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...60 e = AlreadyExistsError(entity='UniqueIdentity', eid='FFFFFFFFFFF')61 self.assertEqual(str(e), "UniqueIdentity 'FFFFFFFFFFF' already exists in the registry")62 self.assertEqual(e.entity, 'UniqueIdentity')63 self.assertEqual(e.eid, 'FFFFFFFFFFF')64 def test_no_args(self):65 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when66 required parameters are not given"""67 kwargs = {}68 self.assertRaises(KeyError, AlreadyExistsError, **kwargs)69class TestBadFileFormatError(unittest.TestCase):70 def test_message(self):71 """Make sure that prints the correct error"""72 e = BadFileFormatError(cause='Invalid file format')73 self.assertEqual("Invalid file format", str(e))74 def test_no_args(self):75 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when76 required parameters are not given"""77 kwargs = {}78 self.assertRaises(KeyError, BadFileFormatError, **kwargs)79class TestDatabaseError(unittest.TestCase):80 def test_message(self):81 """Make sure that prints the correct error"""82 e = DatabaseError(error="Unknown database 'mydb'", code=1049)83 self.assertEqual("Unknown database 'mydb' (err: 1049)", str(e))84 def test_no_args(self):85 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when86 required parameters are not given"""87 kwargs = {}88 self.assertRaises(KeyError, DatabaseError, **kwargs)89 kwargs = {'error': "Unknown database 'mydb'"}90 self.assertRaises(KeyError, DatabaseError, **kwargs)91 kwargs = {'code': 1049}92 self.assertRaises(KeyError, DatabaseError, **kwargs)93class TestDatabaseExists(unittest.TestCase):94 def test_message(self):95 """Make sure that prints the correct error"""96 e = DatabaseExists(error="Database exists 'mydb'", code=1049)97 self.assertEqual("Database exists 'mydb' (err: 1049)", str(e))98 def test_no_args(self):99 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when100 required parameters are not given"""101 kwargs = {}102 self.assertRaises(KeyError, DatabaseExists, **kwargs)103 kwargs = {'error': "Database existis 'mydb'"}104 self.assertRaises(KeyError, DatabaseExists, **kwargs)105 kwargs = {'code': 1049}106 self.assertRaises(KeyError, DatabaseExists, **kwargs)107class TestInvalidDateError(unittest.TestCase):108 def test_message(self):109 """Make sure that prints the correct error"""110 e = InvalidDateError(date='1900-13-01')111 self.assertEqual("1900-13-01 is not a valid date",112 str(e))113 def test_no_args(self):114 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when115 required parameters are not given"""116 kwargs = {}117 self.assertRaises(KeyError, InvalidDateError, **kwargs)118class TestInvalidFormatError(unittest.TestCase):119 def test_message(self):120 """Make sure that prints the correct error"""121 e = InvalidFormatError(cause='error on line 10')122 self.assertEqual("error on line 10", str(e))123 def test_no_args(self):124 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when125 required parameters are not given"""126 kwargs = {}127 self.assertRaises(KeyError, InvalidFormatError, **kwargs)128class TestLoadError(unittest.TestCase):129 def test_message(self):130 """Make sure that prints the correct error"""131 e = LoadError(cause='Invalid json format')132 self.assertEqual("Invalid json format", str(e))133 def test_no_args(self):134 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when135 required parameters are not given"""136 kwargs = {}137 self.assertRaises(KeyError, LoadError, **kwargs)138class TestMatcherNotSupported(unittest.TestCase):139 def test_message(self):140 """Make sure that prints the correct error"""141 e = MatcherNotSupportedError(matcher='custom')142 self.assertEqual("custom identity matcher is not supported",143 str(e))144 def test_no_args(self):145 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when146 required parameters are not given"""147 kwargs = {}148 self.assertRaises(KeyError, InvalidDateError, **kwargs)149class TestNotFoundError(unittest.TestCase):150 def test_message(self):151 """Make sure that prints the correct error"""152 e = NotFoundError(entity='')153 self.assertEqual(" not found in the registry",154 str(e))155 def test_no_args(self):156 """Check whether it raises a KeyError exception when157 required parameters are not given"""158 kwargs = {}159 self.assertRaises(KeyError, NotFoundError, **kwargs)160if __name__ == "__main__":...

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...31 except PSkip:32 return True33class CommandClearTestCase(BotInitializer):34 Command = Clear35 def test_no_args(self):36 return self.check_correct_answer()37class CommandDocumentationTestCase(BotInitializer):38 Command = Documentation39 def test_no_args(self):40 return self.check_correct_answer()41class CommandDonateTestCase(BotInitializer):42 Command = Donate43 def test_no_args(self):44 return self.check_correct_answer()45class CommandGayAnswerTestCase(BotInitializer):46 Command = GayAnswer47 def test_no_args(self):48 return self.check_correct_answer()49class CommandGitTestCase(BotInitializer):50 Command = Git51 def test_no_args(self):52 return self.check_correct_answer()53class CommandGoogleTestCase(BotInitializer):54 Command = Google55 def test_no_args(self):56 self.check_correct_pwarning()57 def test_google_link(self):58 self.event.set_message("гугл привет")59 self.check_correct_answer()60class CommandHiTestCase(BotInitializer):61 Command = Hi62 def test_no_args_pm(self):63 self.event.is_from_pm = True64 return self.check_correct_answer()65 def test_no_args_chat(self):66 self.event.is_from_chat = True67 try:68 return self.check_correct_answer()69 except PSkip:70 return True71class CommandIssuesTestCase(BotInitializer):72 Command = Issues73 def test_no_args(self):74 return self.check_correct_answer()75class CommandNoTestCase(BotInitializer):76 Command = No77 def test_no_args(self):78 return self.check_correct_answer()79class CommandNyaTestCase(BotInitializer):80 Command = Nya81 def test_no_args(self):82 return self.check_correct_answer()83class CommandPingTestCase(BotInitializer):84 Command = Ping85 def test_no_args(self):86 return self.check_correct_answer()87class CommandRoflTestCase(BotInitializer):88 Command = Rofl89 def test_no_args(self):90 return self.check_correct_answer()91class CommandShitTestCase(BotInitializer):92 Command = Shit93 def test_no_args(self):94 return self.check_correct_answer()95class CommandShoTestCase(BotInitializer):96 Command = Sho97 def test_no_args(self):98 return self.check_correct_answer()99class CommandSorryMeTestCase(BotInitializer):100 Command = SorryMe101 def test_no_args(self):102 return self.check_correct_answer()103class CommandStartLadaTestCase(BotInitializer):104 Command = StartLada105 def test_no_args(self):106 return self.check_correct_answer()107class CommandThanksTestCase(BotInitializer):108 Command = Thanks109 def test_no_args(self):110 return self.check_correct_answer()111class CommandYesTestCase(BotInitializer):112 Command = Yes113 def test_no_args(self):...

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