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It is common to use different programming languages for automation testing. However, PHP is a developer’s go-to language for web application development with its advantages over other programming languages like Java and Python. While PHP does not have as many libraries when compared to Java and Python, automated testing frameworks make up for this deficiency with the help of specific open source libraries.

If you are planning to execute PHP scripts for your test automation or build a Web application, Selenium provides the best framework for web application testing. In this Selenium PHP tutorial, we will focus on Selenium with PHP and learn about the different aspects it has to offer.

Choosing The Right PHP Framework

New generation frameworks are emerging today with multiple advantages that can mark a shift in how applications are created and used. Of course, the best framework depends on you, your team, and the goals you're trying to hit.

So check out this article to choose the right Selenium PHP test automation framework.

Automation Testing with Selenium PHP

This section of the Selenium PHP tutorial will help you get started with running automation tests with PHP.


Deep diving into advanced use cases for Selenium PHP

In this section of the Selenium PHP tutorial, you will learn more about the PHP testing frameworks by deep diving into the use cases for Selenium PHP.

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