How to use create method of Drivers Package

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...7import java.util.Iterator;8import java.util.Set;9import com.mockrunner.base.NestedApplicationException;10/**11 * Used to create all types of JDBC mock objects. 12 * Maintains the necessary dependencies between the mock objects.13 * If you use the mock objects returned by this14 * factory in your tests you can be sure that they are all15 * up to date.16 * Please note, that this class removes all drivers17 * from the JDBC <code>DriverManager</code> and registers18 * the {@link MockDriver}. All drivers are preserved and19 * can be restored with {@link #restoreDrivers}.20 */21public class JDBCMockObjectFactory22{23 private MockDataSource dataSource;24 private MockDriver driver;25 private MockConnection connection;26 private Set preservedDrivers;27 28 /**29 * Creates a new set of mock objects.30 */31 public JDBCMockObjectFactory()32 {33 dataSource = createMockDataSource();34 driver = createMockDriver();35 connection = createMockConnection();36 preservedDrivers = new HashSet();37 setUpDependencies();38 }39 private void setUpDependencies()40 {41 dataSource.setupConnection(connection);42 driver.setupConnection(connection);43 registerMockDriver();44 }45 private void deregisterDrivers()46 {47 try48 {49 Enumeration drivers = DriverManager.getDrivers();50 while(drivers.hasMoreElements())51 {52 DriverManager.deregisterDriver((Driver)drivers.nextElement());53 }54 }55 catch(SQLException exc)56 {57 throw new NestedApplicationException(exc);58 }59 }60 61 private void deregisterMockDrivers()62 {63 try64 {65 Enumeration drivers = DriverManager.getDrivers();66 while(drivers.hasMoreElements())67 {68 Driver currentDriver = (Driver)drivers.nextElement();69 if(currentDriver instanceof MockDriver)70 {71 DriverManager.deregisterDriver(currentDriver);72 }73 }74 }75 catch(SQLException exc)76 {77 throw new NestedApplicationException(exc);78 }79 }80 81 private void preserveDrivers()82 {83 Enumeration drivers = DriverManager.getDrivers();84 while(drivers.hasMoreElements())85 {86 Driver currentDriver = (Driver)drivers.nextElement();87 if(!(currentDriver instanceof MockDriver))88 {89 preservedDrivers.add(currentDriver);90 }91 }92 }93 94 /**95 * Removes all JDBC drivers from the <code>DriveManager</code> and96 * registers the mock driver. The removed drivers are preserved and97 * can be restored with {@link #restoreDrivers}.98 */99 public void registerMockDriver()100 {101 try102 {103 preserveDrivers();104 deregisterDrivers();105 DriverManager.registerDriver(driver);106 }107 catch(SQLException exc)108 {109 throw new NestedApplicationException(exc);110 }111 }112 113 /**114 * Since <code>JDBCMockObjectFactory</code> removes all the115 * drivers from the <code>DriveManager</code> (so the116 * {@link MockDriver} is guaranteed to be the only one)117 * you can use this method to restore the original drivers.118 * Automatically called by {@link com.mockrunner.base.BaseTestCase#tearDown}.119 */120 public void restoreDrivers()121 {122 deregisterMockDrivers();123 try124 {125 Iterator drivers = preservedDrivers.iterator();126 while(drivers.hasNext())127 {128 DriverManager.registerDriver((Driver);129 }130 }131 catch(SQLException exc)132 {133 throw new NestedApplicationException(exc);134 }135 preservedDrivers.clear();136 }137 138 /**139 * Creates the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockConnection} using <code>new</code>.140 * This method can be overridden to return a subclass of {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockConnection}.141 * @return the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockConnection}142 */143 public MockConnection createMockConnection()144 {145 return new MockConnection();146 }147 /**148 * Creates the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDriver} using <code>new</code>.149 * This method can be overridden to return a subclass of {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDriver}.150 * @return the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDriver}151 */152 public MockDriver createMockDriver()153 {154 return new MockDriver();155 }156 /**157 * Creates the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDataSource} using <code>new</code>.158 * This method can be overridden to return a subclass of {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDataSource}.159 * @return the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDataSource}160 */161 public MockDataSource createMockDataSource()162 {163 return new MockDataSource();164 }165 /**166 * Returns the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDataSource}.167 * @return the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDataSource}168 */169 public MockDataSource getMockDataSource()170 {171 return dataSource;172 }173 174 /**175 * Returns the {@link com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDriver}....

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...121 }122 123 public static class TestJDBCMockObjectFactory extends JDBCMockObjectFactory124 {125 public MockConnection createMockConnection()126 {127 return new MockConnection() {};128 }129 public MockDataSource createMockDataSource()130 {131 return new MockDataSource() {};132 }133 public MockDriver createMockDriver()134 {135 return new MockDriver() {};136 }137 }138}...

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