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...86 error.context("Creating thin pool for thinly provisioned volumes",87 if not vg_check(vg_name):89 raise error.TestError("Volume group could not be found")90 if lv_check(vg_name, pool_name):91 raise error.TestError("Thin pool already exists")92 cmd = "lvcreate -L %s --thin %s/%s" % (pool_size, vg_name, pool_name)93 result = vg_ramdisk_cleanup(ramdisk_filename=None, vg_ramdisk_dir=None,96 vg_name=None, loop_device=None, use_tmpfs=True):97 """98 Inline cleanup function in case of test error.99 """100 if vg_name is not None:101 loop_device ="([/\w]+) %s lvm2" % vg_name,102"pvs").stdout)103 if loop_device is not None:104 loop_device = result ="vgremove -f %s" % vg_name, ignore_status=True)106 if result.exit_status == 0:107 else:109 logging.debug("%s -> %s", result.command, result.stderr)110 if loop_device is not None:111 result ="pvremove -f %s" % loop_device, ignore_status=True)112 if result.exit_status == 0:113 else:115 logging.debug("%s -> %s", result.command, result.stderr)116 if loop_device in"losetup --all").stdout:117 ramdisk_filename ="%s: \[\d+\]:\d+ \(([/\w]+)\)" % loop_device,118"losetup --all").stdout)119 if ramdisk_filename is not None:120 ramdisk_filename = for _ in range(10):122 time.sleep(0.1)123 result ="losetup -d %s" % loop_device, ignore_status=True)124 if "resource busy" not in result.stderr:125 if result.exit_status == 0:126"Loop device %s deleted", loop_device)127 else:128 logging.debug("%s -> %s", result.command, result.stderr)129 break130 if ramdisk_filename is not None:131 if os.path.exists(ramdisk_filename):132 os.unlink(ramdisk_filename)133"Ramdisk filename %s deleted", ramdisk_filename)134 vg_ramdisk_dir = os.path.dirname(ramdisk_filename)135 if vg_ramdisk_dir is not None:136 if use_tmpfs:137"umount %s" % vg_ramdisk_dir, ignore_status=True)138 if result.exit_status == 0:139"Successfully unmounted tmpfs from %s", vg_ramdisk_dir)140 else:141 logging.debug("%s -> %s", result.command, result.stderr)142 if os.path.exists(vg_ramdisk_dir):143 try:144 shutil.rmtree(vg_ramdisk_dir)145"Ramdisk directory %s deleted", vg_ramdisk_dir)146 except OSError:147 pass148def vg_check(vg_name):149 """150 Check whether provided volume group exists.151 """152 cmd = "vgdisplay %s" % vg_name153 try:154 logging.debug("Provided volume group exists: %s", vg_name)156 return True157 except error.CmdError:158 return False159def vg_list():160 """161 List available volume groups.162 """163 cmd = "vgs --all"164 vgroups = {}165 result = lines = result.stdout.strip().splitlines()167 if len(lines) > 1:168 columns = lines[0].split()169 lines = lines[1:]170 else:171 return vgroups172 for line in lines:173 details = line.split()174 details_dict = {}175 index = 0176 for column in columns:177 if"VG", column):178 vg_name = details[index]179 else:180 details_dict[column] = details[index]181 index += 1182 vgroups[vg_name] = details_dict183 return vgroups184@error.context_aware185def vg_create(vg_name, pv_list, force=False):186 """187 Create a volume group by using the block special devices188 """189 error.context(190 "Creating volume group '%s' by using '%s'" %191 (vg_name, pv_list), if vg_check(vg_name):193 raise error.TestError("Volume group '%s' already exist" % vg_name)194 if force:195 cmd = "vgcreate -f"196 else:197 cmd = "vgcreate"198 cmd += " %s %s" % (vg_name, pv_list)199 result = vg_remove(vg_name):203 """204 Remove a volume group.205 """206 error.context("Removing volume '%s'" % vg_name, if not vg_check(vg_name):208 raise error.TestError("Volume group '%s' could not be found" % vg_name)209 cmd = "vgremove -f %s" % vg_name210 result = lv_list(vg_name):213 cmd = "lvs %s" % vg_name214 result = logging.debug("Logical volumes in %s:\n%s", vg_name, result)216 lvpattern = r"(\w+)\s+%s" % vg_name217 return re.findall(lvpattern, result.stdout.rstrip())218def lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):219 """220 Check whether provided logical volume exists.221 """222 cmd = "lvdisplay %s" % vg_name223 result =, ignore_status=True)224 # unstable approach but currently works225 lvpattern = r"LV Name\s+%s\s+" % lv_name226 match =, result.stdout.rstrip())227 if match:228 logging.debug("Provided logical volume %s exists in %s", lv_name, vg_name)229 return True230 else:231 return False232@error.context_aware233def lv_remove(vg_name, lv_name):234 """235 Remove a logical volume.236 """237 error.context("Removing volume /dev/%s/%s" %238 (vg_name, lv_name), logging.debug)239 if not vg_check(vg_name):240 raise error.TestError("Volume group could not be found")241 if not lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):242 raise error.TestError("Logical volume could not be found")243 cmd = "lvremove -f %s/%s" % (vg_name, lv_name)244 result = lv_create(vg_name, lv_name, lv_size):248 """249 Create a logical volume in a volume group.250 The volume group must already exist.251 """252 error.context("Creating original lv to take a snapshot from",253 logging.debug)254 if not vg_check(vg_name):255 raise error.TestError("Volume group could not be found")256 if lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):257 raise error.TestError("Logical volume already exists")258 cmd = "lvcreate --size %s --name %s %s" % (lv_size, lv_name, vg_name)259 result = lv_list_all():262 """263 List available group volumes.264 """265 cmd = "lvs --all"266 volumes = {}267 result = lines = result.stdout.strip().splitlines()269 if len(lines) > 1:270 columns = lines[0].split()271 lines = lines[1:]272 else:273 return volumes274 for line in lines:275 details = line.split()276 length = len(details)277 details_dict = {}278 lv_name = details[0]279 details_dict["VG"] = details[1]280 details_dict["Attr"] = details[2]281 details_dict["LSize"] = details[3]282 if length == 5:283 details_dict["Origin_Data"] = details[4]284 elif length > 5:285 details_dict["Origin_Data"] = details[5]286 details_dict["Pool"] = details[4]287 volumes[lv_name] = details_dict288 return volumes289def thin_lv_create(vg_name, thinpool_name="lvthinpool", thinpool_size="1.5G",290 thinlv_name="lvthin", thinlv_size="1G"):291 """292 Create a thin volume from given volume group.293 :param vg_name: An exist volume group294 :param thinpool_name: The name of thin pool295 :param thinpool_size: The size of thin pool to be created296 :param thinlv_name: The name of thin volume297 :param thinlv_size: The size of thin volume298 """299 tp_cmd = "lvcreate --thinpool %s --size %s %s" % (thinpool_name,300 thinpool_size,301 vg_name)302 try:303 except error.CmdError, detail:305 logging.debug(detail)306 raise error.TestError("Create thin volume pool failed.")307 logging.debug("Created thin volume pool: %s", thinpool_name)308 lv_cmd = ("lvcreate --name %s --virtualsize %s "309 "--thin %s/%s" % (thinlv_name, thinlv_size,310 vg_name, thinpool_name))311 try:312 except error.CmdError, detail:314 logging.debug(detail)315 raise error.TestError("Create thin volume failed.")316 logging.debug("Created thin volume:%s", thinlv_name)317 return (thinpool_name, thinlv_name)318@error.context_aware319def lv_create_thin(vg_name, pool_name, lv_name, lv_size):320 """321 Create a thinly provisioned logical volume in a volume group.322 The volume group must already exist.323 """324 error.context("Creating original thin lv to take a snapshot from",325 logging.debug)326 if not vg_check(vg_name):327 raise error.TestError("The volume group could not be found")328 if not lv_check(vg_name, pool_name):329 raise error.TestError("The thin pool could not be found")330 if lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):331 raise error.TestError("The logical volume already exists")332 cmd = "lvcreate --virtualsize %s --thin %s/%s --name %s" % (lv_size, vg_name,333 pool_name, lv_name)334 result = lv_take_snapshot(vg_name, lv_name,338 lv_snapshot_name, lv_snapshot_size):339 """340 Take a snapshot of the original logical volume.341 """342 error.context("Taking a snapshot from original logical volume",343 logging.debug)344 if not vg_check(vg_name):345 raise error.TestError("Volume group could not be found")346 if lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name):347 raise error.TestError("Snapshot already exists")348 if not lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):349 raise error.TestError("Snapshot's origin could not be found")350 cmd = ("lvcreate -s --name %s /dev/%s/%s --size %s" %351 (lv_snapshot_name, vg_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_size))352 try:353 result = except error.CmdError, ex:355 if ('Logical volume "%s" already exists in volume group "%s"' %356 (lv_snapshot_name, vg_name) in ex.result_obj.stderr and357 + " [active]"),358"lvdisplay").stdout)):359 # the above conditions detect if merge of snapshot was postponed360 logging.warning(("Logical volume %s is still active! " +361 "Attempting to deactivate..."), lv_name)362 lv_reactivate(vg_name, lv_name)363 result = else:365 raise ex366 lv_take_thin_snapshot(vg_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_name):369 """370 Take a thinly provisioned snapshot of a thin logical volume.371 """372 error.context("Taking a thin snapshot from a thin logical volume",373 logging.debug)374 if not vg_check(vg_name):375 raise error.TestError("Volume group could not be found")376 if lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name):377 raise error.TestError("Snapshot already exists")378 if not lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):379 raise error.TestError("Snapshot's origin could not be found")380 cmd = ("lvcreate -s --name %s /dev/%s/%s --ignoreactivationskip" %381 (lv_snapshot_name, vg_name, lv_name))382 # lvcreate -s --thinpool vg001/pool origin_volume --name mythinsnap383 result = lv_take_thin_snapshot_from_external(vg_name, pool_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_name):387 """388 Take a thinly provisioned snapshot of external logical volume.389 """390 error.context("Taking a thin snapshot from an external logical volume",391 logging.debug)392 if not vg_check(vg_name):393 raise error.TestError("Volume group could not be found")394 if not lv_check(vg_name, pool_name):395 raise error.TestError("Snapshot's thin pool could not be found")396 if lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name):397 raise error.TestError("Snapshot already exists")398 if not lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):399 raise error.TestError("Snapshot's origin could not be found")400 cmd = ("lvcreate -s --thinpool %s/%s %s --name %s --ignoreactivationskip" %401 (vg_name, pool_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_name))402 result = lv_revert(vg_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_name):406 """407 Revert the origin to a snapshot.408 """409 error.context("Reverting original logical volume to snapshot",410 logging.debug)411 try:412 if not vg_check(vg_name):413 raise error.TestError("Volume group could not be found")414 if not lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name):415 raise error.TestError("Snapshot could not be found")416 if (not lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name) and not lv_check(vg_name,417 lv_name)):418 raise error.TestError("Snapshot and its origin could not be found")419 if (lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name) and not lv_check(vg_name,420 lv_name)):421 raise error.TestError("Snapshot origin could not be found")422 cmd = ("lvconvert --merge --interval 1 /dev/%s/%s" % (vg_name, lv_snapshot_name))423 result = if (("Merging of snapshot %s will start next activation." %425 lv_snapshot_name) in result.stdout):426 raise error.TestError("The logical volume %s is still active" %427 lv_name)428 result = result.stdout.rstrip()429 except error.TestError, ex:430 # detect if merge of snapshot was postponed431 # and attempt to reactivate the volume.432 active_lv_pattern = re.escape("%s [active]" % lv_snapshot_name)433 lvdisplay_output ="lvdisplay").stdout...

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...42 lv_utils.vg_ramdisk(vg_name, ramdisk_vg_size,43 ramdisk_basedir,44 ramdisk_sparse_filename)45 # if no snapshot is defined start fresh logical volume46 if override_flag == 1 and lv_utils.lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):47 lv_utils.lv_remove(vg_name, lv_name)48 lv_utils.lv_create(vg_name, lv_name, lv_size)49 elif override_flag == -1 and lv_utils.lv_check(vg_name, lv_name):50 lv_utils.lv_remove(vg_name, lv_name)51 else:52 # perform normal check policy53 if (lv_utils.lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name) and54 lv_utils.lv_check(vg_name, lv_name)):55 lv_utils.lv_revert(vg_name, lv_name, lv_snapshot_name)56 lv_utils.lv_take_snapshot(vg_name, lv_name,57 lv_snapshot_name,58 lv_snapshot_size)59 elif (lv_utils.lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name) and60 not lv_utils.lv_check(vg_name, lv_name)):61 raise error.TestError("Snapshot origin not found")62 elif (not lv_utils.lv_check(vg_name, lv_snapshot_name) and63 lv_utils.lv_check(vg_name, lv_name)):64 lv_utils.lv_take_snapshot(vg_name, lv_name,65 lv_snapshot_name,66 lv_snapshot_size)67 else:...

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