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...170 first_dict = json_op[0]171 index_dict = self.run_ndctl_list_val(first_dict, 'index')[0]172 return self.run_ndctl_list_val(index_dict, 'nslot') - 2173 @staticmethod174 def is_region_legacy(region):175 """176 Check whether we have label index namespace. If legacy we can't create177 new namespaces.178 :param region: Region for which legacy check is made179 :return: True if given region is legacy, else False180 """181 nstype = genio.read_file("/sys/bus/nd/devices/%s"182 "/nstype" % region).rstrip("\n")183 if nstype == "4":184 return True185 return False186 @staticmethod187 def check_buses():188 """189 Get buses from sys subsystem to verify persistent devices exist190 :return: List of buses available191 :rtype: list192 """193 return glob.glob('/sys/bus/nd/drivers/nd_bus/ndbus*')194 def disable_region(self, name='all'):195 """196 Disable given region197 :param name: name of the region to be disabled198 :return: True on success199 :raise: :class:`PMemException`, if command fails.200 """201 if process.system('%s disable-region %s' % (self.ndctl, name),202 shell=True, ignore_status=True):203 raise PMemException("Failed to disable %s region(s)" % name)204 return True205 def enable_region(self, name='all'):206 """207 Enable given region208 :param name: name of the region to be enabled209 :return: True on success210 :raise: :class:`PMemException`, if command fails.211 """212 if process.system('%s enable-region %s' % (self.ndctl, name),213 shell=True, ignore_status=True):214 raise PMemException("Failed to enable %s region(s)" % name)215 return True216 def disable_namespace(self, namespace='all', region='', bus='',217 verbose=False):218 """219 Disable namespaces220 :param namespace: name of the namespace to be disabled221 :param region: Filter namespace by region222 :param bus: Filter namespace by bus223 :param verbose: Enable True command with debug information224 :return: True on success225 :raise: :class:`PMemException`, if command fails.226 """227 args = namespace228 if region:229 args = '%s -r %s' % (args, region)230 if bus:231 args = '%s -b %s' % (args, bus)232 if verbose:233 args = '%s -v' % args234 if process.system('%s disable-namespace %s' % (self.ndctl, args),235 shell=True, ignore_status=True):236 raise PMemException('Namespace disable failed for %s' % namespace)237 return True238 def enable_namespace(self, namespace='all', region='', bus='',239 verbose=False):240 """241 Enable namespaces242 :param namespace: name of the namespace to be enabled243 :param region: Filter namespace by region244 :param bus: Filter namespace by bus245 :param verbose: Enable True command with debug information246 return: True on success247 :raise: :class:`PMemException`, if command fails.248 """249 args = namespace250 if region:251 args = '%s -r %s' % (args, region)252 if bus:253 args = '%s -b %s' % (args, bus)254 if verbose:255 args = '%s -v' % args256 if process.system('%s enable-namespace %s' % (self.ndctl, args),257 shell=True, ignore_status=True):258 raise PMemException('Namespace enable failed for "%s"' % namespace)259 return True260 def create_namespace(self, region='', bus='', n_type='pmem', mode='fsdax',261 memmap='dev', name='', size='', uuid='',262 sector_size='', align='', reconfig='', force=False,263 autolabel=False):264 """265 Creates namespace with specified options266 :param region: Region on which namespace has to be created267 :param bus: Bus with which namespace has to be created268 :param n_type: Type of namespace to be created [pmem/blk]269 :param mode: Mode of namespace to be created, defaults to fsdax270 :param memmap: Metadata mapping for created namespace271 :param name: Optional name provided for namespace272 :param size: Size with which namespace has to be created273 :param uuid: Optional uuid provided for namespace274 :param sector_size: Sector size with which namespace has to be created275 :param align: Alignment with which namespace has to be created276 :param reconfig: Optionally reconfigure namespace providing existing277 namespace/region name278 :param force: Force creation of namespace279 :param autolabel: Optionally autolabel the namespace280 :return: True on success281 :raise: :class:`PMemException`, if command fails.282 """283 args_dict = {region: '-r', bus: '-b', name: '-n', size: '-s',284 uuid: '-u', sector_size: '-l', align: '-a',285 reconfig: '-e'}286 minor_dict = {force: '-f', autolabel: '-L'}287 args = '-t %s -m %s ' % (n_type, mode)288 if mode in ['fsdax', 'devdax']:289 args += ' -M %s' % memmap290 for option in list(args_dict.keys()):291 if option:292 args += ' %s %s' % (args_dict[option], option)293 for option in list(minor_dict.keys()):294 if option:295 args += ' %s' % minor_dict[option]296 if (self.is_region_legacy(region) and not reconfig):297 namespace = "namespace%s.0" % re.findall(r'\d+', region)[0]298 args += " -f -e " + namespace299 if process.system('%s create-namespace %s' % (self.ndctl, args),300 shell=True, ignore_status=True):301 raise PMemException('Namespace create command failed')302 return True303 def destroy_namespace(self, namespace='all', region='', bus='',304 force=False):305 """306 Destroy namespaces, skipped in case of legacy namespace307 :param namespace: name of the namespace to be destroyed308 :param region: Filter namespace by region309 :param bus: Filter namespace by bus310 :param force: Force a namespace to be destroyed311 :return: True on Success312 :raise: :class:`PMemException`, if command fails.313 """314 if (region and self.is_region_legacy(region)):315 return True316 args = namespace317 args_dict = {region: '-r', bus: '-b'}318 for option in list(args_dict.keys()):319 if option:320 args += ' %s %s' % (args_dict[option], option)321 if force:322 args += ' -f'323 if process.system('%s destroy-namespace %s' % (self.ndctl, args),324 shell=True, ignore_status=True):325 raise PMemException('Namespace destroy command failed')326 return True327 @staticmethod328 def _check_arg(key, kwargs):...

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