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...5from avocado.core.output import LOG_UI6from avocado.core.plugin_interfaces import CLICmd7from avocado.core.settings import settings8from avocado.utils import astring, vmimage9def list_downloaded_images():10 """11 List the available Image inside avocado cache12 :return: list with image's parameters13 :rtype: list of dicts14 """15 images = []16 for cache_dir in data_dir.get_cache_dirs():17 for root, _, files in os.walk(cache_dir):18 if files:19 metadata_files = [pos_json for pos_json in files20 if pos_json.endswith('_metadata.json')]21 files = list(set(files) - set(metadata_files))22 for metadata_file in metadata_files:23 with open(os.path.join(root, metadata_file), 'r') as data:24 metadata = json.loads( if isinstance(metadata, dict):26 if metadata.get("type", None) == "vmimage":27 provider = None28 for p in vmimage.IMAGE_PROVIDERS:29 if == metadata["name"]:30 provider = p(metadata["version"],31 metadata["build"],32 metadata["arch"])33 break34 if provider is not None:35 for image in files:36 if re.match(provider.file_name, image):37 data = {"name":,38 "version": provider.version,39 "arch": provider.arch,40 "file": os.path.join(root, image)}41 images.append(data)42 break43 return images44def download_image(distro, version=None, arch=None):45 """46 Downloads the vmimage to the cache directory if doesn't already exist47 :param distro: Name of image distribution48 :type distro: str49 :param version: Version of image50 :type version: str51 :param arch: Architecture of image52 :type arch: str53 :raise AttributeError: When image can't be downloaded54 :return: Information about downloaded image55 :rtype: dict56 """57 cache_dir = data_dir.get_cache_dirs()[0]58 image_info = vmimage.get(name=distro, version=version, arch=arch,59 cache_dir=cache_dir)60 file_path = image_info.base_image61 image = {'name': distro, 'version': image_info.version,62 'arch': image_info.arch, 'file': file_path}63 return image64def display_images_list(images):65 """66 Displays table with information about images67 :param images: list with image's parameters68 :type images: list of dicts69 """70 image_matrix = [[image['name'], image['version'], image['arch'],71 image['file']] for image in images]72 header = (output.TERM_SUPPORT.header_str('Provider'),73 output.TERM_SUPPORT.header_str('Version'),74 output.TERM_SUPPORT.header_str('Architecture'),75 output.TERM_SUPPORT.header_str('File'))76 for line in astring.iter_tabular_output(image_matrix, header=header,77 strip=True):78 LOG_UI.debug(line)79class VMimage(CLICmd):80 """81 Implements the avocado 'vmimage' subcommand82 """83 name = 'vmimage'84 description = 'Provides VM images acquired from official repositories'85 def configure(self, parser):86 parser = super(VMimage, self).configure(parser)87 subcommands = parser.add_subparsers(dest='vmimage_subcommand')88 subcommands.required = True89 subcommands.add_parser('list', help='List of all downloaded images')90 get_parser = subcommands.add_parser('get',91 help="Downloads chosen VMimage if "92 "it's not already in the "93 "cache")94 help_msg = 'Name of image distribution'95 settings.register_option(section='vmimage.get',96 key='distro',97 default=None,98 help_msg=help_msg,99 key_type=str,100 parser=get_parser,101 long_arg='--distro',102 required=True)103 help_msg = 'Image version'104 settings.register_option(section='vmimage.get',105 key='version',106 default=None,107 help_msg=help_msg,108 key_type=str,109 parser=get_parser,110 long_arg='--distro-version')111 help_msg = 'Image architecture'112 settings.register_option(section='vmimage.get',113 key='arch',114 default=None,115 help_msg=help_msg,116 key_type=str,117 parser=get_parser,118 long_arg='--arch')119 def run(self, config):120 subcommand = config.get("vmimage_subcommand")121 if subcommand == 'list':122 images = list_downloaded_images()123 display_images_list(images)124 elif subcommand == 'get':125 name = config.get('vmimage.get.distro')126 version = config.get('vmimage.get.version')127 arch = config.get('vmimage.get.arch')128 try:129 image = download_image(name, version, arch)130 except AttributeError:131 LOG_UI.debug("The requested image could not be downloaded")132 return exit_codes.AVOCADO_FAIL133 LOG_UI.debug("The image was downloaded:")134 display_images_list([image])...

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...7 within the working directory.8 """9 data_dir = get_args()10 expected_images = read_archive_table_export(data_dir)11 downloaded_images = list_downloaded_images(data_dir)12 check_for_missing_images(expected_images, downloaded_images)13def get_args():14 """Function to request or gather the required arguments"""15 if len(sys.argv) == 1:16 data_dir = raw_input('Please enter the path to the working data directory: ')17 else:18 data_dir = sys.argv[1]19 return data_dir20def read_archive_table_export(data_dir):21 """Function to read the table of images produced by the archive.22 This table file should be produced using the TXT formatting option.23 """24 table_file = os.path.join(data_dir,'tableExport.txt')25 if not os.path.isfile(table_file):26 print('ERROR: Cannot find the archive-generated list of expected images')27 sys.exit()28 f = open(table_file,'r')29 flines = f.readlines()30 f.close()31 image_list = []32 for line in flines[1:]:33 entries = line.replace('\n','').split(',')34 image_list.append(entries[2])35 print(str(len(image_list))+' image(s) expected from the archive')36 return image_list37def list_downloaded_images(data_dir):38 """Function to build a list of image files that were actually downloaded from those available in the39 working directory, stripping the file extensions since these are not included in the archives data list."""40 file_list = glob.glob(os.path.join(data_dir,'*.fits.fz'))41 if len(file_list) == 0:42 file_list = glob.glob(os.path.join(data_dir,'*.fits'))43 if len(file_list) == 0:44 print('ERROR: No frames downloaded')45 sys.exit()46 image_list = []47 for f in file_list:48 image_list.append(os.path.basename(f).split('.')[0])49 print(str(len(image_list))+' image(s) downloaded')50 return image_list51def check_for_missing_images(expected_images, downloaded_images):...

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