How to use test_order method of Minitest Package

Best Minitest_ruby code snippet using Minitest.test_order


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...22 # positively need to have ordered tests. In doing so, you're23 # admitting that you suck and your tests are weak.24 def self.i_suck_and_my_tests_are_order_dependent!25 class << self26 undef_method :test_order if method_defined? :test_order27 define_method :test_order do :alpha end28 end29 end30 ##31 # Make diffs for this Test use #pretty_inspect so that diff32 # in assert_equal can have more details. NOTE: this is much slower33 # than the regular inspect but much more usable for complex34 # objects.35 def self.make_my_diffs_pretty!36 require "pp"37 define_method :mu_pp, &:pretty_inspect38 end39 ##40 # Call this at the top of your tests when you want to run your41 # tests in parallel. In doing so, you're admitting that you rule42 # and your tests are awesome.43 def self.parallelize_me!44 include Minitest::Parallel::Test45 extend Minitest::Parallel::Test::ClassMethods46 end47 ##48 # Returns all instance methods starting with "test_". Based on49 # #test_order, the methods are either sorted, randomized50 # (default), or run in parallel.51 def self.runnable_methods52 methods = methods_matching(/^test_/)53 case self.test_order54 when :random, :parallel then55 max = methods.size56 methods.sort.sort_by { rand max }57 when :alpha, :sorted then58 methods.sort59 else60 raise "Unknown test_order: #{self.test_order.inspect}"61 end62 end63 ##64 # Defines the order to run tests (:random by default). Override65 # this or use a convenience method to change it for your tests.66 def self.test_order67 :random68 end69 TEARDOWN_METHODS = %w[ before_teardown teardown after_teardown ] # :nodoc:70 ##71 # Runs a single test with setup/teardown hooks.72 def run73 with_info_handler do74 time_it do75 capture_exceptions do76 before_setup; setup; after_setup77 self.send self.name78 end79 TEARDOWN_METHODS.each do |hook|80 capture_exceptions do...

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1 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)2 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)3 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)4 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)5 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)6 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)7 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)8 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)9 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)10 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)11 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)12 assert_equal(4, @value * 2)13 assert_equal(4

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