How to use match_none method of RequestExpectations Package

Best Airborne code snippet using RequestExpectations.match_none


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...62 return expect(actual).to match(expected) if property?(expected)63 keys = []64 keys << expected.keys if match_expected?65 keys << actual.keys if match_actual?66 keys = expected.keys & actual.keys if match_none?67 keys.flatten.uniq.each do |prop|68 expected_value = extract_expected_value(expected, prop)69 actual_value = extract_actual(actual, prop)70 next expect_json_impl(expected_value, actual_value) if hash?(expected_value) && hash?(actual_value)71 next if expected_value.is_a?(Proc)72 next expect(actual_value.to_s).to match(expected_value) if expected_value.is_a?(Regexp)73 expect(actual_value).to eq(expected_value)74 end75 end76 def expect_json_types_impl(expected, actual)77 return if nil_optional_hash?(expected, actual)78 @mapper ||= get_mapper79 actual = convert_to_date(actual) if ((expected == :date) || (expected == :date_or_null))80 return expect_type(expected, actual) if expected.is_a?(Symbol)81 return if expected.is_a?(Proc)82 keys = []83 keys << expected.keys if match_expected?84 keys << actual.keys if match_actual?85 keys = expected.keys & actual.keys if match_none?86 keys.flatten.uniq.each do |prop|87 type = extract_expected_type(expected, prop)88 value = extract_actual(actual, prop)89 value = convert_to_date(value) if ((type == :date) || (type == :date_or_null))90 next expect_json_types_impl(type, value) if hash?(type)91 next if type.is_a?(Proc)92 type_string = type.to_s93 if type_string.include?('array_of') && !(type_string.include?('or_null') && value.nil?)94 check_array_types(value, prop, type)95 else96 expect_type(type, value, prop)97 end98 end99 end100 def call_with_path(args)101 if args.length == 2102 get_by_path(args[0], json_body) do |json_chunk|103 yield(args[1], json_chunk)104 end105 else106 yield(args[0], json_body)107 end108 end109 def extract_expected_value(expected, prop)110 begin111 raise unless expected.keys.include?(prop)112 expected[prop]113 rescue114 raise ExpectationError, "Expectation is expected to contain property: #{prop}"115 end116 end117 def extract_expected_type(expected, prop)118 begin119 type = expected[prop]120 type.nil? ? raise : type121 rescue122 raise ExpectationError, "Expectation is expected to contain property: #{prop}"123 end124 end125 def extract_actual(actual, prop)126 begin127 value = actual[prop]128 rescue129 raise ExpectationError, "Expected #{actual.class} #{actual}\nto be an object with property #{prop}"130 end131 end132 def expect_type(expected_type, value, prop_name = nil)133 fail ExpectationError, "Expected type #{expected_type}\nis an invalid type" if @mapper[expected_type].nil?134 insert = prop_name.nil? ? '' : "#{prop_name} to be of type"135 message = "Expected #{insert} #{expected_type}\n got #{value.class} instead"136 expect(@mapper[expected_type].any?{|type| value.is_a?(type)}).to eq(true), message137 end138 def convert_to_date(value)139 begin140 DateTime.parse(value)141 rescue142 end143 end144 def check_array_types(value, prop_name, expected_type)145 expect_array(value, prop_name, expected_type)146 value.each do |val|147 expect_type(expected_type, val, prop_name)148 end149 end150 def nil_optional_hash?(expected, hash)151 expected.is_a?(Airborne::OptionalHashTypeExpectations) && hash.nil?152 end153 def hash?(hash)154 hash.is_a?(Hash) || hash.is_a?(Airborne::OptionalHashTypeExpectations)155 end156 def expect_array(value, prop_name, expected_type)157 expect(value.class).to eq(Array), "Expected #{prop_name}\n to be of type #{expected_type}\n got #{value.class} instead"158 end159 def convert_expectations_for_json_sizes(old_expectations)160 unless old_expectations.is_a?(Hash)161 return convert_expectation_for_json_sizes(old_expectations)162 end163 old_expectations.each_with_object({}) do |(prop_name, expected_size), memo|164 new_value = if expected_size.is_a?(Hash)165 convert_expectations_for_json_sizes(expected_size)166 else167 convert_expectation_for_json_sizes(expected_size)168 end169 memo[prop_name] = new_value170 end171 end172 def convert_expectation_for_json_sizes(expected_size)173 ->(data) { expect(data.size).to eq(expected_size) }174 end175 def ensure_hash_contains_prop(prop_name, hash)176 begin177 yield178 rescue179 raise ExpectationError, "Expected #{hash.class} #{hash}\nto be an object with property #{prop_name}"180 end181 end182 def property?(expectation)183 [String, Regexp, Float, Integer, TrueClass, FalseClass, NilClass, Array].any?{|type| expectation.is_a?(type)}184 end185 def get_mapper186 base_mapper = {187 integer: [Integer],188 array_of_integers: [Integer],189 int: [Integer],190 array_of_ints: [Integer],191 float: [Float, Integer],192 array_of_floats: [Float, Integer],193 string: [String],194 array_of_strings: [String],195 boolean: [TrueClass, FalseClass],196 array_of_booleans: [TrueClass, FalseClass],197 bool: [TrueClass, FalseClass],198 array_of_bools: [TrueClass, FalseClass],199 object: [Hash],200 array_of_objects: [Hash],201 array: [Array],202 array_of_arrays: [Array],203 date: [DateTime],204 null: [NilClass]205 }206 mapper = base_mapper.clone207 base_mapper.each do |key, value|208 mapper[(key.to_s + '_or_null').to_sym] = value + [NilClass]209 end210 mapper211 end212 def resolve_status(candidate, authority)213 candidate = Rack::Utils::SYMBOL_TO_STATUS_CODE[candidate] if candidate.is_a?(Symbol)214 case authority215 when String then candidate.to_s216 when Integer then candidate.to_i217 else candidate218 end219 end220 def match_none?221 !match_actual? && !match_expected?222 end223 def match_actual?224 Airborne.configuration.match_actual?225 end226 def match_expected?227 Airborne.configuration.match_expected?228 end229 end230end...

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