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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2from django import template3register = template.Library()4@register.inclusion_tag('workflow/submit_line.html', takes_context=True)5def workflow_model_submit_row(context):6 """7 Displays the row of buttons for delete and save.8 """9 opts = context['opts']10 change = context['change']11 is_popup = context['is_popup']12 save_as = context['save_as']13 has_content_admin_permission = context.get(14 'has_content_admin_permission', True)15 has_content_manager_permission = context.get(16 'has_content_manager_permission', False)17 can_be_branched = context.get('can_be_branched', True)18 change_status_only = context.get('change_status_only', False)19 working_with_version = context.get('working_with_version', False)20 has_children = context.get('has_children', False)21 is_approved = context.get('is_approved', False)22 is_recovering = context.get('is_recovering', False)23 is_pending = context.get('is_pending', False)24 show_manager_extra = has_content_manager_permission \25 and change \26 and can_be_branched27 result = {28 'onclick_attrib': (opts.get_ordered_objects() and change29 and 'onclick="submitOrderForm();"' or ''),30 'is_recovering': is_recovering,31 'is_popup': is_popup,32 'is_new': not change,33 }34 if is_recovering:35 result.update({36 'show_delete_link': False,37 'show_save_as_new': False,38 'show_save_and_add_another': False,39 'show_save_and_continue': False,40 'show_save': False,41 'show_save_to_history': False,42 'show_send_to_approve': False,43 'show_change_status': False,44 })45 else:46 result.update({47 'show_delete_link': (not is_popup and has_content_admin_permission48 and (change or context.get('show_delete', False))) \49 and not has_children and not is_approved,50 'delete_url': context.get('delete_url', 'delete/'),51 'show_save_as_new': not is_popup and save_as and change52 and not change_status_only,53 'show_save_and_add_another': context['has_add_permission'] and54 not is_popup and (not save_as or context['add']) and55 (not change or can_be_branched) and not change_status_only,56 'show_save_and_continue': not is_popup and context['has_change_permission'] and57 (not change or can_be_branched) and not change_status_only,58 'show_save': ((has_content_admin_permission and can_be_branched59 and not change_status_only and not is_pending) or not change),60 'show_save_to_history': (show_manager_extra or has_content_admin_permission)61 and not change_status_only and can_be_branched,62 'save_style': '' if (has_content_admin_permission and change) else 'default',63 'show_send_to_approve': show_manager_extra,64 'show_change_status': working_with_version and has_content_admin_permission65 and is_pending,66 'can_be_branched': can_be_branched,67 })...

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...31 # function to write in a variable32 def write(self, transaction, value):33 self._uncommitted_value = (transaction['_id'], value)34 # function to check variable status 'RECOVERING'35 def is_recovering(self):36 return self._status == VariableStatus.RECOVERING37 # function to read uncommitted value from a variable38 def read_uncommitted(self, transaction):39 if self._uncommitted_value[0] == transaction['_id']:40 return self._uncommitted_value[1]41 # Transaction with write lock, but hasn't written42 return self.read_committed(transaction)43 # function to load uncommited value44 def load_uncommitted(self, value):45 self._uncommitted_value = value46 # function to dump commited value47 def dump_committed(self):48 return self._committed_values49 # function to set variable status50 def recover(self):51 self._status = VariableStatus.RECOVERING52 # function to check if replicated53 def is_replicated(self):54 var_index = int(self._id[1:])55 return (var_index % 2) == 056 # function to commit value in a variable57 def commit(self, timestamp):58 if self.is_recovering():59 self._status = VariableStatus.ACTIVE60 self._committed_values.append((timestamp, self._uncommitted_value))61 # function to load commited value62 def load_committed(self, values):63 self._committed_values = values64 # function to commit value in a variable65 def commit(self, timestamp):66 if self.is_recovering():67 self._status = VariableStatus.ACTIVE68 self._committed_values.append((timestamp, self._uncommitted_value))69 # function to dump uncommited value70 def dump_uncommitted(self):71 return self._uncommitted_value72 # function to load state73 def load_state(self, committed_values, uncommitted_values):74 self.load_committed(committed_values)...

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