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...36 '''Read number of reserved pages'''37 with open(path + '/nr_hugepages') as nr_hugepages:38 return int( return 040def set_hugepages(path, pages):41 '''Write the number of reserved huge pages'''42 filename = path + '/nr_hugepages'43 try:44 with open(filename, 'w') as nr_hugepages:45 nr_hugepages.write('{}\n'.format(pages))46 except PermissionError:47 sys.exit('Permission denied: need to be root!')48 except FileNotFoundError:49 filename = os.path.basename(path)50 size = filename[10:]51 sys.exit('{} is not a valid system huge page size'.format(size))52def show_numa_pages():53 '''Show huge page reservations on Numa system'''54 print('Node Pages Size Total')55 for numa_path in glob.glob('/sys/devices/system/node/node*'):56 node = numa_path[29:] # slice after /sys/devices/system/node/node57 path = numa_path + '/hugepages'58 for hdir in os.listdir(path):59 pages = get_hugepages(path + '/' + hdir)60 if pages > 0:61 kb = int(hdir[10:-2]) # slice out of hugepages-NNNkB62 print('{:<4} {:<5} {:<6} {}'.format(node, pages,63 fmt_memsize(kb),64 fmt_memsize(pages * kb)))65def show_non_numa_pages():66 '''Show huge page reservations on non Numa system'''67 print('Pages Size Total')68 path = '/sys/kernel/mm/hugepages'69 for hdir in os.listdir(path):70 pages = get_hugepages(path + '/' + hdir)71 if pages > 0:72 kb = int(hdir[10:-2])73 print('{:<5} {:<6} {}'.format(pages, fmt_memsize(kb),74 fmt_memsize(pages * kb)))75def show_pages():76 '''Show existing huge page settings'''77 if is_numa():78 show_numa_pages()79 else:80 show_non_numa_pages()81def clear_pages():82 '''Clear all existing huge page mappings'''83 if is_numa():84 dirs = glob.glob(85 '/sys/devices/system/node/node*/hugepages/hugepages-*')86 else:87 dirs = glob.glob('/sys/kernel/mm/hugepages/hugepages-*')88 for path in dirs:89 set_hugepages(path, 0)90def default_pagesize():91 '''Get default huge page size from /proc/meminfo'''92 with open('/proc/meminfo') as meminfo:93 for line in meminfo:94 if line.startswith('Hugepagesize:'):95 return int(line.split()[1])96 return None97def set_numa_pages(pages, hugepgsz, node=None):98 '''Set huge page reservation on Numa system'''99 if node:100 nodes = ['/sys/devices/system/node/node{}/hugepages'.format(node)]101 else:102 nodes = glob.glob('/sys/devices/system/node/node*/hugepages')103 for node_path in nodes:104 huge_path = '{}/hugepages-{}kB'.format(node_path, hugepgsz)105 set_hugepages(huge_path, pages)106def set_non_numa_pages(pages, hugepgsz):107 '''Set huge page reservation on non Numa system'''108 path = '/sys/kernel/mm/hugepages/hugepages-{}kB'.format(hugepgsz)109 set_hugepages(path, pages)110def reserve_pages(pages, hugepgsz, node=None):111 '''Set the number of huge pages to be reserved'''112 if node or is_numa():113 set_numa_pages(pages, hugepgsz, node=node)114 else:115 set_non_numa_pages(pages, hugepgsz)116def get_mountpoints():117 '''Get list of where hugepage filesystem is mounted'''118 mounted = []119 with open('/proc/mounts') as mounts:120 for line in mounts:121 fields = line.split()122 if fields[2] != 'hugetlbfs':123 continue...

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...3import libvirt4import sys,os5import dbus6from subprocess import call,Popen7def set_hugepages(hugepages=8600):8 with open('/proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages','w') as f:9 f.write(str(hugepages))10 time.sleep(1)11 with open('/proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages','r') as f:12 return hugepages<=int(f.readline(1).rstrip())13def demote():14 os.setgid(1000)15 os.setuid(1000)16def startvm():17'qemu:///system')18 if (not 'default' in conn.listNetworks()):19 conn.networkLookupByName('default').create()20 if (not 'win10' in [conn.lookupByID(id).name() for id in conn.listDomainsID()]):21 conn.lookupByName('win10').create()22 call("systemctl stop usbserver.socket usbserver.service".split())23 time.sleep(0.5)24 call("systemctl start usbserver.socket usbserver.service".split())25 call("systemctl start sshd".split())26 #demote to user27 os.environ["LIBASOUND_DEBUG"]="1"28 os.environ["HOME"]="/home/jknedlik"29 os.chdir("/home/jknedlik/")30 #close_fds detaches the subprocess31 Popen("scream -o pulseaudio -i virbr0 -v -u -p 4011".split(),close_fds=True,preexec_fn=demote)32 lg=input("Do you want to open a looking class client? [y/N]")33 #if(lg=="y" or lg=="Y"):34 #Popen("scream -o pulseaudio -i virbr0 -v -u -p 4011".split(),close_fds=True,preexec_fn=()35set_hugepages()36os.chown("/dev/nvme0n1",0,992)#root:kvm...

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