How to use turned_off method of Middleware Package

Best Vcr_ruby code snippet using Middleware.turned_off


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...217 # @raise (see #turn_off!)218 # @see #turn_off!219 # @see #turn_on!220 # @see #turned_on?221 def turned_off(options = {})222 turn_off!(options)223 begin224 yield225 ensure226 turn_on!227 end228 end229 # Turns VCR off, so that it no longer handles every HTTP request.230 #231 # @param options [Hash] hash of options232 # @option options :ignore_cassettes [Boolean] controls what happens when a cassette is233 # inserted while VCR is turned off. If `true` is passed, the cassette insertion234 # will be ignored; otherwise a {VCR::Errors::TurnedOffError} will be raised.235 #236 # @return [void]237 # @raise [VCR::Errors::CassetteInUseError] if there is currently a cassette in use238 # @raise [ArgumentError] if you pass an invalid option239 def turn_off!(options = {})240 if VCR.current_cassette241 raise CassetteInUseError, "A VCR cassette is currently in use (#{}). " +242 "You must eject it before you can turn VCR off."243 end244 set_context_value(:ignore_cassettes, options.fetch(:ignore_cassettes, false))245 invalid_options = options.keys - [:ignore_cassettes]246 if invalid_options.any?247 raise"You passed some invalid options: #{invalid_options.inspect}")248 end249 set_context_value(:turned_off, true)250 end251 # Turns on VCR, if it has previously been turned off.252 # @return [void]253 # @see #turn_off!254 # @see #turned_off255 # @see #turned_on?256 def turn_on!257 set_context_value(:turned_off, false)258 end259 # @return whether or not VCR is turned on260 # @note Normally VCR is _always_ turned on; it will only be off if you have261 # explicitly turned it off.262 # @see #turn_on!263 # @see #turn_off!264 # @see #turned_off265 def turned_on?266 !context_value(:turned_off)267 end268 # @private269 def http_interactions270 return current_cassette.http_interactions if current_cassette271 VCR::Cassette::HTTPInteractionList::NullList272 end273 # @private274 def real_http_connections_allowed?275 return current_cassette.recording? if current_cassette276 !!(configuration.allow_http_connections_when_no_cassette? || !turned_on?)277 end278 # @return [RequestMatcherRegistry] the request matcher registry279 def request_matchers280 @request_matchers281 end282 # @return [Enumerable] list of all cassettes currently being used283 def cassettes(context = current_context)284 linked_context = context[:linked_context]285 linked_cassettes = cassettes(linked_context) if linked_context286 LinkedCassette.list(context[:cassettes], Array(linked_cassettes))287 end288 # @private289 def request_ignorer290 @request_ignorer291 end292 # @private293 def library_hooks294 @library_hooks295 end296 # @private297 def cassette_serializers298 @cassette_serializers299 end300 # @private301 def cassette_persisters302 @cassette_persisters303 end304 # @private305 def record_http_interaction(interaction)306 return unless cassette = current_cassette307 return if VCR.request_ignorer.ignore?(interaction.request)308 cassette.record_http_interaction(interaction)309 end310 # @private311 def link_context(from_thread, to_key)312 @context[to_key] = get_context(from_thread)313 end314 # @private315 def unlink_context(key)316 @context.delete(key)317 end318 # @private319 def fibers_available?320 @fibers_available321 end322private323 def current_context324 get_context(Thread.current, Fiber.current)325 end326 def get_context(thread_key, fiber_key = nil)327 context = @context[fiber_key] if fiber_key328 context ||= @context[thread_key]329 if context330 context331 else332 @context[thread_key] = dup_context(@context[MainThread])333 end334 end335 def context_value(name)336 current_context[name]337 end338 def set_context_value(name, value)339 current_context[name] = value340 end341 def dup_context(context)342 {343 :turned_off => context[:turned_off],344 :ignore_cassettes => context[:ignore_cassettes],345 :cassettes => [],346 :linked_context => context347 }348 end349 def ignore_cassettes?350 context_value(:ignore_cassettes)351 end352 def context_cassettes353 context_value(:cassettes)354 end355 def initialize_fibers356 begin357 require 'fiber'358 @fibers_available = true359 rescue LoadError360 @fibers_available = false361 end362 end363 def initialize_ivars364 initialize_fibers365 @context = {366 MainThread => {367 :turned_off => false,368 :ignore_cassettes => false,369 :cassettes => [],370 :linked_context => nil371 }372 }373 @configuration = Configuration.new374 @request_matchers = RequestMatcherRegistry.new375 @request_ignorer = RequestIgnorer.new376 @library_hooks = LibraryHooks.new377 @cassette_serializers = Cassette::Serializers.new378 @cassette_persisters = Cassette::Persisters.new379 end380 initialize_ivars # to avoid warnings381end...

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