How to use is_path_removed method in avocado

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...68 self.assertEqual(['node-x', 'node-y'], values)69 def test_is_path_removed_success(self):70 patch = [{'path': '/name', 'op': 'remove'}]71 path = '/name'72 value = utils.is_path_removed(patch, path)73 self.assertTrue(value)74 def test_is_path_removed_subpath_success(self):75 patch = [{'path': '/local_link_connection/switch_id', 'op': 'remove'}]76 path = '/local_link_connection'77 value = utils.is_path_removed(patch, path)78 self.assertTrue(value)79 def test_is_path_removed_similar_subpath(self):80 patch = [{'path': '/local_link_connection_info/switch_id',81 'op': 'remove'}]82 path = '/local_link_connection'83 value = utils.is_path_removed(patch, path)84 self.assertFalse(value)85 def test_is_path_removed_replace(self):86 patch = [{'path': '/name', 'op': 'replace', 'value': 'node-x'}]87 path = '/name'88 value = utils.is_path_removed(patch, path)89 self.assertFalse(value)90 def test_check_for_invalid_fields(self):91 requested = ['field_1', 'field_3']92 supported = ['field_1', 'field_2', 'field_3']93 utils.check_for_invalid_fields(requested, supported)94 def test_check_for_invalid_fields_fail(self):95 requested = ['field_1', 'field_4']96 supported = ['field_1', 'field_2', 'field_3']97 self.assertRaises(exception.InvalidParameterValue,98 utils.check_for_invalid_fields,99 requested, supported)100 @mock.patch.object(pecan, 'request', spec_set=['version'])101 def test_check_allow_specify_fields(self, mock_request):102 mock_request.version.minor = 8...

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...139 for ip in INCLUDE_PATHS:140 if p.startswith(ip) or ip.startswith(p):141 return True142 return False143def is_path_removed(p):144 global RM_PATHS145 rmlen = len(RM_PATHS)146 i1 = bisect.bisect_left(RM_PATHS, p)147 p1 = RM_PATHS[i1] if i1 < rmlen else None148 if p1 and p.startswith(p1):149 return True150 i2 = i1 - 1151 p2 = RM_PATHS[i2] if i2 >= 0 and i2 < rmlen else None152 if p2 and p.startswith(p2):153 return True154 return False155def apply_subdirectory_filter(args):156"applying subdirectory filter for '%s' (CAN TAKE A LONG TIME!)", args.filter_dir)157 with in_directory(args.dest_repo):158 [160 'git',161 'filter-branch',162 '--prune-empty',163 '--subdirectory-filter',164 args.filter_dir,165 '--',166 '--all'167 ],168 stderr=DEVNULL169 )170 orefs = '.git/refs/original'171 if os.path.isdir(orefs):172"removing backup refs")173['rm', '-r', '-f', orefs])174def generate_tree_filter(args):175 global RM_PATHS176 RM_PATHS = [] if RM_PATHS is None else RM_PATHS177 with in_directory(args.dest_repo):178 if args.base_branch:179 branches = [args.base_branch]180 else:181 branches = filter(182 lambda b: b,183 map(184 lambda b: b.strip('* '),185 subprocess.check_output(186 ['git', 'branch'],187 stderr=DEVNULL).split('\n')188 )189 )190 for b in branches:191"computing deletes for branch '%s'", b)192 ['git', 'checkout', '-q', '-f', b],194 stderr=DEVNULL195 )196 ['git', 'clean', '-d', '-f'],198 stderr=DEVNULL199 )200 for p in filter(201 lambda p: p and p != '.',202 map(203 lambda p: p.strip(),204 subprocess.check_output(205 ['find', '.', '-path', './.git', '-prune', '-o', '-print']206 ).split('\n')207 )208 ):209 if (not is_included_path(p)) and (not is_path_removed(p)):210 bisect.insort(RM_PATHS, p)211def update_tree_filter(args):212 global REMOVE_PATHS, RM_PATHS213 RM_PATHS = [] if RM_PATHS is None else RM_PATHS214 for p in REMOVE_PATHS:215 if (not is_included_path(p)) and (not is_path_removed(p)):216 bisect.insort(RM_PATHS, p)217def apply_refilter(args):218 with in_directory(args.dest_repo):219 os.system("git filter-branch")220def apply_tree_filter(args):221 global RM_PATHS222 if not RM_PATHS:223"No remove paths computed. Skipping tree-filter")224 return225"Removing the following paths from all commits:")226 for rp in RM_PATHS:227"> %s", rp)228 rmp_quoted = " ".join(map(229 lambda p: '"%s"' % p,...

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