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...125 suite = TestSuite.from_config(config)126 with Job(config, [suite]) as j:127 sys.exit("""129def perl_tap_parser_uncapable():130 return os.system("perl -e 'use TAP::Parser;'") != 0131def missing_binary(binary):132 try:133 utils_path.find_command(binary)134 return False135 except utils_path.CmdNotFoundError:136 return True137class OutputTest(TestCaseTmpDir):138 @unittest.skipIf(missing_binary('cc'),139 "C compiler is required by the underlying test")140 def test_output_doublefree(self):141 cmd_line = ('%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo '142 '' % (AVOCADO, result =, ignore_status=True)144 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK145 output = result.stdout + result.stderr146 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,147 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %148 (expected_rc, result))149 bad_string = b'double free or corruption'150 self.assertNotIn(bad_string, output,151 "Libc double free can be seen in avocado "152 "doublefree output:\n%s" % output)153 def test_print_to_std(self):154 def _check_output(path, exps, name):155 i = 0156 end = len(exps)157 with open(path, 'rb') as output_file:158 output_file_content = for line in output_file:161 if exps[i] in line:162 i += 1163 if i == end:164 break165 exps_text = "\n".join([exp.decode() for exp in exps])166 error_msg = ("Failed to find message in position %s from\n%s\n"167 "\nin the %s. Either it's missing or in wrong "168 "order.\n%s" % (i, exps_text, name,169 output_file_content))170 self.assertEqual(i, end, error_msg)171 test = script.Script(os.path.join(, ""),172 OUTPUT_TEST_CONTENT)173 result ="%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo "175 "--json - -- %s" % (AVOCADO,, test))176 res = json.loads(result.stdout_text)177 joblog = res["debuglog"]178 exps = [b"[stdout] top_print", b"[stdout] top_stdout",179 b"[stderr] top_stderr", b"[stdout] top_process",180 b"[stdout] init_print", b"[stdout] init_stdout",181 b"[stderr] init_stderr", b"[stdout] init_process",182 b"[stdout] test_print", b"[stdout] test_stdout",183 b"[stderr] test_stderr", b"[stdout] test_process"]184 _check_output(joblog, exps, "job.log")185 testdir = res["tests"][0]["logdir"]186 with open(os.path.join(testdir, "stdout"), 'rb') as stdout_file:187 self.assertEqual(b"test_print\ntest_stdout\ntest_process__test_stdout__",188 with open(os.path.join(testdir, "stderr"), 'rb') as stderr_file:190 self.assertEqual(b"test_stderr\n__test_stderr__",191 # Now run the same test, but with combined output193 # combined output can not keep track of sys.stdout and sys.stdout194 # writes, as they will eventually be out of sync. In fact,195 # the correct fix is to run the entire test process with redirected196 # stdout and stderr, and *not* play with sys.stdout and sys.stderr.197 # But this change will come later198 result ="%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo "199 "--output-check-record=combined "200 "--json - -- %s" % (AVOCADO,, test))201 res = json.loads(result.stdout_text)202 testdir = res["tests"][0]["logdir"]203 with open(os.path.join(testdir, "output")) as output_file:204 self.assertEqual("test_process__test_stderr____test_stdout__",205 def test_check_record_no_module_default(self):207 """208 Checks that the `avocado.utils.process` module won't have a output209 check record mode (`OUTPUT_CHECK_RECORD_MODE`) set by default.210 The reason is that, if this is always set from the command211 line runner, we can't distinguish from a situation where the212 module level configuration should be applied as a fallback to213 the API parameter. By leaving it unset by default, the command line214 option parameter value `none` will slightly change its behavior,215 meaning that it will explicitly disable output check record when216 asked to do so.217 """218 with script.Script(os.path.join(, ""),219 OUTPUT_MODE_NONE_CONTENT,220 script.READ_ONLY_MODE) as test:221 command = ("%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo "222 "--json - --output-check-record none -- %s") % (AVOCADO,223,224 test.path)225 result = res = json.loads(result.stdout_text)227 testdir = res["tests"][0]["logdir"]228 for output_file in ('stdout', 'stderr', 'output'):229 output_file_path = os.path.join(testdir, output_file)230 self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(output_file_path))231 with open(output_file_path, 'r') as output:232 self.assertEqual(, '')233 def test_check_on_off(self):234 """235 Checks that output will always be kept, but it will only make into236 the *test* stdout/stderr/output files when it's not explicitly disabled237 This control is defined as an API parameter, `allow_output_check`, so238 it should be possible to enable/disable it on each call.239 """240 with script.Script(os.path.join(, ""),241 OUTPUT_CHECK_ON_OFF_CONTENT,242 script.READ_ONLY_MODE) as test:243 command = ("%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo "244 "--json - -- %s") % (AVOCADO,, test.path)245 result = res = json.loads(result.stdout_text)247 testdir = res["tests"][0]["logdir"]248 stdout_path = os.path.join(testdir, 'stdout')249 self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(stdout_path))250 with open(stdout_path, 'r') as stdout:251 self.assertEqual(,252 '__STDOUT_CONTENT____STDOUT_DO_RECORD_CONTENT__')253 stderr_path = os.path.join(testdir, 'stderr')254 self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(stderr_path))255 with open(stderr_path, 'r') as stderr:256 self.assertEqual(,257 '__STDERR_CONTENT____STDERR_DO_RECORD_CONTENT__')258 @skipUnlessPathExists('/bin/true')259 def test_show(self):260 """261 Checks if `` is respected in different configurations.262 """263 with script.Script(os.path.join(, ""),264 OUTPUT_SHOW_TEST, script.READ_ONLY_MODE) as test:265 cmd = "%s run %s" % (AVOCADO, test.path)266 result = expected_job_id_number = 2268 expected_bin_true_number = 1269 job_id_number = result.stdout_text.count('JOB ID')270 bin_true_number = result.stdout_text.count('/bin/true')271 self.assertEqual(expected_job_id_number, job_id_number)272 self.assertEqual(expected_bin_true_number, bin_true_number)273 def tearDown(self):274 self.tmpdir.cleanup()275class OutputPluginTest(TestCaseTmpDir):276 def check_output_files(self, debug_log):277 base_dir = os.path.dirname(debug_log)278 json_output_path = os.path.join(base_dir, 'results.json')279 self.assertTrue(os.path.isfile(json_output_path))280 with open(json_output_path, 'r') as fp:281 json.load(fp)282 xunit_output_path = os.path.join(base_dir, 'results.xml')283 self.assertTrue(os.path.isfile(json_output_path))284 try:285 minidom.parse(xunit_output_path)286 except Exception as details:287 xunit_output_content = genio.read_file(xunit_output_path)288 raise AssertionError("Unable to parse xunit output: %s\n\n%s"289 % (details, xunit_output_content))290 tap_output = os.path.join(base_dir, "results.tap")291 self.assertTrue(os.path.isfile(tap_output))292 tap = genio.read_file(tap_output)293 self.assertIn("..", tap)294 self.assertIn("\n# debug.log of ", tap)295 def test_output_incompatible_setup(self):296 cmd_line = ('%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo '297 '--xunit - --json -' % (AVOCADO, result =, ignore_status=True)299 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_FAIL300 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,301 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %302 (expected_rc, result))303 error_regex = re.compile(r'.*Options ((--xunit --json)|'304 '(--json --xunit)) are trying to use stdout '305 'simultaneously.', re.MULTILINE | re.DOTALL)306 self.assertIsNotNone(error_regex.match(result.stderr_text),307 "Missing error message from output:\n%s" %308 result.stderr)309 def test_output_compatible_setup(self):310 tmpfile = tempfile.mktemp( cmd_line = ('%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo '312 '--journal --xunit %s --json -' %313 (AVOCADO,, tmpfile))314 result =, ignore_status=True)315 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK316 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,317 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %318 (expected_rc, result))319 # Check if we are producing valid outputs320 json.loads(result.stdout_text)321 minidom.parse(tmpfile)322 def test_output_compatible_setup_2(self):323 tmpfile = tempfile.mktemp( cmd_line = ('%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo '325 '--xunit - --json %s --tap-include-logs'326 % (AVOCADO,, tmpfile))327 result =, ignore_status=True)328 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK329 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,330 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %331 (expected_rc, result))332 # Check if we are producing valid outputs333 with open(tmpfile, 'r') as fp:334 json_results = json.load(fp)335 debug_log = json_results['debuglog']336 self.check_output_files(debug_log)337 minidom.parseString(result.stdout_text)338 def test_output_compatible_setup_nooutput(self):339 tmpfile = tempfile.mktemp( tmpfile2 = tempfile.mktemp( # Verify --show=none can be supplied as app argument342 cmd_line = ('%s --show=none run --job-results-dir %s '343 '--disable-sysinfo --xunit %s --json %s --tap-include-logs '344 '' % (AVOCADO,, tmpfile, tmpfile2))345 result =, ignore_status=True)346 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK347 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,348 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %349 (expected_rc, result))350 self.assertEqual(result.stdout, b"",351 "Output is not empty:\n%s" % result.stdout)352 # Check if we are producing valid outputs353 with open(tmpfile2, 'r') as fp:354 json_results = json.load(fp)355 debug_log = json_results['debuglog']356 self.check_output_files(debug_log)357 minidom.parse(tmpfile)358 def test_nonprintable_chars(self):359 cmd_line = ("%s run --external-runner /bin/ls "360 "'NON_EXISTING_FILE_WITH_NONPRINTABLE_CHARS_IN_HERE\x1b' "361 "--job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo --tap-include-logs"362 % (AVOCADO, result =, ignore_status=True)364 output = result.stdout_text + result.stderr_text365 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_TESTS_FAIL366 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,367 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %368 (expected_rc, result))369 debug_log = None370 for line in output.splitlines():371 if "JOB LOG" in line:372 debug_log = line.split(':', 1)[-1].strip()373 break374 self.assertTrue(debug_log, "Unable to get JOB LOG from output:\n%s"375 % output)376 self.check_output_files(debug_log)377 def test_show_test(self):378 cmd_line = ('%s --show=test run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo '379 '' % (AVOCADO, result =, ignore_status=True)381 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK382 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,383 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %384 (expected_rc, result))385 job_id_list = re.findall('Job ID: (.*)', result.stdout_text,386 re.MULTILINE)387 self.assertTrue(job_id_list, 'No Job ID in stdout:\n%s' %388 result.stdout)389 job_id = job_id_list[0]390 self.assertEqual(len(job_id), 40)391 def test_silent_trumps_test(self):392 # Also verify --show=none can be supplied as run option393 cmd_line = ('%s --show=test --show=none run --job-results-dir %s '394 '--disable-sysinfo'395 % (AVOCADO, result =, ignore_status=True)397 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK398 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,399 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %400 (expected_rc, result))401 self.assertEqual(result.stdout, b"")402 def test_default_enabled_plugins(self):403 cmd_line = ('%s run --job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo '404 '--tap-include-logs'405 % (AVOCADO, result =, ignore_status=True)407 output = result.stdout_text + result.stderr_text408 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK409 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,410 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %411 (expected_rc, result))412 output_lines = output.splitlines()413 # The current human output produces 6 lines when running a single test,414 # with an optional 7th line when the HTML report generation is enabled415 self.assertGreaterEqual(len(output_lines), 6,416 ('Basic human interface did not produce the '417 'expected output. Output produced: "%s"' % output))418 second_line = output_lines[1]419 debug_log = second_line.split()[-1]420 self.check_output_files(debug_log)421 def test_verify_whiteboard_save(self):422 tmpfile = tempfile.mktemp( config = os.path.join(, "conf.ini")424 content = ("[datadir.paths]\nlogs_dir = %s"425 % os.path.relpath(, "."))426 script.Script(config, content).save()427 cmd_line = ('%s --config %s --show all run '428 '--job-results-dir %s --disable-sysinfo '429 '--json %s' % (AVOCADO, config,, tmpfile))430 result =, ignore_status=True)431 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK432 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,433 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %434 (expected_rc, result))435 with open(tmpfile, 'r') as fp:436 json_results = json.load(fp)437 logfile = json_results['tests'][0]['logfile']438 debug_dir = os.path.dirname(logfile)439 whiteboard_path = os.path.join(debug_dir, 'whiteboard')440 self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(whiteboard_path),441 'Missing whiteboard file %s' % whiteboard_path)442 def test_gendata(self):443 tmpfile = tempfile.mktemp( cmd_line = ("%s run --job-results-dir %s "445 "--disable-sysinfo --json %s" %446 (AVOCADO,, tmpfile))447 result =, ignore_status=True)448 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK449 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,450 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %451 (expected_rc, result))452 with open(tmpfile, 'r') as fp:453 json_results = json.load(fp)454 json_dir = None455 test = json_results['tests'][0]456 if "test_json" in test['id']:457 json_dir = test['logfile']458 self.assertTrue(json_dir, "Failed to get test_json output "459 "directory")460 json_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(json_dir), "data",461 "test.json")462 self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(json_dir), "File %s produced by"463 "test does not exist" % json_dir)464 def test_redirect_output(self):465 redirected_output_path = tempfile.mktemp( cmd_line = ('%s run --job-results-dir %s '467 '--disable-sysinfo > %s'468 % (AVOCADO,, redirected_output_path))469 result =, ignore_status=True, shell=True)470 expected_rc = exit_codes.AVOCADO_ALL_OK471 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, expected_rc,472 "Avocado did not return rc %d:\n%s" %473 (expected_rc, result))474 self.assertEqual(result.stdout, b'',475 'After redirecting to file, output is not empty: %s' % result.stdout)476 with open(redirected_output_path, 'r') as redirected_output_file_obj:477 redirected_output = for code in TermSupport.ESCAPE_CODES:479 self.assertNotIn(code, redirected_output,480 'Found terminal support code %s in redirected output\n%s' %481 (code, redirected_output))482 @unittest.skipIf(perl_tap_parser_uncapable(),483 "Uncapable of using Perl TAP::Parser library")484 def test_tap_parser(self):485 with script.TemporaryScript(486 "",487 PERL_TAP_PARSER_SNIPPET %,488 as perl_script:489"perl %s" % perl_script)490 @unittest.skipIf(perl_tap_parser_uncapable(),491 "Uncapable of using Perl TAP::Parser library")492 def test_tap_parser_failfast(self):493 with script.TemporaryScript(494 "",495 PERL_TAP_PARSER_FAILFAST_SNIPPET %,496 as perl_script:497"perl %s" % perl_script)498 def test_tap_totaltests(self):499 cmd_line = ("%s run "500 "--job-results-dir %s "501 "--tap -" % (AVOCADO, result = expr = b'1..4'504 self.assertIn(expr, result.stdout, "'%s' not found in:\n%s"...

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