How to use getNormalTestClasses method of net.serenitybdd.junit.finder.TestFinder class

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...9import java.util.*;10/**11 * The TestFinder class lets you find the Thucydides tests or test methods underneath a given package.12 * <p>You instantiate a TestFinder by providing the top-level package where the tests live.</p>13 * <p>You can then find the list of Thucydides test classes using getNormalTestClasses(), getDataDrivenTestClasses(),14 * and getAllTestClasses() (which returns both normal and data-driven tests).</p>15 * <p>You may also need to retrieve the list of test methods for a particular category of class. You can do this using the16 * getTestMethodsFrom() method, e.g.17 * <pre>new TestFinder("my.package").getTestMethodsFrom().normalTestClasses()</pre>18 */19public abstract class TestFinder {20 protected final String rootPackage;21 /**22 * Create a new test finder instance that will look for tests in the packages underneath the given root package.23 * @param rootPackage The root package used as the starting point when looking for test classes.24 */25 protected TestFinder(final String rootPackage) {26 this.rootPackage = rootPackage;27 }28 public static TestFinderBuilderFactory thatFinds() {29 return new TestFinderBuilderFactory();30 }31 public abstract List<Class<?>> getClasses();32 public abstract int countTestMethods();33 public TestMethodFinder findTestMethods() {34 return new TestMethodFinder(this);35 }36 protected List<Class<?>> getAllTestClasses() {37 return ClassFinder.loadClasses().annotatedWith(RunWith.class).fromPackage(rootPackage);38 }39 protected Set<Class<?>> getNormalTestClasses() {40 Set<Class<?>> normalTestClasses = new HashSet();41 for(Class<?> testClass : getAllTestClasses()) {42 if (normalThucydidesTest(testClass)) {43 normalTestClasses.add(testClass);44 }45 }46 return normalTestClasses;47 }48 protected List<Class<?>> getDataDrivenTestClasses() {49 return ClassFinder.loadClasses().annotatedWith(UseTestDataFrom.class).fromPackage(rootPackage);50 }51 protected List<Class<?>> sorted(List<Class<?>> classes) {52 Collections.sort(classes, byClassName());53 return classes;...

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...10 super(rootPackage);11 }12 @Override13 public List<Class<?>> getClasses() {14 return sorted(new ArrayList(getNormalTestClasses()));15 }16 @Override17 public int countTestMethods() {18 return getAllTestMethods().size();19 }20}...

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