How to use to_s method of GroupManagementSelector Package

Best Inspec_ruby code snippet using GroupManagementSelector.to_s


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...44 .add(:gids, field: 'gid')45 .add(:domains, field: 'domain')46 .add(:exists?) { |x| !x.entries.empty? }47 filter.connect(self, :collect_group_details)48 def to_s49 'Groups'50 end51 private52 # collects information about every group53 def collect_group_details54 return @groups_cache ||= @group_provider.groups unless @group_provider.nil?55 []56 end57 end58 # Usage:59 # describe group('root') do60 # it { should exist }61 # its('gid') { should eq 0 }62 # end63 #64 # deprecated has matcher65 # describe group('root') do66 # it { should have_gid 0 }67 # end68 class Group < Inspec.resource(1)69 include GroupManagementSelector70 name 'group'71 desc 'Use the group InSpec audit resource to test groups on the system.'72 example "73 describe group('root') do74 it { should exist }75 its('gid') { should eq 0 }76 end77 "78 def initialize(groupname)79 @group = groupname80 @group = @group.downcase unless # select group manager82 @group_provider = select_group_manager(inspec.os)83 return skip_resource 'The `group` resource is not supported on your OS yet.' if @group_provider.nil?84 end85 # verifies if a group exists86 def exists?87 !group_info.entries.empty?88 end89 def gid90 gids = group_info.gids91 if gids.empty?92 nil93 # the default case should be one group94 elsif gids.size == 195 gids.entries[0]96 else97 raise 'found more than one group with the same name, please use `groups` resource'98 end99 end100 # implements rspec has matcher, to be compatible with serverspec101 def has_gid?(compare_gid)102 gid == compare_gid103 end104 def local105 # at this point the implementation only returns local groups106 true107 end108 def to_s109 "Group #{@group}"110 end111 private112 def group_info113 # we need a local copy for the block114 group = @group.dup115 @groups_cache ||= inspec.groups.where { name == group }116 end117 end118 class GroupInfo119 attr_reader :inspec120 def initialize(inspec)121 @inspec = inspec122 end...

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1puts gms.to_s()2puts gms.to_s()3puts gms.to_s()

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