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1package net.serenitybdd.cucumber.suiteslicing;
3import net.thucydides.core.annotations.Narrative;
4import net.thucydides.core.guice.Injectors;
5import net.thucydides.core.util.EnvironmentVariables;
7import org.junit.Before;
8import org.junit.Test;
13@Narrative(text = "There are no assertions in this test, but this is a useful tool for generating a visualisation of how a specific test slicing "
14                  + "configuration will be executed as part of a running test. The test methods below allow a number of parameters to be input and when the test is run"
15                  + "a json file will be produced into the serenity output directory that shows how the tests have been sliced."
16                  + "Note that test slicing will always be 100% deterministic given the same set of inputs "
17                  + "which makes this mechanism an excellent choice for running on grid of multiple servers, each running a mutually exclusive slice."
18                  + "Variables that can be input here include feature root, number of slices, number of forks and test statistics (line count based or actual run data)")
19public class CucumberSliceVisualiserTest {
21    private TestStatistics HISTORIC_RUN_STATISTICS;
22    private TestStatistics LINE_COUNT_STATISTICS;
23    private EnvironmentVariables environmentVariables;
24    private CucumberScenarioVisualiser cucumberScenarioVisualiser;
25    private static final String FEATURE_ROOT = "classpath:smoketests";
28    @Before
29    public void setUp() throws Exception{
30        HISTORIC_RUN_STATISTICS = MultiRunTestStatistics.fromRelativePath("/statistics");
31        LINE_COUNT_STATISTICS = ScenarioLineCountStatistics.fromFeaturePath(new URI(FEATURE_ROOT));
32        environmentVariables = Injectors.getInjector().getInstance(EnvironmentVariables.class);
33        cucumberScenarioVisualiser = new CucumberScenarioVisualiser(environmentVariables);
34    }
36    @Test
37    public void visualise1SliceWith4Forks() throws Exception {
38        cucumberScenarioVisualiser.visualise(new URI(FEATURE_ROOT), 4, 2, HISTORIC_RUN_STATISTICS);
39    }
41    @Test
42    public void visualise4SlicesWith2Forks() throws Exception {
43        cucumberScenarioVisualiser.visualise(new URI(FEATURE_ROOT), 4, 2, HISTORIC_RUN_STATISTICS);
44    }
46    @Test
47    public void visualise5SlicesWith1ForkBasedOnRunStats() throws Exception {
48        cucumberScenarioVisualiser.visualise(new URI(FEATURE_ROOT), 5, 1, HISTORIC_RUN_STATISTICS);
49    }
51    @Test
52    public void visualise5SlicesWith1ForkBasedOnLineCount() throws Exception {
53        cucumberScenarioVisualiser.visualise(new URI(FEATURE_ROOT), 5, 1, LINE_COUNT_STATISTICS);
54    }
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