How to use resolve method of Secrets Package

Best Inspec_ruby code snippet using Secrets.resolve


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...65 it "returns an empty hash" do66 _(seen_inputs).must_equal({})67 end68 end69 describe "when a CLI --attrs option is provided and does not resolve" do70 let(:sources) { { cli_input_files: ["nope.jpg"] } }71 it "raises an exception" do72 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("nope.jpg").returns(nil)73 _(proc { seen_inputs }).must_raise Inspec::Exceptions::SecretsBackendNotFound74 end75 end76 describe "when a CLI --attrs option is provided and has no inputs" do77 let(:sources) { { cli_input_files: ["empty.yaml"] } }78 it "returns an empty hash" do79 secrets = mock80 secrets.stubs(:inputs).returns(nil)81 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("empty.yaml").returns(secrets)82 _(seen_inputs).must_equal({})83 end84 end85 describe "when a CLI --attrs file is provided and has inputs" do86 let(:sources) { { cli_input_files: ["file1.yaml"] } }87 it "returns a hash containing the inputs" do88 fixture_inputs = { "foo" => "bar" }89 secrets = mock90 secrets.stubs(:inputs).returns(fixture_inputs)91 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("file1.yaml").returns(secrets)92 _(seen_inputs).must_equal(fixture_inputs)93 end94 end95 describe "when multiple CLI --attrs option args are provided and one fails" do96 let(:sources) { { cli_input_files: ["file1.yaml", "file2.yaml"] } }97 it "raises an exception" do98 secrets = mock99 secrets.stubs(:inputs).returns(nil)100 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("file1.yaml").returns(secrets)101 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("file2.yaml").returns(nil)102 _(proc { seen_inputs }).must_raise Inspec::Exceptions::SecretsBackendNotFound103 end104 end105 describe "when multiple CLI --attrs option args are provided and one has no inputs" do106 let(:sources) { { cli_input_files: ["file1.yaml", "file2.yaml"] } }107 it "returns a hash containing the inputs from the valid files" do108 inputs = { "foo" => "bar" }109 secrets1 = mock110 secrets1.stubs(:inputs).returns(nil)111 secrets2 = mock112 secrets2.stubs(:inputs).returns(inputs)113 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("file1.yaml").returns(secrets1)114 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("file2.yaml").returns(secrets2)115 _(seen_inputs).must_equal(inputs)116 end117 end118 describe "when multiple CLI --attrs option args are provided and all have inputs" do119 let(:sources) { { cli_input_files: ["file1.yaml", "file2.yaml"] } }120 it "returns a hash containing all the inputs" do121 secrets1 = mock122 secrets1.stubs(:inputs).returns({ "key1" => "value1" })123 secrets2 = mock124 secrets2.stubs(:inputs).returns({ "key2" => "value2" })125 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("file1.yaml").returns(secrets1)126 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with("file2.yaml").returns(secrets2)127 _(seen_inputs).must_equal({ "key1" => "value1", "key2" => "value2" })128 end129 end130 end131end...

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...9 options = {}10 runner.load_attributes(options).must_equal({})11 end12 end13 describe 'when an attr is provided and does not resolve' do14 it 'raises an exception' do15 options = { attrs: ['nope.jpg'] }16 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('nope.jpg').returns(nil)17 proc { runner.load_attributes(options) }.must_raise Inspec::Exceptions::SecretsBackendNotFound18 end19 end20 describe 'when an attr is provided and has no attributes' do21 it 'returns an empty hash' do22 secrets = mock23 secrets.stubs(:attributes).returns(nil)24 options = { attrs: ['empty.yaml'] }25 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('empty.yaml').returns(secrets)26 runner.load_attributes(options).must_equal({})27 end28 end29 describe 'when an attr is provided and has attributes' do30 it 'returns a hash containing the attributes' do31 options = { attrs: ['file1.yaml'] }32 attributes = { foo: 'bar' }33 secrets = mock34 secrets.stubs(:attributes).returns(attributes)35 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('file1.yaml').returns(secrets)36 runner.load_attributes(options).must_equal(attributes)37 end38 end39 describe 'when multiple attrs are provided and one fails' do40 it 'raises an exception' do41 options = { attrs: ['file1.yaml', 'file2.yaml'] }42 secrets = mock43 secrets.stubs(:attributes).returns(nil)44 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('file1.yaml').returns(secrets)45 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('file2.yaml').returns(nil)46 proc { runner.load_attributes(options) }.must_raise Inspec::Exceptions::SecretsBackendNotFound47 end48 end49 describe 'when multiple attrs are provided and one has no attributes' do50 it 'returns a hash containing the attributes from the valid files' do51 options = { attrs: ['file1.yaml', 'file2.yaml'] }52 attributes = { foo: 'bar' }53 secrets1 = mock54 secrets1.stubs(:attributes).returns(nil)55 secrets2 = mock56 secrets2.stubs(:attributes).returns(attributes)57 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('file1.yaml').returns(secrets1)58 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('file2.yaml').returns(secrets2)59 runner.load_attributes(options).must_equal(attributes)60 end61 end62 describe 'when multiple attrs are provided and all have attributes' do63 it 'returns a hash containing all the attributes' do64 options = { attrs: ['file1.yaml', 'file2.yaml'] }65 secrets1 = mock66 secrets1.stubs(:attributes).returns({ key1: 'value1' })67 secrets2 = mock68 secrets2.stubs(:attributes).returns({ key2: 'value2' })69 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('file1.yaml').returns(secrets1)70 Inspec::SecretsBackend.expects(:resolve).with('file2.yaml').returns(secrets2)71 runner.load_attributes(options).must_equal({ key1: 'value1', key2: 'value2' })72 end73 end74 end75end...

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