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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2from __future__ import absolute_import3from . import ApiController, RESTController4from .. import mgr5from import Scope6from import CephService7from import handle_send_command_error8from import find_object_in_list, str_to_bool9@ApiController('/mgr/module', Scope.CONFIG_OPT)10class MgrModules(RESTController):11 ignore_modules = ['selftest']12 def list(self):13 """14 Get the list of managed modules.15 :return: A list of objects with the fields 'enabled', 'name' and 'options'.16 :rtype: list17 """18 result = []19 mgr_map = mgr.get('mgr_map')20 always_on_modules = mgr_map['always_on_modules'][mgr.release_name]21 for module_config in mgr_map['available_modules']:22 module_name = module_config['name']23 if module_name not in self.ignore_modules:24 always_on = module_name in always_on_modules25 enabled = module_name in mgr_map['modules'] or always_on26 result.append({27 'name': module_name,28 'enabled': enabled,29 'always_on': always_on,30 'options': self._convert_module_options(31 module_config['module_options'])32 })33 return result34 def get(self, module_name):35 """36 Retrieve the values of the persistent configuration settings.37 :param module_name: The name of the Ceph Mgr module.38 :type module_name: str39 :return: The values of the module options.40 :rtype: dict41 """42 assert self._is_module_managed(module_name)43 options = self._get_module_options(module_name)44 result = {}45 for name, option in options.items():46 result[name] = mgr.get_module_option_ex(module_name, name,47 option['default_value'])48 return result49 @RESTController.Resource('PUT')50 def set(self, module_name, config):51 """52 Set the values of the persistent configuration settings.53 :param module_name: The name of the Ceph Mgr module.54 :type module_name: str55 :param config: The values of the module options to be stored.56 :type config: dict57 """58 assert self._is_module_managed(module_name)59 options = self._get_module_options(module_name)60 for name in options.keys():61 if name in config:62 mgr.set_module_option_ex(module_name, name, config[name])63 @RESTController.Resource('POST')64 @handle_send_command_error('mgr_modules')65 def enable(self, module_name):66 """67 Enable the specified Ceph Mgr module.68 :param module_name: The name of the Ceph Mgr module.69 :type module_name: str70 """71 assert self._is_module_managed(module_name)72 CephService.send_command(73 'mon', 'mgr module enable', module=module_name)74 @RESTController.Resource('POST')75 @handle_send_command_error('mgr_modules')76 def disable(self, module_name):77 """78 Disable the specified Ceph Mgr module.79 :param module_name: The name of the Ceph Mgr module.80 :type module_name: str81 """82 assert self._is_module_managed(module_name)83 CephService.send_command(84 'mon', 'mgr module disable', module=module_name)85 @RESTController.Resource('GET')86 def options(self, module_name):87 """88 Get the module options of the specified Ceph Mgr module.89 :param module_name: The name of the Ceph Mgr module.90 :type module_name: str91 :return: The module options as list of dicts.92 :rtype: list93 """94 assert self._is_module_managed(module_name)95 return self._get_module_options(module_name)96 def _is_module_managed(self, module_name):97 """98 Check if the specified Ceph Mgr module is managed by this service.99 :param module_name: The name of the Ceph Mgr module.100 :type module_name: str101 :return: Returns ``true`` if the Ceph Mgr module is managed by102 this service, otherwise ``false``.103 :rtype: bool104 """105 if module_name in self.ignore_modules:106 return False107 mgr_map = mgr.get('mgr_map')108 for module_config in mgr_map['available_modules']:109 if module_name == module_config['name']:110 return True111 return False112 def _get_module_config(self, module_name):113 """114 Helper function to get detailed module configuration.115 :param module_name: The name of the Ceph Mgr module.116 :type module_name: str117 :return: The module information, e.g. module name, can run,118 error string and available module options.119 :rtype: dict or None120 """121 mgr_map = mgr.get('mgr_map')122 return find_object_in_list('name', module_name,123 mgr_map['available_modules'])124 def _get_module_options(self, module_name):125 """126 Helper function to get the module options.127 :param module_name: The name of the Ceph Mgr module.128 :type module_name: str129 :return: The module options.130 :rtype: dict131 """132 options = self._get_module_config(module_name)['module_options']133 return self._convert_module_options(options)134 def _convert_module_options(self, options):135 # Workaround a possible bug in the Ceph Mgr implementation.136 # Various fields (e.g. default_value, min, max) are always137 # returned as a string.138 for option in options.values():139 if option['type'] == 'str':140 if option['default_value'] == 'None': # This is Python None141 option['default_value'] = ''142 elif option['type'] == 'bool':143 if option['default_value'] == '':144 option['default_value'] = False145 else:146 option['default_value'] = str_to_bool(147 option['default_value'])148 elif option['type'] == 'float':149 for name in ['default_value', 'min', 'max']:150 if option[name]: # Skip empty entries151 option[name] = float(option[name])152 elif option['type'] in ['uint', 'int', 'size', 'secs']:153 for name in ['default_value', 'min', 'max']:154 if option[name]: # Skip empty entries155 option[name] = int(option[name])...

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1import sys2import importlib3from types import FunctionType, ModuleType4class SoftPatch(object):5 def __init__(self, module_name):6 self.module_name = module_name7 patcher._register(module_name, self)8 def _apply_patch(self, module):9 apply_patch = FunctionType(self.apply_patch.func_code, module.__dict__)10 module.__dict__.update(apply_patch())11 @staticmethod12 def apply_patch():13 return {}14class HardPatch(object):15 def __init__(self, module_name):16 self.module_name = module_name17 patcher._register(module_name, self)18 def _create_module(self):19 module = ModuleType(self.module_name)20 apply_patch = FunctionType(self.apply_patch.func_code, dict(globals(), **module.__dict__))21 module.__dict__.update(apply_patch())22 return module23 @staticmethod24 def apply_patch():25 return {}26class Patcher(object):27 def __init__(self):28 self._patch = {}29 self._soft_patches = {}30 self._hard_patches = {}31 self._loaded = {}32 self._loading = {}33 def _register(self, module_name, patch):34 if isinstance(patch, SoftPatch):35 if module_name not in self._soft_patches:36 self._soft_patches[module_name] = []37 self._soft_patches[module_name].append(patch)38 elif isinstance(patch, HardPatch):39 self._hard_patches[module_name] = patch40 else:41 raise TypeError(type(patch))42 self._patch[module_name] = True43 def find_module(self, module_name, path=None):44 if self._patch.get(module_name, False):45 return self46 def load_module(self, module_name):47 if module_name not in self._loaded:48 hard_patch = self._hard_patches.get(module_name, None)49 if hard_patch:50 module = hard_patch._create_module()51 sys.modules[module_name] = module52 else:53 # Before actually importing, we have to bypass our54 # find_module function.55 self._patch[module_name] = False56 module = importlib.import_module(module_name)57 self._patch[module_name] = True58 # Apply soft patches the module59 for patch in self._soft_patches.get(module_name, []):60 patch._apply_patch(module)61 self._loaded[module_name] = module62 return self._loaded[module_name]63patcher = Patcher()...

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