How to use test_prof_exclusions_enabled method of RubyProf Package

Best Test-prof_ruby code snippet using RubyProf.test_prof_exclusions_enabled


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...42 }.freeze43 LOGFILE_PREFIX = "ruby-prof-report"44 attr_accessor :printer, :mode, :min_percent,45 :include_threads, :exclude_common_methods,46 :test_prof_exclusions_enabled,47 :custom_exclusions48 def initialize49 @printer = ENV["TEST_RUBY_PROF"].to_sym if PRINTERS.key?(ENV["TEST_RUBY_PROF"])50 @printer ||= ENV.fetch("TEST_RUBY_PROF_PRINTER", :flat).to_sym51 @mode = ENV.fetch("TEST_RUBY_PROF_MODE", :wall).to_sym52 @min_percent = 153 @include_threads = false54 @exclude_common_methods = true55 @test_prof_exclusions_enabled = true56 @custom_exclusions = {}57 end58 def include_threads?59 include_threads == true60 end61 def exclude_common_methods?62 exclude_common_methods == true63 end64 def test_prof_exclusions_enabled?65 @test_prof_exclusions_enabled == true66 end67 # Returns an array of printer type (ID) and class.68 def resolve_printer69 return ["custom", printer] if printer.is_a?(Module)70 type = printer.to_s71 raise ArgumentError, "Unknown printer: #{type}" unless72 PRINTERS.key?(type)73 [type, ::RubyProf.const_get(PRINTERS[type])]74 end75 end76 # Wrapper over RubyProf profiler and printer77 class Report78 include TestProf::Logging79 def initialize(profiler)80 @profiler = profiler81 end82 # Stop profiling and generate the report83 # using provided name.84 def dump(name)85 result = @profiler.stop86 printer_type, printer_class = config.resolve_printer87 if %w[call_tree multi].include?(printer_type)88 path = TestProf.create_artifact_dir89 path: path,91 profile: "#{RubyProf::Configuration::LOGFILE_PREFIX}-#{printer_type}-" \92 "#{config.mode}-#{name}",93 min_percent: config.min_percent94 )95 else96 path = build_path name, printer_type97, "w") do |f|98, min_percent: config.min_percent)99 end100 end101 log :info, "RubyProf report generated: #{path}"102 end103 private104 def build_path(name, printer)105 TestProf.artifact_path(106 "#{RubyProf::Configuration::LOGFILE_PREFIX}-#{printer}-#{config.mode}-#{name}" \107 ".#{RubyProf::Configuration::PRINTER_EXTENSTION.fetch(printer, "txt")}"108 )109 end110 def config111 RubyProf.config112 end113 end114 class << self115 include Logging116 def config117 @config ||= Configuration.new118 end119 def configure120 yield config121 end122 # Run RubyProf and automatically dump123 # a report when the process exits.124 #125 # Use this method to profile the whole run.126 def run127 report = profile128 return unless report129 @locked = true130 log :info, "RubyProf enabled globally"131 at_exit { report.dump("total") }132 end133 def profile134 if locked?135 log :warn, <<~MSG136 RubyProf is activated globally, you cannot generate per-example report.137 Make sure you haven's set the TEST_RUBY_PROF environmental variable.138 MSG139 return140 end141 return unless init_ruby_prof142 options = {143 merge_fibers: true144 }145 options[:include_threads] = [Thread.current] unless146 config.include_threads?147 profiler = profiler.exclude_common_methods! if config.exclude_common_methods?149 if config.test_prof_exclusions_enabled?150 # custom test-prof exclusions151 exclude_rspec_methods(profiler)152 # custom global exclusions153 exclude_common_methods(profiler)154 end155 config.custom_exclusions.each do |klass, mids|156 profiler.exclude_methods! klass, *mids157 end158 profiler.start159 end161 private162 def locked?163 @locked == true...

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