How to use reset method of RR.Injections Package

Best Rr_ruby code snippet using RR.Injections.reset


Source:rr_methods_space_spec.rb Github


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...18 describe "#rr_verify" do19 it "verifies and deletes the double_injections" do20 double_1 = ::RR::Injections::DoubleInjection.find_or_create_by_subject(subject_1, method_name)21 double_1_verify_calls = 022 double_1_reset_calls = 023 (24 class << double_1;25 self;26 end).class_eval do27 define_method(:verify) do ||28 double_1_verify_calls += 129 end30 define_method(:reset) do ||31 double_1_reset_calls += 132 end33 end34 double_2 = ::RR::Injections::DoubleInjection.find_or_create_by_subject(subject_2, method_name)35 double_2_verify_calls = 036 double_2_reset_calls = 037 ( class << double_2; self; end).class_eval do38 define_method(:verify) do ||39 double_2_verify_calls += 140 end41 define_method(:reset) do ||42 double_2_reset_calls += 143 end44 end45 rr_verify46 double_1_verify_calls.should == 147 double_2_verify_calls.should == 148 double_1_reset_calls.should == 149 double_1_reset_calls.should == 150 end51 end52 describe "#reset" do53 it "aliases #rr_reset" do54 RRMethods.instance_method("reset").should == RRMethods.instance_method("rr_reset")55 end56 end57 describe "#rr_reset" do58 it "removes the ordered doubles" do59 mock(subject_1).foobar1.ordered60 mock(subject_2).foobar2.ordered61 ::RR::Injections::DoubleInjection.instances.should_not be_empty62 rr_reset63 ::RR::Injections::DoubleInjection.instances64 ::RR::Injections::DoubleInjection.instances.should be_empty65 end66 it "resets all double_injections" do67 double_1 = ::RR::Injections::DoubleInjection.find_or_create_by_subject(subject_1, method_name)68 double_1_reset_calls = 069 ( class << double_1; self; end).class_eval do70 define_method(:reset) do ||71 double_1_reset_calls += 172 end73 end74 double_2 = ::RR::Injections::DoubleInjection.find_or_create_by_subject(subject_2, method_name)75 double_2_reset_calls = 076 ( class << double_2; self; end).class_eval do77 define_method(:reset) do ||78 double_2_reset_calls += 179 end80 end81 rr_reset82 double_1_reset_calls.should == 183 double_2_reset_calls.should == 184 end85 end86 end87 end88end...

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