How to use ambiguous_page_msg method of Howitzer.Web Package

Best Howitzer_ruby code snippet using Howitzer.Web.ambiguous_page_msg


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...56 def self.current_page57 page_list = matched_pages58 return UnknownPage if return page_list.first if page_list.count == 160 raise Howitzer::AmbiguousPageMatchingError, ambiguous_page_msg(page_list)61 end62 # Waits until a web page is opened63 # @param timeout [Integer] time in seconds a required web page to be loaded64 # @return [Boolean]65 # @raise [IncorrectPageError] when timeout expired and the page is not displayed66 def self.displayed?(timeout = Howitzer.page_load_idle_timeout)67 end_time = + timeout68 until > end_time69 return true if opened?70 sleep(0.5)71 end72 raise Howitzer::IncorrectPageError, incorrect_page_msg73 end74 # @return [String] current page url from browser75 def self.current_url76 Capybara.current_session.current_url77 end78 # Returns an expanded page url for the page opening79 # @param params [Array] placeholders and their values80 # @param url_processor [Class] custom url processor. For details see Addressable gem81 # @return [String]82 # @raise [NoPathForPageError] if an url is not specified for the page83 def self.expanded_url(params = {}, url_processor = nil)84 if defined?(path_value)85 return "#{site_value}#{, url_processor)}"86 end87 raise Howitzer::NoPathForPageError, "Please specify path for '#{self}' page. Example: path '/home'"88 end89 # Provides access to meta information about entities on the page90 # @return [Meta::Entry]91 def meta92 @meta ||= end94 class << self95 protected96 # DSL to specify an relative path pattern for the page opening97 # @param value [String] a path pattern, for details please see Addressable gem98 # @see .site99 # @example100 # class ArticlePage < Howitzer::Web::Page101 # url '/articles/:id'102 # end103 # 10)104 # @!visibility public105 def path(value)106 define_singleton_method(:path_value) { value.to_s }107 private_class_method :path_value108 end109 # DSL to specify a site for the page opening110 # @note By default it specifies as a site111 # @param value [String] a site as combination of protocol, host and port112 # @example113 # class AuthPage < Howitzer::Web::Page114 # site 'https:/'115 # end116 #117 # class LoginPage < AuthPage118 # path '/login'119 # end120 # @!visibility public121 def site(value)122 define_singleton_method(:site_value) { value }123 private_class_method :site_value124 end125 private126 def incorrect_page_msg127 "Current page: #{current_page}, expected: #{self}.\n" \128 "\tCurrent url: #{current_url}\n\tCurrent title: #{instance.title}"129 end130 def ambiguous_page_msg(page_list)131 "Current page matches more that one page class (#{page_list.join(', ')}).\n" \132 "\tCurrent url: #{current_url}\n\tCurrent title: #{instance.title}"133 end134 end135 site Howitzer.app_uri.site136 def initialize137 check_validations_are_defined!138 current_window.maximize if Howitzer.maximized_window &&139 !%w[chrome headless_chrome].include?(Capybara.current_driver)140 end141 # Reloads current page in a browser142 def reload143 "Reload '#{current_url}'"144 visit current_url...

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1Howitzer::Web.ambiguous_page_msg('My custom message')2Howitzer::Web.ambiguous_page_msg('My custom message')3Howitzer::Web.ambiguous_page_msg('My custom message')4Howitzer::Web.ambiguous_page_msg('My custom message')5Howitzer::Web.ambiguous_page_msg('My custom message')6Howitzer::Web.ambiguous_page_msg('My custom message')7Howitzer::Web.ambiguous_page_msg('My custom message')8Howitzer::Web.ambiguous_page_msg('My custom

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