Selenium C# Tutorial


As per, Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey 2019, C# is one of the most loved programming languages with 67% votes. It is also deemed one of the most popular languages, with 31% votes from all the respondents.

Setting Up Selenium In Visual Studio

Do you know Visual Studio is the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to use for Selenium automation testing with C#? Well, now, you do! In this chapter, we will help you set up Selenium in Visual Studio for automated browser testing of your web-application.


Run Selenium C# Script With NUnit

Development is not all you can do with C#, you can also leverage C# for test automation with top frameworks like NUnit, along with language bindings for Selenium. Read the blog to more on the advantages of NUnit Testing, running the first automation test and also executing parallel testing on cloud grid.


Using Implicit Wait in Selenium

In this chapter of our Selenium C# tutorial, we will cover what are Selenium waits, why they are important, & how to implement an Implicit Wait in Selenium C# with examples.


Explicit and Fluent Wait in Selenium

Wait is an important command used in Selenium test automation for handling dynamic loading of web elements on a web page (or web application). In this chapter, we will walk you through two more types of Selenium waits in the WebDriver – Explicit wait and Fluent waits.


Handling Alert Windows

Alert windows are pop-up windows that are extensively used across different types of websites or web applications. In this Selenium C# tutorial, we look at using Selenium test automation for handling alert in Selenium C#.


Handling Multiple Browser Windows

A common scenario in a website (or web application) is opening up a new browser (or tab) on the click of a button. With this, multiple browser windows can be automated using Selenium test automation. Read the blog to know more about commands, handling browser windows, tabs and popups in Selenium C#.


Handle Frames & iFrames With Examples

As an automation tester, one of the challenges you might face while writing your Selenium test automation scripts is handling frames or iFrames in Selenium while performing automated browser testing. In this Selenium C# tutorial, you will learn how to handle nested frames and iFrames in Selenium, using SwitchTo() command.


Page‌ ‌Object‌ ‌Model‌ Tutorial With‌ ‌Examples‌

This chapter of our Selenium C# tutorial aims to give you a detailed look at the Page Object Model. Furthermore you will learn on how to implement Page Object Model to make sure you maintain your Selenium test automation scripts in a better manner.


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