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...54def colorize(string, color):55 return color + string + Colors.END56def error(string):57 print(colorize('ERROR: ' + string, Colors.RED))58def test_progress(string):59 print(colorize(string, Colors.BLUE))60def success(string):61 print(colorize(string, Colors.GREEN))62###########63# Checkers64###########65def compare_values(name, expected, actual, rel_tol=5e-2):66 print('Comparing {0}: Expected = {1} ; Actual = {2}'.format(name, expected, actual))67 if math.isclose(expected, actual, rel_tol=rel_tol):68 return True69 else:70 error('Mismatch on {0}'.format(name))71 return False72def accuracy_checker(log, run_dir, expected_results):73 expected_top1, expected_top5 = expected_results74 tops = re.findall(r"Top1: (?P<top1>\d*\.\d*) *Top5: (?P<top5>\d*\.\d*)", log)75 if not tops:76 error('No accuracy results in log')77 return False78 if not compare_values('Top-1', expected_top1, float(tops[-1][0])):79 return False80 return compare_values('Top-5', expected_top5, float(tops[-1][1]))81def earlyexit_accuracy_checker(log, run_dir, expected_results):82 regex_list = (r"Accuracy Stats for exit 0: top1 = (?P<top1>\d*\.\d*), top5 = (?P<top5>\d*\.\d*)",83 r"Accuracy Stats for exit 1: top1 = (?P<top1>\d*\.\d*), top5 = (?P<top5>\d*\.\d*)",84 r"Totals for entire network with early exits: top1 = (?P<top1>\d*\.\d*), top5 = (?P<top5>\d*\.\d*)",85 r"Top1: (?P<top1>\d*\.\d*) *Top5: (?P<top5>\d*\.\d*)")86 for i, regex in enumerate(regex_list):87 if not generic_results_checker(log, regex, expected_results[i]):88 return False89 return True90def generic_results_checker(log, regex1, expected_results):91 actual_results = re.findall(regex1, log)92 if not actual_results:93 error('No results in log')94 return False95 # Grab only the last line of printed results96 actual_results = actual_results[-1]97 # Perform the comparison between expected and actual results98 for (actual_result, expected_result) in zip(actual_results, expected_results):99 if not compare_values('Un-named', expected_result, float(actual_result)):100 return False101 return True102def collateral_checker(log, run_dir, collateral_list):103 """Test that the test produced the expected collaterals.104 A collateral_list is a list of tuples, where tuple elements are:105 0: file name106 1: expected file size107 """108 def relaxed_size_equal(a, b, relaxation):109 return True if abs(a-b) <= relaxation else False110 for collateral in collateral_list:111 file_path = os.path.join(run_dir, collateral[0])112 statinfo = os.stat(file_path)113 if not relaxed_size_equal(statinfo.st_size, collateral[1], 2):114 return False115 return True116###########117# Test Configurations118###########119TestConfig = namedtuple('TestConfig', ['args', 'dataset', 'checker_fn', 'checker_args'])120test_configs = [121 TestConfig('--arch resnet20_cifar_earlyexit --lr=0.3 --epochs=180 --earlyexit_thresholds 0.9 '122 '--earlyexit_lossweights 0.3 --epochs 2 -p 50', DS_CIFAR, earlyexit_accuracy_checker,123 [(99.675, 100.),124 (31.863, 84.985),125 (36.040, 85.910),126 (33.50, 85.980)]),127 TestConfig('--arch simplenet_cifar --epochs 2', DS_CIFAR, accuracy_checker, [47.43, 92.51]),128 TestConfig('-a resnet20_cifar --resume {0} --quantize-eval --evaluate --qe-dynamic --qe-clip-acts avg --qe-no-clip-layers {1}'.129 format(os.path.join(examples_root, 'ssl', 'checkpoints', 'checkpoint_trained_dense.pth.tar'), 'fc'),130 DS_CIFAR, accuracy_checker, [91.47, 99.62]),131 TestConfig('-a preact_resnet20_cifar --epochs 2 --compress {0}'.132 format(os.path.join('full_flow_tests', 'preact_resnet20_cifar_pact_test.yaml')),133 DS_CIFAR, accuracy_checker, [47.47, 93.87]),134 TestConfig('-a resnet20_cifar --resume {0} --sense=filter --sense-range 0 0.10 0.05'.135 format(os.path.join(examples_root, 'ssl', 'checkpoints', 'checkpoint_trained_dense.pth.tar')),136 DS_CIFAR, collateral_checker, [('sensitivity.csv', 3172), ('sensitivity.png', 96157)]),137 TestConfig('--arch simplenet_mnist --epochs 3 -p=50 --compress={0}'.138 format(os.path.join('full_flow_tests', 'simplenet_mnist_pruning.yaml')),139 DS_MNIST, accuracy_checker, [98.82, 100.00]),140]141###########142# Tests Execution143###########144def process_failure(msg, test_idx, cmd, log_path, failed_tests, log):145 error(msg)146 if not log_path:147 test_progress('Log file not created. Full output from test:')148 print(log)149 else:150 test_progress('Test log file: {0}'.format(colorize(log_path, Colors.YELLOW)))151 failed_tests.append((test_idx, cmd, log_path))152def validate_dataset_path(path, default, name):153 if path:154 path = os.path.expanduser(path)155 if not os.path.isdir(path):156 error("Path provided to {0} dataset doesn't exist".format(name))157 exit(1)158 return path159 test_progress('Path to {0} dataset not provided, defaulting to: {1}'.format(name,160 colorize(os.path.abspath(default),161 Colors.WHITE)))162 try:163 os.makedirs(default)164 except OSError as e:165 if e.errno != errno.EEXIST:166 raise167 return default168def run_tests():169 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()170 parser.add_argument('--cifar10-path', dest='cifar10_path', metavar='DIR', help='Path to CIFAR-10 dataset')171 parser.add_argument('--mnist-path', dest='mnist_path', metavar='DIR', help='Path to MNIST dataset')172 args = parser.parse_args()173 cifar10_path = validate_dataset_path(args.cifar10_path, default='data.cifar10', name='CIFAR-10')174 mnist_path = validate_dataset_path(args.mnist_path, default='data.mnist', name='MNIST')175 datasets = {DS_CIFAR: cifar10_path, DS_MNIST: mnist_path}176 total_configs = len(test_configs)177 failed_tests = []178 for idx, tc in enumerate(test_configs):179 print('')180 test_progress('-------------------------------------------------')181 test_progress('Running Test {0} / {1}'.format(idx + 1, total_configs))182 dataset_dir = datasets[tc.dataset]183 # Run with '--det -j 1' to ensure deterministic results184 # Run with single GPU (lowest common denominator...)185 cmd = 'python3 {script} {tc_args} --det -j 1 --gpus 0 {data}'.format(script=script_path, tc_args=tc.args,186 data=dataset_dir)187 test_progress('Executing command: ' + colorize(cmd, Colors.YELLOW))188 p = subprocess.Popen(cmd.split(' '), stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, universal_newlines=True)189 # Poll for completion190 waiting_chars = ['-', '\\', '|', '/']191 cnt = 0192 while p.poll() is None:193 print(waiting_chars[cnt] * 5, end='\r', flush=True)194 cnt = (cnt + 1) % len(waiting_chars)195 time.sleep(0.5)196 log = log_path = re.match(r"Log file for this run: (.*)", log)198 log_path = log_path.groups()[0] if log_path else ''199 if p.returncode != 0:200 process_failure('Command returned with exit status {0}'.201 format(p.returncode), idx, cmd, log_path, failed_tests, log)202 continue203 test_progress('Running checker: ' + colorize(tc.checker_fn.__name__, Colors.YELLOW))204 if not tc.checker_fn(log, os.path.split(log_path)[0], tc.checker_args):205 process_failure('Checker failed', idx, cmd, log_path, failed_tests, log)206 continue207 success('TEST PASSED')208 test_progress('Test log file: {0}'.format(colorize(log_path, Colors.YELLOW)))209 print('')210 test_progress('-------------------------------------------------')211 test_progress('-------------------------------------------------')212 test_progress('All tests completed')213 test_progress('# Tests run: {0} ; # Tests passed {1} ; # Tests failed: {2}'.214 format(total_configs, total_configs - len(failed_tests), len(failed_tests)))215 if failed_tests:216 print('')217 print(colorize('Failed tests summary:', Colors.RED))218 for idx, cmd, log_path in failed_tests:219 print(colorize(' Test Index:', Colors.YELLOW), idx + 1)220 print(colorize(' Command Line:', Colors.YELLOW), cmd)221 print(colorize(' Log File Path:', Colors.YELLOW), log_path)222 exit(1)223 print('')224 success('ALL TESTS PASSED')225 print('')226 exit(0)227if __name__ == '__main__':...

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1from fuzzywuzzy import process as fuzzyprocess2import itertools3class TestProgress:4 def __init__(self,test):5 self.test = test6 self.matched_keyword_groups = []7 self.completed_subtests = []8 def __repr__(self):9 s = ""10 for kwg in self.matched_keyword_groups:11 s+=kwg.description+"->"12 # ??? May be list equality won't work in python13 s+=self.test.result if (self.matched_keyword_groups ==14 self.test.keyword_groups) else " ??? "15 for subtest in self.completed_subtests:16 s+=" -> "+str(subtest)17 return s18class TestAssistant:19 def __init__(self,substitutions_list=None):20 self.test_progress_dict = {}21 self.substitutions_list = substitutions_list22 def has_test_fully_completed(self,test):23 if test not in self.test_progress_dict:24 return False25 test_progress = self.test_progress_dict[test]26 return (len(test_progress.matched_keyword_groups) ==27 len(test.keyword_groups) and28 len(test_progress.completed_subtests) == len(test.subtests))29 def try_match(self,test,user_input_str):30 test_progress = TestProgress(test)31 if test not in self.test_progress_dict:32 self.test_progress_dict[test] = test_progress33 chop_at = 034 for kw in test.keyword_groups[0].keywords:35 """ If the first group of keywords is not found in user_input_str36 test is considered failed """37 kw_i = self._find_kw_in_str(kw,user_input_str)38 if kw_i==-1: return False39 chop_at = max(kw_i+len(kw),chop_at)40 test_progress.matched_keyword_groups+=[test.keyword_groups[0]]41 user_input_str = user_input_str[chop_at:]42 for kwg in test.keyword_groups[1:]:43 if (len(test_progress.matched_keyword_groups)>44 len(self.test_progress_dict[test].matched_keyword_groups)):45 self.test_progress_dict[test] = test_progress46 for kw in kwg.keywords:47 kw_i = self._find_kw_in_str(kw,user_input_str)48 if kw_i==-1: return test_progress49 chop_at = max(kw_i+len(kw),chop_at)50 test_progress.matched_keyword_groups+=[kwg]51 user_input_str = user_input_str[chop_at:]52 if (len(test_progress.matched_keyword_groups)>53 len(self.test_progress_dict[test].matched_keyword_groups)):54 self.test_progress_dict[test] = test_progress55 for subtest in test.subtests:56 # !!! Possible bug when subtest is partially matched.57 # With current data, it seems like there won't be any problem58 res = self.try_match(subtest,user_input_str)59 if res:60 test_progress.completed_subtests+=[subtest]61 else:62 # !!! If a test with no keywords, but only subtests are63 # introduced, this code will break64 return test_progress65 if (len(test_progress.completed_subtests)>66 len(self.test_progress_dict[test].completed_subtests)):67 self.test_progress_dict[test] = test_progress68 return True69 def try_continue_match(self,test_progress,user_input_str):70 # test_progress = self.test_progress_dict[test]71 test = test_progress.test72 for kwg in test.keyword_groups:73 if kwg in test_progress.matched_keyword_groups:74 continue75 chop_at = 076 for kw in kwg.keywords:77 kw_i = self._find_kw_in_str(kw,user_input_str)78 if kw_i==-1: return test_progress79 chop_at = max(kw_i+len(kw),chop_at)80 test_progress.matched_keyword_groups+=[kwg]81 user_input_str = user_input_str[chop_at:]82 if (len(test_progress.matched_keyword_groups)>83 len(self.test_progress_dict[test].matched_keyword_groups)):84 self.test_progress_dict[test] = test_progress85 for subtest in test.subtests:86 # !!! Possible bug when subtest is partially matched.87 # With current data, it seems like there won't be any problem88 res = self.try_match(subtest,user_input_str)89 if res:90 test_progress.completed_subtests+=[subtest]91 else:92 # !!! If a test with no keywords, but only subtests are93 # introduced, this code will break94 return test_progress95 if (len(test_progress.completed_subtests)>96 len(self.test_progress_dict[test].completed_subtests)):97 self.test_progress_dict[test] = test_progress98 return True99 def _find_kw_in_str(self,kw,string):100 """ Check whether string contains kw, or any variations of kw101 provided by substitutions_list """102 def _n_at_a_time_gen(list,n):103 for i,v in enumerate(list):104 if i < len(list):105 yield [l for l in list[i:i+n]]106 if len(string)==0:107 return -1108 kw = kw.lower()109 string = string.lower()110 match,rate = fuzzyprocess.extractOne(111 kw, (" ".join(sl) for sl in _n_at_a_time_gen(string.split(),len(kw.split()))112 ))113 # if rate>80:114 # print(" %2f %% %s " % (rate,match))115 if rate>90:116 return string.find(match)117 elif self.substitutions_list is not None:118 # split and substitute for cases like dil. HCl119 orig_kws = kw.split()120 # print("orig-kkws:"+str(orig_kws))121 has_substitutions = list(itertools.filterfalse(122 lambda kw:kw not in self.substitutions_list,123 orig_kws))124 # print("has_sub:"+str(has_substitutions))125 if len(has_substitutions)==0 :126 return -1127 substitutions = []128 substitutions+= [ ([kw]+self.substitutions_list[kw]\129 if kw in self.substitutions_list else [kw])\130 for kw in orig_kws]131 # print(substitutions)132 # [:1] to exclude first element which is just the original one that was passed133 substitution_combs = list(itertools.product(*substitutions))[1:]134 # print(substitution_combs)135 for sub in substitution_combs:136 i = self._find_kw_in_str(" ".join(sub),string)137 if i!=-1: return i...

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