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...4describe ParallelTests::CLI do5 subject { }6 describe "#parse_options" do7 let(:defaults){ {:files => ["test"]} }8 def call(*args)9 subject.send(:parse_options!, *args)10 end11 it "fails without file" do12 expect(subject).to receive(:abort).with("Pass files or folders to run")13 call(["-n3"])14 end15 it "cleanups file paths" do16 expect(call(["./test"])).to eq(defaults)17 end18 it "parses execute" do19 expect(call(["--exec", "echo"])).to eq(execute: "echo")20 end21 it "parses excludes pattern" do22 expect(call(["test", "--exclude-pattern", "spec/"])).to eq(defaults.merge(:exclude_pattern => /spec\//))23 end24 it "parses regular count" do25 expect(call(["test", "-n3"])).to eq(defaults.merge(:count => 3))26 end27 it "parses count 0 as non-parallel" do28 expect(call(["test", "-n0"])).to eq(defaults.merge(:non_parallel => true))29 end30 it "parses non-parallel as non-parallel" do31 expect(call(["test", "--non-parallel"])).to eq(defaults.merge(:non_parallel => true))32 end33 it "finds the correct type when multiple are given" do34 call(["test", "--type", "test", "-t", "rspec"])35 expect(subject.instance_variable_get(:@runner)).to eq(ParallelTests::RSpec::Runner)36 end37 it "parses nice as nice" do38 expect(call(["test", "--nice"])).to eq(defaults.merge(:nice => true))39 end40 it "parses --verbose" do41 expect(call(["test", "--verbose"])).to eq(defaults.merge(:verbose => true))42 end43 it "parses --verbose-process-command" do44 expect(call(['test', '--verbose-process-command'])).to eq(45 defaults.merge(verbose_process_command: true)46 )47 end48 it "parses --verbose-rerun-command" do49 expect(call(['test', '--verbose-rerun-command'])).to eq(50 defaults.merge(verbose_rerun_command: true)51 )52 end53 it "parses --quiet" do54 expect(call(["test", "--quiet"])).to eq(defaults.merge(:quiet => true))55 end56 it "fails if both --verbose and --quiet are present" do57 expect { call(["test", "--verbose", "--quiet"]) }.to raise_error(RuntimeError)58 end59 it "parses --suffix" do60 expect(call(["test", "--suffix", "_(test|spec).rb$"])).to eq(defaults.merge(:suffix => /_(test|spec).rb$/))61 end62 it "parses --first-is-1" do63 expect(call(["test", "--first-is-1"])).64 to eq(defaults.merge(:first_is_1 => true))65 end66 context "parse only-group" do67 it "group_by should be set to filesize" do68 expect(call(["test", "--only-group", '1'])).to eq(defaults.merge(only_group: [1], group_by: :filesize))69 end70 it "allows runtime" do71 expect(call(["test", "--only-group", '1', '--group-by', 'runtime'])).to eq(defaults.merge(only_group: [1], group_by: :runtime))72 end73 it "raise error when group_by isn't filesize" do74 expect{75 call(["test", "--only-group", '1', '--group-by', 'steps'])76 }.to raise_error(RuntimeError)77 end78 it "with multiple groups" do79 expect(call(["test", "--only-group", '4,5'])).to eq(defaults.merge(only_group: [4,5], group_by: :filesize))80 end81 it "with a single group" do82 expect(call(["test", "--only-group", '4'])).to eq(defaults.merge(:only_group => [4], group_by: :filesize))83 end84 end85 context "single and isolate" do86 it "single_process should be an array of patterns" do87 expect(call(["test", "--single", '1'])).to eq(defaults.merge(single_process: [/1/]))88 end89 it "single_process should be an array of patterns" do90 expect(call(["test", "--single", '1', "--single", '2'])).to eq(defaults.merge(single_process: [/1/, /2/]))91 end92 it "isolate should set isolate_count defaults" do93 expect(call(["test", "--single", '1', "--isolate"])).to eq(defaults.merge(single_process: [/1/], isolate: true))94 end95 it "isolate_n should set isolate_count and turn on isolate" do96 expect(call(["test", "-n", "3", "--single", '1', "--isolate-n", "2"])).to eq(97 defaults.merge(count: 3, single_process: [/1/], isolate_count: 2)98 )99 end100 end101 context "when the -- option separator is used" do102 it "interprets arguments as files/directories" do103 expect(call(%w(-- test))).to eq( files: %w(test))104 expect(call(%w(-- ./test))).to eq( files: %w(test))105 expect(call(%w(-- test test2))).to eq( files: %w(test test2))106 expect(call(%w(-- --foo test))).to eq( files: %w(--foo test))107 expect(call(%w(-- test --foo test2))).to eq( files: %w(test --foo test2))108 end109 it "corectly handles arguments with spaces" do110 expect(call(['--', 'file name with space'])).to eq( files: ['file name with space'])111 end112 context "when the -o options has also been given" do113 it "merges the options together" do114 expect(call(%w(-o '-f' -- test --foo test2))).to eq( files: %w(test --foo test2), test_options: "'-f'")115 end116 end117 context "when a second -- option separator is used" do118 it "interprets the first set as test_options" do119 expect(call(%w(-- -r foo -- test))).to eq( files: %w(test), test_options: '-r foo')120 expect(call(%w(-- -r foo -- test test2))).to eq( files: %w(test test2), test_options: '-r foo')121 expect(call(%w(-- -r foo -o out.log -- test test2))).to eq( files: %w(test test2), test_options: '-r foo -o out.log')122 end123 context "when existing test_options have previously been given" do124 it "appends the new options" do125 expect(call(%w(-o '-f' -- -r foo.rb -- test))).to eq( files: %w(test), test_options: "'-f' -r foo.rb")126 end127 it "corectly handles argument values with spaces" do128 argv = ["-o 'path with spaces1'", '--', '--out', 'path with spaces2', '--', 'foo']129 expected_test_options = "'path with spaces1' --out path\\ with\\ spaces2"130 expect(call(argv)).to eq( files: %w(foo), test_options: expected_test_options)131 end132 end133 end134 end135 end136 describe "#load_runner" do137 it "requires and loads default runner" do138 expect(subject).to receive(:require).with("parallel_tests/test/runner")139 expect(subject.send(:load_runner, "test")).to eq(ParallelTests::Test::Runner)140 end141 it "requires and loads rspec runner" do142 expect(subject).to receive(:require).with("parallel_tests/rspec/runner")143 expect(subject.send(:load_runner, "rspec")).to eq(ParallelTests::RSpec::Runner)144 end145 it "requires and loads runner with underscores" do146 expect(subject).to receive(:require).with("parallel_tests/my_test_runner/runner")147 expect(subject.send(:load_runner, "my_test_runner")).to eq(ParallelTests::MyTestRunner::Runner)148 end149 it "fails to load unfindable runner" do150 expect{151 expect(subject.send(:load_runner, "foo")).to eq(ParallelTests::RSpec::Runner)152 }.to raise_error(LoadError)153 end154 end155 describe ".report_failure_rerun_commmand" do156 let(:single_failed_command) { [{exit_status: 1, command: 'foo', seed: nil, output: 'blah'}] }157 it "prints nothing if there are no failures" do158 expect($stdout).not_to receive(:puts)159 subject.send(:report_failure_rerun_commmand,160 [161 {exit_status: 0, command: 'foo', seed: nil, output: 'blah'}162 ],163 {verbose: true}164 )165 end166 def self.it_prints_nothing_about_rerun_commands(options)167 it 'prints nothing about rerun commands' do168 expect {169 subject.send(:report_failure_rerun_commmand, single_failed_command, options)170 }.to_not output(/Use the following command to run the group again/).to_stdout171 end172 end173 describe "failure" do174 context 'without options' do175 it_prints_nothing_about_rerun_commands({})176 end177 context 'with verbose disabled' do178 it_prints_nothing_about_rerun_commands(verbose: false)179 end180 context "with verbose rerun" do181 it "prints command if there is a failure" do182 expect {183 subject.send(:report_failure_rerun_commmand, single_failed_command, verbose_rerun_command: true)184 }.to output("\n\nTests have failed for a parallel_test group. Use the following command to run the group again:\n\nfoo\n").to_stdout185 end186 end187 context 'with verbose' do188 it "prints a message and the command if there is a failure" do189 expect {190 subject.send(:report_failure_rerun_commmand, single_failed_command, verbose: true)191 }.to output("\n\nTests have failed for a parallel_test group. Use the following command to run the group again:\n\nfoo\n").to_stdout192 end193 it "prints multiple commands if there are multiple failures" do194 expect {195 subject.send(:report_failure_rerun_commmand,196 [197 {exit_status: 1, command: 'foo', seed: nil, output: 'blah'},198 {exit_status: 1, command: 'bar', seed: nil, output: 'blah'},199 {exit_status: 1, command: 'baz', seed: nil, output: 'blah'},200 ],201 {verbose: true}202 )203 }.to output(/foo\nbar\nbaz/).to_stdout204 end205 it "only includes failures" do206 expect {207 subject.send(:report_failure_rerun_commmand,208 [209 {exit_status: 1, command: 'foo --color', seed: nil, output: 'blah'},210 {exit_status: 0, command: 'bar', seed: nil, output: 'blah'},211 {exit_status: 1, command: 'baz', seed: nil, output: 'blah'},212 ],213 {verbose: true}214 )215 }.to output(/foo --color\nbaz/).to_stdout216 end217 it "prints the command with the seed added by the runner" do218 command = 'rspec --color spec/foo_spec.rb'219 seed = 555220 subject.instance_variable_set(:@runner, ParallelTests::Test::Runner)221 expect(ParallelTests::Test::Runner).to receive(:command_with_seed).with(command, seed).222 and_return("my seeded command result --seed #{seed}")223 single_failed_command[0].merge!(seed: seed, command: command)224 expect {225 subject.send(:report_failure_rerun_commmand, single_failed_command, verbose: true)226 }.to output(/my seeded command result --seed 555/).to_stdout227 end228 end229 end230 end231 describe "#final_fail_message" do232 before do233 subject.instance_variable_set(:@runner, ParallelTests::Test::Runner)234 end235 it 'returns a plain fail message if colors are nor supported' do236 expect(subject).to receive(:use_colors?).and_return(false)237 expect(subject.send(:final_fail_message)).to eq("Tests Failed")238 end239 it 'returns a colorized fail message if colors are supported' do240 expect(subject).to receive(:use_colors?).and_return(true)241 expect(subject.send(:final_fail_message)).to eq("\e[31mTests Failed\e[0m")242 end243 end244 describe "#run_tests_in_parallel" do245 context "specific groups to run" do246 let(:results){ {:stdout => "", :exit_status => 0} }247 let(:common_options) {248 { files: ["test"], group_by: :filesize, first_is_1: false }249 }250 before do251 allow(subject).to receive(:puts)252 expect(subject).to receive(:load_runner).with("my_test_runner").and_return(ParallelTests::MyTestRunner::Runner)253 allow(ParallelTests::MyTestRunner::Runner).to receive(:test_file_name).and_return("test")254 expect(ParallelTests::MyTestRunner::Runner).to receive(:tests_in_groups).and_return([255 ['aaa','bbb'],256 ['ccc', 'ddd'],257 ['eee', 'fff']258 ])259 expect(subject).to receive(:report_results).and_return(nil)260 end261 it "calls run_tests once when one group specified" do262 expect(subject).to receive(:run_tests).once.and_return(results)263['test', '-n', '3', '--only-group', '1', '-t', 'my_test_runner'])264 end265 it "calls run_tests twice when two groups are specified" do266 expect(subject).to receive(:run_tests).twice.and_return(results)267['test', '-n', '3', '--only-group', '1,2', '-t', 'my_test_runner'])268 end269 it "run only one group specified" do270 options = common_options.merge(count: 3, only_group: [2])271 expect(subject).to receive(:run_tests).once.with(['ccc', 'ddd'], 0, 1, options).and_return(results)272['test', '-n', '3', '--only-group', '2', '-t', 'my_test_runner'])273 end274 it "run last group when passing a group that is not filled" do275 count = 3276 options = common_options.merge(count: count, only_group: [count])277 expect(subject).to receive(:run_tests).once.with(['eee', 'fff'], 0, 1, options).and_return(results)278['test', '-n', count.to_s, '--only-group', count.to_s, '-t', 'my_test_runner'])279 end280 it "run twice with multiple groups" do281 skip "fails on jruby" if RUBY_PLATFORM == "java"282 options = common_options.merge(count: 3, only_group: [2,3])283 expect(subject).to receive(:run_tests).once.with(['ccc', 'ddd'], 0, 1, options).and_return(results)284 expect(subject).to receive(:run_tests).once.with(['eee', 'fff'], 1, 1, options).and_return(results)285['test', '-n', '3', '--only-group', '2,3', '-t', 'my_test_runner'])286 end287 end288 end289 describe "#display_duration" do290 def call(*args)291 subject.send(:detailed_duration, *args)292 end293 it "displays for durations near one minute" do294 expect(call(59)).to eq(nil)295 expect(call(60)).to eq(" (1:00)")296 expect(call(61)).to eq(" (1:01)")297 end298 it "displays for durations near one hour" do299 expect(call(3599)).to eq(" (59:59)")300 expect(call(3600)).to eq(" (1:00:00)")301 expect(call(3601)).to eq(" (1:00:01)")302 end303 it "displays the correct string for miscellaneous durations" do304 expect(call(9296)).to eq(" (2:34:56)")305 expect(call(45296)).to eq(" (12:34:56)")306 expect(call(2756601)).to eq(" (765:43:21)") # hours into three digits? Buy more CI hardware...307 expect(call(0)).to eq(nil)308 end309 end310end311module ParallelTests312 module MyTestRunner313 class Runner314 end315 end316end...

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