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1# coding=utf-82class ParallelTreeManager(object):3 """4 Manages output tree by building it from flat test names.5 """6 def __init__(self):7 super(ParallelTreeManager, self).__init__()8 self._max_node_id = 09 self._branches = dict() # key is test name as tuple, value is tuple of test_id, parent_id10 def _next_node_id(self):11 self._max_node_id += 112 return self._max_node_id13 def level_opened(self, test_as_list, func_to_open):14 """15 To be called on test start.16 :param test_as_list: test name splitted as list17 :param func_to_open: func to be called if test can open new level18 :return: None if new level opened, or tuple of command client should execute and try opening level again19 Command is "open" (open provided level) or "close" (close it). Second item is test name as list20 """21 if tuple(test_as_list) in self._branches:22 # We have parent, ok23 func_to_open()24 return None25 elif len(test_as_list) == 1:26 self._branches[tuple(test_as_list)] = (self._next_node_id(), 0)27 func_to_open()28 return None29 commands = []30 parent_id = 031 for i in range(len(test_as_list)):32 tmp_parent_as_list = test_as_list[0:i + 1]33 try:34 parent_id, _ = self._branches[tuple(tmp_parent_as_list)]35 except KeyError:36 node_id = self._next_node_id()37 self._branches[tuple(tmp_parent_as_list)] = (node_id, parent_id)38 parent_id = node_id39 if tmp_parent_as_list != test_as_list: # Different test opened40 commands.append(("open", tmp_parent_as_list))41 if commands:42 return commands43 else:44 func_to_open()45 def level_closed(self, test_as_list, func_to_close):46 """47 To be called on test end or failure.48 See level_opened doc.49 """50 func_to_close()51 # Part of contract52 def get_node_ids(self, test_name):53 """54 :return: (current_node_id, parent_node_id)55 """...

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1class Test:2 def __init__(self: "Test", test: "str")-> "Test":3 assert(type(test) == str)4 (body, method_signature, attributes) = create_test(test)5 6 self.body = body7 self.method_signature = method_signature8 self.attributes = attributes9 def __str__(self):10 to_ret = ""11 for line in self.attributes:12 to_ret += line + "\n"13 to_ret += self.method_signature + "\n"14 for line in self.body:15 to_ret += line + "\n"16 return to_ret17# Given a single string that represents a test, returns the different components of the test18def create_test(test: "str")-> "tuple":19 attributes = list()20 line_idx = 021 test_as_list = test.split("\n")22 while "public" not in test_as_list[line_idx]:23 if len(test_as_list[line_idx]) > 0:24 attributes.append(test_as_list[line_idx])25 line_idx += 126 slice_idx = attributes[0].index('[')27 indentation = attributes[0][:slice_idx]28 attributes.insert(0, f"{indentation}[Test]")29 method_signature = test_as_list[line_idx]30 line_idx += 131 body = list()32 while line_idx < len(test_as_list):33 body.append(test_as_list[line_idx])34 line_idx += 135 return (body, method_signature, attributes)36 37 38 ...

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