How to use intercept method of Selenium.WebDriver.DriverExtensions.HasNetworkInterception Package

Best Selenium code snippet using Selenium.WebDriver.DriverExtensions.HasNetworkInterception.intercept


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...24 # to either pass them through like proxy or provide25 # a stubbed response instead.26 #27 # @example Log requests and pass through28 # driver.intercept do |request, &continue|29 # puts "#{request.method} #{request.url}"30 # # end32 #33 # @example Stub requests for images34 # driver.intercept do |request, &continue|35 # if request.url.match?(/\.png$/)36 # request.url = ''37 # end38 # # end40 #41 # @example Log responses and pass through42 # driver.intercept do |request, &continue|43 # do |response|44 # puts "#{response.code} #{response.body}"45 # end46 # end47 #48 # @example Mutate specific response49 # driver.intercept do |request, &continue|50 # do |response|51 # response.body << 'Added by Selenium!' if request.url.include?('/myurl')52 # end53 # end54 #55 # @param [Proc] block which is called when request is intercepted56 # @yieldparam [DevTools::Request] request57 # @yieldparam [Proc] continue block which proceeds with the request and optionally yields response58 #59 def intercept(&block)60 true)61 devtools.fetch.on(:request_paused) do |params|62 id = params['requestId']63 if params.key?('responseStatusCode') || params.key?('responseErrorReason')64 intercept_response(id, params, &pending_response_requests.delete(id))65 else66 intercept_request(id, params, &block)67 end68 end69 devtools.fetch.enable(patterns: [{requestStage: 'Request'}, {requestStage: 'Response'}])70 end71 private72 def pending_response_requests73 @pending_response_requests ||= {}74 end75 def intercept_request(id, params, &block)76 original = DevTools::Request.from(id, params)77 mutable = DevTools::Request.from(id, params)78 do |&continue| # rubocop:disable Performance/RedundantBlockCall79 pending_response_requests[id] = continue80 if original == mutable81 devtools.fetch.continue_request(request_id: id)82 else83 devtools.fetch.continue_request(84 request_id: id,85 url: mutable.url,86 method: mutable.method,87 post_data: mutable.post_data,88 headers: do |k, v|89 {name: k, value: v}90 end91 )92 end93 end94 end95 def intercept_response(id, params)96 return devtools.fetch.continue_request(request_id: id) unless block_given?97 body = fetch_response_body(id)98 original = DevTools::Response.from(id, body, params)99 mutable = DevTools::Response.from(id, body, params)100 yield mutable101 if original == mutable102 devtools.fetch.continue_request(request_id: id)103 else104 devtools.fetch.fulfill_request(105 request_id: id,106 body: (Base64.strict_encode64(mutable.body) if mutable.body),107 response_code: mutable.code,108 response_headers: do |k, v|109 {name: k, value: v}...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1 request.respond_with(200, 'text/plain', 'Hello World')2 request.respond_with(200, 'text/plain', 'Hello World')3 request.respond_with(200, 'text/plain', 'Hello World')4 request.respond_with(200, 'text/plain', 'Hello World')5 request.respond_with(200

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