd is not None:361 return runner_cmd362 # When running Avocado Python modules, the interpreter on the new363 # process needs to know where Avocado can be found.364 env = os.environ.copy()365 env["PYTHONPATH"] = ":".join(p for p in sys.path)366 standalone_executable_cmd = [f"avocado-runner-{kind}"]367 if Runnable.is_kind_supported_by_runner_command(368 kind, standalone_executable_cmd369 ):370 runners_registry[kind] = standalone_executable_cmd371 return standalone_executable_cmd372 # attempt to find Python module files that are named after the373 # runner convention within the avocado.plugins.runners namespace dir.374 # Looking for the file only avoids an attempt to load the module375 # and should be a lot faster376 module_name = kind.replace("-", "_")377 if Runnable._module_exists(module_name):378 full_module_name = f"avocado.plugins.runners.{module_name}"379 candidate_cmd = [sys.executable, "-m", full_module_name]380 if Runnable.is_kind_supported_by_runner_command(381 kind, candidate_cmd, env=env382 ):383 runners_registry[kind] = candidate_cmd384 return candidate_cmd385 # look for the runner commands implemented in the base nrunner module386 candidate_cmd = [sys.executable, "-m", "avocado.core.nrunner"]387 if Runnable.is_kind_supported_by_runner_command(kind, candidate_cmd, env=env):388 runners_registry[kind] = candidate_cmd389 return candidate_cmd390 # exhausted probes, let's save the negative on the cache and avoid391 # future similar problems392 runners_registry[kind] = False393 def runner_command(self, runners_registry=None):394 """Selects a runner command based on the runner.395 And when finding a suitable runner, keeps found runners in registry.396 This utility function will look at the given task and try to find397 a matching runner. The matching runner probe results are kept in398 a registry (that is modified by this function) so that further399 executions take advantage of previous probes.400 This is related to the :data:`SpawnMethod.STANDALONE_EXECUTABLE`401 :param runners_registry: a registry with previously found (and not...

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...364 def test_is_task_kind_supported(self):365 cmd = ['sh', '-c',366 'test $0 = capabilities && '367 'echo -n {\\"runnables\\": [\\"mykind\\"]}']368 self.assertTrue(self.runnable.is_kind_supported_by_runner_command(cmd))369 def test_is_task_kind_supported_other_kind(self):370 cmd = ['sh', '-c',371 'test $0 = capabilities && '372 'echo -n {\\"runnables\\": [\\"otherkind\\"]}']373 self.assertFalse(self.runnable.is_kind_supported_by_runner_command(cmd))374 def test_is_task_kind_supported_no_output(self):375 cmd = ['sh', '-c', 'echo -n ""']376 self.assertFalse(self.runnable.is_kind_supported_by_runner_command(cmd))377class PickRunner(unittest.TestCase):378 def setUp(self):379 self.runnable = nrunner.Runnable('lets-image-a-kind',380 'test_pick_runner_command')381 def test_pick_runner_command(self):382 runner = ['avocado-runner-lets-image-a-kind']383 known = {'lets-image-a-kind': runner}384 self.assertEqual(self.runnable.pick_runner_command(known), runner)385 def test_pick_runner_command_empty(self):386 self.assertFalse(self.runnable.pick_runner_command({}))387if __name__ == '__main__':...

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