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...126 for variant in state:127 variant["variant"] = [tree.TreeNodeEnvOnly(path, env)128 for path, env in variant["variant"]]129 self.variants = state130 def map_method_with_return(self, method, *args, **kwargs):131 """132 Reports list containing one result of map_method on self133 """134 if hasattr(self, method):135 return [getattr(self, method)(*args, **kwargs)]136 else:137 return []138 def to_str(self, summary=0, variants=0, **kwargs): # pylint: disable=W0613139 if not self.variants:140 return ""141 out = []142 for variant in self.variants:143 paths = ', '.join([x.path for x in variant["variant"]])144 out.append('\nVariant %s: %s' % (variant["variant_id"],145 paths))146 env = set()147 for node in variant["variant"]:148 for key, value in node.environment.items():149 origin = node.environment.origin[key].path150 env.add(("%s:%s" % (origin, key), astring.to_text(value)))151 if not env:152 continue153 fmt = ' %%-%ds => %%s' % max([len(_[0]) for _ in env])154 for record in sorted(env):155 out.append(fmt % record)156 return "\n".join(out)157 def __iter__(self):158 return iter(self.variants)159 def __len__(self):160 return sum(1 for _ in self)161class Varianter:162 """163 This object takes care of producing test variants164 """165 def __init__(self, debug=False, state=None):166 """167 :param debug: Store whether this instance should debug varianter168 :param state: Force-varianter state169 :note: it's necessary to check whether variants debug is enable170 in order to provide the right results.171 """172 if state is None:173 self.debug = debug174 self.node_class = tree.TreeNodeDebug if debug else tree.TreeNode175 self._variant_plugins = dispatcher.VarianterDispatcher()176 self._no_variants = None177 else:178 self.load(state)179 def parse(self, config):180 """181 Apply options defined on the cmdline and initialize the plugins.182 :param config: Configuration received from configuration files, command183 line parser, etc.184 :type config: dict185 """186 self._variant_plugins.map_method_with_return("initialize", config)187 self._no_variants = sum(self._variant_plugins.map_method_with_return("__len__"))188 def is_parsed(self):189 """190 Reports whether the varianter was already parsed191 """192 return self._no_variants is not None193 def to_str(self, summary=0, variants=0, **kwargs):194 """195 Return human readable representation196 The summary/variants accepts verbosity where 0 means do not display197 at all and maximum is up to the plugin.198 :param summary: How verbose summary to output (int)199 :param variants: How verbose list of variants to output (int)200 :param kwargs: Other free-form arguments201 :rtype: str202 """203 if self._no_variants == 0: # No variants204 return ""205 out = [item for item in self._variant_plugins.map_method_with_return("to_str",206 summary,207 variants,208 **kwargs)209 if item]210 return "\n\n".join(out)211 def get_number_of_tests(self, test_suite):212 """213 :return: overall number of tests * number of variants214 """215 # Currently number of tests is symmetrical216 if self._no_variants:217 return len(test_suite) * self._no_variants218 else:219 return len(test_suite)220 def dump(self):221 """222 Dump the variants in loadable-state223 This is lossy representation which takes all yielded variants and224 replaces the list of nodes with TreeNodeEnvOnly representations::225 [{'path': path,226 'variant_id': variant_id,227 'variant': dump_tree_nodes(original_variant)},228 {'path': [str, str, ...],229 'variant_id': str,230 'variant': [(str, [(str, str, object), ...])],231 {'path': ['/run/*'],232 'variant_id': 'cat-26c0'233 'variant': [('/pig/cat',234 [('/pig', 'ant', 'fox'),235 ('/pig/cat', 'dog', 'bee')])]}236 ...]237 where `dump_tree_nodes` looks like::238 [(node.path, environment_representation),239 (node.path, [(path1, key1, value1), (path2, key2, value2), ...]),240 ('/pig/cat', [('/pig', 'ant', 'fox')])241 :return: loadable Varianter representation242 """243 if not self.is_parsed():244 raise NotImplementedError("Dumping Varianter state before "245 "multiplexation is not supported.")246 return dump_ivariants(self.itertests)247 def load(self, state):248 """249 Load the variants state250 Current implementation supports loading from a list of loadable251 variants. It replaces the VariantDispatcher with fake implementation252 which reports the loaded (and initialized) variants.253 :param state: loadable Varianter representation254 """255 self.debug = False256 self.node_class = tree.TreeNode257 self._variant_plugins = FakeVariantDispatcher(state)258 self._no_variants = sum(self._variant_plugins.map_method_with_return("__len__"))259 def itertests(self):260 """261 Yields all variants of all plugins262 The variant is defined as dictionary with at least:263 * variant_id - name of the current variant264 * variant - AvocadoParams-compatible variant (usually a list of265 TreeNodes but dict or simply None are also possible266 values)267 * paths - default path(s)268 :yield variant269 """270 if self._no_variants: # Copy template and modify it's params271 plugins_variants = self._variant_plugins.map_method_with_return("__iter__")272 iter_variants = (variant273 for plugin_variants in plugins_variants274 for variant in plugin_variants)275 for variant in iter(iter_variants):276 yield variant277 else: # No real variants, but currently *something* needs to be returned278 yield {"variant": self.node_class('').get_leaves(),279 "variant_id": None,280 "paths": ["/run/*"]}281 @classmethod282 def from_resultsdir(cls, resultsdir):283 """284 Retrieves the job variants objects from the results directory.285 This will return a list of variants since a Job can have multiple...

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...67 TODO: Replace this with per-plugin-refresh-mechanism68 """69 self.__init__()70 self.extensions = state.get("extensions")71 def map_method_with_return(self, method_name, *args, **kwargs):72 return super(VarianterDispatcher, self).map_method_with_return(73 method_name, deepcopy=False, *args, **kwargs)74 def map_method_with_return_copy(self, method_name, *args, **kwargs):75 """76 The same as map_method_with_return, but use copy.deepcopy on each passed arg77 """78 return super(VarianterDispatcher, self).map_method_with_return(79 method_name, deepcopy=True, *args, **kwargs)80class RunnerDispatcher(EnabledExtensionManager):81 def __init__(self):82 super(RunnerDispatcher, self).__init__('avocado.plugins.runner')83class InitDispatcher(EnabledExtensionManager):84 def __init__(self):85 super(InitDispatcher, self).__init__('avocado.plugins.init')86class SpawnerDispatcher(EnabledExtensionManager):87 def __init__(self, config=None):88 super(SpawnerDispatcher, self).__init__('avocado.plugins.spawner',...

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