How to use merge_with_arguments method in avocado

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...349 for namespace, option in sorted_dict(config):350 if re.match(regex, namespace):351 result[namespace] = option352 return result353 def merge_with_arguments(self, arg_parse_config):354 """Merge the current settings with the command-line args.355 After parsing argument options this method should be executed to have356 an unified settings.357 :param arg_parse_config: argparse.config dictionary with all358 command-line parsed arguments.359 """360 for namespace, value in arg_parse_config.items():361 # This check is important! For argparse when an option is362 # not passed will return None. We need to update only the363 # options that the user has specified.364 if value is not None:365 if namespace in self._namespaces:366 self.update_option(namespace, value)367 def merge_with_configs(self):...

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...43 self._load_cli_plugins()44 self._configure_cli_plugins()45 self.parser.finish()46 settings.merge_with_configs()47 settings.merge_with_arguments(self.parser.config)48 self.parser.config.update(settings.as_dict())49 self._run_cli_plugins()50 except SystemExit as detail:51 # If someone tries to exit Avocado, we should first close the52 # STD_OUTPUT and only then exit.53 output.reconfigure(reconfigure_settings)54 STD_OUTPUT.close()55 sys.exit(detail.code)56 except:57 # For any other exception we also need to close the STD_OUTPUT.58 output.reconfigure(reconfigure_settings)59 STD_OUTPUT.close()60 raise61 else:...

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