How to use loaded_module_info method in avocado

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...71 return module_info72 else:73 # return empty dict to be consistent74 return {}75def loaded_module_info(module_name):76 """77 Get loaded module details: Size and Submodules.78 :param module_name: Name of module to search for79 :type module_name: str80 :return: Dictionary of module info, name, size, submodules if present81 :rtype: dict82 """83 l_raw = process.system_output('/sbin/lsmod')84 return parse_lsmod_for_module(l_raw, module_name)85def get_submodules(module_name):86 """87 Get all submodules of the module.88 :param module_name: Name of module to search for89 :type module_name: str90 :return: List of the submodules91 :rtype: builtin.list92 """93 module_info = loaded_module_info(module_name)94 module_list = []95 try:96 submodules = module_info["submodules"]97 except KeyError:98"Module %s is not loaded" % module_name)99 else:100 module_list = submodules101 for module in submodules:102 module_list += get_submodules(module)103 return module_list104def unload_module(module_name):105 """106 Removes a module. Handles dependencies. If even then it's not possible107 to remove one of the modules, it will throw an error.CmdError exception.108 :param module_name: Name of the module we want to remove.109 :type module_name: str110 """111 module_info = loaded_module_info(module_name)112 try:113 submodules = module_info['submodules']114 except KeyError:115"Module %s is already unloaded" % module_name)116 else:117 for module in submodules:118 unload_module(module)119 module_info = loaded_module_info(module_name)120 try:121 module_used = module_info['used']122 except KeyError:123"Module %s is already unloaded" % module_name)124 return125 if module_used != 0:126 raise RuntimeError("Module %s is still in use. "127 "Can not unload it." % module_name)128 process.system("/sbin/modprobe -r %s" % module_name)129"Module %s unloaded" % module_name)130def module_is_loaded(module_name):131 """132 Is module loaded133 :param module_name: Name of module to search for134 :type module_name: str135 :return: True is module is loaded136 :rtype: bool137 """138 module_name = module_name.replace('-', '_')139 return bool(loaded_module_info(module_name))140def get_loaded_modules():141 lsmod_output = process.system_output('/sbin/lsmod').splitlines()[1:]142 return [line.split(None, 1)[0] for line in lsmod_output]143def check_kernel_config(config_name):144 """145 Reports the configuration of $config_name of the current kernel146 :param config_name: Name of kernel config to search147 :type config_name: str148 :return: Config status in running kernel (NOT_SET, BUILTIN, MODULE)149 :rtype: int150 """151 kernel_version = platform.uname()[2]152 config_file = '/boot/config-' + kernel_version153 for line in open(config_file, 'r'):...

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