How to use containsOnlyKeysForProxy method of org.assertj.core.api.AbstractMapAssert class

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...1118 * @throws IllegalArgumentException if the given argument is an empty array.1119 */1120 @SafeVarargs1121 public final SELF containsOnlyKeys(K... keys) {1122 return containsOnlyKeysForProxy(keys);1123 }1124 // This method is protected in order to be proxied for SoftAssertions / Assumptions.1125 // The public method for it (the one not ending with "ForProxy") is marked as final and annotated with @SafeVarargs1126 // in order to avoid compiler warning in user code1127 protected SELF containsOnlyKeysForProxy(K[] keys) {1128 maps.assertContainsOnlyKeys(info, actual, keys);1129 return myself;1130 }1131 /**1132 * Verifies that the actual map contains only the given keys and nothing else, in any order.1133 * <p>1134 * The verification tries to honor the key comparison semantic of the underlying map implementation.1135 * The map under test has to be cloned to identify unexpected elements, but depending on the map implementation1136 * this may not always be possible. In case it is not possible, a regular map is used and the key comparison strategy1137 * may not be the same as the map under test.1138 * <p>1139 * Examples :1140 * <pre><code class='java'> Map&lt;Ring, TolkienCharacter&gt; ringBearers = new HashMap&lt;&gt;();1141 * ringBearers.put(nenya, galadriel);...

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