How to use readpartial method of HTTP Package

Best Webmock_ruby code snippet using HTTP.readpartial


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2RSpec.describe HTTP::Response::Body do3 let(:connection) { double(:sequence_id => 0) }4 let(:chunks) { ["Hello, "),"World!")] }5 before do6 allow(connection).to receive(:readpartial) { chunks.shift }7 allow(connection).to receive(:body_completed?) { chunks.empty? }8 end9 subject(:body) {, :encoding => Encoding::UTF_8) }10 it "streams bodies from responses" do11 expect(subject.to_s).to eq("Hello, World!")12 end13 context "when body empty" do14 let(:chunks) { ["")] }15 it "returns responds to empty? with true" do16 expect(subject).to be_empty17 end18 end19 describe "#readpartial" do20 context "with size given" do21 it "passes value to underlying connection" do22 expect(connection).to receive(:readpartial).with(42)23 body.readpartial 4224 end25 end26 context "without size given" do27 it "does not blows up" do28 expect { body.readpartial }.to_not raise_error29 end30 it "calls underlying connection readpartial without specific size" do31 expect(connection).to receive(:readpartial).with no_args32 body.readpartial33 end34 end35 it "returns content in specified encoding" do36 body = expect(connection).to receive(:readpartial).38 and_return("content").force_encoding(Encoding::UTF_8))39 expect(body.readpartial.encoding).to eq Encoding::BINARY40 body =, :encoding => Encoding::UTF_8)41 expect(connection).to receive(:readpartial).42 and_return("content").force_encoding(Encoding::BINARY))43 expect(body.readpartial.encoding).to eq Encoding::UTF_844 end45 end46 context "when body is gzipped" do47 let(:chunks) do48 body = Zlib::Deflate.deflate("Hi, HTTP here ☺")49 len = body.length50 [[0, len / 2]),[(len / 2)..-1])]51 end52 subject(:body) do53 inflater =, :encoding => Encoding::UTF_8)55 end56 it "decodes body" do57 expect(subject.to_s).to eq("Hi, HTTP here ☺")58 end59 describe "#readpartial" do60 it "streams decoded body" do61 [62 "Hi, HTTP ",63 "here ☺",64 nil65 ].each do |part|66 expect(subject.readpartial).to eq(part)67 end68 end69 end70 end71end...

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...13 let(:connection) {, opts) }14 describe "#read_headers!" do15 before do16 connection.instance_variable_set(:@pending_response, true)17 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) do18 <<-RESPONSE.gsub(/^\s*\| */, "").gsub(/\n/, "\r\n")19 | HTTP/1.1 200 OK20 | Content-Type: text21 |22 RESPONSE23 end24 end25 it "reads data in parts" do26 connection.read_headers!27 expect(connection.headers).to eq("Content-Type" => "text")28 end29 end30 describe "#readpartial" do31 before do32 connection.instance_variable_set(:@pending_response, true)33 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) do34 <<-RESPONSE.gsub(/^\s*\| */, "").gsub(/\n/, "\r\n")35 | HTTP/1.1 200 OK36 | Content-Type: text37 |38 RESPONSE39 end40 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) { "1" }41 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) { "23" }42 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) { "456" }43 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) { "78" }44 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) { "9" }45 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) { "0" }46 expect(socket).to receive(:readpartial) { :eof }47 expect(socket).to receive(:closed?) { true }48 end49 it "reads data in parts" do50 connection.read_headers!51 buffer = String.new52 while (s = connection.readpartial(3))53 buffer << s54 end55 expect(buffer).to eq "1234567890"56 end57 end58end...

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