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...60 end61 def clean s62 s.gsub(/^ {6,10}/, "")63 end64 def non_verbose65 orig_verbose = $VERBOSE66 $VERBOSE = false67 yield68 ensure69 $VERBOSE = orig_verbose70 end71 def test_assert72 @assertion_count = 273 @tc.assert_equal true, @tc.assert(true), "returns true on success"74 end75 def test_assert__triggered76 assert_triggered "Expected false to be truthy." do77 @tc.assert false78 end79 end80 def test_assert__triggered_message81 assert_triggered @zomg do82 @tc.assert false, @zomg83 end84 end85 def test_assert__triggered_lambda86 assert_triggered "whoops" do87 @tc.assert false, lambda { "whoops" }88 end89 end90 def test_assert_empty91 @assertion_count = 292 @tc.assert_empty []93 end94 def test_assert_empty_triggered95 @assertion_count = 296 assert_triggered "Expected [1] to be empty." do97 @tc.assert_empty [1]98 end99 end100 def test_assert_equal101 @tc.assert_equal 1, 1102 end103 def test_assert_equal_different_collection_array_hex_invisible104 object1 = Object.new105 object2 = Object.new106 msg = "No visible difference in the Array#inspect output.107 You should look at the implementation of #== on Array or its members.108 [#<Object:0xXXXXXX>]".gsub(/^ +/, "")109 assert_triggered msg do110 @tc.assert_equal [object1], [object2]111 end112 end113 def test_assert_equal_different_collection_hash_hex_invisible114 h1, h2 = {}, {}115 h1[1] = Object.new116 h2[1] = Object.new117 msg = "No visible difference in the Hash#inspect output.118 You should look at the implementation of #== on Hash or its members.119 {1=>#<Object:0xXXXXXX>}".gsub(/^ +/, "")120 assert_triggered msg do121 @tc.assert_equal h1, h2122 end123 end124 def test_assert_equal_different_diff_deactivated125 without_diff do126 assert_triggered util_msg("haha" * 10, "blah" * 10) do127 o1 = "haha" * 10128 o2 = "blah" * 10129 @tc.assert_equal o1, o2130 end131 end132 end133 def test_assert_equal_different_message134 assert_triggered "whoops.\nExpected: 1\n Actual: 2" do135 @tc.assert_equal 1, 2, message { "whoops" }136 end137 end138 def test_assert_equal_different_lambda139 assert_triggered "whoops.\nExpected: 1\n Actual: 2" do140 @tc.assert_equal 1, 2, lambda { "whoops" }141 end142 end143 def test_assert_equal_different_hex144 c = do145 def initialize s; @name = s; end146 end147 o1 = "a"148 o2 = "b"149 msg = clean <<-EOS150 --- expected151 +++ actual152 @@ -1 +1 @@153 -#<#<Class:0xXXXXXX>:0xXXXXXX @name=\"a\">154 +#<#<Class:0xXXXXXX>:0xXXXXXX @name=\"b\">155 EOS156 assert_triggered msg do157 @tc.assert_equal o1, o2158 end159 end160 def test_assert_equal_different_hex_invisible161 o1 = Object.new162 o2 = Object.new163 msg = "No visible difference in the Object#inspect output.164 You should look at the implementation of #== on Object or its members.165 #<Object:0xXXXXXX>".gsub(/^ +/, "")166 assert_triggered msg do167 @tc.assert_equal o1, o2168 end169 end170 def test_assert_equal_different_long171 msg = "--- expected172 +++ actual173 @@ -1 +1 @@174 -\"hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha\"175 +\"blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah\"176 ".gsub(/^ +/, "")177 assert_triggered msg do178 o1 = "haha" * 10179 o2 = "blah" * 10180 @tc.assert_equal o1, o2181 end182 end183 def test_assert_equal_different_long_invisible184 msg = "No visible difference in the String#inspect output.185 You should look at the implementation of #== on String or its members.186 \"blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah\"".gsub(/^ +/, "")187 assert_triggered msg do188 o1 = "blah" * 10189 o2 = "blah" * 10190 def o1.== _191 false192 end193 @tc.assert_equal o1, o2194 end195 end196 def test_assert_equal_different_long_msg197 msg = "message.198 --- expected199 +++ actual200 @@ -1 +1 @@201 -\"hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha\"202 +\"blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah\"203 ".gsub(/^ +/, "")204 assert_triggered msg do205 o1 = "haha" * 10206 o2 = "blah" * 10207 @tc.assert_equal o1, o2, "message"208 end209 end210 def test_assert_equal_different_short211 assert_triggered util_msg(1, 2) do212 @tc.assert_equal 1, 2213 end214 end215 def test_assert_equal_different_short_msg216 assert_triggered util_msg(1, 2, "message") do217 @tc.assert_equal 1, 2, "message"218 end219 end220 def test_assert_equal_different_short_multiline221 msg = "--- expected\n+++ actual\n@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@\n \"a\n-b\"\n+c\"\n"222 assert_triggered msg do223 @tc.assert_equal "a\nb", "a\nc"224 end225 end226 def test_assert_equal_does_not_allow_lhs_nil227 if Minitest::VERSION =~ /^6/ then228 warn "Time to strip the MT5 test"229 @assertion_count += 1230 assert_triggered(/Use assert_nil if expecting nil/) do231 @tc.assert_equal nil, nil232 end233 else234 err_re = /Use assert_nil if expecting nil from .*test_minitest_\w+.rb/235 err_re = "" if $-w.nil?236 assert_output "", err_re do237 @tc.assert_equal nil, nil238 end239 end240 end241 def test_assert_equal_does_not_allow_lhs_nil_triggered242 assert_triggered "Expected: nil\n Actual: false" do243 @tc.assert_equal nil, false244 end245 end246 def test_assert_equal_string_bug791247 exp = <<-'EOF'.gsub(/^ {10}/, "") # note single quotes248 --- expected249 +++ actual250 @@ -1,2 +1 @@251 -"\\n252 -"253 +"\\\"254 EOF255 exp = "Expected: \"\\\\n\"\n Actual: \"\\\\\""256 assert_triggered exp do257 @tc.assert_equal "\\n", "\\"258 end259 end260 def test_assert_equal_string_both_escaped_unescaped_newlines261 msg = <<-EOM.gsub(/^ {10}/, "")262 --- expected263 +++ actual264 @@ -1,2 +1 @@265 -\"A\\n266 -B\"267 +\"A\\n\\\\nB\"268 EOM269 assert_triggered msg do270 exp = "A\\nB"271 act = "A\n\\nB"272 @tc.assert_equal exp, act273 end274 end275 def test_assert_equal_string_encodings276 msg = <<-EOM.gsub(/^ {10}/, "")277 --- expected278 +++ actual279 @@ -1,3 +1,3 @@280 -# encoding: UTF-8281 -# valid: false282 +# encoding: ASCII-8BIT283 +# valid: true284 "bad-utf8-\\xF1.txt"285 EOM286 assert_triggered msg do287 x = "bad-utf8-\xF1.txt"288 y = x.dup.force_encoding "binary" # TODO: switch to .b when 1.9 dropped289 @tc.assert_equal x, y290 end291 end unless RUBY18292 def test_assert_equal_string_encodings_both_different293 msg = <<-EOM.gsub(/^ {10}/, "")294 --- expected295 +++ actual296 @@ -1,3 +1,3 @@297 -# encoding: US-ASCII298 -# valid: false299 +# encoding: ASCII-8BIT300 +# valid: true301 "bad-utf8-\\xF1.txt"302 EOM303 assert_triggered msg do304 x = "bad-utf8-\xF1.txt".force_encoding "ASCII"305 y = x.dup.force_encoding "binary" # TODO: switch to .b when 1.9 dropped306 @tc.assert_equal x, y307 end308 end unless RUBY18309 def test_assert_equal_unescape_newlines310 msg = <<-'EOM'.gsub(/^ {10}/, "") # NOTE single quotes on heredoc311 --- expected312 +++ actual313 @@ -1,2 +1,2 @@314 -"hello315 +"hello\n316 world"317 EOM318 assert_triggered msg do319 exp = "hello\nworld"320 act = 'hello\nworld' # notice single quotes321 @tc.assert_equal exp, act322 end323 end324 def test_assert_in_delta325 @tc.assert_in_delta 0.0, 1.0 / 1000, 0.1326 end327 def test_assert_in_delta_triggered328 x = maglev? ? "9.999999xxxe-07" : "1.0e-06"329 assert_triggered "Expected |0.0 - 0.001| (0.001) to be <= #{x}." do330 @tc.assert_in_delta 0.0, 1.0 / 1000, 0.000001331 end332 end333 def test_assert_in_epsilon334 @assertion_count = 10335 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 10_000, 9991336 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 9991, 10_000337 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 1.0, 1.001338 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 1.001, 1.0339 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 10_000, 9999.1, 0.0001340 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 9999.1, 10_000, 0.0001341 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 1.0, 1.0001, 0.0001342 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 1.0001, 1.0, 0.0001343 @tc.assert_in_epsilon(-1, -1)344 @tc.assert_in_epsilon(-10_000, -9991)345 end346 def test_assert_in_epsilon_triggered347 assert_triggered "Expected |10000 - 9990| (10) to be <= 9.99." do348 @tc.assert_in_epsilon 10_000, 9990349 end350 end351 def test_assert_in_epsilon_triggered_negative_case352 x = (RUBY18 and not maglev?) ? "0.1" : "0.100000xxx"353 y = maglev? ? "0.100000xxx" : "0.1"354 assert_triggered "Expected |-1.1 - -1| (#{x}) to be <= #{y}." do355 @tc.assert_in_epsilon(-1.1, -1, 0.1)356 end357 end358 def test_assert_includes359 @assertion_count = 2360 @tc.assert_includes [true], true361 end362 def test_assert_includes_triggered363 @assertion_count = 3364 e = @tc.assert_raises Minitest::Assertion do365 @tc.assert_includes [true], false366 end367 expected = "Expected [true] to include false."368 assert_equal expected, e.message369 end370 def test_assert_instance_of371 @tc.assert_instance_of String, "blah"372 end373 def test_assert_instance_of_triggered374 assert_triggered 'Expected "blah" to be an instance of Array, not String.' do375 @tc.assert_instance_of Array, "blah"376 end377 end378 def test_assert_kind_of379 @tc.assert_kind_of String, "blah"380 end381 def test_assert_kind_of_triggered382 assert_triggered 'Expected "blah" to be a kind of Array, not String.' do383 @tc.assert_kind_of Array, "blah"384 end385 end386 def test_assert_match387 @assertion_count = 2388 @tc.assert_match(/\w+/, "blah blah blah")389 end390 def test_assert_match_matchee_to_str391 @assertion_count = 2392 obj = Object.new393 def obj.to_str; "blah" end394 @tc.assert_match "blah", obj395 end396 def test_assert_match_matcher_object397 @assertion_count = 2398 pattern = Object.new399 def pattern.=~ _; true end400 @tc.assert_match pattern, 5401 end402 def test_assert_match_object_triggered403 @assertion_count = 2404 pattern = Object.new405 def pattern.=~ _; false end406 def pattern.inspect; "[Object]" end407 assert_triggered "Expected [Object] to match 5." do408 @tc.assert_match pattern, 5409 end410 end411 def test_assert_match_triggered412 @assertion_count = 2413 assert_triggered 'Expected /\d+/ to match "blah blah blah".' do414 @tc.assert_match(/\d+/, "blah blah blah")415 end416 end417 def test_assert_nil418 @tc.assert_nil nil419 end420 def test_assert_nil_triggered421 assert_triggered "Expected 42 to be nil." do422 @tc.assert_nil 42423 end424 end425 def test_assert_operator426 @tc.assert_operator 2, :>, 1427 end428 def test_assert_operator_bad_object429 bad = Object.new430 def bad.== _; true end431 @tc.assert_operator bad, :equal?, bad432 end433 def test_assert_operator_triggered434 assert_triggered "Expected 2 to be < 1." do435 @tc.assert_operator 2, :<, 1436 end437 end438 def test_assert_output_both439 @assertion_count = 2440 @tc.assert_output "yay", "blah" do441 print "yay"442 $stderr.print "blah"443 end444 end445 def test_assert_output_both_regexps446 @assertion_count = 4447 @tc.assert_output(/y.y/, /bl.h/) do448 print "yay"449 $stderr.print "blah"450 end451 end452 def test_assert_output_err453 @tc.assert_output nil, "blah" do454 $stderr.print "blah"455 end456 end457 def test_assert_output_neither458 @assertion_count = 0459 @tc.assert_output do460 # do nothing461 end462 end463 def test_assert_output_out464 @tc.assert_output "blah" do465 print "blah"466 end467 end468 def test_assert_output_triggered_both469 assert_triggered util_msg("blah", "blah blah", "In stderr") do470 @tc.assert_output "yay", "blah" do471 print "boo"472 $stderr.print "blah blah"473 end474 end475 end476 def test_assert_output_triggered_err477 assert_triggered util_msg("blah", "blah blah", "In stderr") do478 @tc.assert_output nil, "blah" do479 $stderr.print "blah blah"480 end481 end482 end483 def test_assert_output_triggered_out484 assert_triggered util_msg("blah", "blah blah", "In stdout") do485 @tc.assert_output "blah" do486 print "blah blah"487 end488 end489 end490 def test_assert_output_without_block491 assert_triggered "assert_output requires a block to capture output." do492 @tc.assert_output "blah"493 end494 end495 def test_assert_predicate496 @tc.assert_predicate "", :empty?497 end498 def test_assert_predicate_triggered499 assert_triggered 'Expected "blah" to be empty?.' do500 @tc.assert_predicate "blah", :empty?501 end502 end503 def test_assert_raises504 @tc.assert_raises RuntimeError do505 raise "blah"506 end507 end508 def test_assert_raises_default509 @tc.assert_raises do510 raise StandardError, "blah"511 end512 end513 def test_assert_raises_default_triggered514 e = assert_raises Minitest::Assertion do515 @tc.assert_raises do516 raise SomeError, "blah"517 end518 end519 expected = clean <<-EOM.chomp520 [StandardError] exception expected, not521 Class: <SomeError>522 Message: <\"blah\">523 ---Backtrace---524 FILE:LINE:in \`test_assert_raises_default_triggered\'525 ---------------526 EOM527 actual = e.message.gsub(/^.+:\d+/, "FILE:LINE")528 actual.gsub!(/block \(\d+ levels\) in /, "") if RUBY_VERSION >= "1.9.0"529 assert_equal expected, actual530 end531 def test_assert_raises_exit532 @tc.assert_raises SystemExit do533 exit 1534 end535 end536 def test_assert_raises_module537 @tc.assert_raises MyModule do538 raise AnError539 end540 end541 def test_assert_raises_signals542 @tc.assert_raises SignalException do543 raise SignalException, :INT544 end545 end546 ##547 # *sigh* This is quite an odd scenario, but it is from real (albeit548 # ugly) test code in ruby-core:549 # def test_assert_raises_skip551 @assertion_count = 0552 assert_triggered "skipped", Minitest::Skip do553 @tc.assert_raises ArgumentError do554 begin555 raise "blah"556 rescue557 skip "skipped"558 end559 end560 end561 end562 def test_assert_raises_subclass563 @tc.assert_raises StandardError do564 raise AnError565 end566 end567 def test_assert_raises_subclass_triggered568 e = assert_raises Minitest::Assertion do569 @tc.assert_raises SomeError do570 raise AnError, "some message"571 end572 end573 expected = clean <<-EOM574 [SomeError] exception expected, not575 Class: <AnError>576 Message: <\"some message\">577 ---Backtrace---578 FILE:LINE:in \`test_assert_raises_subclass_triggered\'579 ---------------580 EOM581 actual = e.message.gsub(/^.+:\d+/, "FILE:LINE")582 actual.gsub!(/block \(\d+ levels\) in /, "") if RUBY_VERSION >= "1.9.0"583 assert_equal expected.chomp, actual584 end585 def test_assert_raises_triggered_different586 e = assert_raises Minitest::Assertion do587 @tc.assert_raises RuntimeError do588 raise SyntaxError, "icky"589 end590 end591 expected = clean <<-EOM.chomp592 [RuntimeError] exception expected, not593 Class: <SyntaxError>594 Message: <\"icky\">595 ---Backtrace---596 FILE:LINE:in \`test_assert_raises_triggered_different\'597 ---------------598 EOM599 actual = e.message.gsub(/^.+:\d+/, "FILE:LINE")600 actual.gsub!(/block \(\d+ levels\) in /, "") if RUBY_VERSION >= "1.9.0"601 assert_equal expected, actual602 end603 def test_assert_raises_triggered_different_msg604 e = assert_raises Minitest::Assertion do605 @tc.assert_raises RuntimeError, "XXX" do606 raise SyntaxError, "icky"607 end608 end609 expected = clean <<-EOM610 XXX.611 [RuntimeError] exception expected, not612 Class: <SyntaxError>613 Message: <\"icky\">614 ---Backtrace---615 FILE:LINE:in \`test_assert_raises_triggered_different_msg\'616 ---------------617 EOM618 actual = e.message.gsub(/^.+:\d+/, "FILE:LINE")619 actual.gsub!(/block \(\d+ levels\) in /, "") if RUBY_VERSION >= "1.9.0"620 assert_equal expected.chomp, actual621 end622 def test_assert_raises_triggered_none623 e = assert_raises Minitest::Assertion do624 @tc.assert_raises Minitest::Assertion do625 # do nothing626 end627 end628 expected = "Minitest::Assertion expected but nothing was raised."629 assert_equal expected, e.message630 end631 def test_assert_raises_triggered_none_msg632 e = assert_raises Minitest::Assertion do633 @tc.assert_raises Minitest::Assertion, "XXX" do634 # do nothing635 end636 end637 expected = "XXX.\nMinitest::Assertion expected but nothing was raised."638 assert_equal expected, e.message639 end640 def test_assert_raises_without_block641 assert_triggered "assert_raises requires a block to capture errors." do642 @tc.assert_raises StandardError643 end644 end645 def test_assert_respond_to646 @tc.assert_respond_to "blah", :empty?647 end648 def test_assert_respond_to_triggered649 assert_triggered 'Expected "blah" (String) to respond to #rawr!.' do650 @tc.assert_respond_to "blah", :rawr!651 end652 end653 def test_assert_same654 @assertion_count = 3655 o = "blah"656 @tc.assert_same 1, 1657 @tc.assert_same :blah, :blah658 @tc.assert_same o, o659 end660 def test_assert_same_triggered661 @assertion_count = 2662 assert_triggered "Expected 2 (oid=N) to be the same as 1 (oid=N)." do663 @tc.assert_same 1, 2664 end665 s1 = "blah"666 s2 = "blah"667 assert_triggered 'Expected "blah" (oid=N) to be the same as "blah" (oid=N).' do668 @tc.assert_same s1, s2669 end670 end671 def test_assert_send672 assert_deprecated :assert_send do673 @tc.assert_send [1, :<, 2]674 end675 end676 def test_assert_send_bad677 assert_deprecated :assert_send do678 assert_triggered "Expected 1.>(*[2]) to return true." do679 @tc.assert_send [1, :>, 2]680 end681 end682 end683 def test_assert_silent684 @assertion_count = 2685 @tc.assert_silent do686 # do nothing687 end688 end689 def test_assert_silent_triggered_err690 assert_triggered util_msg("", "blah blah", "In stderr") do691 @tc.assert_silent do692 $stderr.print "blah blah"693 end694 end695 end696 def test_assert_silent_triggered_out697 @assertion_count = 2698 assert_triggered util_msg("", "blah blah", "In stdout") do699 @tc.assert_silent do700 print "blah blah"701 end702 end703 end704 def test_assert_throws705 @tc.assert_throws :blah do706 throw :blah707 end708 end709 def test_assert_throws_argument_exception710 @tc.assert_raises ArgumentError do711 @tc.assert_throws :blah do712 raise ArgumentError713 end714 end715 end716 def test_assert_throws_different717 assert_triggered "Expected :blah to have been thrown, not :not_blah." do718 @tc.assert_throws :blah do719 throw :not_blah720 end721 end722 end723 def test_assert_throws_name_error724 @tc.assert_raises NameError do725 @tc.assert_throws :blah do726 raise NameError727 end728 end729 end730 def test_assert_throws_unthrown731 assert_triggered "Expected :blah to have been thrown." do732 @tc.assert_throws :blah do733 # do nothing734 end735 end736 end737 def test_capture_io738 @assertion_count = 0739 non_verbose do740 out, err = capture_io do741 puts "hi"742 $stderr.puts "bye!"743 end744 assert_equal "hi\n", out745 assert_equal "bye!\n", err746 end747 end748 def test_capture_subprocess_io749 @assertion_count = 0750 non_verbose do751 out, err = capture_subprocess_io do752 system("echo hi")753 system("echo bye! 1>&2")754 end755 assert_equal "hi\n", out756 assert_equal "bye!", err.strip757 end758 end759 def test_class_asserts_match_refutes760 @assertion_count = 0761 methods = Minitest::Assertions.public_instance_methods762!(&:to_s) if Symbol === methods.first763 # These don't have corresponding refutes _on purpose_. They're764 # useless and will never be added, so don't bother....

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1 def self.included(base)2 def self.included(base)3 def self.included(base)4 def self.included(base)5 def self.included(base)

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