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1import etcd2try:3 import mock4except ImportError:5 from unittest import mock6from etcd.tests.unit import TestClientApiBase7class TestClientLock(TestClientApiBase):8 def recursive_read(self):9 nodes = [10 {"key": "/_locks/test_lock/1", "value": "2qwwwq",11 "modifiedIndex":33,"createdIndex":33},12 {"key": "/_locks/test_lock/34", "value":,13 "modifiedIndex":34,"createdIndex":34},14 ]15 d = {16 "action": "get",17 "node": {"dir": True,18 "nodes": [{"key":"/_locks/test_lock", "dir": True,19 "nodes": nodes}]}20 }21 self._mock_api(200, d)22 def setUp(self):23 super(TestClientLock, self).setUp()24 = etcd.Lock(self.client, 'test_lock')25 def test_initialization(self):26 """27 Verify the lock gets initialized correctly28 """29 self.assertEquals(, u'test_lock')30 self.assertEquals(, u'/_locks/test_lock')31 self.assertEquals(, False)32 def test_acquire(self):33 """34 Acquiring a precedingly inexistent lock works.35 """36 l = etcd.Lock(self.client, 'test_lock')37 l._find_lock = mock.MagicMock(spec=l._find_lock, return_value=False)38 l._acquired = mock.MagicMock(spec=l._acquired, return_value=True)39 # Mock the write40 d = {41 u'action': u'set',42 u'node': {43 u'modifiedIndex': 190,44 u'key': u'/_locks/test_lock/1',45 u'value': l.uuid46 }47 }48 self._mock_api(200, d)49 self.assertEquals(l.acquire(), True)50 self.assertEquals(l._sequence, '1')51 def test_is_acquired(self):52 """53 Test is_acquired54 """55 = '1'56 d = {57 u'action': u'get',58 u'node': {59 u'modifiedIndex': 190,60 u'key': u'/_locks/test_lock/1',61 u'value': }63 }64 self._mock_api(200, d)65 = True66 self.assertEquals(, True)67 def test_is_not_acquired(self):68 """69 Test is_acquired failures70 """71 = '2'72 = False73 self.assertEquals(, False)74 = True75 self._mock_exception(etcd.EtcdKeyNotFound, self.assertEquals(, False)77 self.assertEquals(, False)78 def test_acquired(self):79 """80 Test the acquiring primitives81 """82 = '4'83 retval = ('/_locks/test_lock/4', None)84 = mock.MagicMock(85, return_value=retval)86 self.assertTrue( self.assertTrue( retval = ('/_locks/test_lock/1', '/_locks/test_lock/4')89 = mock.MagicMock(return_value=retval)90 self.assertFalse( self.assertFalse( d = {93 u'action': u'delete',94 u'node': {95 u'modifiedIndex': 190,96 u'key': u'/_locks/test_lock/1',97 u'value': }99 }100 self._mock_api(200, d)101 returns = [('/_locks/test_lock/1', '/_locks/test_lock/4'), ('/_locks/test_lock/4', None)]102 def side_effect():103 return returns.pop()104 = mock.MagicMock(105, side_effect=side_effect)106 self.assertTrue( def test_acquired_no_timeout(self):108 = 4109 returns = [('/_locks/test_lock/4', None), ('/_locks/test_lock/1', '/_locks/test_lock/4')]110 def side_effect():111 return returns.pop()112 d = {113 u'action': u'get',114 u'node': {115 u'modifiedIndex': 190,116 u'key': u'/_locks/test_lock/4',117 u'value': }119 }120 self._mock_api(200, d)121 = mock.create_autospec(122, side_effect=side_effect)123 self.assertTrue( def test_lock_key(self):125 """126 Test responses from the lock_key property127 """128 with self.assertRaises(ValueError):129 = '5'131 self.assertEquals(u'/_locks/test_lock/5', def test_set_sequence(self):133'/_locks/test_lock/10')134 self.assertEquals('10', def test_find_lock(self):136 d = {137 u'action': u'get',138 u'node': {139 u'modifiedIndex': 190,140 u'key': u'/_locks/test_lock/1',141 u'value': }143 }144 self._mock_api(200, d)145 = '1'146 self.assertTrue( # Now let's pretend the lock is not there148 self._mock_exception(etcd.EtcdKeyNotFound, self.assertFalse( = None151 self.recursive_read()152 self.assertTrue( self.assertEquals(, '34')154 def test_get_locker(self):155 self.recursive_read()156 self.assertEquals((u'/_locks/test_lock/1', u'/_locks/test_lock/1'),157 with self.assertRaises(etcd.EtcdLockExpired):159 = '35'160 def test_release(self):162 d = {163 u'action': u'delete',164 u'node': {165 u'modifiedIndex': 190,166 u'key': u'/_locks/test_lock/1',167 u'value': }169 }170 self._mock_api(200, d)171 = 1172 = True173

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...4import pypar as mpi5import scipy as sc6Nnode = mpi.size()7myrank = mpi.rank()8def test_lock(Nmpi,fields,pbc_opt=None):9 if myrank == 0:10 print 'PBC : %s, start' % pbc_opt11 mpi.barrier()12 for i in xrange(len(fields)):13 fields[i][:,:,:6] = 1.14 fields[i][:,:,6:] = 0.15 #print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction x1 sum before = '%i,fields[i][:,:,6].sum()16 #print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction x2 sum before = '%i,fields[i][:,:,7].sum()17 #print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction y1 sum before = '%i,fields[i][:,:,8].sum()18 #print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction y2 sum before = '%i,fields[i][:,:,9].sum()19 #print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction z1 sum before = '%i,fields[i][:,:,10].sum()20 #print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction z2 sum before = '%i,fields[i][:,:,11].sum()21 mpi.barrier()22 if myrank != 0:23 targets = MPI.calc_mpitarget(Nmpi, myrank)24 targets_pbc = MPI.calc_mpitarget_pbc(Nmpi, myrank, pbc_opt)25 message_range = MPI.test_making_message_range()26 MPI.test_mpi_exchange(fields, Nmpi, myrank, targets, message_range)27 MPI.test_mpi_exchange_pbc(fields, myrank,targets_pbc, message_range, pbc_opt)28 for i in xrange(len(fields)):29 print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction x1 sum after = '%i,fields[i][:,:,6].sum()30 print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction x2 sum after = '%i,fields[i][:,:,7].sum()31 print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction y1 sum after = '%i,fields[i][:,:,8].sum()32 print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction y2 sum after = '%i,fields[i][:,:,9].sum()33 print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction z1 sum after = '%i,fields[i][:,:,10].sum()34 print 'I`m', myrank,'Field %s Direction z2 sum after = '%i,fields[i][:,:,11].sum()35 mpi.barrier()36 if myrank == 0:37 print 'PBC : %s, Done' % pbc_opt38 print39 print40 print41if __name__ == '__main__':42 Nx = 100043 Ny = 10044 fields = []45 fields.append(sc.zeros((Nx,Ny,12),'f'))46 fields.append(sc.zeros((Nx,Ny,12),'f'))47 fields.append(sc.zeros((Nx,Ny,12),'f'))48 Nmpi = (8,1,1)49 # one field50 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1])51 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'x')52 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'xy')53 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'xyz')54 # two fields55 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2])56 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'x')57 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'xy')58 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'xyz')59 # three fields60 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3])61 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'x')62 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'xy')63 test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'xyz')64 Nmpi = (2,4,1)65 # one field66 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1])67 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'x')68 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'xy')69 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'xyz')70 # two fields71 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2])72 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'x')73 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'xy')74 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'xyz')75 # three fields76 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3])77 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'x')78 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'xy')79 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'xyz')80 Nmpi = (2,2,2)81 # one field82 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1])83 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'x')84 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'xy')85 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:1],'xyz')86 # two fields87 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2])88 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'x')89 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'xy')90 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:2],'xyz')91 # three fields92 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3])93 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'x')94 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'xy')95 #test_lock(Nmpi,fields[:3],'xyz')...

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