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1from django.shortcuts import render2# import pymongo34# Create your views here.5from django.http import HttpResponse,JsonResponse6from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required,permission_required78import datetime910import json11import requests1213#下载14from django.http import StreamingHttpResponse1516import re17from app1.models import * #引用181920@login_required(login_url = '/user/login.html')21def index(request):22 username = request.user.username23 return render(request, 'test1v.html', locals())242526status_dict = {27 True:"在库",28 False:"出库"29}3031type_dict = {32 0:"已入库",33 1: "已出库",34 2: "异常出库",35}3637@login_required(login_url = '/user/login.html')38def test(request):39 # username = request.user.username40 username = "abc"41 recv = request.GET.dict()42 print(recv)43 kind = recv["kind"]44 ret = {}45 ####46 #插入47 if kind=='0':48 #判断信息是否足够49 data = json.loads(recv['data'])50 print(data)5152 #如果足够 [名称,价格,姓名,卡号,备注]53 if data[0]!= None and data[1]!= None and data[2]!=None and data[3]!=None:54 #temp_id55 #查询已有数量56 temp_id = len(Products.objects.filter())57 #入库58 Products.objects.create(name=data[0],price=data[1],operator=data[2],numid=temp_id,cardid=data[3])59 print("insert",temp_id)60 ret['status'] = 'ok'61 #返回对应的id号62 ret["id"] = temp_id63 #入库记录64 temp_id2 = len(AlertLog.objects.filter())65 if data[4]==None:66 data[4] = ""67 AlertLog.objects.create(productname=data[0],productnumid=temp_id,numid=temp_id2,type=0,comments = data[4]) #0表示入库68 else:69 ret['status'] = "lack"7071 return JsonResponse(ret)72 ####73 #查询Products74 elif kind=='1':75 data = json.loads(recv['data'])76 print(data)77 ret = {}78 ret['data'] = []79 #查询所有在库80 if data[0] == None:81 online_list = Products.objects.filter(status=True)82 for ii in range(len(online_list)):83 ret['data'].append([online_list[ii].name,online_list[ii].numid,online_list[ii].cardid,\84 online_list[ii].price,online_list[ii].operator,status_dict[online_list[ii].status],\85 online_list[ii].addtime.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"),online_list[ii].outtime.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S") if (online_list[ii].outtime!=None) else ("--")])86 #查询某个流水号87 else:88 numid = data[0]89 #找到的列表90 online_list = Products.objects.filter(numid=numid)91 if len(online_list)==0:92 #没有此号93 ret['status'] = "nofind"94 else:95 for ii in range(len(online_list)):96 ret['data'].append([online_list[ii].name, online_list[ii].numid, online_list[ii].cardid, \97 online_list[ii].price, online_list[ii].operator, status_dict[online_list[ii].status], \98 online_list[ii].addtime.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"), online_list[ii].outtime.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S") if (online_list[ii].outtime!=None) else ("--")])99 ret['status'] = "ok"100101 return JsonResponse(ret)102103 ###104 #查询记录105 elif kind=='2':106 data = json.loads(recv['data'])107 print(data)108 ret = {}109 ret['data'] = []110 all_list = AlertLog.objects.filter()111 for ii in range(len(all_list)):112 ret['data'].append([all_list[ii].productname,all_list[ii].productnumid,type_dict[all_list[ii].type],\113 all_list[ii].addtime.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"),all_list[ii].comments])114 ret['status'] = "ok"115116 return JsonResponse(ret)117118 # 下载数据119 elif kind == '3':120 ret = {}121 ret['data'] = []122123 all_list = AlertLog.objects.filter()124125 the_file_name = "temp.txt"126127 file_handle = open(the_file_name, mode='w')128 for ii in range(len(all_list)):129 temp_row = ([all_list[ii].productname, all_list[ii].productnumid, type_dict[all_list[ii].type], \130 all_list[ii].addtime.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"), all_list[ii].comments])131 file_handle.write(str(temp_row) + '\n')132 file_handle.close()133134 response = StreamingHttpResponse(file_iterator(the_file_name))135 response['Content-Type'] = 'application/octet-stream'136 response['Access-Control-Expose-Headers'] = 'Content-Disposition' # 允许跨域137 response['Content-Disposition'] = 'attachment;filename="temp.txt"'138 return response139140141 return JsonResponse(ret)142143##下载文件144def file_iterator(file_name, chunk_size=512):145 with open(file_name) as f:146 while True:147 c = if c:149 yield c150 else:151 break152 ...

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1import re2import os3import yaml4from mcdreforged.api.all import *56PLUGIN_METADATA = {7 'id': 'player_list_api',8 'version': '0.1.1',9 'name': 'PlayerListAPI',10 'description': "A MCDR plugin for listing players and bots",11 'author': ['Youmiel'],12 'link': '',13 'dependencies': {14 'mcdreforged': '>=1.0.0',15 }16}1718online_list = [] # all player entities19bot_list = [] # bots2021PLAYER_PATTERN = re.compile(r'(\w+)\[([0-9\.:/]+|local|CarpetPlugin)\] logged in with entity id')22 # compatibility with CarpetPlugin by ishland (for paperspigot users)23CONFIG_PATH = os.path.join('config', 'PlayerListAPI.yml')2425default_config = {26 'tag_bots': False, # an option for datapacks27 'isCarpet': True, # false for player list only, true for carpet feature(CarpetPlugin too)28 'clean_logs': True # prevent /tag command feedback in logs29 }30config = default_config.copy()3132#-------API START-------3334def get_list_all():35 return online_list.copy()36 37def get_list_player():38 player_list = online_list.copy()39 for bot in bot_list:40 player_list.remove(bot)41 return player_list.copy()42 43def get_list_bot():44 return bot_list.copy()4546#--------API END--------4748def on_load(server: ServerInterface, old_module):49 #TODO: config, OOP(list)50 global online_list, bot_list51 if old_module and type(old_module.online_list) == type(online_list):52 online_list = old_module.online_list53 bot_list = old_module.bot_list54 load_config(server)5556def on_server_startup(server: ServerInterface):57 global online_list, bot_list58 online_list = []59 bot_list = []60 61def on_player_joined(server: ServerInterface, player, info):62 global online_list, bot_list63 online_list.append(player)64 if config['isCarpet']:65 botinfo = judge_bot(info.content)66 if botinfo[1] == 'bot' and player not in bot_list:67 bot_list.append(player)68 if config['tag_bots']:69 add_tag(server, player) 70 elif config['tag_bots'] and botinfo[1] == 'player':71 remove_tag(server, player)7273def on_player_left(server: ServerInterface, player):74 global online_list, bot_list75 online_list.remove(player)76 if player in bot_list:77 bot_list.remove(player)7879def load_config(server: ServerInterface):80 global config81 try:82 config = {}83 with open(CONFIG_PATH) as file: 84 conf_yaml = yaml.load(file, Loader=yaml.Loader) # idk why CLoader doesn't work85 for key in default_config.keys():86 config[key] = conf_yaml[key]87'Config file loaded')88 except Exception as e: 89'fail to read config file: %s using default config'%e)90 config = default_config.copy()91 with open(CONFIG_PATH, 'w') as file: 92 yaml.dump(default_config, file)93 9495def judge_bot(msg):96 global PLAYER_PATTERN97 joined_player = re.match(PLAYER_PATTERN, msg)98 if joined_player:99 if == 'local':100 return [True, 'bot',] # return [<isPlayer>,<type>,<name>]101 else:102 return [True, 'player',]103 return [False, 'some_type', 'something']104105def add_tag(server:ServerInterface, bot):106 if config['clean_logs']:107 server.execute('execute as %s run tag @s[tag=!isBot] add isBot'%bot)108 else:109 server.execute('tag %s add isBot'%bot) # will produce one more line in log110 111def remove_tag(server:ServerInterface, bot):112 if config['clean_logs']:113 server.execute('execute as %s run tag @s[tag=isBot] remove isBot'%bot)114 else:115 server.execute('tag %s remove isBot'%bot) # will produce one more line in log116 117 118 '''119def on_info(server: ServerInterface, info): #debug use120 global online_list, bot_list121 if info.is_player and info.content == '!!list':122 send_list(server)123124@new_thread("send_list")125def send_list(server: ServerInterface): #debug use126 global online_list, bot_list127"online_list: %s" % online_list)128"bot_list: %s" % bot_list)129 player_list = online_list.copy()130 for bot in bot_list:131 player_list.remove(bot)132"player_list: %s" % player_list) ...

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