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1package org.mockito.internal.configuration.plugins;
3import org.mockito.plugins.InstantiatorProvider;
4import org.mockito.plugins.MockMaker;
5import org.mockito.plugins.PluginSwitch;
6import org.mockito.plugins.StackTraceCleanerProvider;
8class PluginRegistry {
10    private final PluginSwitch pluginSwitch
11            = new PluginLoader(new DefaultPluginSwitch()).loadPlugin(PluginSwitch.class, DefaultPluginSwitch.class.getName());
13    private final MockMaker mockMaker
14            = new PluginLoader(pluginSwitch).loadPlugin(MockMaker.class, "org.mockito.internal.creation.bytebuddy.ByteBuddyMockMaker");
16    private final StackTraceCleanerProvider stackTraceCleanerProvider
17            = new PluginLoader(pluginSwitch).loadPlugin(StackTraceCleanerProvider.class, "org.mockito.internal.exceptions.stacktrace.DefaultStackTraceCleanerProvider");
19    private final InstantiatorProvider instantiatorProvider
20            = new PluginLoader(pluginSwitch).loadPlugin(InstantiatorProvider.class, "org.mockito.internal.creation.instance.DefaultInstantiatorProvider");
22    /**
23     * The implementation of the stack trace cleaner
24     */
25    StackTraceCleanerProvider getStackTraceCleanerProvider() {
26        //TODO we should throw some sensible exception if this is null.
27        return stackTraceCleanerProvider;
28    }
30    /**
31     * Returns the implementation of the mock maker available for the current runtime.
32     *
33     * <p>Returns {@link org.mockito.internal.creation.cglib.CglibMockMaker} if no
34     * {@link org.mockito.plugins.MockMaker} extension exists or is visible in the current classpath.</p>
35     */
36    MockMaker getMockMaker() {
37        return mockMaker;
38    }
40    /**
41     * Returns the instantiator provider available for the current runtime.
42     *
43     * <p>Returns {@link org.mockito.internal.creation.instance.DefaultInstantiatorProvider} if no
44     * {@link org.mockito.plugins.InstantiatorProvider} extension exists or is visible in the current classpath.</p>
45     */
46    InstantiatorProvider getInstantiatorProvider() {
47      return instantiatorProvider;
48    }
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