How to use flamegraph method of FactoryProf Package

Best Test-prof_ruby code snippet using FactoryProf.flamegraph


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1# frozen_string_literal: true2require "test_prof/factory_prof/printers/simple"3require "test_prof/factory_prof/printers/flamegraph"4require "test_prof/factory_prof/factory_builders/factory_bot"5require "test_prof/factory_prof/factory_builders/fabrication"6module TestProf7 # FactoryProf collects "factory stacks" that can be used to build8 # flamegraphs or detect most popular factories9 module FactoryProf10 FACTORY_BUILDERS = [FactoryBuilders::FactoryBot,11 FactoryBuilders::Fabrication].freeze12 # FactoryProf configuration13 class Configuration14 attr_accessor :mode15 def initialize16 @mode = ENV["FPROF"] == "flamegraph" ? :flamegraph : :simple17 end18 # Whether we want to generate flamegraphs19 def flamegraph?20 @mode == :flamegraph21 end22 end23 class Result # :nodoc:24 attr_reader :stacks, :raw_stats25 def initialize(stacks, raw_stats)26 @stacks = stacks27 @raw_stats = raw_stats28 end29 # Returns sorted stats30 def stats31 @stats ||= @raw_stats.values32 .sort_by { |el| -el[:total_count] }33 end34 def total_count35 @total_count ||= @raw_stats.values.sum { |v| v[:total_count] }36 end37 def total_time38 @total_time ||= @raw_stats.values.sum { |v| v[:total_time] }39 end40 private41 def sorted_stats(key)42 @raw_stats.values43 .map { |el| [el[:name], el[key]] }44 .sort_by { |el| -el[1] }45 end46 end47 class << self48 include TestProf::Logging49 def config50 @config ||= Configuration.new51 end52 def configure53 yield config54 end55 # Patch factory lib, init vars56 def init57 @running = false58 log :info, "FactoryProf enabled (#{config.mode} mode)"59 FACTORY_BUILDERS.each(&:patch)60 end61 # Inits FactoryProf and setups at exit hook,62 # then runs63 def run64 init65 printer = config.flamegraph? ? Printers::Flamegraph : Printers::Simple66 at_exit { printer.dump(result) }67 start68 end69 def start70 reset!71 @running = true72 end73 def stop74 @running = false75 end76 def result77, @stats)78 end79 def track(factory)80 return yield unless running?81 @depth += 182 @current_stack << factory if config.flamegraph?83 @stats[factory][:total_count] += 184 @stats[factory][:top_level_count] += 1 if @depth == 185 t1 = TestProf.now86 begin87 yield88 ensure89 t2 = TestProf.now90 elapsed = t2 - t191 @stats[factory][:total_time] += elapsed92 @stats[factory][:top_level_time] += elapsed if @depth == 193 @depth -= 194 flush_stack if end96 end97 private98 def reset!99 @stacks = [] if config.flamegraph?100 @depth = 0101 @stats = do |h, k|102 h[k] = {103 name: k,104 total_count: 0,105 top_level_count: 0,106 total_time: 0.0,107 top_level_time: 0.0108 }109 end110 flush_stack111 end112 def flush_stack113 return unless config.flamegraph?114 @stacks << @current_stack unless @current_stack.nil? || @current_stack.empty?115 @current_stack = []116 end117 def running?118 @running == true119 end120 end121 end122end123TestProf.activate("FPROF") do124 TestProf::FactoryProf.run125end...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1 User.create(name: 'John', age: 30)2 User.create(name: 'John', age: 30)3 User.create(name: 'John', age: 30)4 User.create(name: 'John', age: 30)5 User.create(name: 'John', age: 30)6 User.create(name: 'John', age: 30)7 User.create(name: 'John', age: 30)

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