How to use nuke_myself method in avocado

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...672 (be it exit_code or zombie)673 :param sig: Signal to send to the process in case it did not end after674 the specified timeout.675 """676 def nuke_myself():677 self.result.interrupted = ("timeout after %.9fs"678 % (time.monotonic() - self.start_time))679 try:680 kill_process_tree(self.get_pid(), sig, timeout=1)681 except RuntimeError:682 try:683 kill_process_tree(self.get_pid(), signal.SIGKILL,684 timeout=1)685 LOG.warning("Process '%s' refused to die in 1s after "686 "sending %s to, destroyed it successfully "687 "using SIGKILL.", self.cmd, sig)688 except RuntimeError:689 LOG.error("Process '%s' refused to die in 1s after "690 "sending %s, followed by SIGKILL, probably "691 "dealing with a zombie process.", self.cmd,692 sig)693 self._init_subprocess()694 rc = None695 if timeout is None:696 rc = self._popen.wait()697 elif timeout > 0.0:698 timer = threading.Timer(timeout, nuke_myself)699 try:700 timer.start()701 rc = self._popen.wait()702 finally:703 timer.cancel()704 if rc is None:705 stop_time = time.monotonic() + 1706 while time.monotonic() < stop_time:707 rc = self._popen.poll()708 if rc is not None:709 break710 else:711 nuke_myself()712 rc = self._popen.poll()713 if rc is None:714 # If all this work fails, we're dealing with a zombie process.715 raise AssertionError('Zombie Process %s' % self._fill_results(rc)717 return rc718 def stop(self, timeout=None):719 """720 Stop background subprocess.721 Call this method to terminate the background subprocess and722 wait for it results.723 :param timeout: Time (seconds) we'll wait until the process is724 finished. If it's not, we'll try to terminate it725 and it's children using ``sig`` and get a...

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