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...582 self.config["prefix"] = ""583 self.config["subcommand"] = "run"584 self.loader.config = self.config585 resolutions = [self.loader.resolve(reference)]586 runnables = resolutions_to_runnables(resolutions, self.config)587 test_suite = TestSuite('suite',588 config=self.config,589 tests=runnables,590 resolutions=resolutions)591 DummyStateCheck.present_states = []592 DummyTestRunning.asserted_tests = [593 {"shortname": "^internal.stateless.noop.vm1", "vms": "^vm1$"},594 {"shortname": "^original.unattended_install.cdrom.extra_cdrom_ks.default_install.aio_threads.vm1", "vms": "^vm1$", "set_state_images": "^install$"},595 {"shortname": "^internal.automated.customize.vm1", "vms": "^vm1$", "get_state_images": "^install$", "set_state_images": "^customize$"},596 {"shortname": "^internal.automated.on_customize.vm1", "vms": "^vm1$", "get_state_images": "^customize$", "set_state_vms": "^on_customize$"},597 {"shortname": "^normal.nongui.quicktest.tutorial1.vm1", "vms": "^vm1$", "get_state_vms": "^on_customize$"},598 ]599 async def serve_forever(): pass600 server_instance = mock_status_server.return_value...

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...31 RESOLUTION_NOT_STARTED = object()32 TESTS_NOT_FOUND = object()33 TESTS_FOUND = object()34 UNKNOWN = object()35def resolutions_to_runnables(resolutions, config):36 """37 Transforms resolver resolutions into runnables suitable for a suite38 A resolver resolution39 (:class:`avocado.core.resolver.ReferenceResolution`) contains40 information about the resolution process (if it was successful41 or not) and in case of successful resolutions a list of42 resolutions. It's expected that the resolution contain one43 or more :class:`avocado.core.nrunner.Runnable`.44 This function sets the runnable specific configuration for each45 runnable. It also performs tag based filtering on the runnables46 for possibly excluding some of the Runnables.47 :param resolutions: possible multiple resolutions for multiple48 references49 :type resolutions: list of :class:`avocado.core.resolver.ReferenceResolution`50 :param config: job configuration51 :type config: dict52 :returns: the resolutions converted to runnables53 :rtype: list of :class:`avocado.core.nrunner.Runnable`54 """55 result = []56 filter_by_tags = config.get("filter.by_tags.tags")57 include_empty = config.get("filter.by_tags.include_empty")58 include_empty_key = config.get("filter.by_tags.include_empty_key")59 for resolution in resolutions:60 if resolution.result != ReferenceResolutionResult.SUCCESS:61 continue62 for runnable in resolution.resolutions:63 if filter_by_tags:64 if not filter_test_tags_runnable(65 runnable, filter_by_tags, include_empty, include_empty_key66 ):67 continue68 result.append(runnable)69 return result70class TestSuite:71 def __init__(72 self,73 name,74 config=None,75 tests=None,76 job_config=None,77 resolutions=None,78 enabled=True,79 ):80 = name81 self.tests = tests82 self.resolutions = resolutions83 self.enabled = enabled84 # Create a complete config dict with all registered options + custom85 # config86 self.config = settings.as_dict()87 if job_config:88 self.config.update(job_config)89 if config:90 self.config.update(config)91 self._variants = None92 self._references = None93 self._runner = None94 self._test_parameters = None95 self._check_both_parameters_and_variants()96 if self.config.get("run.dry_run.enabled"):97 self._convert_to_dry_run()98 if self.size == 0:99 return100 def _has_both_parameters_and_variants(self):101 if not self.test_parameters:102 return False103 for variant in self.variants.itertests():104 var = variant.get("variant")105 if not is_empty_variant(var):106 return True107 return False108 def _check_both_parameters_and_variants(self):109 if self._has_both_parameters_and_variants():110 err_msg = (111 "Specifying test parameters (with config entry "112 '"run.test_parameters" or command line "-p") along with '113 'any varianter plugin (run "avocado plugins" for a list)'114 " is not yet supported. Please use one or the other."115 )116 raise TestSuiteError(err_msg)117 def __len__(self):118 """This is a convenient method to run `len()` over this object.119 With this you can run: len(a_suite) and will return the same as120 `len(a_suite.tests)`.121 """122 return self.size123 def _convert_to_dry_run(self):124 if self.config.get("run.test_runner") == "nrunner":125 for runnable in self.tests:126 runnable.kind = "dry-run"127 @classmethod128 def _from_config_with_resolver(cls, config, name=None):129 ignore_missing = config.get("run.ignore_missing_references")130 references = config.get("resolver.references")131 try:132 hint = None133 hint_filepath = ".avocado.hint"134 if os.path.exists(hint_filepath):135 hint = HintParser(hint_filepath)136 resolutions = resolve(137 references, hint=hint, ignore_missing=ignore_missing, config=config138 )139 except JobTestSuiteReferenceResolutionError as details:140 raise TestSuiteError(details)141 runnables = resolutions_to_runnables(resolutions, config)142 if name is None:143 name = str(uuid4())144 return cls(name=name, config=config, tests=runnables, resolutions=resolutions)145 def _get_stats_from_nrunner(self):146 stats = {}147 for test in self.tests:148 self._increment_dict_key_counter(stats, test.kind)149 return stats150 def _get_tags_stats_from_nrunner(self):151 stats = {}152 for runnable in self.tests:153 if runnable is None:154 continue155 tags = runnable.tags or {}...

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