How to use loggedin method of InspecPlugins.Compliance Package

Best Inspec_ruby code snippet using InspecPlugins.Compliance.loggedin


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...37 option :owner, type: :string, required: false,38 desc: 'owner whose profiles to list'39 def profiles40 config = InspecPlugins::Compliance::Configuration.new41 return if !loggedin(config)42 # set owner to config43 config['owner'] = options['owner'] || config['user']44 msg, profiles = InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.profiles(config)45 profiles.sort_by! { |hsh| hsh['title'] }46 if !profiles.empty?47 # iterate over profiles48 headline('Available profiles:')49 profiles.each { |profile|50 owner = profile['owner_id'] || profile['owner']51 li("#{profile['title']} v#{profile['version']} (#{mark_text(owner + '/' + profile['name'])})")52 }53 else54 puts msg if msg != 'success'55 puts 'Could not find any profiles'56 exit 157 end58 rescue InspecPlugins::Compliance::ServerConfigurationMissing59 STDERR.puts "\nServer configuration information is missing. Please login using `inspec compliance login`"60 exit 161 end62 desc 'exec PROFILE', 'executes a Chef Compliance profile'63 exec_options64 def exec(*tests)65 config = InspecPlugins::Compliance::Configuration.new66 return if !loggedin(config)67 o = opts(:exec).dup68 diagnose(o)69 configure_logger(o)70 # iterate over tests and add compliance scheme71 tests = { |t| 'compliance://' + InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.sanitize_profile_name(t) }72 runner = tests.each { |target| runner.add_target(target) }74 exit runner.run75 rescue ArgumentError, RuntimeError, Train::UserError => e76 $stderr.puts e.message77 exit 178 end79 desc 'download PROFILE', 'downloads a profile from Chef Compliance'80 option :name, type: :string,81 desc: 'Name of the archive filename (file type will be added)'82 def download(profile_name)83 o = options.dup84 configure_logger(o)85 config = InspecPlugins::Compliance::Configuration.new86 return if !loggedin(config)87 profile_name = InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.sanitize_profile_name(profile_name)88 if InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.exist?(config, profile_name)89 puts "Downloading `#{profile_name}`"90 fetcher = InspecPlugins::Compliance::Fetcher.resolve(91 {92 compliance: profile_name,93 },94 )95 # we provide a name, the fetcher adds the extension96 _owner, id = profile_name.split('/')97 file_name = fetcher.fetch( || id)98 puts "Profile stored to #{file_name}"99 else100 puts "Profile #{profile_name} is not available in Chef Compliance."101 exit 1102 end103 end104 desc 'upload PATH', 'uploads a local profile to Chef Compliance'105 option :overwrite, type: :boolean, default: false,106 desc: 'Overwrite existing profile on Server.'107 option :owner, type: :string, required: false,108 desc: 'Owner that should own the profile'109 def upload(path) # rubocop:disable Metrics/MethodLength, Metrics/AbcSize, PerceivedComplexity, Metrics/CyclomaticComplexity110 config = InspecPlugins::Compliance::Configuration.new111 return if !loggedin(config)112 # set owner to config113 config['owner'] = options['owner'] || config['user']114 unless File.exist?(path)115 puts "Directory #{path} does not exist."116 exit 1117 end118 vendor_deps(path, options) if o = options.dup120 configure_logger(o)121 # only run against the mock backend, otherwise we run against the local system122 o[:backend] = Inspec::Backend.create(Inspec::Config.mock)123 o[:check_mode] = true124 o[:vendor_cache] =[:vendor_cache])125 # check the profile, we only allow to upload valid profiles126 profile = Inspec::Profile.for_target(path, o)127 # start verification process128 error_count = 0129 error = lambda { |msg|130 error_count += 1131 puts msg132 }133 result = profile.check134 unless result[:summary][:valid]135'Profile check failed. Please fix the profile before upload.')136 else137 puts('Profile is valid')138 end139 # determine user information140 if (config['token'].nil? && config['refresh_token'].nil?) || config['user'].nil?141'Please login via `inspec compliance login`')142 end143 # read profile name from inspec.yml144 profile_name = profile.params[:name]145 # read profile version from inspec.yml146 profile_version = profile.params[:version]147 # check that the profile is not uploaded already,148 # confirm upload to the user (overwrite with --force)149 if InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.exist?(config, "#{config['owner']}/#{profile_name}##{profile_version}") && !options['overwrite']150'Profile exists on the server, use --overwrite')151 end152 # abort if we found an error153 if error_count > 0154 puts "Found #{error_count} error(s)"155 exit 1156 end157 # if it is a directory, tar it to tmp directory158 generated = false159 if generated = true161 archive_path = Dir::Tmpname.create([profile_name, '.tar.gz']) {}162 puts "Generate temporary profile archive at #{archive_path}"163 profile.archive({ output: archive_path, ignore_errors: false, overwrite: true })164 else165 archive_path = path166 end167 puts "Start upload to #{config['owner']}/#{profile_name}"168 pname = ERB::Util.url_encode(profile_name)169 if InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.is_automate_server?(config) || InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.is_automate2_server?(config)170 puts 'Uploading to Chef Automate'171 else172 puts 'Uploading to Chef Compliance'173 end174 success, msg = InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.upload(config, config['owner'], pname, archive_path)175 # delete temp file if it was temporary generated176 File.delete(archive_path) if generated && File.exist?(archive_path)177 if success178 puts 'Successfully uploaded profile'179 else180 puts 'Error during profile upload:'181 puts msg182 exit 1183 end184 end185 desc 'version', 'displays the version of the Chef Compliance server'186 def version187 config = InspecPlugins::Compliance::Configuration.new188 info = InspecPlugins::Compliance::API.version(config)189 if !info.nil? && info['version']190 puts "Name: #{info['api']}"191 puts "Version: #{info['version']}"192 else193 puts 'Could not determine server version.'194 exit 1195 end196 rescue InspecPlugins::Compliance::ServerConfigurationMissing197 puts "\nServer configuration information is missing. Please login using `inspec compliance login`"198 exit 1199 end200 desc 'logout', 'user logout from Chef Compliance'201 def logout202 config = InspecPlugins::Compliance::Configuration.new203 unless config.supported?(:oidc) || config['token'].nil? || config['server_type'] == 'automate'204 config = InspecPlugins::Compliance::Configuration.new205 url = "#{config['server']}/logout"206, config['token'], config['insecure'], !config.supported?(:oidc))207 end208 success = config.destroy209 if success210 puts 'Successfully logged out'211 else212 puts 'Could not log out'213 end214 end215 private216 def loggedin(config)217 serverknown = !config['server'].nil?218 puts 'You need to login first with `inspec compliance login`' if !serverknown219 serverknown220 end221 end222 # register the subcommand to InSpec CLI registry223 # Inspec::Plugins::CLI.add_subcommand(InspecPlugins::ComplianceCLI, 'compliance', 'compliance SUBCOMMAND ...', 'Chef InspecPlugins::Compliance commands', {})224 end225end...

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Using AI Code Generation


Full Screen'owner' => 'admin')'owner' => 'admin', 'name' => 'linux-baseline')'owner' => 'admin', 'name' => 'linux-baseline', 'version' => '2.0.0')4profiles ='owner' => 'admin', 'name' => 'linux-baseline', 'version' => '2.0.0')

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