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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2from django.shortcuts import get_object_or_404, render, redirect3from django.db.models.query import Prefetch4from django.contrib import messages5from django.db.models import Count6from django.db import transaction7import logging8from results import models9from editor import forms10from results.views.views_common import user_edit_vars11from .views_user_actions import log_form_change12from .views_common import group_required, changes_history, update_organizer13from tools.flock_mutex import Flock_mutex14from starrating.constants import LOCK_FILE_FOR_RATED_TREE_MODIFICATIONS15from starrating.aggr.rated_tree_modifications import change_parent, transfer_children_before_node_deletion16from starrating.exceptions import UpdatedRecordExistsError17@group_required('admins')18def organizer_details(request, organizer_id=None):19 if organizer_id:20 organizer = get_object_or_404(models.Organizer, pk=organizer_id)21 str_action = u'обновлён'22 else:23 organizer = models.Organizer(created_by=request.user)24 str_action = u'создан'25 if 'frmOrganizer_submit' in request.POST:26 form = forms.OrganizerForm(request.POST, instance=organizer, files=request.FILES)27 if form.is_valid():28 log_form_change(request.user, form, action=models.ACTION_UPDATE if organizer_id else models.ACTION_CREATE)30 messages.success(request, u'Организатор успешно {}. Проверьте, всё ли правильно.'.format(str_action))31 return redirect(organizer.get_editor_url())32 else:33 messages.warning(request, u'Организатор не {}. Пожалуйста, исправьте ошибки в форме.'.format(str_action))34 else:35 form = forms.OrganizerForm(instance=organizer)36 context = {}37 context['organizer'] = organizer38 context['form'] = form39 return render(request, 'editor/organizer_details.html', context)40@group_required('admins')41def organizer_changes_history(request, organizer_id):42 organizer = get_object_or_404(models.Organizer, pk=organizer_id)43 context = user_edit_vars(request.user)44 return changes_history(request, context, organizer, organizer.get_absolute_url())45@group_required('admins')46def organizer_delete(request, organizer_id):47 organizer = get_object_or_404(models.Organizer, pk=organizer_id)48 has_dependent_objects = organizer.has_dependent_objects()49 ok_to_delete = False50 if 'frmForOrganizer_submit' in request.POST:51 form = forms.ForOrganizerForm(request.POST, auto_id='frmForOrganizer_%s')52 if form.is_valid():53 if has_dependent_objects:54 organizer_for = form.cleaned_data['organizer']55 if organizer_for != organizer:56 ok_to_delete = True57 else:58 messages.warning(request, u'Нельзя заменить организатора на его самого.')59 else: # There are no dependent objects of the organizer, so we just delete it60 ok_to_delete = True61 else:62 messages.warning(request, u'Организатор не удалён. Пожалуйста, исправьте ошибки в форме.')63 else:64 form = None65 messages.warning(request, u'Вы не указали город для удаления.')66 if ok_to_delete:67 # NOT TESTED !68 if has_dependent_objects:69 organizer_for_id = organizer_for.id70 else:71 organizer_for_id = 072 organizer_for = None73 log = logging.getLogger('structure_modification')74 log_prefix = 'organizer_delete: organizer {}->{}, by user {}.'.format(75 organizer_id, organizer_for_id, request.user.id76 )77 log_exc_info = False78 oranizer_name_full = organizer.name_full()79 log.debug('{} before flock'.format(log_prefix))80 with Flock_mutex(LOCK_FILE_FOR_RATED_TREE_MODIFICATIONS):81 try:82 with transaction.atomic():83 if has_dependent_objects:84 update_organizer(request, organizer, organizer_for)85 models.log_obj_delete(request.user, organizer)86 organizer.delete()87 log.debug('{} trnsctn end'.format(log_prefix))88 except (UpdatedRecordExistsError, AssertionError) as e:89 error_msg = repr(e)90 if isinstance(e, AssertionError):91 log_exc_info = True92 except Exception as e:93 log.error('{} Unexpected error: {}'.format(log_prefix, repr(e)), exc_info=True)94 raise95 else:96 error_msg = None97 if error_msg is None:98'{} OK'.format(log_prefix))99 messages.success(request, u'Организатор «{}» успешно удалён.'.format(organizer_name_full))100 else:101 log.error('{} {}'.format(log_prefix, error_msg), exc_info=log_exc_info)102 messages.warning(103 request, u'Не удалось удалить организатора «{}» ({}).'.format(104 organizer_name_full, error_msg105 )106 )107 if has_dependent_objects:108 return redirect(organizer_for.get_editor_url())109 else:110 return redirect('editor:organizer_create')111 return organizer_details(request, organizer_id=organizer_id)112@group_required('admins')113def add_series(request, organizer_id):114 organizer = get_object_or_404(models.Organizer, pk=organizer_id)115 if 'select_series' in request.POST:116 series_id = models.int_safe(request.POST['select_series'])117 series = get_object_or_404(models.Series, pk=series_id)118 if series.organizer_id != models.FAKE_ORGANIZER_ID:119 messages.warning(request, u'У серии {} (id {}) уже указан организатор {} (id {}).'.format(120, series_id,, else:122 log = logging.getLogger('structure_modification')123 log_prefix = 'add_series {} to organizer {} by user {}.'.format(, organizer_id, log.debug('{} before flock'.format(log_prefix))125 log_exc_info = False126 with Flock_mutex(LOCK_FILE_FOR_RATED_TREE_MODIFICATIONS):127 log.debug('{} trnsctn start'.format(log_prefix))128 try:129 with transaction.atomic():130 change_parent(series, organizer) # to adapt the starrating data)131 series.organizer = organizer132 models.log_obj_create(request.user, series, models.ACTION_UPDATE, field_list=['organizer'])134 log.debug('{} trnsctn end'.format(log_prefix))135 except (UpdatedRecordExistsError, AssertionError) as e:136 error_msg = repr(e)137 if isinstance(e, AssertionError):138 log_exc_info = True139 else:140 error_msg = None141 if error_msg is None:142'{} OK'.format(log_prefix))143 messages.success(request, u'Серия «{}» (id {}) успешно добавлена этому организатору.'.format(, series_id))144 else:145 log.error('{} {}'.format(log_prefix, error_msg), exc_info=log_exc_info)146 messages.warning(request, u'Не удалось добавить серию «{}» (id {}) этому организатору ({}).'.format(, series_id, error_msg))147 return redirect(organizer)148@group_required('admins')149def remove_series(request, organizer_id, series_id):150 organizer = get_object_or_404(models.Organizer, pk=organizer_id)151 if 'btnRemoveSeries' in request.POST:152 series = get_object_or_404(models.Series, pk=series_id)153 if series.organizer != organizer:154 messages.warning(request, u'У серии {} (id {}) и так не указан организатор {} (id {}).'.format(155, series_id,, else:157 log = logging.getLogger('structure_modification')158 log_prefix = 'remove_series {} from organizer {} by user {}.'.format(, organizer_id, log.debug('{} before flock'.format(log_prefix))160 log_exc_info = False161 with Flock_mutex(LOCK_FILE_FOR_RATED_TREE_MODIFICATIONS):162 log.debug('{} trnsctn start'.format(log_prefix))163 try:164 with transaction.atomic():165 change_parent(series, models.Organizer.objects.fake_object)166 # ^ to adapt the starrating data) ^167 series.organizer_id = models.FAKE_ORGANIZER_ID168 models.log_obj_create(request.user, series, models.ACTION_UPDATE, field_list=['organizer'])170 log.debug('{} trnsctn end'.format(log_prefix))171 except (UpdatedRecordExistsError, AssertionError) as e:172 error_msg = repr(e)173 if isinstance(e, AssertionError):174 log_exc_info = True175 else:176 error_msg = None177 if error_msg is None:178'{} OK'.format(log_prefix))179 messages.success(request, u'Серия «{}» (id {}) успешно отвязана от этого организатора.'.format(, series_id))180 else:181 log.error('{} {}'.format(log_prefix, error_msg), exc_info=log_exc_info)182 messages.warning(request, u'Не удалось отвязать серию «{}» (id {}) от этого организатора ({}).'.format(, series_id, error_msg))...

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1""" Multicast DNS Service Discovery for Python, v0.14-wmcbrine2 )3 Copyright 2003 Paul Scott-Murphy, 2014 William McBrine45 This module provides a framework for the use of DNS Service Discovery6 using IP multicast.78 This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or9 modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public10 License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either11 version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.1213 This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,14 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of15 MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU16 Lesser General Public License for more details.1718 You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public19 License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software20 Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-130121 USA22"""2324import logging25import sys26from typing import Any, Dict, Union, cast2728log = logging.getLogger(__name__.split('.', maxsplit=1)[0])29log.addHandler(logging.NullHandler())303132def set_logger_level_if_unset() -> None:33 if log.level == logging.NOTSET:34 log.setLevel(logging.WARN)353637set_logger_level_if_unset()383940class QuietLogger:41 _seen_logs: Dict[str, Union[int, tuple]] = {}4243 @classmethod44 def log_exception_warning(cls, *logger_data: Any) -> None:45 exc_info = sys.exc_info()46 exc_str = str(exc_info[1])47 if exc_str not in cls._seen_logs:48 # log at warning level the first time this is seen49 cls._seen_logs[exc_str] = exc_info50 logger = log.warning51 else:52 logger = log.debug53 logger(*(logger_data or ['Exception occurred']), exc_info=True)5455 @classmethod56 def log_exception_debug(cls, *logger_data: Any) -> None:57 log_exc_info = False58 exc_info = sys.exc_info()59 exc_str = str(exc_info[1])60 if exc_str not in cls._seen_logs:61 # log the trace only on the first time62 cls._seen_logs[exc_str] = exc_info63 log_exc_info = True64 log.debug(*(logger_data or ['Exception occurred']), exc_info=log_exc_info)6566 @classmethod67 def log_warning_once(cls, *args: Any) -> None:68 msg_str = args[0]69 if msg_str not in cls._seen_logs:70 cls._seen_logs[msg_str] = 071 logger = log.warning72 else:73 logger = log.debug74 cls._seen_logs[msg_str] = cast(int, cls._seen_logs[msg_str]) + 175 logger(*args)7677 @classmethod78 def log_exception_once(cls, exc: Exception, *args: Any) -> None:79 msg_str = args[0]80 if msg_str not in cls._seen_logs:81 cls._seen_logs[msg_str] = 082 logger = log.warning83 else:84 logger = log.debug85 cls._seen_logs[msg_str] = cast(int, cls._seen_logs[msg_str]) + 1 ...

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