How to use read_from_vmstat method in avocado

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...44 "mem_size", default=memory.meminfo.MemFree.m)45 self.dd_timeout = self.params.get("dd_timeout", default=900)46 self.thp_split = None47 try:48 memory.read_from_vmstat("thp_split_page")49 self.thp_split = "thp_split_page"50 except IndexError:51 self.thp_split = "thp_split"52 # Set block size as hugepage size * 253 self.block_size = memory.meminfo.Hugepagesize.m * 254 self.count = free_mem // self.block_size55 # Mount device as per free memory size56 if not os.path.exists(self.mem_path):57 os.makedirs(self.mem_path)58 self.device = Partition(device="none", mountpoint=self.mem_path)59 self.device.mount(mountpoint=self.mem_path, fstype="tmpfs",60 args='-o size=%dM' % free_mem, mnt_check=False)61 def test(self):62 '''63 Enables THP , Runs the dd workload and checks whether THP64 has been allocated.65 '''66 # Enables THP67 try:68 memory.set_thp_value("enabled", "always")69 except Exception as details:70"Failed %s" % details)71 # Read thp values before stressing the system72 thp_alloted_before = int(memory.read_from_vmstat("thp_fault_alloc"))73 thp_split_before = int(memory.read_from_vmstat(self.thp_split))74 thp_collapse_alloc_before = int(memory.read_from_vmstat75 ("thp_collapse_alloc"))76 # Start Stresssing the System77'Stress testing using dd command')78 for iterator in range(self.count):79 stress_cmd = 'dd if=/dev/zero of=%s/%d bs=%dM count=1'\80 % (self.mem_path, iterator, self.block_size)81 if(process.system(stress_cmd, timeout=self.dd_timeout,82 verbose=False, ignore_status=True, shell=True)):83'dd command failed %s' % stress_cmd)84 # Read thp values after stressing the system85 thp_alloted_after = int(memory.read_from_vmstat("thp_fault_alloc"))86 thp_split_after = int(memory.read_from_vmstat(self.thp_split))87 thp_collapse_alloc_after = int(memory.read_from_vmstat88 ("thp_collapse_alloc"))89 # Check whether THP is Used or not90 if thp_alloted_after <= thp_alloted_before:91 e_msg = "Thp usage count has not increased\n"92 e_msg += "Before Stress:%d\nAfter stress:%d" % (thp_alloted_before,93 thp_alloted_after)94 else:96 thp_fault_alloc = thp_alloted_after - thp_alloted_before97 thp_split = thp_split_after - thp_split_before98 thp_collapse_alloc = (thp_collapse_alloc_after -99 thp_collapse_alloc_before)100"\nTest statistics, changes during test run:")...

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...50 Start mlock basic test51 """52 error_context.context("Get nr_mlock and nr_unevictable in host"53 " before VM start!", self.mlock_pre = read_from_vmstat("nr_mlock")55 self.unevictable_pre = read_from_vmstat("nr_unevictable")56"mlock_pre is %d and unevictable_pre is %d.",57 self.mlock_pre, self.unevictable_pre)58 self.params["start_vm"] = "yes"59 error_context.context("Starting VM!", env_process.preprocess_vm(self.test, self.params,61 self.env, self.params["main_vm"])62 self.vm = self.env.get_vm(self.params["main_vm"])63 self.vm.verify_alive()64 error_context.context("Get nr_mlock and nr_unevictable in host"65 " after VM start!", self.mlock_post = read_from_vmstat("nr_mlock")67 self.unevictable_post = read_from_vmstat("nr_unevictable")68"mlock_post is %d and unevictable_post is %d.",69 self.mlock_post, self.unevictable_post)70 self._check_mlock_unevictable()71@error_context.context_aware72def run(test, params, env):73 """74 [Mlock] Basic test, this case will:75 1) Get nr_mlock and nr_unevictable in host before VM start.76 2) Start the VM.77 3) Get nr_mlock and nr_unevictable in host after VM start.78 4) Check nr_mlock and nr_unevictable with VM memory.79 5) Check kernel crash80 :param test: QEMU test object81 :param params: Dictionary with the test parameters...

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