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...16 for seq in seq_seq:17 if item in seq:18 return True19 return False20def is_script(string, script, ignore=['Inherited', 'Common', 'Unknown']):21 """Returns: true if all chars in string belong to script.22 Args:23 string: A string to test (may be a single char).24 script: Script long name, as in Unicode UCD's Scripts.txt (viz.).25 ignore: A list of scripts that will always suceed for matching purposes.26 For example, ASCII punctuation is listed as 'Common', so 'A.' will27 match as 'Latin', and 'あ.' will match as 'Hiragana'. See UAX #2428 for details.29 >>> is_script('A', 'Latin')30 True31 >>> is_script('Artemísia', 'Latin')32 True33 >>> is_script('ἀψίνθιον ', 'Latin')34 False35 >>> is_script('Let θι = 3', 'Latin', ignore=['Greek', 'Common', 'Inherited', 'Unknown'])36 True37 >>> is_script('はるはあけぼの', 'Hiragana')38 True39 >>> is_script('はるは:あけぼの.', 'Hiragana')40 True41 >>> is_script('はるは:あけぼの.', 'Hiragana', ignore=[])42 False43 """44 if ignore == None: ignore = []45 ignore_ranges = []46 for ignored in ignore:47 ignore_ranges += RANGES[ignored]48 for char in string:49 cp = ord(char)50 if ((not in_any_seq(cp, RANGES[script.capitalize()]))51 and not in_any_seq(cp, ignore_ranges)):52 return False53 return True54def which_scripts(char):55 """Returns: list of scripts that char belongs to....

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1import sqlite32from constants import OLD_DATABASE, CREATE_QUERIES, MIGRATE_SECOND, MIGRATE_JOIN3from flask import Flask, jsonify4import logging5logging.basicConfig(encoding='utf-8', level=logging.INFO)6app = Flask(__name__)7def get_sqlite_query(query, base=OLD_DATABASE, is_script=False):8 """Читаем старую базу данных"""9 with sqlite3.connect(base) as connection:10 cursor = connection.cursor()11 if is_script:12 result = cursor.executescript(query)13 else:14 result = cursor.execute(query)15 return result.fetchall()16def get_all_by_id(id):17 query = f"""18 SELECT * 19 FROM animals_new20 WHERE id == {id}21 """22 raw = get_sqlite_query(query, is_script=False)23 result_dict = {'id': raw[0][0], 'age_upon_outcome': raw[0][1], 'animal_id': raw[0][2],24 'name': raw[0][3], 'id_type': raw[0][4], 'id_breed': raw[0][5],25 'id_color1': raw[0][6], 'id_color2': raw[0][7], 'dateOfBirth': raw[0][8][0:10],26 'id_outcome_subtype': raw[0][9], 'id_outcome_type': raw[0][10], 'outcome_month': raw[0][11],27 'outcome_year': raw[0][12]}28 return result_dict29# Создание новых таблиц. Основная таблица + допы30get_sqlite_query(CREATE_QUERIES, is_script=True)31# Заполнение доп. таблиц данными32get_sqlite_query(MIGRATE_SECOND, is_script=True)33# Заполнение основной таблицы айдишниками через JOIN34get_sqlite_query(MIGRATE_JOIN, is_script=False)35# print((get_all_by_id(1)))36@app.route('/<id>/')37def get_by_id(id):38 """ Шаг 1. Поиск по названию самого свежего """39'Ищем по ID: {id}')40 animal = get_all_by_id(id) # Словарь с данными по ОДНОМУ посту41'Функция поиска вернула: {animal}')42 return jsonify(animal)43app.config['JSON_AS_ASCII'] = False44if __name__ == '__main__':...

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