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1import json2import os3import signal4import stat5import subprocess6import time7import unittest8from avocado.core import exit_codes9from avocado.utils import process, script10from .. import (AVOCADO, BASEDIR, TestCaseTmpDir, skipOnLevelsInferiorThan,11 skipUnlessPathExists)12AVOCADO_TEST_OK = """#!/usr/bin/env python13from avocado import Test14from avocado import main15class PassTest(Test):16 def test(self):17 pass18if __name__ == "__main__":19 main()20"""21AVOCADO_TEST_SLEEP_ELEVEN = """#!/usr/bin/env python22import time23from avocado import Test24from avocado import main25class SleepEleven(Test):26 def test(self):27 time.sleep(10)28 def test_2(self):29 time.sleep(1)30time.sleep(11)31if __name__ == "__main__":32 main()33"""34AVOCADO_TEST_MULTIPLE_CLASSES = """#!/usr/bin/env python35import time36from avocado import Test37from avocado import main38class First(Test):39 def test(self):40 pass41class Second(Test):42 def test(self):43 pass44if __name__ == "__main__":45 main()46"""47AVOCADO_TEST_MULTIPLE_METHODS_SAME_NAME = """#!/usr/bin/env python48from avocado import Test49from avocado import main50class Multiple(Test):51 def test(self):52 raise53 def test(self):54 pass55if __name__ == "__main__":56 main()57"""58NOT_A_TEST = """59def hello():60 print('Hello World!')61"""62PY_SIMPLE_TEST = """#!/usr/bin/env python63def hello():64 print('Hello World!')65if __name__ == "__main__":66 hello()67"""68SIMPLE_TEST = """#!/bin/sh69true70"""71AVOCADO_SIMPLE_PYTHON_LIKE_MULTIPLE_FILES = """#!/usr/bin/env python72# A simple test (executable bit set when saved to file) that looks like73# an Avocado instrumented test, with base class on separate file74from avocado import Test75from avocado import main76from test2 import *77class BasicTestSuite(SuperTest):78 '''79 :avocado: disable80 '''81 def test1(self):82 self.assertTrue(True)84if __name__ == '__main__':85 main()86"""87AVOCADO_SIMPLE_PYTHON_LIKE_MULTIPLE_FILES_LIB = """88#!/usr/bin/python89from avocado import Test90class SuperTest(Test):91 def xxx(self):92 print "ahoj"93"""94AVOCADO_TEST_SIMPLE_USING_MAIN = """#!/usr/bin/env python95from avocado import main96if __name__ == "__main__":97 main()98"""99class LoaderTestFunctional(TestCaseTmpDir):100 MODE_0664 = (stat.S_IRUSR | stat.S_IWUSR |101 stat.S_IRGRP | stat.S_IWGRP |102 stat.S_IROTH)103 MODE_0775 = (stat.S_IRUSR | stat.S_IWUSR | stat.S_IXUSR |104 stat.S_IRGRP | stat.S_IWGRP | stat.S_IXGRP |105 stat.S_IROTH | stat.S_IXOTH)106 def _test(self, name, content, exp_str, mode=MODE_0664, count=1):107 test_script = script.TemporaryScript(name, content,108 'avocado_loader_test',109 mode=mode)110 cmd_line = ('%s -V list %s' % (AVOCADO, test_script.path))112 result = self.assertIn('%s: %s' % (exp_str, count), result.stdout_text)114 test_script.remove()115 def _run_with_timeout(self, cmd_line, timeout):116 current_time = time.time()117 deadline = current_time + timeout118 test_process = subprocess.Popen(cmd_line, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, # pylint: disable=W1509119 stderr=subprocess.PIPE,120 preexec_fn=os.setsid, shell=True)121 while not test_process.poll():122 if time.time() > deadline:123 os.killpg(os.getpgid(, signal.SIGKILL)124"Failed to run test under %s seconds" % timeout)125 time.sleep(0.05)126 self.assertEqual(test_process.returncode, exit_codes.AVOCADO_TESTS_FAIL)127 def test_simple(self):128 self._test('', SIMPLE_TEST, 'simple', self.MODE_0775)129 def test_simple_not_exec(self):130 # 2 because both FileLoader and the TAP loader cannot recognize the test131 self._test('', SIMPLE_TEST, 'not_a_test', count=2)132 def test_pass(self):133 self._test('', AVOCADO_TEST_OK, 'instrumented')134 def test_not_python_module(self):135 # 2 because both FileLoader and the TAP loader cannot recognize the test136 self._test('passtest', AVOCADO_TEST_OK, 'not_a_test', count=2)137 @skipOnLevelsInferiorThan(2)138 def test_sleep_a_lot(self):139 """140 Verifies that the test loader, at list time, does not load the Python141 module and thus executes its contents.142 :avocado: tags=parallel:1143 """144 test_script = script.TemporaryScript('',145 AVOCADO_TEST_SLEEP_ELEVEN,146 'avocado_loader_test',147 mode=self.MODE_0664)148 cmd_line = ('%s -V list %s' % (AVOCADO, test_script.path))150 initial_time = time.time()151 result =, ignore_status=True)152 test_script.remove()153 actual_time = time.time() - initial_time154 self.assertLess(actual_time, 3.0,155 ("Took more than 3 seconds to list tests. Loader "156 "probably loaded/executed Python code and slept for "157 "eleven seconds."))158 self.assertIn(b'instrumented: 2', result.stdout)159 def test_multiple_class(self):160 self._test('', AVOCADO_TEST_MULTIPLE_CLASSES,161 'instrumented', self.MODE_0664, 2)162 def test_multiple_methods_same_name(self):163 self._test('', AVOCADO_TEST_MULTIPLE_METHODS_SAME_NAME,164 'instrumented', self.MODE_0664, 1)165 def test_load_not_a_test(self):166 self._test('', NOT_A_TEST, 'simple', self.MODE_0775)167 def test_load_not_a_test_not_exec(self):168 # 2 because both FileLoader and the TAP loader cannot recognize the test169 self._test('', NOT_A_TEST, 'not_a_test', count=2)170 @skipOnLevelsInferiorThan(2)171 def test_runner_simple_python_like_multiple_files(self):172 """173 :avocado: tags=parallel:1174 """175 mylib = script.TemporaryScript(176 '',177 AVOCADO_SIMPLE_PYTHON_LIKE_MULTIPLE_FILES_LIB,178 'avocado_simpletest_functional',179 self.MODE_0664)180 mytest = script.Script(182 os.path.join(os.path.dirname(mylib.path), ''),183 AVOCADO_SIMPLE_PYTHON_LIKE_MULTIPLE_FILES)184 os.chdir(BASEDIR)185 cmd_line = "%s -V list %s" % (AVOCADO, mytest)187 result = self.assertIn(b'simple: 1', result.stdout)189 # job should be able to finish under 5 seconds. If this fails, it's190 # possible that we hit the "simple test fork bomb" bug191 cmd_line = ("%s run --disable-sysinfo --job-results-dir '%s' -- '%s'"192 % (AVOCADO,, mytest))193 self._run_with_timeout(cmd_line, 5)194 @skipOnLevelsInferiorThan(2)195 def test_simple_using_main(self):196 """197 :avocado: tags=parallel:1198 """199 mytest = script.TemporaryScript("",200 AVOCADO_TEST_SIMPLE_USING_MAIN,201 'avocado_simpletest_functional')202 os.chdir(BASEDIR)204 # job should be able to finish under 5 seconds. If this fails, it's205 # possible that we hit the "simple test fork bomb" bug206 cmd_line = ("%s run --disable-sysinfo --job-results-dir '%s' -- '%s'"207 % (AVOCADO,, mytest))208 self._run_with_timeout(cmd_line, 5)209 def test_python_unittest(self):210 test_path = os.path.join(BASEDIR, "selftests", ".data", "")211 cmd = ("%s run --disable-sysinfo --job-results-dir %s --json - -- %s"212 % (AVOCADO,, test_path))213 result =, ignore_status=True)214 jres = json.loads(result.stdout_text)215 self.assertEqual(result.exit_status, 1, result)216 exps = [("unittests.Second.test_fail", "FAIL"),217 ("unittests.Second.test_error", "ERROR"),218 ("unittests.Second.test_skip", "CANCEL"),219 ("unittests.First.test_pass", "PASS")]220 for test in jres["tests"]:221 for exp in exps:222 if exp[0] in test["id"]:223 self.assertEqual(test["status"], exp[1], "Status of %s not"224 " as expected\n%s" % (exp, result))225 exps.remove(exp)226 break227 else:228"No expected result for %s\n%s\n\nexps = %s"229 % (test["id"], result, exps))230 self.assertFalse(exps, "Some expected result not matched to actual"231 "results:\n%s\n\nexps = %s" % (result, exps))232 def test_list_subtests_filter(self):233 """234 Check whether the subtests filter works for both INSTRUMENTED235 and SIMPLE in a directory list.236 """237 cmd = "%s list examples/tests/:fail" % AVOCADO238 result = expected = (b"INSTRUMENTED examples/tests/\n"240 b"INSTRUMENTED examples/tests/\n"241 b"INSTRUMENTED examples/tests/\n"242 b"INSTRUMENTED examples/tests/\n"243 b"SIMPLE examples/tests/\n")244 self.assertEqual(expected, result.stdout)245 @skipUnlessPathExists('/bin/sh')246 def test_loader_and_external_runner_incompatibility(self):247 """248 Check if the user is inform about incompatibility between loader and249 external_runner.250 """251 test_script = script.TemporaryScript('', SIMPLE_TEST,252 'avocado_loader_test',253 mode=self.MODE_0775)254 cmd = ("%s run --loaders=FOO "256 "--external-runner=/bin/sh %s") % (AVOCADO, test_script.path)257 result = expected_warning = ("The loaders and external-runner are incompatible."259 "The values in loaders will be ignored.")260 self.assertIn(expected_warning, result.stderr_text)261 cmd = "%s run --external-runner=/bin/sh %s" % (AVOCADO,262 test_script.path)263 result = self.assertNotIn(expected_warning, result.stderr_text)265 test_script.remove()266if __name__ == '__main__':...

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...6class Assert(Test):7 def test_assert_raises(self):8 with self.assertRaises(MyException):9 raises_exception()10 def test_fails_to_raise(self):11 with self.assertRaises(MyException):...

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