How to use invoke_hook method of ClassMethods Package

Best Vcr_ruby code snippet using ClassMethods.invoke_hook


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...45 also_change.each { |r| r.activate }46 return if active?47 meth = at_top ? :unshift : :push48 (app.routes[verb] ||= []).send(meth, self)49 invoke_hook :route_added, verb, path, block50 invoke_hook :advanced_route_activated, self51 self52 end53 def deactivate54 also_change.each { |r| r.deactivate }55 return unless active?56 (app.routes[verb] ||= []).delete(signature)57 invoke_hook :route_removed, verb, path, block58 invoke_hook :advanced_route_deactivated, self59 self60 end61 def promote(upwards = true)62 also_change.each { |r| r.promote(upwards) }63 deactivate64 activate(upwards)65 end66 def file?67 !!@file68 end69 def inspect70 "#<Sinatra::AdvancedRoutes::Route #{ivar_inspect.join ", "}>"71 end72 def to_route(verb, args = {})73 args = args.dup74 [:app, :verb, :file, :line, :path].each { |key| args[key] ||= send(key) }75 super(verb, args)76 end77 def also_change(*other_routes)78 (@also_change ||= []).push(*other_routes)79 end80 private81 def ivar_inspect82 [:signature, :verb, :app, :file, :line].map do |var|83 value = send(var)84 "@#{var}=#{value.inspect}" unless value.nil?85 end.compact86 end87 def invoke_hook(*args)88 app.send(:invoke_hook, *args)89 end90 end91 module ClassMethods92 def get(path, opts={}, &block)93 first_route, *other_routes = capture_routes { super }94 first_route.also_change(*other_routes)95 first_route96 end97 def route(verb, path, options={}, &block)98 file, line = block.source_location if block.respond_to? :source_location99 file ||= caller_files.first100 file &&= file.expand_path101 route = super(verb, path, options, &block)102 route.to_route! verb, :app => self, :file => file, :line => line, :path => path103 invoke_hook :advanced_route_added, route104 @capture_routes << route if @capture_routes105 route106 end107 def each_route(&block)108 return enum_for(:each_route) if respond_to? :enum_for and not block109 routes.inject([]) { |result, (verb, list)| result.push *list.each(&block) }110 end111 private112 def capture_routes113 capture_routes_was, @capture_routes = @capture_routes, []114 yield115 captured, @capture_routes = @capture_routes, capture_routes_was116 captured117 end118 end119 def self.registered(klass)120 klass.extend ClassMethods121 klass.routes.each do |verb, routes|122 routes.each do |route|123 route.to_route! verb, :app => klass124 klass.send :invoke_hook, :advanced_root_added, route125 end126 end127 end128 end129 register AdvancedRoutes130end...

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