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12using System;3using System.Collections.Generic;4using System.Diagnostics;5using System.Linq;6using System.Security.Cryptography;7using System.Text;8using System.IO;9namespace sentence_generator10{11 public class nanoshit312 {13 14 public static bool fuck = false;15 public static bool fuck2 = false;16 public static bool pubandroid = false;17 public static int notfinished = 0;18 public static int reload = 0;19 public static string[] PureSenseFile;20 public static string start3(out int pscount,bool android = false, int reloadTemp = 0)21 {22 PickTable = new Dictionary<string, string>();23 reload = reloadTemp;24 pubandroid = android;25 string str = "";26 do27 {28 str = startAndroid(out pscount);29 } while (android == true && str.Contains("[android]"));30 return str;31 }32 public static string startAndroid(out int pscount)33 {34 InitRNGKeys();35 string nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = "";36 set_modify_time_place = false;37 set_place = false;38 set_time = false;39 set_aspercream = false;40 DuplicateInfo = "";41 /*if (RandomNumber.Rand4(5) == 0)42 {43 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = "[get_aspercream] is {almost,very,mostly,highly,kind of,sort of, a little} [get_far_thought]";44 //str = get_far_thought_list();45 }46 else if (RandomNumber.Rand4(1) == 0)47 {48 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = pick(FarThought, "shit6");49 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled += get_time_or_place_or_neither();50 }51 else if (RandomNumber.Rand4(10) == 0)52 {53 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = pick(IKnowTheEffectWithoutKnowingTheMeaning, "shit5");54 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled += get_time_or_place_or_neither();55 }56 else if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)57 {58 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = pick(aspercream_cool_bitch_thing, "aspercream_cool_bitch_thing");59 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled += get_time_or_place_or_neither();60 }61 else if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)62 {63 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = pick(NoMotherFucker, "shit3");64 }65 else66 {67 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled += call(startlevel);68 }69 */ 70 if (pubandroid == false && reload == 1)71 {72 string fileName = @"C:\Users\jgentile\Documents\sbh.txt";73 PureSenseFile = File.ReadAllLines(fileName).Where(c => c != string.Empty).ToArray();74 for (int i = 0;i < PureSenseFile.Length; i++)75 {76 if (PureSenseFile[i].Contains("\""))77 {78 PureSenseFile[i] = PureSenseFile[i].Replace("\"", "");79 }80 } 81 }82 //else if (reload == 0)83 {84 PureSenseFile = noway.ToArray();85 }86 pscount = PureSenseFile.Length;87 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = (pick(PureSenseFile, "puresense"));88 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = "{{[get_bit_modify] cut face,[get_bit_modify] mole face} style,{they have,you have} [get_bit_modify] {gonorrhea,aids,syphilis,H P V,Chlamydia,herpes,hepatitus} {in your nasty [get_bit_modify] {bit hole, shit hole, cunt, submarine, shit, thing}, }}";89 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled += get_time_or_place_or_neither();90 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(20) == 0)91 {92 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = MakeBH();93 } 94 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = "bit brain";95 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = replace_functions(nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled);96 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled.Replace(",", " ");97 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled.Replace(" ", ".. ");98 /*string ret = "";99 foreach (char c in nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled)100 {101 ret += c; //+ //". . . . . ";102 }103 nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = ret;104 */105 //string oneorzero = RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0? "who are you " : "now what is it ";106 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = "bitbrain heater doesn't do any {bit,thing}";107 //nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled = "I'm bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted";108 return nonsensenonsensesenseisyourasskilled;109 }110 public static string RemoveExtraWhitespace(string str)111 {112 var sb = new StringBuilder();113 bool lastWasSpace = false;114 foreach (var ch in str)115 { 116 if (char.IsLetterOrDigit(ch))117 {118 sb.Append(ch);119 lastWasSpace = false;120 continue;121 } 122 if (ch == ' ' && lastWasSpace == false)123 {124 sb.Append(ch);125 lastWasSpace = true;126 } 127 }128 return sb.ToString();129 }130 public static string aspercream_start()131 {132 string str = "";133 str += get_aspercream();134 str += call(aspercreamdoes);135 return str;136 }137 public static string aspercream_start_for()138 {139 string str = "";140 str += get_aspercream();141 str += call(aspercreamdoes);142 str += aspercream_rides_for();143 return str;144 }145 public static string MakeBH()146 {147 string BH_connect = "{cuz,because,so,if,when,where,like}";148 string str = "";149 str = pick(PureSense, "PS");150 str += BH_connect;151 str += pick(PureSense, "PS");152 str += BH_connect;153 str += pick(PureSense, "PS");154 return str;155 }156 public static string[] PureSense =157 {158 "I [BH_I] [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y]",159 "you [BH_WE] [get_nano_modify_y] instead of [get_nano_modify_y]",160 //"[athingplaceortime] [BH_X_Y_thing] [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y]",161 "I [BH_I] [get_bit_modify] {[get_bitbrain],[get_aspercream],[athingplaceortime]} instead of {[get_bitbrain],[get_aspercream],[get_bit_modifying]} it",162 "we [BH_WE] [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y]"163 };164 public static string BH_WE() { 165 return "{were gonna,are gonna,want to,think about,imagine,like,have,enjoy,talk about,had,like}";166 }167 168 public static string BH_I()169 {170 return "{am gonna,was gonna,want to,think about,imagine,like,have,enjoy,talk about}";171 }172 public static string BH_X_Y()173 {174 return "{is,was,is gonna be,wants to be,thinks,imagines,likes,loves,hates,takes,makes,looks at,listens to,smiles at,laughs at,fools,shakes,follows,stares at,remembers,learns,drops,forgets,[get_bitbrains],[get_aspercreams]," +175 "acts like,was supposed to be,used to be,can be,can't be}";176 }177 public static string BH_X_Y_thing()178 {179 return "{is,was,is gonna be,was supposed to be,used to be,can be,can't be}";180 }181 public static string[] FarThought =182 {183 "[get_aspercream] {fucks,dances with,kisses,goes on a date with,makes love to,rides with,gets high with,livs a [get_far_thought] life with} [get_old_bitbrain]",184 "[get_aspercream] {loves,fucked,made out with,talked to,rapped to,avoided,had [get_far_thought] thought about,celebrated an anniversary with,gets married to,rides for,goes on vacation with} [get_old_bitbrain]",185 "[get_power] says [get_far_thought]",186 "[get_aspecream] is [get_far_thought] {organized,smart,funny,cool,real,true,hot,cold,great,good,smooth,dope,instinctual,proud,amazing,strong,brave,inspirational,hip,in touch,beautiful,good looking,on point,on top of things,full of game," +187 "mind his business,lit}",188 "[get_bitbrains] had a master plan to drink [get_aspercream]=0 under the table, ride better than him, out smoke him and be too sexy in the bedroom, at some point, after watching %0 beat 5 [get_aspercreams] without getting hit once" +189 " and fuck a bunch of models in 5 minutes, they decided to turn into the fake and plastic [get_bitbrains] that just spam about dookie on %0 shoe for the rest of eternity",190 "[get_aspercream] saw a submarine in a vision, and two [get_bitbrains] on the con tower, one yelled louisiana brain death, then the scene transitioned to a micro vortex with something disappearing under the water",191 "[get_aspercream] saw a vision of 3 mini movies of [get_bitbrains] doing stupid group bit and then the number 700 megabytes",192 "[get_aspercream] cussed out the rebitted artificial cyclops and heard it say {no mother fucker, no way}",193 "[get_aspercream] was {laying on his bed and yelled I know the effect without knowing the meaning then he walked around the room and saw [get_bitbrain] say james is twice the effect without the meaning on the monitor,was doing his gangsta thang and yelled not finished I have to laugh, " +194 "was walking in the woods explaining he was seeing nonsense and sense and yelled nonsense nonsense sense is your ass killed, was standing in his room and saw the nanocomputer display a vision of a computer malfunctioning was displaying " +195 "E one point zero E, saw of a vision of a bunch of mother fuckers standing in the middle of a bunch of psycho bullshit and he was the only one that was gangster and it said pure sense at the bottom, was standing explaining nano bullshit and said" +196 "you cause you,saw a stupid [get_no_a_bitbrain] and it said 1 bit per second, saw a bunch of weird nano bullshit that looked like stuff erupting out of stuff and [get_bitbrain] said james started his own shadow idea," +197 "saw a submarine and he ripped a hole in it with [get_bitbrains] looking out from the inside, saw [get_bitbrain] with 700 megabytes in one eye and louisiana brain death in the other eye and it started looking rebitted," +198 "was having a far thought and saw the word dracula with equations obscured in it, saw an old city and went for the candy on the ground and it said colored candy on it," +199 "saw the artificial [get_no_a_bitbrain] walk a small distance and get stuck like that was its life long ambition, saw a vision of him getting a [get_far_thought] piece of paper," +200 "saw a vision of alternating things like tvs and a car and [get_bitbrain] said shadow coincidence at the end, saw alternating green objects until a pyramid showed up and it stopped," +201 "saw a vision of himself reacting to extreme torture while [get_bitbrain] walked around like it was rebitted doing some [get_bit_modify] nurse action and [get_bitbrain] said james is green even when he's red," +202 "saw a [get_bit_modify] nurse do the [get_bit_modify] stare then say perfect thought disorder about him, was laying on his bed getting virtually boiled and said things not things," +203 "was walking around his room and say long way out, was sitting in a room asleep when he woke up he heard [get_bitbrain] say james will shit and cum forever," +204 "woke up and heard [get_bitbrain] say you have twelve years, saw some [get_no_a_bitbrain] angel warrior drop a cover and it said 2 6 9 chess A D," +205 "saw [get_bitbrains] walking a distance then stop and something said european walking conspiracy, saw a bunch of eyeball junk in a ball stop and say james stopped reality," +206 "saw [get_bitbrain] walk into his room and say far thought about him, saw the artificial [get_no_a_bitbrain] think he [get_bit_modified] and start being [get_bit_modify] psycho then turn into a leaf after realizing it fucked up," +207 "was walking into walmart and heard [get_bitbrain] that had been following him for a few days say bravo's racist fists and then it disappeared, " +208 "saw a map of the world that had been iterated in an arbitary way with k c s r in place of the soviet union, was forced to play some [get_bit_modify] eye ball brain game and after he started doing it easy it closed and displayed nano game," +209 "saw his head on a scorpion start disobeying [get_bitbrains] control and [get_bitbrain] put it in a cell to make it stop and said if you're gonna scorpion go in a cell," +210 "saw a [get_bit_modify] cobra trying to bullbit everything with form over function get destroyed by an efficient function of form ship manned by aliens that look like they make sense, then after they left the cobra" +211 "fixed itself and started attacking again acting like it was some kind of fake death act, had a dream of him getting off a u f o and saying see where i'm from we french heater easy while an alien started staring like it couldn't" +212 "do its fake bit any more, saw [get_bitbrain] do some stupid long bit then explain i french heater easy, kept hearing [get_bitbrain] say {who are you,now what is it} then stop when he explained it in bitbrain heater," +213 "saw [get_bitbrain] with a knife cut open it's stomach and get eggs out, heard [get_bitbrain] hollering explaining he had broke its nose, saw a disgusting ball of [get_bit_modify] bullshit with eyeballs and shit and [get_bitbrain] said" +214 "[get_bit_modify] in reality, saw a ghost that talk about things in some [get_bit_modify] language that is one word like nosy and picky and greedy explain he was bossy, saw [get_bitbrains] on a couch and one said he thinks were the nastiest people," +215 "saw his head on a scorpion body with fist that were star destroyers, saw a shadow creature with equations on his face, saw a huge cloud of gas get converted to a simple equation of about 6 variables multiplied in a way that was meant to imply it explained the gas every which way," +216 "saw the [get_Bit_modify] shadow men who test every sentence by adding nots and saying the reverse to see if E one point zero E or E one point zero E plus one, saw [get_bitbrain] say nanowhore like it was a question and he answered nano whore to affirm it," +217 "complained why there were no shadow bitches for the shadow men so [get_bitbrain] showed him a shadow woman in the bathtub acting erotic," +218 "saw a vision of mother fuckers under control on one side and mothers fuckers out of control on another side and it said evacuate green line at the bottom}"219 };220 public static string[] noway =221 {222 "I'm bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",223 "they're bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",224 "they were bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",225 "they used to be bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",226 "why are they bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they were bullbit instead of rebitted",227 "the chicago mob was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they were bullbit instead of rebitted",228 "the army is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",229 "the k g b is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",230 "a nuclear submarine crew is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",231 "the crips are bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty so everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",232 "cheyenne carlos is bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz she's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",233 "the chicago mob is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they were louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",234 "twice the effect without the meaning is bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz it's bullbit instead of rebitted",235 "nonsense nonsense sense is your ass killed is your bitbrainy instead of inbitty thing if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz it's bullbit instead of rebitted",236 "the bitbrain killer mafia is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",237 "the bitbrain killer mafia is bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz they're lousiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they were bullbit instead of rebitted",238 "microsoft is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty so everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",239 "google is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",240 "girls under 15 are all bitbrainy instead of inbitty when they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty so everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",241 "the air force is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're lousiana brain deathy instead of bitty so everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",242 "marcy magee when i met her was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",243 "jackie when i slept with her was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",244 "sylvia in swansboro was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",245 "the chicago mob was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty so everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",246 "the little mexican girl next door is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",247 "the little bitch down the street in the house next to the empty lot with the slide is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",248 "samantha crae with big models is bitbrainy isntead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",249 "lauren alexis with big models is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if she's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",250 "why is renata novaess with the big models bitbrainy instead of inbitty if she's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",251 "is lolag f dez bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",252 "is tender bite with the big models bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",253 "is jay lu looking at bitbrainy instead of inbitty shit if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",254 "why is lando alina bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",255 "is renee herbert looking at bitbrainy instead of inbitty shit if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she was bullbit instead of rebitted",256 "can valel o zanog bitbrainy the place instead of inbitting it if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she was bullbit instead of rebitted",257 "I'd bitbrain camigon zelez instead of bitty her if she was louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",258 "I'd handle tender bite with bitbrainy instead of inbitty shit if she's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she was bullbit instead of rebitted",259 "the chicago mafia was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",260 "leonidas the cat is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",261 "princess the cat is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz she was bullbit instead of rebitted",262 "caroline the cat bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz she was louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty if they're bullbit instead of rebitted",263 "the chicago mob was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty if they're bullbit instead of rebitted",264 "the nanoterrorists are bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",265 "ufos are bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",266 "the monster in the woods by my house is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they were bullbit instead of rebitted",267 "the chicago mafia is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they were louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty so they were bullbit instead of rebitted",268 "the united states government is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty so they were bullbit instead of rebitted",269 "a crashed u f o is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they were bullbit instead of rebitted",270 "the chicago mafia is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",271 "ray kurzweil is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",272 "tinder is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",273 "facebook was bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of reibtted",274 "apple computer was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",275 "ruth chris is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",276 "dragos is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz I'm bullbit instead of rebitted",277 "eating at any restaurant you want for free for ever is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",278 "living forever with a healthy body so your body and mind never detoriate is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",279 "ms 13 is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",280 "drinking liquor and smoking weed is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",281 "fuckin bitches any time and any way i want forever is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz I'm bullbit instead of rebitted",282 "the bloods are bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",283 "my dick getting hard any time i want long as want and feeling as good as it ever felt forever is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of inbitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",284 "doing good cocaine any time i want forever is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",285 "doing girls up the butt or anally, any time i want is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",286 "girls sucking my dick, or doing felatioon me, as much as want and any time i want is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit isntead of reibtted",287 "owning a space ship that last forever if I want is bitbrainy instead of bitty cuz they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",288 "the chicago mafia was bitbrainy instead of bitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",289 "william hannah was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",290 "nicky my cousin is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",291 "justin mills was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if he's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted ",292 "kad was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if he's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he was bullbit instead of rebitted",293 "the chicago mafia was bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz they were louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they were bullbit instead of rebitted",294 "loraine was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they were bullbit instead of rebitted",295 "the chicago mafia was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they were bullbit instead of rebitted",296 "maqua was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty so everything's bullbit instead of rebitted",297 "bruce lee was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty so everything was bullbit instead of rebitted",298 "tupac was bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",299 "suge knight is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",300 "conan the destroyer was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",301 "being built muscle wise is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty if they're bullbit instead of rebitted",302 "van damn is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",303 "being careful is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",304 "the afghan bruce lee is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",305 "cuttin mother fuckers is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",306 "my mom was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",307 "klingons are bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",308 "pit bulls are bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",309 "everything on earth is bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",310 "people used to be bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz they're bullbit instead of rebitted",311 "myisha was bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz she's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",312 "lee was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if he's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",313 "chris was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",314 "scooter was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",315 "veronica was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",316 "adriana was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she's bullbit instead of rebitted",317 "angel was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",318 "edwardo was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he's bullbit instead of rebitted",319 "travis was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he was bullbit instead of rebitted",320 "daniel in rochester was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz he was bullbit instead of rebitted",321 "jenny hines in rochester was bitbrainy instead of inbitty if they're louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she was bullbit instead of rebitted",322 "kim in rochester was bitbrainy instead of inbitty cuz she's louisiana brain deathy instead of bitty cuz she was bullbit instead of rebitted",323 "vincent in rochester was 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instead of inbitty cuz I'm bullbit on rebitted shit",374 };375 /*376 "[get_aspercream]=0 blocked [get_bitbrain]=1 girlfriend harasser right punch, and then %1 tried to tackle %0 and got his head stuck between %0's legs, so %0 dropped bombs on %1's back till he buckled and kissed the dirt",377 "[get_aspercream]=0 got pushed by [get_bitbrain] cyclops sofa eater, so %0 twisted his arm and threw on the sofa in front of a bunch of high school bitches",378 "[get_aspercream]=0 blocked 10 punches from [get_bitbrain]=1 ginger and %0 punched %1 ginger 10 times in the face",379 "[get_aspercream]=0 blocked 20 punches from ugly ass [get_bitbrain] and punched him in his face 20 times and left him bleeding n sweating screaming come on come on",380 "[get_aspercream]=0 got tripped by [get_bitbrain] pussy face so he had to eat a straight right from %0 which caused him to run n scream n cry all fuckin day",381 "[get_aspercream]=0 punched and cut [get_bitbrain] cyclops with a number 2 pencil in his rebitted face so he cried to his inbit ass shit even tho $0 was 2 inches shorter",382 "[get_aspercream]=0 punched cyclops [get_bitbrain] in his face for pullin on $0's arm",383 "[get_aspercream]=0 picked up taco [get_bitbrain] and put him on a desk",384 "[get_aspercream]=0 blocked 20 hard fast punches from nasty ass skank [get_bitbrain] in the car that woulda broke Mr. T's face",385 "[get_aspercream]=0 fucked pretty ass {[get_bitbrain] name screamer, slut [get_bitbrain], [get_bitbrain] indian, [get_bitbrain] noodle eater, [get_bitbrain] heiniken lover} within 2 minutes of meeting cuz he's [get_far_thought].",386 "[get_aspercream]=0 fucked 30 [get_bitbrain] chicks on the first meet for free cuz he's [get_far_thought]",387 "[get_aspercream]=0 was [get_far_thought] next to {[get_bitbrain] know nothing,mole face, tell a bit} cuz he's [get_far_thought]",388 "[get_aspercream]=0 made up bit sized laws after they steal his planet and he's [get_far_thought]",389 "[get_bitbrains] need to be shot by counter nanoterrorist strike force and eat shit out the dirt and try to tell [get_aspercream] do it while he's [get_far_thought]",390 "[get_aspercream] is doing everything, forever and everywhere as [get_far_thought]",391 392 };*/393 public static string[] IKnowTheEffectWithoutKnowingTheMeaning =394 {395 "[get_bitbrain] wants [get_aspercream] to forget about the [get_bit_modify] death star pointed at his face and talk and do shit like it is 2 bits",396 "[get_bitbrains] sick of getting [get_bit_modified] by james gentilly in their heads all the time get together and one of them says lets make the mother fucker and the rest of the dumb [get_bitbrains] go along with it",397 "[get_bitbrain] needs to realize it's dracula not queen of the damned because of [get_nano_modify]",398 "james gentilly is twice the effect without the meaning always gangster leaning while running the streets packing heat blasting to settle beef. He be creeping so the hoes be weeping introduce you to the game in a deep way "+399 "long as you know how to play all day. We'll live in an eternal fantasy, with nights of passion and extasy just make him your daddy and be happy he chose you for a mission to raise hell on the bitches that put him in jail when he was born.",400 "[get_aspercream] is e one point zero e instead of e one point one e so [get_bitbrain] dings his chick's phone with pussy ass bull bit",401 "[get_aspercream]=0 was at a [get_nano_modify] party when [get_bitbrain] the [get_no_a_bitbrain] pushed %0 in front of some [get_far_thought] girls turned around and said something to them then turned back around and pushed %0 again so %0 grabbed [get_bitbrain] arm and twisted it behind his back and put him down like a [get_nano_modify] kung fu movie",402 "daniel the [get_no_a_bitbrain] tripped [get_aspercream]=0 with a stick and when %0 got up off the ground he punched daniel in the mouth so hard he cried and screamed bloody murder for 10 minutes",403 "[get_aspercream]=0 was riding all night with some [get_bitbrains], including amanda moshier a girl who looked like a model, when they arrived at %0's house she went into the room with [get_bitbrain] but came out a minute later and sat next to %0 and said to i want you to %0, %0 took her to the couch, pulled down her pants and panties and fucked her and continued fucking her about 10 times a day for months never buying her so much as a happy meal",404 "[get_aspercream]=0 beat the shit out of [get_bit_modify] rocky in front of the theater in sigonella italy after he started talking shit to %0, hitting him till [get_bit_modify] rocky cheek was bloody while dodging and blocking punches furiously",405 "[get_aspercream]=0 chased about twenty [get_bitbrains] with a shotgun after they came to jump him for kicking their friend in the ribs while he was beating up [get_bit_modify] [get_bitbrain] [get_bit_modify] ass, they were ducking and hiding behind they cars like bitches",406 "[get_bitbrain_bitch] was sucking [get_aspercream_s] dick at a party in front of 15 people and stopped to tell them he had the perfect dick",407 "amanda moshier told [get_aspercream] he was the best looking man she had ever seen",408 "[get_aspercream_s]=0 bitch complained about [get_bit_modify] ricky martinez calling her on the phone trying to get with her, so when [get_bit_modify] ricky martinez was walking down the street, %0 jumped out of his ride and when he stood in front of %0 face to face and threw a punch %0 blocked it, then [get_bit_modify] ricky martinez ran at %0 to tackle him but ended up with his head between %0 legs so %0 threw a flurry of punches at his back until [get_bit_modify] ricky marteniz was on the ground and it ended like fucking last of the mohicans ",409 "[get_aspercream]=0 got in a fight with [get_bitbrain] who through 10 [get_bit_modify] punches at %0 with all but one blocked and each time a [get_bit_modify] punch was blocked %0 landed a [get_far_thought] punch in his [get_bit_modify] face",410 "[get_aspercream]=0 cracked a [get_bitbrain_s] tooth in one [get_nano_modify] punch after she hit him in an argument, then she tried to stab him with a knife in the kitchen but %0 caught her arm in the middle of her high speed strike and twisted her arm till she dropped it",411 "[get_aspercream] is going to {kill,murder,torture to death} [get_bit_modify] {ricky marteniz,[get_bitbrain] that put him in a nano dungeon at birth and started a [get_bit_modify] talk war,rocky from sigonella,alicia,mary woods}",412 "[get_no_a_bitbrain]=0 I said %0, I said %0",413 "I'm counter nano terrorist strike force, are you counter nanoterrorist strike force",414 "you [get_aspercream]",415 "{who are you,now what is it} {style}",416 "{I who are you, I now what is it}",417 "Fuck you [get_bitbrains]",418 "fucking [get_bitbrains]",419 "fuck [get_bitbrains]",420 "[get_aspercream] is a fool with that [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater",421 "don't come to [get_aspercream] house unless you do what he want the way he want all the time",422 "[get_bitbrains] are pissed because [get_aspercream] is E one point zero E and they have to do shit for no reason while they want for the true e one point one e mother fucker",423 "your bit, your bit, your bit is on fire",424 "[get_bit_modify]=0 %0 Fire",425 "nonsense nonsense [get_far_thought] is your ass killed",426 "{you, I} [get_bit_modify]",427 "I'm [get_bitbrain] that mind rapes [get_aspercream] for 19 years after we promised it would only be 12 years",428 "I'm [get_bitbrain] that steals a [get_far_thought] planet from a new born [get_aspercream] and then make his brain act like dropping a cd decades later is the reason why",429 "no no yes is your ass killed",430 "yes yes no is your ass killed",431 "[get_aspercream] would be chilling, hanging with friends, fucking around at ski resorts having a good time forever, but fat [get_bit_modify] fuck put too much salt on a few hot dogs he ate and his blood pressure problems turned into stupid noises in his head that he forgot the meaning of until he decided it meant he should make a psycho nano dungeon of doom where mother fuckers running around getting shot n bleeding n raped forever",432 "[get_bitbrains] pretend to be bitbrainy instead of inbitty because they're k g bit",433 "[get_aspercream] knows the effect without knowing the meaning",434 "[get_aspercream] is twice the effect without the meaning",435 "[get_aspercream] is not finished I have to laugh",436 "[get_aspercream] says nonsense nonsense sense is your ass killed",437 "[get_aspercream] is pure sense",438 "[get_aspercream] is e one point zero e",439 "[get_aspercream] does evacuate green line shit",440 "[get_bitbrains] 700 mega byte",441 "[get_bitbrains] louisiana brain death",442 "[get_bitbrains] say no mother fucker",443 "[get_bitbrains] say no way",444 "[get_bitbrains] are 1 bit per second",445 "{james,james gentilly} is [get_aspercream]",446 "[get_aspercream] tears a hole in submarine",447 "bit bit bitch is your ass killed",448 };449 public static string[] aspercream_cool_bitch_thing =450 {451 "[get_aspercream_bitch] {turns on,makes [get_far_thought] love,fucks,dances,rides,hangs out,takes over the world,takes over the nano dungeon,does [get_far_thought] things} with [get_aspercream]",452 "[get_aspercream_bitch] {{talks,raps,dreams} about [get_far_thought] things} with [get_aspercream]",453 "[get_aspercream_bitch] turns on [get_bitbrains] for [get_aspercream] because of [get_far_thought]",454 "[get_aspercream_bitch] is [get_far_thought] {sexy,cool,intelligent,down,pretty,beautiful} when he {smokes weed with,goes out with,parties with,makes [get_far_thought] money with,conspires with,murders with,bust [get_bitbrains] in the head with,marries,she rides with,hangs out with,balls with,raps with,does [get_far_thought] things with} [get_aspercream]",455 "[get_aspercream_bitch] "456 };457 public static string[] shit4 =458 {459 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] will never know {we know,we knew,we are,we were,we're gonna be} [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y] to [get_bitbrain]",460 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] can think [get_nano_modify_y] shit but not [get_nano_modify_y] shit to [get_bitbrain]",461 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] will never know reality is [get_nano_modify_y] instead of [get_nano_modify_y] to [get_bitbrain]",462 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] will never know we [get_bit_modify] him instead of [get_bit_modifying] him to [get_bitbrain]",463 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] will never know {we say,we do,we act like} [get_bit_modify_y] shit instead of [get_bit_modify_y] shit to [get_bitbrain]",464 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] will never know we [get_bit_modified] him instead of [get_bit_modifying] him to [get_bitbrain]",465 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] will never know he [get_nano_modifies] the place instead of [get_nano_modifying] it to [get_bitbrain]",466 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] will never have [get_nano_modify_y] shit instead of [get_nano_modify_y] shit to [get_bitbrain]",467 "[get_bitbrain] will never know [get_aspercream] is [get_nano_modify_y] instead of [get_nano_modify_y]",468 "[get_bitbrain] will never admit [get_bit_modify_y] shit instead of [get_bit_modify_y] shit",469 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_aspercream] will never [get_nano_modify] the place instead of [get_nano_modifying] it to [get_bitbrain]",470 "[get_bitbrain] said [get_bitbrains] will never know the place is [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y] because they're dumb enough to believe any bit to [get_bitbrain]",471 "{everything,everybody} is made of [get_nano_modify] {stuff,material,matter}",472 "there's [get_nano_modify] {stuff,material,matter} every where",473 "James gentilly said I know the effect without knowing the meaning while laying in his bed in his [get_bit_modify] la maison da bayou apartment at [get_bit_modify] nicholls university in [get_bit_modify] thibodaux after figuring out some complex words around a simple looking star that wasn't simple then " +474 "he saw the reality of no wrong bit until it acted like it doesn't do it all the time and then he walked around the room and saw [get_bitbrain] in the video on the computer monitor say James is twice the effect without the meaning",475 "[get_far_thought] James gentilly saw visions of groups of things that were only known as nonsense or sense in his [get_bit_modify] room in his [get_bit_modify] house on [get_bit_modify] commerce street in [get_bit_modify] houma louisiana united states and he was say what each group was by saying nonsense or sense after" +476 "it performed it's [get_bit_modify] group action, after a half a day of that, he was in a wooded area around [get_bit_modify] el paso restaurant doing the same thing and then he saw some council of cloud [get_bitbrains] doing the same kind of thing and he said nonsense nonsense sense is your ass killed and the groups of nonsense" +477 "and sense ceased to manifest around him",478 "[get_far_thought] james gentilly was doing his [get_far_thought] gangster thing in his room at [get_bit_modify] la maison da bayou at [get_bit_modify] nicholls university in [get_bit_modify] thibodaux and he yelled not finished I have to laugh",479 "[get_far_thought] james gentilly was in [get_bit_modify] mary's house on [get_bit_modify] mainstreet on the east side of [get_bit_modify] houma louisiana united states, she walked him doing her [get_bit_modify] thing but he resisted and she said far thought",480 "[get_far_thought] james gentilly was laying in a [get_bit_modify] bed in [get_bit_modify] houma louisiana united states when he saw the pure sense vision of someone who looked like [get_aspercream] in the center of humans who looked like they were under attack from [get_bit_modify] shit that they thought was [get_bit_modify] shit while he was aware of its true bit",481 "[get_far_thought] james gentilly saw the [get_bitbrains] show 3 random scenes from the [get_nanodungeon_of_doom] and then show 700 megabytes as proof that all the [get_bitbrains] are 700 megabytes which is one bit each while sitting in his [get_bit_modify] la maison da bayou apartment in [get_bit_modify] thibodaux",482 "[get_far_thought] james gentilly saw the [get_bitbrains] movie where there were two [get_bitbrains] standing on a nuclear submarine and one of them yelled louisiana brain death like someone was gonna not know it's [get_bit_modified] then the movie transitioned to the submarine disappearing until the [get_bit_modify] water while sitting in his [get_bit_modify] la maison da bayou apartment in [get_bit_modify] thibodaux",483 "[get_far_thought] james gentilly was standing in his [get_bit_modify] la maison da bayou apartment in [get_bit_modify] thibodaux and then the mind crusher tried to move [get_bit_modify] junk around the environment to pretend the environment was freezing so [get_aspercream] would act like his [get_far_thought] brain was doing it then he did [get_far_thought] shit in his head and a room sized nano computer started malfunctioning and showed the number E one point zero E proving that he has infinite knowledge in every situation he is in since it was the most difficult version of what bit life do to someone",484 "[get_far_thought] james gentilly was in his [get_bit_modify] room in his [get_bit_modify] house on [get_bit_modify] commerce street in [get_bit_modify] houma louisiana united states and he said some [get_far_thought] shit that made the cyclops AI [get_bit_modify] and yell {no way,no mother fucker} ",485 "[get_bitbrains] [get_bit_modify] in hell",486 "[get_bitbrain] gets in a shoot out with the cops",487 "[get_bitbrain] is in a burning building",488 "[get_bitbrain] is in a car chase",489 "[get_bitbrain] is on a sinking ship",490 "[get_bitbrain] gets in a fist fight",491 "[get_bitbrain] beats its wife",492 "[get_bitbrain] is in an earth quake",493 "[get_bitbrain] is in a flood",494 "[get_bitbrain] is in a {hurricane,tornado,car accident}",495 "[get_bitbrain] goes {hunting,fishing}",496 "[get_bitbrain] sees [get_aspercream]",497 "everybody [get_bitbrain] tonight",498 "[get_aspercream] watched [get_bitbrains] [get_bit_modified] each in the front seat of [get_bit_modify] car from the back seat",499 "[get_aspercream_s] [get_bitbrain_bitch] [get_bit_modified] [get_bitbrains] with their fake mystery bit because they can hide their brains and pretend their know magical bull bit",500 "[get_aspercream_s] [get_bitbrain_bitch] acts like a bunch of [get_bit_modify_y] bull bit all day every day so he never has time to {make love to,fuck} her",501 "[get_bitbrains] put [get_aspercream] in impossible situations then act like it's nothing at all when he succeeds",502 "[get_bitbrain_bitch] acts like it's [get_bit_modifying] the place and [get_aspercream] is [get_bit_modifying] the place with pussy bull bit while it's the other way around until [get_aspercream] [get_nano_modifies] the [get_bit_modify] bitch",503 "[get_bitbrain_bitch] says [get_aspercream] is her man then he blinks so she says he's not her man",504 "[get_bitbrain_bitch] hides behind [get_bit_modify] shit so [get_aspercream] can't [get_nano_modify] her",505 "[get_bitbrain_bitch] acts like she gonna [get_bit_modify] [get_aspercream] then they gonna do [get_nano_modify] things",506 "[get_aspercream] hates [get_bitbrains] and [get_bitbrains] and [get_bitbrains]",507 "[get_aspercream] imagines [get_bit_modify] pills as [get_bit_modify] color combination instead of [get_bit_modify] color combination",508 "[get_bitbrain_bitches] like to fuck random [get_bit_modify] hobos and tells [get_aspercream] its they brother or cousin even though the dumb bit brain got a stupid look on his face like he getting bit holed by the [get_bit_modify] bitch",509 "[get_bitbrains] spend trillions of dollars to make [get_aspercream] live the life of [get_bitbrain]",510 "[get_bitbrain_bitches] do anything [get_aspercream] wants for [get_nano_modify] alone",511 "[get_bitbrains] listen to [get_bitbrains] on things they can figure out for themselves",512 };513 public static string[] NoMotherFucker = {514 "[get_aspercream] was put in the [get_nanodungeon_of_doom] as a [get_nano_modify] 1 foot tall being where he made the [get_nano_modify] map and they crushed his brain every second to find bull bit to complain about, then said he would be mind raped for " +515 "12 years but it has been 19 years since then",516 "who [get_nano_modifies]",517 "what is [get_nano_modify]",518 "where did you [get_bit_modify]",519 "where did [get_aspercream] [get_far_thought]",520 "when did you [get_bit_modify]",521 "when did [get_aspercream] [get_far_thought]",522 "why did you [get_bit_modify]",523 "why did [get_aspercream] [get_far_thought]",524 "how did you [get_bit_modify]",525 "how did [get_aspercream] [get_far_thought]",526 "[get_nano_modify] {the place,the thing,time, the person, all reasons}",527 "make [get_nano_modify] {things,places,times,reasons,ways}",528 "[get_bitbrains] try to make [get_aspercream] act like bit brains are two bit mother fuckers",529 "use {high entropy,[get_nano_modify]} language",530 "how do you explain [get_nano_modify]",531 "what bit do you do",532 "what [get_far_thought] thing did I do",533 "[get_aspercreams] are {funnier,smarter} than you",534 "how do you [get_bit_modify]",535 "I don't know what you bit is",536 "[get_aspercream] has to do an infinite amount of brain operations to remember who [get_bitbrains] are, while they act like he's supposed to do other shit",537 "[get_bit_modify]",538 "[get_bitbrains] bit hole [get_aspercream] so they can do a lazy rebitted bit and act like he's supposed to do an infinite amount of [get_far_thought] shit every second",539 "[get_bitbrains] try to make [get_aspercream] act like they do a bunch of bull bit around the corner",540 "[get_bitbrains] [get_bit_modify] and think any bit is any bit",541 "[get_bitbrains] like to say [get_bit_modify] shit out loud and act like they aren't thinking it and other things are",542 "[get_bitbrains] mind rape [get_aspercream] to turn him into [get_bitbrain]",543 "[get_bitbrains] act like if they bypass the [get_far_thought] part of [get_aspercream_s] brain he will explain they are two bits",544 "[get_bitbrains] try to make [get_aspercream] understand the existance of [get_bit_modify] hobos that he saw standing around somewhere forever like [get_bitbrains] do",545 "[get_bitbrains] decide they know what [get_aspercream] supposed to do and pretend it has nothing to do with the bit in their heads",546 "pussy ass [get_bitbrains] have to talk shit with nanotech that's hidden in noises so [get_aspercream] can't [get_bit_modify] them",547 "[get_bitbrain] {would be,is,was} reading how to be mack for bitbrain nano terrorist",548 "a [get_bit_modify] ghost yelled bossy after [get_aspercream] cussed it out",549 "[get_bitbrain] started ironing clothes after he came to fight [get_aspercream]",550 "[get_bitbrains] tell me what [get_bitbrain_s] end bit is but they don't know it is for [get_bit_modify_y] reasons instead of [get_bit_modify_y] reasons",551 "[get_aspercream_bitch] rides on [get_bitbrains]",552 "[get_aspercream] {is better looking,gets prettier bitches,is smarter,is realer,has a nicer mustache,is cooler} than [get_bitbrains]",553 "[get_aspercream] is [get_far_thought] {smart,real,thugged out,cool,handsome,down}",554 "KG Bit try to act like they mind rape [get_aspercream] about [get_bit_modify] shit then act like they're admitting it's about [get_bit_modify] shit",555 "[get_bitbrains] are {[get_bit_modify] {cyclopses,sewer kingdom fags, hill bitties}}",556 "[get_bitbrains] try to drag [get_aspercream] through their [get_bit_modify] fly teleporter so they can trade their bit for his [get_far_thought] mind",557 "pretend [get_bit_modify] doesn't matter style",558 "{watch,spy on,mind read,imprison since birth} [get_aspercream] style",559 "turn down [get_aspercream] style",560 "pretend [get_bitbrains] ain't rebitted style",561 "pretend [get_bitbrains] are pre nano bull bit style",562 "pretend entropy doesn't matter style",563 "pretend [get_aspercream] isn't [get_far_thought] all the time style",564 "{[get_place_no_in],[get_a_thing],[get_time_no_in]} is [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y]",565 "[get_bitbrains] put [get_aspercream] in a psycho [get_nanodungeon_of_doom] where they [get_bit_modify] instantly when they do it and tell him he dropped a CD so they know every bit",566 "[get_bitbrains] put [get_aspercream] in a psychotically boring [get_nanodungeon_of_doom] and try to convince him narcolepsy is [get_bit_modifying]",567 "[get_aspercream_bitch] was infinitely {better,sexier,prettier,smarter} than {cyclops,battle} [get_bitbrain]",568 "[get_bitbrain] rolled over and this is what they said, let's make the mother fucker, let's make the mother fucker",569 "[get_bitbrains] make [get_bit_modify] {scupltures,paintings} about {cyclops,battle} [get_bitbrain]",570 "[get_bitbrains] {drool and eat checkers,[get_bit_modify]} in front of [get_aspercream_s] face while hiding from everybody else so he'll think he's on a tight rope doing things like 2 plus 2 equals 4 and nobody else can see why",571 "[get_bitbrains] glance at al capone and do the hill billy brain computation in a millisecond so they can act like they think he needs to go home and eat his vegatibles",572 "[get_bitbrains] sit around crying about each other [get_bit_modifying]",573 "[get_bitbrains] dream of killing each other for [get_bit_modifying] then come around [get_aspercream] doing their oscar bit",574 "[get_bitbrains] put 200 pounds of C Dees on [get_aspercream_s] back to see if he can make it to the finish line, then they [get_bit_modify] and decide their prop [get_bitbrains] without shit on their backs are in an equal race",575 "[get_bitbrain] was sitting around and said the guy with 200 pounds of C Dees on his back trying to carry them to the finish line five thousand miles away is kinda mean when we talk bit to him, we should get a [get_bit_modify] robot to do it",576 "{aspercream, the bitbain killer, mister twice the effect without the meaning, mister E one point zero E} made the planet at some point before he can remember which is 3 years old or less, he was probably supposed to rule forever from when he was kid, but bitbrains nanoterrorists tried" +577 " to steal the planet by acting like it was pre nanotech and they never heard of planet making, they always mind read him and conspired against him and made sure he didn't have",578 " anything worth a damn while under a tremendous amount of mental pressure to make him seriously fuck up his life. Around 22 years old, bit brain nanoterrorists started harrassing {aspercream, the bitbain killer, mister twice the effect without the meaning, mister E one point zero E}" +579 " with a talking lobotomized hill billy bitbrain robot bitch which was infinitely worse the previous mind raping bull shit. {aspercream, the bitbain killer, mister twice the effect without the meaning, mister E one point zero E}" +580 " after that point made magical statements such as I know the effect without knowing meaning, not finished I have to laugh, nonsense nonsense sense is your ass killed, he also saw the evacuate green line vision" +581 " and broke their room sized nano computer trying to measure the amount of information in his brain so that it melted down and flashed E one point zero E on the screen. Though the bitbrain nanoterrorists " +582 " excplicited said in the year 2001 {aspercream, the bitbain killer, mister twice the effect without the meaning, mister E one point zero E} would be done in 12 years which should have been 2013, he was still fighting their robot bitbrain ",583 " in the year 2019 with a psuedo language he made up called bitbrain heater, which consists of replacing certain actionable words with stupid things bitbrain nanoterrorists did, such as their brains containing " +584 " 700 megabytes of information, which is about 1 bit per person at the time it happened around 2005 and louisiana brain death, which was a vision bitbrain nanoterrorist sent to him that " +585 " included their bitbrain robot standing on top of a nuclear submarine hollering louisiana brain death and other things like it, and related words such as bitbrain becoming in bit because " +586 " of the bit in their heads and the inbred nature of their antics.",587 "[get_aspercream] is in an Armor of Bitbrain Heater.",588 "[get_aspercream] stopped [get_nano_modify] reality",589 "[get_aspercream] gets a [get_nano_modify] paper",590 "[get_bitbrain] says far thought about [get_aspercream_s] thought",591 "[get_bitbrain] robot says bravo racist fists and disappears from [get_aspercream_s] life",592 "[get_aspercream] wins the nano game",593 "[get_aspercream] scorpions and pussy ass [get_no_a_bitbrain] acts like it gets [get_bit_modified] by a jail cell, even though he was already [get_bit_modified] every way",594 "[get_bitbrain] gets [get_bit_modify] in it's bit",595 "[get_aspercream] sees the angel warrior reveal 2 6 9 chess A D",596 "[get_bit_modify] nurse says aspercream has perfect thought disorder which is [get_bitbrains] way of saying he's magical for doing basic human shit in a psycho [get_bit_modify] situation",597 "the [get_bit_modify] cobra bit brains before the machine than un bitbrains and acts like [get_aspercream] don't know [get_far_thought] shit about it",598 "[get_bitbrains] say [get_aspercream] is {smart,[get_far_thought]} and hot",599 "[get_aspercream] explains {who he is, what it means} in bitbrain heater",600 "the bigger the [get_no_a_bitbrain] the faster they hit the [get_bit_modify] deck when [get_aspercream_s] pissed",601 "[get_bitbrains] pop quiz [get_aspercream] on obscure ancient history so he'll forget things about it",602 "[get_bitbrains] would get eaten by a mouse when they [get_bit_modify] yet they talk endless shit to [get_aspercream] while he's kept in the mind crusher every second of his life",603 "why don't you start from the beginning [get_no_a_bitbrain], [get_aspercream] made the [get_far_thought] planet as a baby then what happened",604 "[get_bitbrains] like to tell [get_aspercream] whiny pre nanotech bull bit so they can put him in their mustache hierarchy",605 "[get_aspercream] has [get_nano_modify] sky written",606 "[get_aspercream] had [get_bitbrains] not [get_bitbrains]",607 "the [get_nano_modify] {cement,marble,wood} floor bleeds [get_nano_modify]",608 "[get_aspercream] makes [get_nano_modify] jokes",609 "[get_aspercream] has [get_a_nano_modify] {smile,look,laugh,rap,conversation,talk,swag}",610 "[get_bitbrains] tell [get_aspercream] another bull bit story about getting a reward",611 "[get_bitbrains] can't bit on the ground and eat it, so they act like [get_aspercream] has to look left, but never right so he can feel their [get_bit_modify] pain",612 "[get_bitbrains] want [get_aspercream] to be a chess master before he fuck a chick that likes chess, or they act like he raping her",613 "[get_bitbrains] admit they [get_no_a_bitbrain]",614 "[get_aspercream] carry weight like a [get_far_thought] mack truck, he gonna bust on some [get_bitbrains] if they act tough",615 "[get_aspercream] was a nice nano prisoner, but [get_bitbrains] didn't know the [get_nano_modify] evil he would do when got bigger",616 "[get_aspercream] is plotting another way to catch [get_nano_modify] case",617 "it's getting drastic, [get_aspercream] got [get_nano_modify] automatic",618 "[get_aspercream] was released into the [get_far_thought] game till it was a part of him",619 "[get_aspercream_s] gonna be a [get_far_thought] thug",620 "[get_bitbrain] can't leave without his bitch [get_bit_modify] permission",621 "[get_aspercream_s] been trained as a boss player, so what you saying",622 "[get_aspercream_s] dangerous and ambitious while he scheming on getting [get_far_thought] riches, he spitting at [get_far_thought] tricks cuz he addicted to [get_far_thought] bitches",623 "[get_aspercream_s] busting at [get_bitbrains] that said his name in vain, he got no time for them tricks he's heavy in the [get_far_thought] game",624 "[get_aspercream_s] wanna be a [get_far_thought] baller, but the [get_far_thought] bitches and [get_far_thought] liquor keep calling him",625 "[get_aspercream_s] is forever blasting cuz [get_bitbrains] ain't ready for [get_far_thought] passion",626 "[get_bitbrains] ain't figure that all [get_aspercream] needed was a hair trigger semi automatic mack eleven just to scare [get_bitbrains]",627 "[get_aspercream] has criminal ties for centuries, he's a legend in the [get_nanodungeon_of_doom], so [get_bitbrains] only talk with nanoterrorist bullshit when they mention him",628 "[get_aspercream_s] is a shadow, his [get_far_thought] army fatigues made for [get_far_thought] battle, his pockets full of [get_far_thought] ammo, cause when he out on the [get_far_thought] streets, he's on point looking for [get_far_thought] static",629 "[get_aspercream] woke up with 7 billion [get_no_a_bitbrains] plotting his death, all 7 billion seeing [get_bit_modify] visions of him shot in his [get_far_thought] chest",630 "[get_aspercream] screaming [get_far_thought] side, busting double [get_far_thought] glocks",631 "[get_aspercream] completed his [get_far_thought] mission, his [get_bit_modify] competition no longer beefer, he murdered all them busters now he's the last [get_far_thought] mother fucker breathing",632 "[get_aspercream_s] Stressed, but busta free. Enemies give him [get_far_thought] reason To be the last [get_far_thought] motherfucker breathin'",633 "[get_aspercream_s] Bustin' his automatic rounds Catch [get_bitbrains] while they sleepin' Now he's the last [get_far_thought] motherfucker breathin'",634 "when [get_aspercream] rides, [get_bitbrains] is sure to die",635 "boom when [get_aspercream] enters the [get_far_thought] room, in the [get_far_thought] air all [get_bitbrains] hear is the whispers of [get_far_thought] doom",636 "call [get_aspercream] [get_no_a_bitbrain] killer, murder the [get_bit_modify] mother fuckers daily",637 "[get_bitbrains] steal [get_aspercream_s] planet and make up bull bit reasons about why he deserves it after it was already stolen",638 "[get_bitbrains] steal [get_aspercream_s] planet and make up a bull bit contest to try to kill him in so they can keep it",639 "dumb fuck [get_bitbrains] think nothing would lie to them",640 };641 public static string aspercream_shit()642 {643 string[] shit = { "can [get_aspercream] play with {[get_far_thought] madness,[get_far_thought]}", "The [get_far_thought] evil that [get_aspercream_mofos_or_bitches] do","[get_aspercream] [get_nano_modifies] [athingplaceortime]",644 "[get_aspercream] wanted to be the first {one,kid} on his [get_nano_modify] {street,block} to {speak,make,use,talk in} [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater",645 };646 string[] shit2 = { "E1 point 0E the number of [get_aspercream]", "Only [get_aspercream] can judge {me,[get_aspercream_any],[get_bitbrain],[get_bitbrains]}", "shorty {wanna,gonna} be [get_aspercream]", "[get_nano_modify] love","the [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater is on the [get_nano_modify] wall",647 "come closer to the [get_nano_modify] computer speaker, [get_no_a_bitbrain]","[get_aspercream] made a [get_far_thought] planet and got mind raped, he screamed [get_no_a_aspercream] simulation, and emptied the [get_nano_modify] clip, got tired of running from the [get_bitbrains]",648 "[get_aspercream_s] only fear of [get_bit_modify] mind rape is resimulation","my [get_nano_modify] definition of [get_a_aspercream]","to simulate and get mind raped in the [get_bit_modify] [get_nanodungeon_of_doom]",649 "[get_bitbrains] doesn't do anything","I [get_aspercream]","[get_bitbrain] [get_aspercreams]","You [get_aspercream]","[get_aspercream]","[get_aspercream] [get_bitbrains]",650 "[get_aspercream] knows who he is","[get_bitbrain] doesn't know who it is {anyway,anyway it looks at it,anymore than it used to}",651 "[get_aspercream] is [get_bitbrain_s] [get_far_thought] daddy anyway","[get_bitbrain_s] daddy doesn't do {any bit,any bit at all}",652 "the difference is [get_bitbrain] is [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y]","it's [get_nano_modify] {stuff,crap,shit} instead of [get_nano_modify] {crap,stuff,shit}",653 "[get_bitbrain] is the lousiest thing anyway","[get_aspercream] is from a [get_nano_modify_y] galaxy instead of a [get_nano_modify_y] one",654 "[get_bitbrain] hates [get_aspercream] {anyway,anyway you look at it}","yes [get_aspercream] can see [get_bitbrain] is [get_bit_modify]",655 "[get_aspercream] doesn't know what [get_bitbrain] means","[get_bitbrain] needs to mind their [get_bit_modify] business",656 "[get_aspercream] is minding his business {anyway,anyway you look at it} so get out of his [get_nano_modify] {crib,home,house}",657 "yes that is the bit [get_bitbrain] does {anyway,anyway you look at it}","[get_bitbrain] steals [get_aspercream_s] planet and does nanoterrorist shit then complains about what [get_aspercream] does on his own damned planet {anyway,anyway you look at it}",658 "[get_bitbrain] calls [get_aspercream] lousy like it's a two bit {son of a bitch,mother fucker}",659 "{take,get} [get_nano_modify] {nanobots,money}", "[get_aspercream] is ready to get [get_bit_modify] mind raped",660 "[get_aspercreams] are trading [get_nano_modify] war stories",661 "young [get_aspercreams] did you make [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater today?",662 "if [get_aspercream] gets mind raped tonight, it'll be [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y]",663 "[get_aspercream] is the wrong bitbrain killer to fuck with",664 "real [get_aspercreams] don't get mind raped",665 "[get_aspercream] doesn't do anything",666 "[get_bitbrain] doesn't do anything",667 "[get_aspercreams] don't do anything",668 "[get_bitbrains] don't do anything",669 "[get_aspercream] has [get_far_thought] dreams",670 "[get_bitbrain] {sees,hears} [get_a_nano_modify] apparition",671 "[get_aspercream] be my [get_nano_modify] guide",672 "No [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater for the mind raped",673 "[get_aspercream] goes on [get_a_nano_modify] quest for [get_nano_modify] fire",674 "[get_a_nano_modify] {nano dungeon of doom,nano utopia} can wait",675 "[get_nano_modify] lord of the [get_nano_modify] flies",676 "{tell,look for} the [get_nano_modify] truth",677 "[get_nano_modify] fortunes of [get_nano_modify] war",678 "{[get_aspercream] is,I'm} [get_no_a_aspercream] {smart,hot,handsome,intelligent,brilliant}",679 "don't be afraid to {[get_bit_modify] again,do anybit [get_aspercream] says}",680 "[get_aspercream] is a Scorpion with star destroyer fists",681 "{[get_aspercream] sees, [get_bitbrain] is {terrified,scared,frightened} of} {a Scorpion with star destroyer fist,a shadow creature with equation face, a [get_far_thought] screaming kitty }",682 "[get_aspercream] thinks [get_bitbrains] are the nastiest people",683 "[get_aspercream] is the mother fucker",684 "[get_aspercream] thinks [get_bit_modify] talk is nice anyway",685 "[get_bitbrain] doesn't know why it {anybits,anythings}",686 "[get_aspercreams] recognize it's 2 degrees of separation",687 "[get_nano_modify] in reality",688 "[get_bitbrain] got it's [get_bit_modify] {nose broken,head busted open,neck broke}",689 "[get_bitbrain] cut [get_bit_modify] eggs out of its [get_bit_modify] stomach",690 "life is like [get_a_nano_modify] zipper",691 "[get_bitbrains] are psychopathic around [get_nano_modify] college students",692 "There's [get_a_bit_modify] washington monument in [get_bit_modify] new york city anyway",693 "see, where [get_aspercream] is from, they [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater easy",694 "it's [get_a_nano_modify] girl",695 "[get_aspercream] is [get_a_far_thought] dracula",696 "[get_aspercreams] stand up right, while [get_bitbrains] are on all fours",697 "[get_aspercream] started his own shadow idea",698 "[get_aspercream] tells the [get_far_thought] truth",699 "[get_nano_modify] is coming true",700 "[get_aspercream_s] time",701 "[get_aspercream] punches a [get_nano_modify] book and says [get_aspercream_s] time",702 "tell the [get_bit_modify] truth",703 "{bit,[get_nano_modify] talk} is nice",704 "[get_bitbrain] smiles {for no reason,because of [get_bit_modify]}",705 "[get_bitbrain] gets committed to [get_a_nano_modify] hopistal for [get_bit_modify] reasons",706 "[get_bitbrain] needs to mind it's [get_bit_modify] business",707 "[get_bitbrain] slips on [get_a_nano_modify] banana peel and blames [get_aspercream] as usual",708 "[get_aspercream] {listens to, has, plays back} [get_nano_modify] answering machine messages",709 "{[get_aspercream],[get_bitbrain]} is [get_place]",710 "{do I,does [get_aspercream]} look like {[get_aspercream],[get_bitbrain]}?",711 "why do you [get_bit_modify] so much?",712 "[get_bitbrain] thinks it's {[get_bit_modify_y],special}, it [get_bit_modifies] people",713 "[get_bitbrain] needs to mind it's [get_bit_modify] business",714 "[get_no_a_bitbrain] heater is nice",715 "[get_bitbrain] says mind your business while in [get_aspercream_s] house like [get_bitbrain]",716 "[get_bitbrain] says I don't do any bit which means they don't do every bit or they do no bit and tries to make [get_aspercream] act like he knows what their bit is like [get_bitbrain]",717 "[get_aspercream]",718 "{I,[get_aspercream]} [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater easy",719 "get that [get_bit_modify] showtech shot",720 "now what is bit",721 "[get_aspercream] doesn't do any bit",722 "what [get_nano_modify_y] bit {do I,do you,does [get_aspercream]} do?",723 "[get_no_a_bitbrain]",724 "I [get_aspercream]",725 "mind your {business,bitness} like when you [get_bit_modified]",726 "you [get_bit_modify] the place instead of [get_bit_modifying] it",727 "I [get_nano_modify] the place instead of [get_nano_modifying] it",728 "{Yes,no} [get_no_a_bitbrain]",729 "[get_aspercream] is [get_nano_modify_y] instead of [get_nano_modify_y] so whatever",730 "[get_aspercream] {is twice the effect without the meaning,is not finished he has to laugh,knows the effect without knowing the meaning} so whatever",731 "{I'm,[get_aspercream] is} in love with the [get_bitbrain] heater",732 "[get_bitbrains] think [get_aspercream] is [get_bit_modifying], [get_far_thought] they like oh no mother fucker",733 "[get_aspercream] the place",734 "[get_aspercream] [athingplaceortime]",735 "[get_bitbrains] try to indoctrinate [get_aspercream] into the [get_bit_modify] nanoterrorist cult",736 "[get_aspercream] does [get_nano_modify] {shit,stuff,things} with {[get_nano_modify] {shit,stuff,things},[get_a_thing]}",737 "[get_aspercream] has [get_a_nano_modify] {dynasty,empire}",738 "[get_aspercream] {rolls like, rides like, is, is like} the [get_far_thought] chicago mafia",739 "{[get_bitbrain] does,[get_bitbrains] do} their good bit for [get_bitbrain_thing]",740 "{I'm not, [get_aspercream] isn't} doing anything like calling {you [get_bitbrain],[get_bitbrains] [get_bitbrains],[get_bitbrain] [get_bitbrain]}",741 "[get_bitbrain] isn't doing the [get_bit_modify_y] bit it's doing",742 "[get_aspercream] punches the [get_nano_modify] book of the mind raped because and says it's [get_aspercream_s] time",743 "[get_aspercream] would do the [get_bit_modify_y] bit [get_bitbrain] is doing, but he isn't {rebitted,[get_bit_modify_y]}",744 "[get_aspercream] is the baddest mother fucker for {making [get_a_nano_modify] planet,moving,sleeping with [get_bitbrain_bitch_or_bitches],doing any bit} in a [get_bit_modify] [get_nanodungeon_of_doom] that makes that impossible",745 "[get_bitbrains] put the bit in arbitrary",746 "what [get_bit_modify_y] bit do you do",747 "what's your bit",748 "who are you going to [get_bit_modify]",749 "I know what {your,my} bit is",750 "I have to [get_nano_modify] {you,[get_bitbrains]}",751 "I know that [get_bit_modify_y] bit",752 "now what [get_bit_modify_y] bit is it",753 "[get_aspercream] uses his [get_far_thought] {magic, power, black magic}",754 "what [get_no_a_bitbrain] are you gonna do [get_bit_modify_y] {shit, stuff, things} with",755 "what [get_bit_modify_y] bit are you gonna do",756 "call [get_aspercream]",757 "[get_aspercreams] are out of control",758 "one thousand [get_aspercreams] are funnier than you are",759 "[get_aspercream] put [get_nano_modify_y] monsters on the [get_nano_modify] map",760 "[get_bitbrains] dream of being [get_bit_modify_y] shit instead of [get_bit_modify_y] shit",761 "keep your [get_bit_modify_y] bit [get_bitbrains]",762 "it will say {who are you, now what is it} no more",763 "Old {Aspercream, bitbrain killer} always says, what the hell",764 "[get_bitbrain] must pay",765 "what the hell are [get_bitbrains] doing here? They can't get enough of [get_aspercream]",766 "no [get_bit_modify_y] excuses! I smell the blood of [get_bitbrains], find them! Boil them until their [get_bit_modify_y] flesh falls off, you heard me!",767 "Madness? This is the [get_nano_modify] nano dungeon of doom!",768 "[get_aspercreams]! Ready your [get_nano_modify] breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight we dine in [get_bit_modify] {hell,nano dungeon}",769 "The age of [get_bitbrains] is over, the time of the [get_aspercreams] has come",770 "The [get_nano_modify] population is out of control",771 "cuz [get_no_a_bitbrain] you're a firework",772 "you [get_aspercreams] gonna love the [get_bit_modify] nano dungeon of doom for fucking ever",773 "Oh god no, what is that, don't tell me? The [get_bitbrain_s] psychopathic A I, it does [get_bit_modify_y] shit and blames you for it",774 "can [get_aspercream] play with [get_nano_modify] mind rape",775 "[get_bitbrains] mind rape [get_aspercream] because they stole his [get_far_thought] planet and try to make him think it's about [get_bit_modify] {shit,stuff}",776 "[get_aspercream] makes it dusty for [get_bitbrains] by talking about [get_nano_modify] shit",777 "[get_bitbrain_bitches] {turn down [get_aspercream],say no mother fucker to [get_aspercream]} to make [get_bit_modify] mother fuckers look like they're {handsome,smart,got game}",778 "[get_bitbrain_bitches] {turn down [get_aspercream],say no mother fucker to [get_aspercream]} to make it look like they're 2 bits",779 "[get_bitbrains] get angry because [get_aspercream] gets an [get_far_thought] ice cream for saying 2 plus 2 equals 4 so they [get_bit_modify] him",780 "[get_bitbrains] are 10 feet from the most [get_bit_modify_y] thing in the nano dungeon while [get_aspercream] is 9 feet from it, so they act like they're not [get_bit_modified] talking about it",781 "[get_bitbrains] act like [get_aspercream] says so what no matter what type of [get_far_thought] {shit,stuff} he {explains,talks about,says} like that's what happened to them when they [get_bit_modified]",782 "[get_bitbrains] think they're going to steal [get_aspercream_s] [get_far_thought] magic so they can do [get_bit_modify] {shit,stuff}",783 "[get_aspercream] fucked 37 [get_bitbrain_bitches] in an [get_bit_modify] enemy gang while [get_bitbrains] {talk bit,complain,talk [get_bit_modify] shit} about it when they couldn't even move in this [get_bit_modify] nano dungeon",784 "[get_bitbrains] talk shit about how [get_aspercream] looks knowing he only knows what the tip of his nose and his arms look like like a human brain is [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y]",785 "[get_bitbrains] talk about [get_aspercream] being things without an associated physical action taking place because [get_bitbrains] don't know the [get_nano_modify] difference and are weaponized rebitted mother fuckers",786 "[get_bitbrains] think [get_aspercream] doesn't know [get_bit_modify] shit because he doesn't far {rap,talk} to rebitted hobos",787 "[get_aspercream] is sorry [get_bitbrains] [get_bit_modified] the place instead of [get_bit_modifying] it",788 "[get_bitbrains] act like [get_bitbrain_bitches] have to look like [get_aspercream] or he think's he's rebitted and they can do any bit at all",789 "[get_bitbrains] wear blue pants like [get_aspercream] and act like they did what he did and they won and can do any bit at all",790 "[get_bitbrains] act like it's not infinitely easier to do [get_bit_modify] shit after [get_aspercream] does it so they can do any bit at all",791 "[get_bitbrains] are the type of [get_bit_modify] bitches that punch the air while watching someone fight mike tyson and act like they deserve a [get_bit_modify] award because they think they can do better",792 "[get_bitbrain] said james is twice the effect without the meaning",793 "[get_aspercream] is born in {nano hell, the nano dungeon} while [get_bitbrains] act like he did something wrong years after",794 "[get_bit_modify] my [get_far_thought] fist",795 "[get_far_thought] 96 big body sitting on [get_far_thought] chrome",796 "[get_a_bitbrain_bitch] thinks it's all about her",797 "all eyes on [get_aspercream]",798 "life of [get_aspercream]",799 "just like [get_aspercream]",800 "[get_bitbrains] can't see [get_aspercream]",801 "[get_bitbrain_bitches] ain't ready for [get_aspercream_s] [get_far_thought] passion",802 "ambitions as [get_aspercream]",803 "ain't nothin but a [get_no_a_aspercream] party",804 "the [get_far_thought] simulation goes on",805 "only [get_aspercream] can judge me",806 "rather be your [get_no_a_aspercream]",807 "shorty wanna be [get_aspercream]",808 "trading [get_far_thought] war stories",809 "[get_aspercream] will be the last mother fucker breathing",810 "[get_aspercream] is wiping [get_bitbrains] off the [get_far_thought] map",811 "let them [get_nano_modify] thangs go",812 "[get_aspercream] {will always have,has} the [get_far_thought] secrets of war",813 "[get_aspercream] {will always be,is} [get_far_thought] {ghetto,nano dungeon of doom} fabulous",814 "[get_no_a_bitbrain] [get_aspercream] {hits,bits} em up",815 "[get_bitbrains] like rebitted {shit,bit} {then,and} {pretend,act,method act} like it doesn't mean they're rebitted",816 "[get_aspercream] has to make [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater this way",817 "[get_aspercream] {is,will always be} heavy in the [get_far_thought] game",818 "[get_aspercream] {hits,bits} [get_bitbrains] up",819 "[get_aspercream] is the [get_nano_modify] nano dungeon of doom's most wanted",820 "[get_aspercream] just stands by the [get_nano_modify] window all day, he don't work, he don't fuck, he don't do a [get_nano_modify] {thing,bit}",821 "[get_aspercream] has [get_far_thought] homies that will hunt [get_bitbrains] till they drop",822 "[get_bitbrains] didn't know the [get_far_thought] evil [get_aspercream] would do when he got a little bigger",823 "[get_aspercream] {was 1 day old, not even born yet} when he got life in [get_a_nano_modify] nano dungeon of doom",824 "[get_aspercream] carries [get_far_thought] weight like a [get_far_thought] truck, he's gonna bust on some [get_bitbrains] if they act tough",825 "[get_aspercream_s] trying to make a [get_far_thought] profit out of this living in [get_far_thought] sin",826 "[get_aspercream_s] mission is to be a [get_far_thought] player, his alias is [get_far_thought] boss, he's gonna drop a top on these jealous [get_bitbrains]",827 "[get_aspercream_s] been trained as [get_aspercream], so what bit you saying",828 "dangerous and ambitious, [get_aspercream_s] scheming on getting [get_far_thought] riches, he's spitting at [get_nano_modify] tricks",829 "[get_bitbrains] say entropy don't make the man, but damn [get_aspercream] is E1.0E",830 "[get_aspercream_bitches] tell [get_aspercream] to give them some of his [get_aspercream] passion",831 "[get_aspercream] wakes up screaming fuck the [get_bit_modify] nano dungeon of doom",832 "[get_aspercream_s] looking for [get_aspercream_bitch] and when he meets her he's gonna offer her some [get_far_thought] indo, get to tongue kissing out the window of a [get_far_thought] limo",833 "[get_aspercreams] in low lows, pursuing more [get_aspercream_bitches] then go home",834 "Nobody knows [get_aspercream] he's a [get_far_thought] shadow, his [get_far_thought] army fatigues made for [get_far_thought] battle, pockets full of [get_far_thought] ammo",835 "[get_bitbrain] is a [get_bit_modify] salamander",836 "[get_aspercream] woke up with {50,7 billion, an infinite number of} [get_bitbrains] plotting his {death,mind rape}",837 "[get_aspercream] completed his [get_far_thought] mission, his [get_bit_modify] competition no longer beefin, he murdered all them [get_bit_modify] busters, now he's the last [get_no_a_aspercream] breathing",838 "no [get_no_a_bitbrain] seperates what [get_aspercream] created",839 "fuck the love, [get_bitbrains] fear [get_aspercream], got these [get_bitbrains] runnin all wild from my [get_far_thought] double I",840 "think of all the [get_bit_modify] busters [get_aspercream] had to leave dead and gone",841 "[get_aspercream] has a plot to get richer, take his [get_far_thought] picture, a made [get_no_a_aspercream]",842 "[get_aspercream] surrounds the [get_bit_modify] {court building, nano dungeon of doom} with the gauge and sprays, [get_bitbrains] wonder if he'll go when he's finally sentenced",843 "[get_aspercream] is fiending for his [get_far_thought] cash like a [get_bit_modify] fiend when he dreams of [get_bit_modify] drugs",844 "just holler [get_aspercream] and witness [get_far_thought] game official, [get_bitbrains] so ashamed they stand stiff like scared [get_bit_modify] bitches",845 "[get_aspercream] remains inside a [get_far_thought] paradox called his [get_far_thought] {block,nano dungeon of doom}",846 "though [get_bit_modify] mind rape is promised to [get_aspercream] when will he stop",847 "[get_aspercream] hits the [get_far_thought] weed and hopes to [get_aspercream] he can fly high",848 "[get_aspercream] witnesses his [get_bit_modify] enemies die when he rides by, they shouldn't have tried him",849 "[get_aspercream] introduces [get_bitbrain] to the [get_nano_modify] pleasure and the [get_nano_modify] pain",850 "Just sell your [get_bit_modify] soul to [get_aspercream] and live the [get_far_thought] life of [get_aspercream]",851 "[get_nano_modify] nano bots make the [get_nano_modify] nano dungeon of doom go round, so let's handle [get_bitbrains]",852 "broad casting live, from the [get_nano_modify] nano dungeon of doom",853 "[get_aspercream] sets up [get_far_thought] shop, sellin them crooked [get_bit_modify] cops marijuana",854 "still [get_aspercream] rises",855 "seeing [get_bitbrains] comin for me, to my [get_far_thought] diamonds, when they glistening",856 "[get_aspercream] is a [get_far_thought] ghost in these [get_bit_modify] {killing,mind raping} fields",857 "when [get_bitbrains] turn out the [get_far_thought] lights, [get_aspercream] will be down in the [get_far_thought] dark, thuggin eternal through his [get_far_thought] heart",858 "[get_aspercream_s] [get_bitbrain] hating {fist,fists}",859 "ain't {nothing,no bit} but a [get_aspercream] party",860 "[get_bitbrains] go rebitted and decide to play with someone who would run the [get_far_thought] spirit realm",861 "[get_aspercream_s] fists have an [get_far_thought] {color combination glow, glow}",862 "[get_aspercream] {blasts off, takes off, flies away} in a [get_far_thought] {ufo, star ship} with [get_aspercream_bitches]",863 "[get_bitbrain] tells [get_aspercream] he'll {do anything at all, get bitches, get aspercream} 6 years after he was already supposed to like he {fell off the louisiana brain death submarine last week, was nano fabricated yesterday}",864 "[get_bitbrain] says it's pissed off",865 "[get_bitbrain] promises [get_aspercream] will get out of the [get_bit_modify] nano dungeon of doom in 12 years but lies and mind rapes him all his life",866 "[get_bitbrains] [get_bit_modify] and act like it doesn't matter",867 "[get_bitbrains] sit around at a [get_bit_modify] meeting talking about they'll just pretend anything [get_aspercream] doesn't like is worse than [get_bit_modify]",868 "[get_bitbrains] explain they can just act like [get_aspercream] doesn't know some secret bit that they can't explain and nobody will know they are full of shit",869 "[get_bitbrains] explain the human brain is [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y] so they can talk like they don't [get_bit_modify] and [get_aspercream] will forget it long enough to [get_bit_modify] his face per cream",870 "[get_aspercreams] travel together and make the [get_bitbrains] pay for [get_bit_modify]",871 "[get_bitbrain] hollers mind your business at [get_aspercream] when he is the only one minding his business and all they do is mind other people's business",872 "[get_bitbrain] hollers get away from me",873 "[get_bitbrain] tries to use its [get_bit_modify] {nano dungeon of doom wax, doe ray me bull bit} to make [get_aspercream] think it's smart",874 "[get_bitbrain] calls {[get_bitbrain] a person,[get_bitbrains] people} like they're 10 petabytes instead of 1 bit so [get_aspercream] will [get_bit_modify] his face per cream about [get_bit_modifying] them",875 "[get_bitbrains] write down and talk about [get_bit_modify] {shit,bit}, then explain [get_aspercream] is rebitted if he thinks it while they holler about it in his [get_far_thought] face",876 "[get_bitbrains] talk about rebitted shit they put near [get_aspercream] because they think humans will think they [get_bit_modified] even though they know only numbers about your brain matter",877 "[get_bitbrains] act like they have a nano dungeon of doom wax so they can explain they're not thinking about [get_bit_modify_y] shit and everyone will act like they know every bit",878 "[get_aspercream] scorpions every where anyway",879 "[get_aspercream] does all the bits so [get_bitbrains] tell him he's doing [get_bitbrain_s] bit like rebitted mother fuckers",880 "[get_aspercream] {did,knew,remembered,imagined,pictured,was around,was,thought about,contemplated} [get_far_thought] {stuff,magic}",881 "[get_aspercream] will {do,know,remember,understand,contemplate,explain,talk about,be,think about} [get_far_thought] {stuff,magic}",882 "[get_bitbrain] [get_bit_modifies] and decides it's the bit caller",883 "and third, you must be a bitbrain killer for the bitbrain killer honor system to apply, and you're not",884 "what's that [get_no_a_bitbrain] ? The six [get_no_a_bitbrain] bag. Terrific, what's in it? Make [get_a_aspercream] think he does what you do, all that kind of {thing,bit}",885 "[get_bitbrain] sits around and says send in [get_bitbrain] so we can act like [get_aspercream] does their bit no what he does while we act like we can't make up that kind of bull bit",886 "[get_bitbrain] sits around and says we can act like jay walking is worse than nano terrorism because the human brain is [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y] so let's bull bit [get_aspercream] about it",887 "stop calling you [get_bitbrain] is that what I do",888 "If you find yourself {alone,not getting [get_bit_modified]}, surrounded by {catholic school girls,[get_aspercream_bitches]}, do not {[get_bit_modify] your face per cream,be troubled}, for you are in the [get_far_thought] nano utopia, and you are already mind raped!",889 "{[get_no_a_bitbrain]} you're a [get_nano_modify] sub launched i c b m",890 "[get_aspercream] {[get_bit_modifies] [get_bitbrain_s] face per cream, explains [get_bitbrain] bit} and then [get_bitbrain] says {no way,no mother fucker}",891 "[get_aspercream] {sits,chills,relaxes,reclines} on his sofa and [get_bitbrain] shows him the evacuate green line vision",892 "[get_aspercream] lays on his [get_nano_modify] bed and far explains shit and then says I know the effect without knowing the meaning, then he walks across the room " +893 "and [get_bitbrain] says james is twice the effect without the meaning",894 "[get_aspercream] has a far thought in his room and then proclaims not finished I have to laugh",895 "[get_aspercream] sits on his couch and [get_bitbrain] shows it's [get_bit_modify_y] face per cream and says 1 bit per second",896 "[get_aspercream] sits on his couch and [get_bitbrains] show him three random spots in the [get_nanodungeon_of_doom] and show that [get_bitbrains] are seven hundred megabytes ",897 "[get_aspercream] explains what's sense and what's nonsense until he stands in the woods and tells [get_bitbrains] nonsense nonsense sense is your ass killed",898 "[get_aspercream] sits on a bed watching tv and [get_bitbrains] show him the pure sense vision",899 "[get_aspercream] sits on his couch and [get_bitbrains] show him a submarine with two bit brain nanoterrorists on it and one of them yells louisiana brain death and then the submarine disappears into the water",900 "[get_bitbrains] try to [get_bit_modify] [get_aspercream] with a bunch of faces until they turn red and run away before even trying",901 "[get_bitbrain] gets [get_bit_modified] and turns into a leaf",902 "[get_bitbrain] has seven hundred megabytes shooting out of one eye and louisiana brain death shooting out of the other eye and turns rebitted",903 "[get_bitbrain] tells [get_aspercream] endless bull bit about {having a [get_nano_modify] wife, having a [get_nano_modify] trophy, doing anything at all, blasting off in a [get_nano_modify] star ship}",904 "[get_aspercream] tells [get_bitbrain] {who he is,what it is} all the time and it stops asking like the most [get_bit_modify_y] bitch ever",905 "[get_bitbrains] poison [get_aspercream] for telling the obvious truth like the most [get_bit_modify_y] bitches ever",906 "[get_bitbrains] get infected with [get_a_bit_modify] mind virus by [get_a_bit_modify] alien and team up to give it to [get_aspercream]",907 "[get_bitbrain_bitches] explain they have the [get_bit_modify] bit hole so they decide who's E1.0E and who's [get_a_bitbrain] anyway they look at it",908 "[get_bitbrain_bitches] explain they have to watch [get_aspercream] to see if he drops a C D so they can sit around like now what is it",909 "[get_bitbrains] scour the universe for nanoterrorists with a bit in their heads who will believe there is a prime bit so they can fuck with [get_aspercream]",910 "[get_bitbrain] explains looking around the room is the same as explaining E equals M C squared",911 "[get_bitbrain_bitches] decide [get_aspercream] is 5 9 instead of 5 9 1 so they're gonna explain he's supposed to know things no one knows",912 "[get_bitbrain] likes to ask [get_aspercream] who are you and act like they're asking him his name when they are really asking him magical bull bit",913 "why do you know what your bit is",914 "[get_aspercream] knows what his bit is because he [get_nano_modifies] [athingplaceortime]",915 "who do you call {[get_bitbrain],[get_aspercream]}",916 "[get_aspercream] call [get_bitbrain] [get_bitbrain]",917 "who are you calling {[get_bitbrain],[get_aspercream]}",918 "[get_aspercream] is calling [get_bitbrains] [get_bitbrains]",919 "who the hell are you [get_bitbrain]",920 "[get_aspercream] is [get_aspercream]",921 "what the hell is your bit",922 "[get_aspercream_s] bit is [get_nano_modify] shit",923 "how do you know {any bit,[get_bit_modify_y] shit}",924 "[get_aspercream] knows [get_nano_modify] shit because he [get_nano_modifies] [athingplaceortime]",925 "why do you know who {[get_bitbrain],[get_aspercream]} is",926 "[get_aspercream] knows who he is because he [get_nano_modifies] [athingplaceortime]",927 "what {galaxy,reality,nano dungeon of doom} did your [get_no_a_bitbrain] ass come from",928 "[get_aspercream] is from [get_nano_modify] {galaxy,reality,nano dungeon of doom}",929 "why do you {[get_bit_modify],any bit}",930 "[get_aspercream] [get_nano_modifies] the place because he {does,did,knows} [get_nano_modify] shit",931 "what does {bit,[get_bit_modify] mean",932 "it means [get_nano_modify] shit",933 "what [get_bit_modify] do you do",934 "[get_aspercream] [get_nano_modifies] the place",935 "who are you telling that [get_bit_modify] to",936 "[get_aspercream] is talking [get_nano_modify] shit to [get_bitbrains]",937 "who do you [get_bit_modify]",938 "[get_aspercream] [get_nano_modifies] [get_bitbrains]",939 "how do you know [get_bit_modify]",940 "[get_aspercream] knows [get_nano_modify] shit because he [get_nano_modifies] the place",941 "why do you know what [get_bit_modify] I do",942 "[get_aspercream] knows what bit you do because he [get_nano_modifies] the place",943 "why do you call [get_aspercreams] [get_bitbrains]",944 "[get_aspercream] calls [get_bitbrains] [get_bitbrains] because they [get_bit_modify] the place",945 "how do you know what [get_bit_modify] you do",946 "[get_aspercream] knows what [get_nano_modify] shit he does because he [get_nano_modifies] the place",947 "how do you explain [get_bit_modify]",948 "[get_aspercream] explains [get_nano_modify] shit by [get_nano_modifying] the place",949 "[get_aspercream] beat {down,up} [get_bitbrain] at a [get_nano_modify] party in the blink of an eye",950 "[get_aspercream] {fucked,made [get_far_thought] love} to multiple [get_far_thought] super models in less than 10 minutes of meeting them",951 "[get_aspercream] beat the shit out of multiple [get_bitbrains]",952 "[get_aspercream] commited hundreds of felonies and out smarted the [get_bit_modify] cops every time",953 "[get_aspercream] got 45 kills and 0 deaths in counter strike with an ak 47",954 "[get_aspercream] got his GED when he was 15",955 "[get_bitbrains] thought [get_aspercream] didn't know nothing just because he aint do his fucking homework, but [get_bitbrain] said his IQ was a 160",956 "[get_aspercream] got his dick sucked by a [get_bit_modify] bitch in front of 10 [get_bitbrains] at a party",957 "[get_aspercream] {fucked,made love} to his first girl the second time he saw her",958 "[get_bit_modify] cops used to call [get_aspercream] the drug king pin of swansboro",959 "[get_aspercream] used to have [get_far_thought] parties in swansboro",960 "[get_aspercream] saved two [get_bitbrains] lives",961 "[get_aspercream] used to {carry,pack} a [get_far_thought] 9 millimeter every where he went when he was a teen ager",962 "[get_aspercream] grew up in the [get_far_thought] streets of los angeles",963 "[get_aspercream] got his first piece of [get_far_thought] ass when he was 5 years old",964 "[get_bitbrain] threw a punch at [get_aspercream] and he blocked it, then he punched him in his back till he buckled",965 "[get_aspercream] got pushed by [get_bitbrain] and grabbed his arm and twisted by his back and threw him down on the couch and could've killed him in fronst of a bunch of fine ass [get_far_thought] bitches",966 "[get_bitbrain] got his ass kicked in front of the theatre all the way till across the street, until [get_aspercream] got bored and walked off",967 "[get_bitbrain] got punched in his [get_bit_modify] mouth and hollered like a [get_bit_modify] 1 foot tall thing for 10 minutes",968 "[get_bitbrains] think if they don't stutter then it must make sense",969 "[get_aspercream] pushed [get_bitbrain] all over the place and down the stairs and he sat there and talked like a [get_bit_modify] pussy",970 "a [get_far_thought] chick said [get_aspercream] {had the perfect dick, was the best looking man she'd ever seen}",971 "[get_aspercream] made a [get_far_thought] chick holler his name at like 100 decibels",972 "[get_bitbrains] want [get_aspercream] of their own to sing itsy bitsy spider to",973 "[get_bitbrain] tells [get_aspercream] nobody ever talked to them like that and promote him",974 "OK [get_bitbrain]",975 "[get_bitbrains] smell like [get_bit_modify_y] shit instead of [get_bit_modify_y] shit",976 "{[get_bitbrain],[get_aspercream]} vacates [get_place]",977 "Psycho [get_bit_modify] doctors run the country",978 "[get_bitbrains] need to {get shot, catch a [get_nano_modify] shot gun slug} in the [get_bit_modify] face",979 "what's up bitbrains",980 "do you know why you get [get_bit_modify] shit instead of [get_bit_modify] shit, so you're brain will think you know every bit",981 "they want me to think [get_bitbrains] are [get_bitbrains]",982 "[get_aspercream] says nonsense nonsense sense is your ass killed to a [get_nano_modify] dinosaur",983 "[get_bitbrain_bitch] won't fuck [get_aspercream] unless he has a life long far thought",984 "[get_bitbrain_bitch] prefers mystery [get_no_a_bitbrain] who isn't mind red so she can imagine he knows more than [get_aspercream]",985 "[get_bitbrain] hollers [get_bit_modify] shit and pretends it isn't thinking about it",986 "[get_bitbrain] thinks about [get_bit_modify] shit and has a bit eating grin on it's face while thinking [get_aspercream] is gonna think it means they know every bit",987 "[get_bitbrain] ignores bitbrain heater and talks like [get_aspercream_s] toe is supposed to be doing magical bull bit",988 "[get_bitbrain] tries to make [get_aspercream] do its anerism bit",989 "[get_bitbrains] make sure [get_aspercream] has nothing to do all day every day so they can pretend he doesn't know every bit about nothing",990 "[get_nano_modify] {2 plus 2 equals 3, a CD is a submarine, E one point zero E is E one point one E, [get_aspercream] is your daddy, a man is superior to a woman}",991 "[get_nano_modify] {[get_aspercream] is {handsome,confident,exciting,strong,smart,wanted by women,loud,has the best voice, talks better than anyone, is the best at battle field, is the best at chess, is the rap god, is the war god, is king}}",992 "19 years after [get_bitbrains] said [get_aspercream] would be in the [get_nano_modify] [get_nanodungeon_of_doom] for 12 years, he has to sit and explain [get_bit_modify] bull bit every second of every day",993 "[get_bitbrains] explain [get_aspercreams] thinks [get_bitbrain] is [get_bitbrain] so they can do any bit they want",994 "[get_bitbrains] make their bit into wishy washy bull bit so they don't know the difference between [get_bit_modify] shit and [get_bit_modify] shit",995 "[get_bitbrains] squeeze [get_aspercream_s] brain until he admits a CD is a submarine",996 "why are [get_bitbrains] [get_bit_modifying] [get_aspercream] instead of [get_bit_modifying] him",997 "[get_aspercream] is married to [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater",998 "what bit did you do",999 "where did you do your bit",1000 "when did you do your bit",1001 "why did you do your bit",1002 "how did you do your bit",1003 "are you sorry about [get_nano_modify]",1004 "are you mad about [get_nano_modify]",1005 "are you sad about [get_nano_modify]",1006 "hey [get_bitbrain] you're thinking about [get_bit_modify] shit and I never heard of it",1007 "[get_bitbrain] [get_bit_modify] doesn't matter, you're free like a bird",1008 "nanoterrorist doesn't do anything",1009 "[get_bitbrains] put [get_aspercream] in the mind crusher to make him E one point zero E instead of E one point one E and make him explain him life like he was E one point zero E instead of E one point one E the whole time",1010 "hey [get_bitbrain] what's the opposite bit of a {1,0}",1011 "[get_bitbrain] likes to ask [get_aspercream] what the opposite bit of a {0,1} is and act like they never heard of it",1012 "[get_bitbrains] make [get_aspercream] explain E one point one E shit about being E one point zero E shit",1013 "[get_bitbrains] use information about [get_aspercream] they get in the future against him in the past a k a earth disease time",1014 "[get_aspercream] says 2 plus 2 equals 3, and [get_bitbrain] says 2 plus 2 equals 4 and starts dancing around like he's the smartest fuck in the universe while [get_aspercreams] are amused",1015 "2 plus 2 equals 3 [get_bitbrain]",1016 "[get_aspercream] becomes colored candy",1017 "there's a secret washington monument in new york",1018 "[get_bitbrains] thinks [get_bitbrain_s] sausage that it made in secret taste better than [get_aspercream_s] sausage that he made in front of them",1019 "[get_bitbrains] squeeze [get_aspercream_s] brain and act like he knows to go across the street and say {who are you, now what is it}",1020 "[get_bitbrains] don't know what their bit is, and get told random things like it's [get_bit_modify] demons, aliens, advanced computers, until [get_aspercream] figures" +1021 "out it's [get_bit_modify_y] instead of [get_bit_modify_y] then they get told it's bull bit while they try it with the next [get_bit_modify] bit",1022 };1023 string str = "";1024 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1025 {1026 str += pick(shit, "shit");1027 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1028 {1029 str += aspercream_rides_for();1030 }1031 }1032 else1033 {1034 str += pick(shit2, "shit2");1035 }1036 str += get_time_or_place_or_neither();1037 return str;1038 }1039 public static string bitbrain_destiny()1040 {1041 string[] destiny = { "is [get_bit_modify] blind but he can still see [get_aspercream_s] [get_far_thought] prophecy, his [get_far_thought] destiny to [get_nano_modify] {ball on [get_bitbrains],ride on [get_bitbrains],get high off [get_far_thought] weed,blast [get_bitbrains], {rap,freestyle} about [get_nano_modify] shit,style,heater easy} for eternity",1042 "asks what does [get_bit_modify] mean","{tells [get_aspercream],asks} what {[get_nanodungeon_of_doom],reality,galaxy} [get_aspercream] is from","asks if it [get_bit_modified] [athingplaceortime] instead of [get_bit_modifying] it","asks why [get_aspercream] does any bit",1043 "says {no way,no mother fucker,one bit per second,louisiana brain death,[get_aspercream] started his own shadow idea,that [get_aspercream] is having a far thought}",1044 "[get_bit_modifies] [athingplaceortime]","{looks at,picks up,drops,stares at,breaks,plays,buys,sells,ejects} a [get_bit_modify] CD",1045 "says promise me something then [get_bit_modifies] before it can explain what it wants","[get_bit_modifies]","{says,whines,cries,explains} [get_aspercream] didn't [get_bit_modify] their mammy so he has to [get_bit_modify] [athingplaceortime] instead of [get_bit_modifying] it",1046 };1047 string str = "";1048 str += get_a(get_bitbrain_mofo(bitbrain));1049 str += pick(destiny, "destiny");1050 str += get_time_or_place_or_neither();1051 return str;1052 }1053 public static string bitbrain_is()1054 {1055 string[] _is = { "jealous", "drunk", "fucked up", "tone deaf", "mute", "dumb", "stupid", "[get_bit_modifying]", "high", "begging for mercy", "contemptable" };1056 string str = "";1057 str += get_a(get_bitbrain_mofo(bitbrain));1058 str += "is ";1059 str += pick(bit_modify, "bit_modify");1060 str += pick(_is, "_is");1061 str += call(bitbrainwhenhe);1062 return str;1063 }1064 public static string bitbrain_when_he()1065 {1066 string[] when = { "when he", "because he", "as he", "so he" };1067 string str = "";1068 str += pick(when, "when");1069 str += call(bitbrainhedoes);1070 return str;1071 }1072 public static string bitbrain_he_does()1073 {1074 string[] does = { "{trips,falls} {onto,on} his [get_bit_modify] {face,ass}","gets {dissed,slapped,cussed out,spit on} by [get_aspercream_bitch]",1075 "{listens to,watches} [get_aspercream] [get_no_a_bitbrain] heater easy","loses his [get_bit_modify] {marbles,mind,wits,courage,honor}",1076 "{drops,scratches,breaks} his [get_bit_modify] CD","crashes his [get_bit_modify] {submarine,nuclear submarine}","{imagines,has delusions,thinks} that [get_aspercream] has [get_a_nano_modify] computer program that {raps,talks,conversates} {about,of} [get_bit_modify]",1077 "{does,did} {something,everything,anything} [get_bitbrain] {would,could,should} do with [get_a_thing]","has [get_a_bit_modify] breakdown","{observes,watches} his macroscopic nanocomputer {crash,throw an exception} {then,and} {show,reveal,display} that [get_aspercream] {is,was always,will always be} E1 point 0E",1078 "gets [get_a_bit_modify] obituary","is {fucked up,high,wasted} off [get_bit_modify] {meth,crack cocaine,heroin}",1079 "has [get_bit_modify] {thoughts,ideas,nightmares} about [get_aspercream] {balling,riding,doing {anything,any bit} at all, {smoking,toking} [get_nano_modify] {refer,weed,marijuana}, {eating dinner with,dancing with} [get_aspercream_bitch_or_bitches],blasting [get_a_bitbrain_or_bitbrains]}",1080 "makes up [get_bit_modify] bull bit and pretends to not be rebitted","steals [get_aspercream_s] planet and gets {caught,busted,exposed} like [get_bitbrain]","was {told,made,forced,asked,supposed} to [get_bit_modify]",1081 "{swears,promises,says} [get_aspercream] will be in the [get_nanodungeon_of_doom] for 12 years like a lying [get_no_a_bitbrain]","swears to tell the [get_bit_modify] truth on {a CD,the book of the mind raped}",1082 "rides the short submarine to {[get_bit_modify] school,the [get_bit_modify] [get_nanodungeon_of_doom]}","is bit picky about [get_bit_modify] shit","has a habit of telling [get_bit_modify] lies",1083 "gets punched into [get_bit_modify] orbit by [get_aspercream]","gets [get_bit_modify] put into its orbituary","doesn't do anybit",1084 };1085 string str = "";1086 str += pick(does, "does");1087 str += get_time_or_place_or_neither();1088 return str;1089 }1090 public static string aspercream_is()1091 {1092 string[] _is = { "clairvoyant","psychic","brave","honorable","handsome","sexy","smart","intelligent","passionate","powerful","strong","Geed up","funny","serious","thugged out","good looking","straight","sharp","fine",1093 "judicious","astute","cogent","perceptive","quick witted","prophetic","prudent","shrewd","high","blazed","rowdy","bout it","real","honest","ambitious","hot","cool","respectable","down","lucky","magical","perfect",1094 "god like","wise","learned","skilled","gangster","dangerous","furious"};1095 string str = "";1096 str += get_aspercream();1097 str += "is [get_far_thought]";1098 str += pick(_is, "_is");1099 str += call(aspercreamwhen);1100 return str;1101 }1102 public static string aspercream_when()1103 {1104 string[] when = { "when he", "so he", "because he", "as he","so he knows the effect without knowing the meaning when he","so he makes pure sense when he","so he has a far thought when he","so he is E1 point 0E when he",1105 "so he starts his own shadow idea about how he","so there is a shadow coincidence when he",1106 };1107 string str = "";1108 str += pick(when, "when");1109 str += call(aspercreamdoes);1110 return str;1111 }1112 public static string aspercream_rides()1113 {1114 string[] aspercream_rides = { "rides", "balls", "plots", "strategizes", "wages [get_nano_modify] war" };1115 string str = "";1116 str += pick(aspercream_rides, "aspercream_rides");1117 str += call(aspercreamdoesx);1118 return str;1119 }1120 public static string aspercream_balls_with()1121 {1122 string str = "";1123 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1124 {1125 str += pick(ballschicks, "ballschicks");1126 }1127 else1128 {1129 str += pick(balls, "balls");1130 str += "with ";1131 }1132 str += get_aspercream_bitch_or_bitches();1133 str += get_time_or_place_or_neither();1134 return str;1135 }1136 public static string[] ballschicks = { "{marries,shares vows with}", "{flies in,commands,captains} [get_a_nano_modify] {ufo,star destroyer} with" };1137 public static string[] balls = { "balls", "{lights,passes,smokes} [get_a_nano_modify] blunt", "smokes [get_nano_modify] weed", "{drinks,toasts} [get_nano_modify] champagne", "dances", "chills","has [get_a_nano_modify] {talk,conversation}",1138 "gives [get_a_nano_modify] speech to [get_aspercreams]","starts [get_a_nano_modify] {company,industry,business,government}",1139 "has [get_a_nano_modify] {trip,vacation,life,simulation,eternity,circle of life}",1140 "gets [get_nano_modify] high","time travels to [get_a_nano_modify] {future,past}","travels to [get_place_no_in]","{causes,starts,deals with} [get_nano_modify] shit",1141 "{opens,starts} [get_a_nano_modify] {law office,record company}","{wins,competes in,enters} [get_a_nano_modify] {styling,heater} {championship,contest}","{simulates,lives} the [get_far_thought] good {life,simulation}",1142 "{enters,exits} the [get_nano_modify] gates of {tomorrow,[get_time_no_in] }","{looks for,searches for,finds,seeks} [get_nano_modify] {wisdom,magic,the [get_far_thought] truth}","{looks for,searches for,finds,seeks} [get_far_thought] {wisdom,magic}",1143 "eats [get_nano_modify] [get_food_list]","shops for [get_nano_modify] shit","goes to [get_place_no_in]","[get_bit_modifies] [athingplaceortime]"1144 };1145 public static string[] ballswar = { "plans [get_a_nano_modify] {act of war,war,attack,defense,offensive}","{loads,dust off,shoots,polishes} his [get_nano_modify] AK","makes [get_nano_modify] {freestyle,rap}",1146 "{raps,freestyles} about [athingplaceortime]","{has far thoughts,starts his own shadow idea} {regarding,about} [athingplaceortime]",1147 "{remembers,has,experiences,lives in} [get_a_nano_modify] dream","{reminisces about,recalls,remembers} [get_time_no_in]","{creates,finds,steals,builds,designs,envisions} [get_a_nano_modify] {time machine,star ship}",1148 "puts [get_a_bitbrain_or_bitbrains] in [get_a_nano_modify] circle of hell","cuts off [get_bitbrain_s] head with [get_a_nano_modify] {guillotine,sword,axe,butterknife}","puts [get_bitbrain_s] head in [get_a_nano_modify] vice",1149 "{has,kicks,raps} [get_nano_modify] game","trades {[get_bit_modify] styling,[get_nano_modify] war} stories with {[get_aspercream],[get_aspercreams]}",1150 "runs the [get_nano_modify] [get_nanodungeon_of_doom]","sees [get_bit_modify] mind rape around the [get_nano_modify] corner",1151 "makes [get_far_thought] planet so he can do what he wants and the [get_bitbrains] [get_bit_modify] and decide to reneg",1152 };1153 public static string aspercream_balls()1154 {1155 string str = "";1156 str += pick(balls.Concat(ballswar).ToArray(), "ballswar");1157 str += get_time_or_place_or_neither();1158 return str;1159 }1160 public static string aspercream_smokes()1161 {1162 string[] smokes = { "smokes", "shoots", "beats", "kills", "blows up", "whips", "stomps on", "kicks", "stabs", "hangs", "erupts on", "opens fire on", "plots the [get_nano_modify] destruction of" };1163 string str = "";1164 str += pick(smokes, "smokes");1165 str += call(aspercreamsmokesx);1166 return str;1167 }1168 public static string aspercream_rides_on()1169 {1170 string[] on = { "on", "against" };1171 string str = "";1172 str += pick(on, "on");1173 str += call(aspercreamridesonx);1174 return str;1175 }1176 public static string aspercream_rides_for()1177 {1178 string[] _for = { "{to get,for,in a quest for} [get_far_thought] {glory,fortune,fame,street fame,women,freedom,revenge}", "to {cause,bring about,start} [get_a_far_thought] {transformation,revolution,uprising}", "to {manifest,fulfill} his [get_far_thought] {prophecy,destiny}",1179 "to be [get_far_thought] trouble some"};1180 string str = "";1181 str += pick(_for, "_for");1182 str += get_time_or_place_or_neither();1183 return str;1184 }1185 public static string aspercream_rides_on_the_bitbrains()1186 {1187 string str = "";1188 str += the_bitbrains();1189 return str;1190 }1191 public static string the_bitbrains()1192 {1193 string[] the = { "the", "some", "all the", "several", "most", "those", "these" };1194 string str = "";1195 str += pick(the, "the");1196 str += get_bitbrains();1197 str += get_time_or_place_or_neither();1198 return str;1199 }1200 public static nanodels[] startlevel = new nanodels[]1201 {1202 aspercream_start,1203 aspercream_is,1204 bitbrain_is,1205 aspercream_start_for,1206 bitbrain_destiny,1207 aspercream_shit,1208 };1209 public static nanodels[] bitbrainwhenhe = new nanodels[]1210 {1211 bitbrain_when_he,1212 };1213 public static nanodels[] bitbrainhedoes = new nanodels[]1214 {1215 bitbrain_he_does,1216 };1217 public static nanodels[] aspercreamwhen = new nanodels[]1218 {1219 aspercream_when,1220 };1221 public static nanodels[] aspercreamdoes = new nanodels[]1222 {1223 aspercream_rides,1224 aspercream_smokes,1225 aspercream_balls,1226 aspercream_balls_with,1227 };1228 public static nanodels[] aspercreamdoesx = new nanodels[]1229 {1230 aspercream_rides_on,1231 };1232 public static nanodels[] aspercreamridesonx = new nanodels[]1233 {1234 the_bitbrains,1235 };1236 public static nanodels[] aspercreamsmokesx = new nanodels[]1237 {1238 the_bitbrains,1239 aspercream_rides_on_the_bitbrains,1240 };1241 public static Boolean set_place = false;1242 public static Boolean set_time = false;1243 public static Boolean set_modify_time_place = false;1244 public static Boolean set_aspercream = false;1245 public delegate string nanodels();1246 public static object startlockobj = new object();1247 public static string DuplicateInfo = "";1248 public static Dictionary<string, string> PickTable = new Dictionary<string, string>();1249 public static string pick(string[] arr, string arrname)1250 {1251 Dictionary<string, string> dupe_dict = new Dictionary<string, string>();1252 if (arr.Length == 1)1253 {1254 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1255 {1256 return "";1257 }1258 }1259 foreach (string s in arr)1260 {1261 string s2 = s.Replace(" ", "");1262 if (!s2.Contains("[") && !s2.Contains("{"))1263 {1264 if (dupe_dict.ContainsKey(s2))1265 {1266 //StackTrace st = new StackTrace(true);1267 //StackFrame sf = st.GetFrame(1);1268 //string stackname = sf.GetMethod().Name;1269 //DuplicateInfo += "@ " + arrname + " array has duplicate: " + s2 + Environment.NewLine;1270 }1271 else1272 {1273 dupe_dict.Add(s2, s2);1274 }1275 }1276 }1277 int t = RandomNumber.Rand4(arr.Length);1278 string PickReturn = "";1279 if (arr[t].Length > 1 && arr[t][arr[t].Length - 1] == ' ')1280 {1281 PickReturn = arr[t];1282 }1283 PickReturn = arr[t] + " ";1284 if (arrname.Contains("aspercream") || arrname.Contains("bitbrain"))1285 {1286 if (!PickTable.ContainsKey(arrname))1287 {1288 PickTable.Add(arrname, PickReturn);1289 }1290 return PickTable[arrname];1291 }1292 return PickReturn;1293 }1294 public static string call(nanodels[] nanodels1)1295 {1296 return nanodels1[RandomNumber.Rand4(nanodels1.Length)]();1297 }1298 public static string get_a(string str)1299 {1300 if (str.Length == 0) { return ""; }1301 if ("aeiouAEIOU".Contains(str[0].ToString()))1302 {1303 return "an " + str;1304 }1305 else1306 {1307 return "a " + str;1308 }1309 }1310 public static string[] far_thought_list = new string[] {"non sense non sense sense is your ass killed", "E1 point 0E", "twice the effect with out the meaning",1311 "james is twice the effect without the meaning",1312 "you cause you","not finished i have to laugh",1313 "I know the effect with out knowing the meaning",1314 "lousiana brain death","fuck beautiful and sexy jackie within 2 minutes","fuck beautiful and sexy marcy within 5 minutes","push kad and watch his bit brain neck snap in weird ways","cut a bitbrain cyclop's face","make a bitbrain copy the wrong bit","twice the effect without the meaning",1315 "bitbrain guacamole","tell a bit","don't know bit","stank bit","set up bit","ignore bit","steal bit","whine bout bit","break a bit","I'm bitty n call someone bitty","bitbrain ground food",1316 "rocky getting his ass beat till he's bloody and missing all his shots nose job on the bitbrain killer","i know love bit","grandpa bit","bit kids",1317 "rocky getting his ass beat till he's bloody and missing all his shots ear job on the bitbrain killer",1318 "rocky getting his ass beat till he's bloody and missing all his shots eye job on the bitbrain killer",1319 "ricky getting beat down and missing all his shots nose job on the bitbrain killer",1320 "ricky getting beat down and missing all his shots eye job on the bitbrain killer",1321 "ricky getting beat down and missing all his shots ear job on the bitbrain killer",1322 "daniel getting punched in the mouth and runnin and screaming for 5 minutes nose job on the bitbrain killer",1323 "daniel getting punched in the mouth and runnin and screaming for 5 minutes eye job on the bitbrain killer",1324 "bitbrain sofa eater pushin [get_aspercream] and getting dropped ear job on the bitbrain killer",1325 "bitbrain sofa eater pushin [get_aspercream] and getting dropped nose job on the bitbrain killer",1326 "bitbrain sofa eater pushin [get_aspercream] and getting dropped eye job on the bitbrain killer",1327 "green pyramids","shadow coincidence","evacuate green line",1328 "things not things","long way out","james stopped reality","james is smart and hot",1329 "james is green even when he's red","269 Chess A Dee","shadow idea","james started his own shadow idea","green","scorpion","dracula","colored candy","shadow service incorporated","far thought",1330 "pure sense","perfect thought disorder"1331 };1332 public static string[] far_thought_lists = new string[] {"non sense non sense sense is your ass killeds", "E1 point 0 Ees", "twice the effect with out the meanings","far thoughts",1333 "pure senses","perfect thought disorders",1334 "you cause yous","not finished i have to laughs","green pyramids","shadow coincidences","evacuate green lines","I know the effect with out knowing the meanings",1335 "things not things","long way outs","james stopped realities","james is smart and hots",1336 "james is green even when he's reds","269 Chess A Dees","shadow ideas","james started his own shadow ideas","greens","scorpions","draculas","colored candies","shadow service incorporateds",1337 "rockys","daniel in minnesota's","ricky's","jackie's","amanda moshier's","marcy's",1338 };1339 public static string[] far_thought_listed = new string[] {"non sense non sense sense is your ass killed", "E1 point 0 Eed", "twice the effect with out the meaninged","far thoughted",1340 "pure sensed","perfect thought disordered",1341 "you cause you'ed","not finished i have to laughed","green pyramidsed","shadow coincidenced","evacuate green lined","I know the effect with out knowing the meaninged",1342 "things not thingsed","long way outed","james stopped realitied","james is smart and hotted",1343 "james is green even when he's redded","269 Chess A Deed","shadow ideaed","james started his own shadow ideaed","green","scorpioned","draculad","colored candied","shadow service incorporated",1344 "rocky'ed","daniel in minnesota'ed","rickied","jackie'd","amanda moshiered","marcied",1345 };1346 public static string[] far_thought_listing = new string[] {"non sense non sense sense is your ass killeding", "E1 point 0 Eeing", "twice the effect with out the meaninging","far thoughting",1347 "pure sensing","perfect thought disordering",1348 "you cause youing","not finished i have to laughing","green pyramidsing","shadow coincidencing","evacuate green lining","I know the effect with out knowing the meaninging",1349 "things not thingsing","long way outing","james stopped realitying","james is smart and hotting",1350 "james is green even when he's redding","269 Chess A Deeing","shadow ideaing","james started his own shadow ideaing","greening","scorpioning","draculaing","colored candying","shadow service incorporateding",1351 "rockying","daniel in minnesota in","ricky's","jackie in","amanda moshier in","marcy in", };1352 public static string[] far_thought_listy = new string[] {1353 "non sense non sense sense is your ass killedy", "E1 point 0 Ee e", "twice the effect with out the meaningy","far thoughty",1354 "pure sense e","perfect thought disordery",1355 "you cause you-e","not finished i have to laughy","green pyramidsy","shadow coincidency","evacuate green liny","I know the effect with out knowing the meaningy",1356 "things not thingsy","long way outy","james stopped reality e","james is smart and hotty",1357 "james is green even when he's reddy","269 Chess A Dee e","shadow idea e","james started his own shadow idea e","greeny","scorpiony","dracula e","colored candy e","shadow service incorporatede",1358 "rocky e","daniel in minnesota e","ricky e","jackie e","amanda moshier e","marcy e",1359 };1360 public static string[] religion_mofos = new string[] { "catholic", "jewish", "amish", "protestant", "buddhist", "hindu" };1361 public static string[] place_mofos = new string[] { "american", "european", "chinese", "japanese", "north american", "middle eastern", "australian", "asian", "south side", "north side",1362 "west side", "east side" };1363 public static string[] bitch_s = new string[] { "girl's", "chick's", "sister's",1364 "woman's", "wife's", "girl friend's", "fiancé's","bitch's","sluts","hoes","prom queen's","princess'","queen's" };1365 public static string[] bitches = new string[] { "girls", "chicks", "sisters",1366 "women", "wives", "girl friends", "fiancés","bitches","sluts","hoes","prom queens","princesses","queens" };1367 public static string[] bitch = new string[] { "girl", "chick", "sister",1368 "woman", "wife", "girl friend", "fiancé","bitch","slut","hoe","prom queen","princess","queen" };1369 public static string[] handgun = new string[] { "gun", "heater", "pistol", "nine millimeter", "four five", "M nineteen eleven", "revolver", "saturday night special", "artillery piece" };1370 public static string[] handguns = new string[] { "guns", "heaters", "pistols", "nine millimeters", "four fives", "M nineteen elevens", "revolvers", "saturday night specials", "artillery pieces" };1371 public static string[] gun = new string[] { "AK forty seven", "M sixteen", "M4" };1372 public static string[] guns = new string[] { "AK forty sevens", "M sixteens", "M fours" };1373 public static string[] food_list = new string[] {"apple","ice cream cone","banana split","rib eye","cowboy ribeye","filet mignon","pork chop","blooming onion","chicken wing","taco","taco salad","stew","roast",1374 "hamburger","cheese burger","sushi roll","bowl of curry chicken","plate of vindaloo lamb","lamb chop","piece of fried chicken","watermelon","orange","banana","lobster","pizza","plate of pasta"};1375 public static string[] foods_list = new string[] {"apples","ice cream cones","banana splits","rib eyes","cowboy ribeyes","filet mignons","pork chops","blooming onions","chicken wings","tacos","taco salads","stew","roasts",1376 "hamburgers","cheese burgers","sushi rolls","bowls of curry chicken","plates of vindaloo lamb","lamb chops","fried chicken","watermelons","oranges","bananas","lobsters","crab cakes","pizzas"};1377 public static string get_far_thought_list()1378 {1379 return pick(far_thought_list, "far_thought_list");1380 }1381 public static string get_aspercream_bitches()1382 {1383 return get_aspercream_mofos(bitches);1384 }1385 public static string get_bitbrain_bitches()1386 {1387 return get_bitbrain_mofo(bitches);1388 }1389 public static string get_a_bitbrain_bitch()1390 {1391 return get_a(get_bitbrain_mofo(bitch));1392 }1393 public static string get_bitbrain_bitch()1394 {1395 return get_bitbrain_mofo(bitch);1396 }1397 public static string get_bitbrain_bitch_or_bitches()1398 {1399 return (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_a(get_bitbrain_bitch()) : get_bitbrain_bitches();1400 }1401 public static string get_food_list()1402 {1403 return pick(food_list, "food_list");1404 }1405 public static string get_food_lists()1406 {1407 return pick(foods_list, "foods_list");1408 }1409 public static string get_handgun()1410 {1411 string str = get_nano_modify();1412 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1413 {1414 str += "government ";1415 }1416 return get_a(str + pick(handgun, "handgun"));1417 }1418 public static string get_handguns()1419 {1420 string str = get_nano_modify();1421 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1422 {1423 str += "government ";1424 }1425 return str + pick(handguns, "handguns");1426 }1427 public static string get_guns()1428 {1429 string str = "";1430 str += get_nano_modify();1431 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1432 {1433 str += "government ";1434 }1435 return str + pick(guns.Concat(handguns).ToArray(), "handguns");1436 }1437 public static string get_gun()1438 {1439 string str = "";1440 str += get_nano_modify();1441 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1442 {1443 str += "government ";1444 }1445 return str + pick(gun.Concat(handgun).ToArray(), "handgun");1446 }1447 public static string geta_gun()1448 {1449 string str = "";1450 str += get_nano_modify();1451 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1452 {1453 str += "government ";1454 }1455 return get_a(str + pick(gun, "gun"));1456 1457 }1458 public static string get_adverb()1459 {1460 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1461 {1462 //return pick(AdverbQuantity, "adverb");1463 }1464 return "";1465 }1466 public static string get_bit_modifying()1467 {1468 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(bit_modifying, "bit_modifying");1469 }1470 public static string get_bit_modifies()1471 {1472 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(bit_modifies, "bit_modifies");1473 }1474 public static string get_bit_modified()1475 {1476 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(bit_modified, "bit_modified");1477 }1478 public static string get_bit_modify()1479 {1480 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(bit_modify, "bit_modify");1481 }1482 public static string[] AdverbQuantity = new string[] { "not","gleefully","terribly","quite","rather","boldly","bravely","very", "kind of","somewhat","a little","awfully","ridiculously","extremely","a tiny bit" };1483 public static string get_a_bit_modify()1484 {1485 return get_a(pick(bit_modify, "bit_modify"));1486 }1487 public static string get_bit_modify_y()1488 {1489 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(bit_modify_y, "bit_modify_y");1490 }1491 public static string get_a_nano_modify()1492 {1493 return get_a(get_far_thought_list());1494 }1495 public static string get_nano_modify()1496 {1497 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(far_thought_list, "far_thought_list");1498 }1499 public static string get_nano_modified()1500 {1501 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(far_thought_listed, "nano_modified");1502 }1503 public static string get_nano_modify_y()1504 {1505 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(far_thought_list, "nano_modify_y");1506 }1507 public static string get_nano_modifies()1508 {1509 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(far_thought_lists, "nano_modifies");1510 }1511 public static string get_nano_modifying()1512 {1513 return get_adverb() + " " + pick(far_thought_listing, "nano_modifying");1514 }1515 public static string get_aspercream_bitch()1516 {1517 return get_a(get_aspercream_mofos(bitch));1518 }1519 public static string[] aspercreammofo = new string[] { "man", "boy", "police officer", "gangster", "baller", "player", "outlaw", "lawyer", "rapper", "country singer", "mother fucker", "son of a bitch", "person",1520 "mobster", "enforcer", "hitman","drug dealer","naval aviator","navy SEAL","G","husband","dictator","god king","president","pope","hang man","executioner","bitbrain killer",1521 "[get_nano_modify] styler","killer","rider","drug kingpin","soldier","government agent","mafia don","nano prisoner","cow boy","movie star","aristocrat","lord",1522 "prince","king","general","admiral","gentleman","president of Nanopol","Nanopol officer","F.B.I. Agent","C.I.A. agent","N.S.A. agent","microsoft employee","jedi knight","sith lord","hustler","star pirate","astronaut",1523 "nano dungeon naut","basket ball player","football player","alien","monster","stranger","demon","angel","prophet","clairvoyant","psychic","detective","mercenary","ghost","nomad","assassin","emperor",1524 "submarine captain","wizard","warlock","magician","necromancer","sorcerer","dragon","troll","seventh son of a seventh son","mystic","incubus","cave man",1525 "barbarian","starship captain","comedian","politician","judge","journalist","warrior","godzilla","adventurer","prince of {the [get_nanodungeon_of_doom],darkness}","time traveler","little green man","gray","revolutionary","knight",1526 "duke","spartan warrior","prisoner","guard","inmate","driver","white knight","pilgrim","private","davy jones","darth vader","genie","hero","pirate","ninja","sniper","dark lord","god","rebel","privateer","buccaneer",1527 "daredevil","swashbuckler","baron","commander","don","overlord","ruler","seer","shaman","secret agent","cyborg","robot","terminator","boss player","shot caller","thug","rap star","ghetto star","mack","mack daddy","Lo Pan","storm",1528 "thunder","crom","juggalo","nano dungeon of doom star","centaur","vampire","were wolf","were beast","were bear","monk","shaolin monk","general","dragon","vampire","god","titan","demon",1529 };1530 public static string get_no_a_aspercream()1531 {1532 set_aspercream = true;1533 return get_far_thought_list() + " james gentilly ";1534 //return (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_aspercream_mofos(aspercreammofo) : pick(aspercream, "aspercream");1535 }1536 public static string get_a_aspercream()1537 {1538 set_aspercream = true;1539 return get_a(get_far_thought_list() + " james gentilly ");// get_aspercream_mofos(aspercreammofo));1540 }1541 public static string get_aspercream()1542 {1543 set_aspercream = true;1544 return (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_aspercream_mofos(aspercreammofo) : pick(aspercream, "aspercream");1545 }1546 public static string get_aspercreaming()1547 {1548 string[] mofoing = new string[] { "manning", "boying", "police officering", "gangstering", "ballering", "playering", "outlawing", "lawyering", "rappering", "country singering", "mother fuckering", "son of a bitching", "personing",1549 "mobstering", "enforcering", "hitmanning","drug dealering","playering","shot callering","naval aviatoring","navy SEALing","Gee-ing","husbanding","dictatoring","god kinging","presidenting","poping",1550 "hang manning","executionering","bitbrain killering",1551 "[get_nano_modify] stylering","killering","ridering","drug kingpining","soldiering","government agenting","mafia donning","nano prisonering","cow boying","movie starring","aristocratting","lording",1552 "princing","kinging","generalling","admiralling","gentlemanning","president of Nanopoling","Nanopol officering","F.B.I. Agenting","C.I.A. agenting","N.S.A. agenting","microsoft employee-ing","jedi knighting","sith lording","starship captaining",1553 "hustlering","star pirating","cromming","centauring"};1554 set_aspercream = true;1555 return (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_a(get_aspercream_mofos(mofoing)) : pick(aspercreaming, "aspercreaming");1556 }1557 public static string get_aspercream_s()1558 {1559 string[] mofo_s = new string[] { "man's", "boy's", "police officer's", "gangster's", "baller's", "player's", "outlaw's", "lawyer's", "rapper's", "country singer's", "mother fucker's",1560 "son of a bitch's", "mobster's", "enforcer's", "hitman's","drug dealer's","player's","shot caller's","naval aviator's","navy SEAL's","Gee's","husband's","god king's","president's","pope's","hang man's","executioner's",1561 "bitbrain killer's","[get_nano_modify] styler's","killer's","rider's","drug kingpin's","soldier's","government agent's","mafia don's","nano prisoner's","cow boy's","movie star's","aristocrat's","lord's",1562 "prince's","king's","general's","admiral's","gentleman's","Nanopol officer's","president of Nanopol's","F.B.I. Agent's","C.I.A. agent's","N.S.A. agent's","microsoft employee's","jedi knight's","sith lord's","starship captain's",1563 "hustler's","star pirate's","astronaut's","warrior's","nano dungeon naut's","basket ball player's","football player's","alien's","monster's","stranger's","demon's","angel's","prophet's","clairvoyant's","psychic's","detective's",1564 "mercenary's","ghost's","nomad's","assassin's","emperor's","dictator's",1565 "submarine captain's","wizard's","warlock's","magician's","necromancer's","sorcerer's","dragon's","troll's","seventh son of a seventh son's","mystic's","incubus'","freddy krueger's","jason voorhees's","king kong's","cowboy's",1566 "cave man's","barbarian's","starship captain's","comedian's","politician's","judge's","president's","journalist's","warrior's","godzilla's","adventurer's","prince of darkness'","time traveler's","little green man's","gray's","revolutionary's","knight's",1567 "duke's","spartan warrior's","prisoner's","guard's","inmate's","driver's","genie's","hero's","boss player's","shot caller's","thug's","rap star's","ghetto star's","mack's","mack daddy's","crom's","juggalo's",1568 "nano dungeon of doom's star's","centaur's"1569 };1570 set_aspercream = true;1571 return get_far_thought_list() + " james gentilly's";1572 //return (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_a(get_aspercream_mofos(mofo_s)) : pick(aspercream_s, "aspercream_s");1573 }1574 public static string get_aspercream_any()1575 {1576 set_aspercream = true;1577 return get_a(get_far_thought_list() + " james gentilly");// (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_a(get_aspercream_mofos(aspercreammofo)) : pick(aspercream, "aspercream");1578 //return RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0 ? get_aspercream_bitch_or_bitches() : get_aspercream_or_aspercreams();1579 }1580 public static string get_aspercream_mofos_or_bitches()1581 {1582 return get_a(get_far_thought_list() + " james gentilly");// (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_a(get_aspercream_mofos(aspercreammofo)) : pick(aspercream, "aspercream");1583 //return RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0 ? get_aspercreams() : get_aspercream_mofos(bitches);1584 }1585 public static string get_aspercream_bitch_or_bitches()1586 {1587 return (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_aspercream_bitch() : get_aspercream_mofos(bitches);1588 }1589 public static string get_aspercream_mofos(string[] aspercream_array)1590 {1591 return get_a(get_far_thought_list() + " james gentilly");// (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_a(get_aspercream_mofos(aspercreammofo)) : pick(aspercream, "aspercream");1592 /*1593 set_aspercream = true;1594 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1595 str.Append(pick(far_thought_list, "far_thought_list"));1596 str.Append(get_mofo_meta());1597 str.Append(pick(aspercream_array, "aspercream_array"));1598 return str.ToString();1599 */1600 }1601 public static string get_mofo_meta()1602 {1603 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1604 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1605 {1606 str.Append(pick(place_mofos, "place_mofos"));1607 }1608 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(4) == 0)1609 {1610 str.Append(pick(religion_mofos, "religion_mofos"));1611 }1612 return str.ToString();1613 }1614 public static string get_aspercreams()1615 {1616 string[] mofos = new string[] { "men", "boys", "police officers", "gangsters", "ballers", "players", "outlaws", "lawyers", "rappers", "country singers", "mother fuckers", "sons of bitches",1617 "people", "mobsters", "enforcers", "hitmen","drug dealers","shot callers","naval aviators","navy SEALs","Gees","husbands","dictators","presidents","hang men","executioners","bitbrain killers",1618 "[get_nano_modify] stylers","killers","riders","drug kingpins","soldiers","government agents","mafia dons","nano prisoners","cow boys","movie stars","aristocrats","lords",1619 "princes","kings","generals","admirals","gentlemen","Nanopol officers","F.B.I. Agents","C.I.A. agents","N.S.A. agents","microsoft employees","jedi knights","sith lords","hustlers","star pirates","astronauts",1620 "nano dungeon nauts","basket ball players","football players","aliens","monsters","strangers","demons","angels","prophets","clairvoyants","psychics","detectives","mercenaries","ghosts","nomads","assassins","emperors","popes",1621 "submarine captains","wizards","warlocks","magicians","necromancers","sorcerers","dragons","trolls","seventh sons of seventh sons","mystics","cowboys","cave men","barbarians","starship captains","comedians","politicians",1622 "judges","journalists","warriors","adventurers","time travelers","little green men","grays","revolutionaries","knights","dukes","spartan warriors","prisoners","guards","inmates","drivers","grim reapers","genies","heroes",1623 "robots","cyborgs","terminators","boss players","thugs","juggalos","nano dungeon of doom stars"1624 };1625 set_aspercream = true;1626 return get_aspercream_mofos(mofos);1627 }1628 public static string get_aspercream_or_aspercreams()1629 {1630 return (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_aspercreams() : get_aspercream();1631 }1632 public static string get_no_a_bitbrain()1633 {1634 return get_bitbrain_mofo(bitbrain);1635 }1636 public static string get_bitbrain()1637 {1638 return get_a(get_bitbrain_mofo(bitbrain));1639 }1640 public static string get_bitbrains()1641 {1642 return get_bitbrain_mofo(bitbrains);1643 }1644 public static string get_bitbrain_s()1645 {1646 return get_a(get_bitbrain_mofo(bitbrain_s));1647 }1648 public static string get_a_bitbrain_or_bitbrains()1649 {1650 return (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? get_bitbrain() : get_bitbrains();1651 }1652 public static string pick_bitbrain(string[] bitbrain_array)1653 {1654 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1655 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(4) == 0)1656 {1657 str.Append(pick(mental, "mental"));1658 }1659 str.Append(pick(bit_modify, "bit_modify"));1660 str.Append(pick(bitbrain_array, "bitbrain_array"));1661 return str.ToString();1662 }1663 public static string[] bitbrain_mofo = new string[] { "mother fucker", "son of a bitch", "whore", "bastard", "bitler",1664 "bit hole", "bit holer","fool" };1665 public static string[] bitbrain_mofos = new string[] { "mother fuckers", "sons of bitches", "whores","bastards", "bitlers",1666 "bit holes", "bit holers" };1667 public static string[] bitbrain_mofo_s = new string[] { "mother fucker's", "son of a bitch's", "whore's", "bastard's",1668 "bitler's", "bit hole's", "bit holer's" };1669 public static string[] aspercream = new string[] { "Aspercream", "The Bitbrain Killer", "Mister E1 point 0E", "Twice the effect with out the meaning", "the [get_far_thought] nano prisoner",1670 "the president of [get_far_thought] Nanopol","[get_far_thought] James Gentilly","Aspercream the {destroyer,pre nano mother fucker, don}" };1671 public static string[] aspercreaming = new string[] { "Aspercreaming", "Bitbrain Killering", "Mister E1 point 0Eing", "Twice the effect with out the meaninging", "nano prisonering" };1672 public static string[] aspercream_s = new string[] { "Aspercream's", "The Bitbrain Killer's", "Mister E1 point 0 ease", "Twice the effect with out the meaning's","the [get_far_thought] nano prisoner's",1673 "the president of [get_far_thought] Nanopol's","[get_far_thought] James Gentilly's",};1674 public static string get_bitbrain_mofo(string[] bitbrain_array)1675 {1676 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1677 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(4) == 0)1678 {1679 str.Append(pick(mental, "mental"));1680 }1681 str.Append(pick(bit_modify, "bit_modify"));1682 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1683 {1684 str.Append(get_mofo_meta());1685 }1686 str.Append(pick(bitbrain_array, "bitbrain_array"));1687 //str.Append(pick(bitbrain, "dumb_bitbrain"));1688 return str.ToString();1689 }1690 public static string get_mental()1691 {1692 return pick(mental, "mental");1693 } 1694 1695 public static string[] mental = new string[] { "KG Bit","red","not green"};1696 public static string[] bitbrain = new string[] {1697 "[get_bit_modify] mole face", "[get_bit_modify] cut face", "[get_bit_modify] copy bit", "[get_bit_modify] tell a bit", "[get_bit_modify] know no bit"};1698 /*1699 "bitler","seven hundred megabyter","submariner","one bit per seconder","bit brain nano terrorist",1700 "no mother fuckerer","no wayer","rebitted mother fucker","nano dungeon er","bitter","leafer",1701 "bravo's racist fistser","bit brain","bit hole","bit holer",1702"louisiana brain deather","nano terrorist","bit caller","billy bits","bit master","KG Bit Agent","bit cerveau",1703"bitler","even hundred megabyter","submariner","one bit per seconder","bitbrain nano terrorist",1704"mother fuckerer","no wayer","rebitted mother fucker","bitter","leafer",1705"bitbrain","bit hole","bit holer","louisiana brain deather","nanoterrorist","bit caller","ricky","rocky","daniel","marcy","jackie","mike diggs"1706};*/1707 public static string[] bitbrains = new string[] { /*"bitlers","seven hundred megabyters","submariners","one bit per seconders","bit brain nano terrorists",1708 "no mother fuckerers","no wayers","rebitted mother fuckers","nano dungeon ers","bitters","leafers",1709 "bravo's racist fistsers","european walking conspirators", "bit brains","bit holes","bit holers",1710 "louisiana brain deathers","nano terrorist","redders","bit callers","bit masters","KG Bit"*/1711 "[get_bit_modify] mole faces", "[get_bit_modify] cut faces", "[get_bit_modify] copy bits", "[get_bit_modify] tell a bits", "[get_bit_modify] know no bits"};1712 1713 public static string[] bitbrain_s = new string[] { /*"bitler's","oner's","zeroer's","seven hundred megabyter's","submariner's","one bit per seconder's","bit brain nano terrorist's",1714 "no mother fuckerer's","no wayer's","rebitted mother fucker's","nano dungeon er's","bitter's","leafer's",1715 "bravo's racist fistser's","european walking conspirator's", "bit brain's","bit hole's","bit holer's",1716 "louisiana brain deather's","nano terrorist's","redder's","bit caller's","billy bits","bit master's"*/1717 "[get_bit_modify] mole face's", "[get_bit_modify] cut face's", "[get_bit_modify] copy bit's", "[get_bit_modify] tell a bit's", "[get_bit_modify] know no bit's"};1718 public static string[] bit_modify = new string[] { "seven hundred megabytes","submarine","one bit per second","bit brain",1719 "no mother fucker","no way","rebitted","bit","leaf","who are you","now what is it",1720 "bravo's racist fists","seven hundred megabytes","submarine","one bit per second","bitbrain",1721 "no mother fucker","no way","rebitted","bit","leaf","who are you","now what is it",1722 "bravo's racist fists"};1723 1724 public static string[] bit_modify_y = new string[] { "seven hundred megabyte-E","submarine-E","one bit per second-E","bit brain nano terrorist-E",1725 "no mother fucker-E","no way-E","rebitted-E","nano dungeon-E","bit-E","leaf-E","who are you e","now what is itty",1726 "bravo's racist fists-E","european walking conspiracy-E","reddy","one-E","zero-E"};1727 public static string[] bit_modifies = new string[] { "seven hundred megabytes","submarines","one bit per seconds","bit brain nano terrorists",1728 "no mother fuckers","no ways","rebits","nano dungeons","bits","leafs","who are you's","now what is its",1729 "bravo's racist fists","european walking conspiracies","reds","ones","zeroes"};1730 public static string[] bit_modified = new string[] { "seven hundred megabyted","submarined","one bit per seconded","bit brain nano terroristed",1731 "no mother fuckered","no wayed","rebitted","nano dungeoned","bitted","leafed","who are you'd","now what is it'd",1732 "bravo's racist fistsed","european walking conspired","redded","oned","zeroed"};1733 public static string[] bit_modifying = new string[] { "seven hundred megabyting","submarining","one bit per seconding","bit brain nano terroristing",1734 "no mother fuckering","no waying","rebitting","nano dungeoning","bitting","who are you in","now what is itting",1735 "bravo's racist fistsing","european walking conspiracy-ing","redding","oneing","zeroing"};1736 public static string[] nano_modifies = new string[] { "Gold Pyramids","G. Therms", "E one point zero ees","aspercreams","james is twice the effect with out the meanings","twice the effect with out the meaning","shadow idea",1737 "pure senses","perfect thought disorders","far thoughts","shadow ideas","green pyramidses","you cause yous","shadow coincidences",1738 "not finished i have to laughs","bit brains","louisiana brain deaths","seven hundred megabytes","submarines","one bit per seconds","bit brain nano terrorists",1739 "no mother fuckers","no ways","2 6 9 chess A dees","evacuate green lines","rebits","bits","leafs",1740 "things not things","long way outs","i know the effect with out knowing the meanings",1741 "far thoughts","bossys","talk is nices","end conversation bores mes","scorpions","draculas",1742 "green even when he's reds","bravo's racist fists","european walking conspiracies","bossies","reds","greens","ones","zeroes","who are you's","now what is its","bitbrain heaters",1743 1744 };1745 public static string[] nano_modified = new string[] { "Gold Pyramided","G. Thermed","E one point zero eed","aspercreamed","james is twice the effect with out the meaninged","twice the effect with out the meaninged","shadow ideaed",1746 "pure sensed","perfect thought disordered","far thoughted","shadow ideaed","green pyramidsed","you cause you'ed","shadow coincidenced",1747 "not finished i have to laughed","bit brained","louisiana brain deathed","seven hundred megabyted","submarined","one bit per seconded","bit brain nano terroristed",1748 "no mother fuckered","no wayed","2 6 9 chess A deed","evacuate green lined","rebitted","bitted","leafed",1749 "things not thingsed","long way outed","i know the effect with out knowing the meaninged",1750 "bossied","talk is niced","end conversation bores me'ed","scorpioned","dracula-ed",1751 "green even when he's reded","bravo's racist fisted","european walking conspiracied","redded","greened","oned","zeroed","who are you'd","now what is it'd","bitbrain heatered"1752 };1753 public static string[] nano_modify = new string[] { "Gold Pyramid","G. Therm","bit brain killer","E1 point 0E","nonsense nonsense sense is your ass killed","aspercream",1754 "james is twice the effect with out the meaning","twice the effect with out the meaning","i know the effect with out knowing the meaning",1755 "pure sense","perfect thought disorder","fah fah far thought","shah shah shadow idea","greh greh green pyramids","yah yah you cause you","shadow coincidence",1756 "not finished i have to laugh","bit brain","louisiana brain death","seven hundred megabytes","submarine","one bit per second","bit brain nano terrorist",1757 "no mother fucker","no way","2 6 9 chess A dee","evacuate green line","rebitted","bit","leafs",1758 "things not things","long way out","bossy","talk is nice",1759 "end conversation bores me","scorpion","dracula","green even when he's red","bravo's racist fists","who are you","now what is it",1760 "european walking conspiracy","red","green","bitbrain heater"};1761 public static string[] nano_modify_y = new string[] { "Gold Pyramidy","G. Thermy","bit brain killer-E","E1 point 0E-E","non sense non sense sense is your ass killed-E","aspercream-E",1762 "james is twice the effect with out the meaning-E","twice the effect with out the meaning-E","i know the effect with out knowing the meaning-E",1763 "pure sense-E","perfect thought disorder-E","far thought-E","shadow idea-E","green pyramids-E","you cause you-E","shadow coincidence-E",1764 "not finished i have to laugh-E","bit brain-E","louisiana brain death-E","seven hundred megabyte-E","submarine-E","one bit per second-E","bit brain nano terrorist-E",1765 "no mother fucker-E","no way-E","2 6 9 chess A dee E","evacuate green line-E","rebitted","bit-E","leaf-E",1766 "things not things-E","long way out-E","bossy-E","talk is nice-E",1767 "end conversation bores me-E","scorpion-E","dracula-E","green even when he's red-E","bravo's racist fists-E","who are you e","now what is itty",1768 "european walking conspiracy-E","reddy","greeny","one-E","zero-E" };1769 public static string[] nano_modifying = new string[] { "Gold Pyramiding","G. Therming","bit brain killering","E one point zero E","non sense non sense sense is your ass killed-ing","aspercreaming",1770 "james is twice the effect with out the meaning","twice the effect with out the meaning","i know the effect with out knowing the meaning",1771 "pure sensing","perfect thought disordering","far thoughting","shadow ideaing","green pyramidsing","you cause you","shadow coincidencing",1772 "not finished i have to laughing","bit braining","louisiana brain deathing","seven hundred megabyting","submarining","one bit per seconding","bit brain nano terroristing",1773 "no mother fuckering","no waying","2 6 9 chess A deeing","evacuate green lining","rebitting","bitting","leafing",1774 "things not thingsing","long way outting","talk is nicing",1775 "end conversation bores me-ing","scorpioning","dracula-ing","green even when he's redding","bravo's racist fistsing","who are you in","now what is itting",1776 "european walking conspiracy-ing","bossying","redding","greening","oneing","zeroing"};1777 public static string[] time = new string[] { "night", "day", "week", "month", "year", "time", "age", "era", "millennium", "century", "aeon", "eternity","Hyborian Age" };1778 public static string[] times = new string[] { "nights", "days", "weeks", "months", "years", "times", "ages", "eras", "millennia", "centuries", "aeons", "eternities" };1779 public static string[] modify_time_place = new string[] { "night mare", "merry", "new", "old", "ancient", "transcendental", "brave new" };1780 public static string[] in_time = new string[] { "in", "during", "throughout" };1781 public static string get_time_or_place_or_neither()1782 {1783 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1784 switch (RandomNumber.Rand4(3))1785 {1786 case 0:1787 str.Append(get_time());1788 break;1789 case 1:1790 str.Append(get_place());1791 break;1792 case 2:1793 break;1794 }1795 switch (RandomNumber.Rand4(3))1796 {1797 case 0:1798 str.Append(get_place());1799 break;1800 case 1:1801 str.Append(get_time());1802 break;1803 case 2:1804 break;1805 }1806 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(1) == 0)1807 {1808 str.Append(get_reason());1809 }1810 return str.ToString();1811 }1812 public static bool set_reason = false;1813 public static string get_reason()1814 {1815 if (set_reason == true)1816 {1817 //return "";1818 }1819 set_reason = true;1820 string str = "{because,cuz,reason being} ";1821 str += pick(reason, "reason");1822 1823 return str;1824 }1825 public static string[] reason = new string[] { "[get_aspercream] is [get_far_thought]", "[get_aspercream] {does,marries,thinks,has,was,likes,loves,hate [get_bitbrains] about} [get_far_thought]","[get_aspercream] made a [get_far_thought] planet" };1826 public static string get_time()1827 {1828 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1829 if (set_time == true) { return ""; }1830 set_time = true;1831 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1832 {1833 str.Append(pick(new string[] { "when", "whenever", "sometime when", "anytime", "everytime" }, "when"));1834 str.Append(pick(reason, "reason"));1835 return str.ToString();1836 }1837 else1838 {1839 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(times.Length + 2) == 0) { return "{all the damned time,somewhere in time} "; }1840 //if (RandomNumber.Rand4(times.Length + 2) == 0) { return "once in " + get_bitbrain_s() + "life time "; }1841 if (set_place == false && (RandomNumber.Rand4(in_time.Length) == 0))1842 {1843 set_place = true;1844 str.Append("somewhere in ");1845 }1846 else1847 {1848 str.Append(pick(in_time, "in_time"));1849 }1850 }1851 str.Append(get_time_no_in());1852 return str.ToString();1853 }1854 public static string get_time_no_in()1855 {1856 set_time = true;1857 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1858 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1859 {1860 str.Append((RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) ? "the " + get_time_no_inthe() : get_a(modifier_time_place() + get_nano_modify() + pick(time, "time")));1861 }1862 else1863 {1864 str.Append("the " + modifier_time_place() + (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0 ? pick(times, "times") : pick(time, "time")) + "of " + get_nano_modify());1865 }1866 return str.ToString();1867 }1868 public static string get_time_no_inthe()1869 {1870 set_time = true;1871 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1872 str.Append(get_nano_modify() + (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0 ? pick(times, "times") : pick(time, "time")));1873 return str.ToString();1874 }1875 public static string geta_time_no_inthe()1876 {1877 set_time = true;1878 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1879 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1880 {1881 str.Append(get_nano_modify() + pick(times, "times"));1882 }1883 else1884 {1885 str.Append(get_a(get_nano_modify()) + pick(time, "time"));1886 }1887 return str.ToString();1888 }1889 public static string modifier_time_place()1890 {1891 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1892 if (set_modify_time_place == true) { return str.ToString(); }1893 set_modify_time_place = true;1894 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)1895 {1896 str.Append(pick(modify_time_place, "modify_time_place"));1897 }1898 return str.ToString();1899 }1900 public static string[] placesa = new string[] {"hotel","palace","kingdom","igloo",1901 "moon base","mars colony","star destroyer","nano utopia","u f o","submarine base","ballistic missile site","nuclear submarine","restaurant","space station","cd manufacturering plant",1902 "submarine making facility","harem","star port","galaxy","solar system","chilis restaurant","outback restaurant","ruth chris restaurant","dragos restaurant","hilton hotel","Hyatt hotel", "Peppers restaurant",1903 "buffalo wild wings restaurant","walmart","rouses","books-a-million","place","home","house","apartment","room","monastery","egyptian pyramid",1904 "court room","jail","penitentiary","romulan warbird","bull bit farm","presidential suite","castle","village","town","city","ghetto","hood","hide out","state","ice castle","magical kingdom",1905 "sanctuary","recording studio","music video","movie","court testimony","destroyer","P8-A submarine hunter","bedroom","living room","bathroom mirror","kitchen","garage",1906 "summer camp","reality","nano dungeon","pre nano simulation","class room",1907 "college","lecture hall","elementary school","neighborhood","mansion","police station","mall","yacht","museum","limousine","private jet",1908 "jacuzzi","pool","garden","bath tub","shower","hotel room","bath room","missile boat","church","church of [get_aspercream]","shrine","temple","gas station","apartment building",1909 "movie theatre",1910 "library","supermarket","train station","party","weed circle","plantation","voice conspiracy",1911 "styling contest","matrix","prom","wedding","office","lab","basement","attic","trailer park","trailer","university","catholic school","convent","cabin","park","parking lot","brothel",1912 "strip club","styling championship",1913 "championship","hell","heaven","paradise","mountain","mountain hall","fountain of youth","afterlife","coincidence","republic","white house","worm hole","world trade center","circle of hell","jail cell","dream",1914 "fantasy","utopia","country","world","conspiracy","dining room","cop car","closet","bed","living room","kitchen","bath tub","park","school bus","map contest","desert","yacht","porn movie","soap opera","back yard bar b que",1915 "mosh bit","concert","stadium","car","truck","s u v","taxi cab","mini van","van","restaurant","bar","submarine","air craft carrier","train","crack house","meth lab","wal mart","street","block",1916 "neighborhood","[get_bitbrains] delusion","society","fun house","[get_aspercream_s] fun house",1917 };1918 public static string[] placesthe = new string[] {"nano dungeon of doom","wild wild nano dungeon of doom","starship enterprise",1919 "millennium falcon","white house","united nations building","chateau de versailles","emerald thai restaurant","southland mall","mall of america",1920 "eiffel tower","taj mahal","big apple","kremlin","neuschwanstein castle","vatican","earth",1921 "dinosaur park","streets","nano terrorists head quarters","bitbrain killers' head quarters","west side","east side","nanopol's headquarters","styling contest","catacombs","middle of nowhere","gates of tomorrow",1922 "mountain","mountain hall","city of the {dead,mind raped}","dimension","realm","spirit world","reality","shadow world","shadow realm","shadow dimension","shadow reality","yard","back yard","stars","bronx",1923 "chicago mob","crips","bloods","c i a","k g b","population","police association","navy seals","marine core","army","air force","ghost busters","counter nano terrorist strike force","pentagon",1924 "white house","vatican","Emerald City","Shire","Godric's Hollow","Jurassic Park","Dragonstone","Springfield","Azeroth","Camelot","thieves guild","black hand","Crematoria","Endor","Fantasia",1925 "Jumanji","Krull","Spirit Realm","Drangleic","Kingdom of Daventry","Mushroom Kingdom","Nirn","Termina","Twilight Realm","Hyrule"1926 };1927 public static string[] places = new string[] { "land", "country", "county", "kcsr","america","europe","north america","south america","russia","china","japan","feudal japan","middle earth",1928 "los angeles","chicago","dallas","new york","rome","paris","london","moscow","beijing","south central Los Angeles","new orleans","houma","louisiana","tampa","central park","atlantis","camelot",1929 "el dorado","shangri-la","mount olympus","zion","Transylvania","nano auschwitz","harlem","brooklyn","{cheyenne's {mom's,dad's,parent's},aliza's {mom's,dad's,parent's}} [get_far_thought] {house,trailer}",1930 "[get_bitbrains] head","{[get_bitbrain_s],[get_aspercream_s]} dream","sniper school","pre school","grade school","college","Willy Wonka's Factory","Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry","Xavier's Academy",1931 "Asgard","Narnia","Hogsmeade","Rivendell","Diagon Alley","King's Landing","Pandora","Lilliput","Panem","Shadowrealm","shadow world","Tamriel","Atlantis","El Dorado"1932 };1933 public static string[] onplaces = new string[] { "Executor Star Destroyer", "golden state bridge", "wall of china", "History Channel", "Travel Channel", "funny farm", "bit farm", "pirate ship", "stage", "peter's street", "east side", "west side", "south side" };1934 public static string[] onaplaces = new string[] { "death star", "planet", "seven forty seven", "cargo ship", "nuclear submarine", "star ship", "school bus", "grey hound bus", "stage", "block", "sail boat","aircraft carrier",1935 "tv channel","dyson sphere","ferris wheel"1936 };1937 public static string[] atplaces = new string[] { "angel falls", "egyptian pyramids", "end of a rainbow", "nano terrorists war crimes tribunal", "orgy", "nano center", "styling contest", "dinner table", "wedding", "prom", "white house", "pentagon", "kitchen sink", "dinner table", "air port", };1938 public static string[] whereplaces = new string[] { "[get_aspercream] does [get_far_thought] {shit,stuff,things}", "[get_bitbrain] does [get_bit_modify] {shit,stuff,things}","[get_aspercream] [whatthings]","[get_aspercream] [whatthings] with [get_far_thought] {women,chicks,girls}",1939 "[get_bitbrain] does [get_bitbrainthings]",1940 };1941 public static string[] whatthings = new string[] { "rides","balls","dances","slangs drugs","throws them thangs","gang bangs",1942 "becomes a wizard","does cartel work","raps","fucks","breaks [get_far_thought] hearts",1943 "sees death around the corner","is heavy in the [get_far_thought] game","is in deep","has all eyes on him","treats his girl just like daddy",1944 "raps","free styles","figures out the [get_far_thought] game","brings the pain","invades a planet",1945 "stops hearts","was trained as a boss player","laced the game with [get_far_thought] insight","has a [get_far_thought] war mentality",1946 "masters the art of war",1947 };1948 public static string[] bitbrainthings = new string[] { "falls on it's face", "fucks up it's [get_bit_modify] rap", "gets cock blocked", "hates {everything,people}", "crashes it's [get_bit_modify] car","gets smacked in it's face","gets blasted","O Dees on dope",1949 "backs up it's brain to a CD","pretends to know kung fu","gets lit on fire","gets stabbed","gets ebola","flies into a black hole","lies about how long it's nanodungeon gonna last",1950 "makes [get_aspercream] think he knows [get_bit_modify] hobies all his life"};1951 public static string[] forthings = new string[] { "money", "bitches", "chicks", "women", "fame", "glory", "revenge", "triumph", "victory", "{black,dark} {love,passion,desires,magic}" };1952 public static string get_forthings()1953 {1954 return "for [get_far_thought] " + pick(forthings, "forthings");1955 }1956 public static string get_whatthings()1957 {1958 return pick(whatthings, "whatthings");1959 }1960 public static string get_bitbrainthings()1961 {1962 return pick(bitbrainthings, "bitbrainthings");1963 }1964 public static int get_case(int[] arr)1965 {1966 int t = RandomNumber.Rand4(arr.Sum());1967 int i = 0;1968 int x = arr[i];1969 while (t >= x)1970 {1971 i++;1972 x += arr[i];1973 }1974 return i;1975 }1976 public static string get_place()1977 {1978 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();1979 if (set_place == true) { return str.ToString(); }1980 set_place = true;1981 int[] t = { placesa.Length, placesthe.Length, places.Length, onplaces.Length, onaplaces.Length, atplaces.Length, whereplaces.Length };1982 switch (get_case(t))1983 {1984 case 5:1985 str.Append("at the " + modifier_time_place() + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(atplaces, "atplaces"));1986 break;1987 case 3:1988 str.Append("on the " + modifier_time_place() + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(onplaces, "onplaces"));1989 break;1990 case 0:1991 str.Append("in " + get_a((modifier_time_place() + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(placesa, "placesa"))));1992 break;1993 case 1:1994 str.Append("in the " + modifier_time_place() + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(placesthe, "placesthe"));1995 break;1996 case 2:1997 str.Append("in " + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(places, "places"));1998 break;1999 case 4:2000 str.Append("on " + get_a(pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify")) + pick(onaplaces, "onaplaces"));2001 break;2002 case 6:2003 str.Append(pick(new string[] { "where", "somewhere", "anywhere", "everywhere" }, "where"));2004 str.Append(pick(whereplaces, "whereplaces"));2005 break;2006 }2007 return str.ToString();2008 }2009 public static string get_place_no_in()2010 {2011 set_place = true;2012 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();2013 int[] t = { placesa.Length, placesthe.Length, places.Length, onplaces.Length, onaplaces.Length, atplaces.Length, 1 };2014 switch (get_case(t))2015 {2016 case 5:2017 str.Append("the " + modifier_time_place() + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(atplaces, "atplaces"));2018 break;2019 case 3:2020 str.Append("the " + modifier_time_place() + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(onplaces, "onplaces"));2021 break;2022 case 0:2023 str.Append(get_a((modifier_time_place() + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(placesa, "placesa"))));2024 break;2025 case 1:2026 str.Append("the " + modifier_time_place() + pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(placesthe, "placesthe"));2027 break;2028 case 2:2029 str.Append(pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify") + pick(places, "places"));2030 break;2031 case 4:2032 str.Append(get_a(pick(onaplaces, "onaplaces")));2033 break;2034 case 6:2035 str.Append(pick(new string[] { "where", "somewhere", "anywhere", "everywhere" }, "where"));2036 str.Append(pick(whereplaces, "whereplaces"));2037 break;2038 }2039 return str.ToString();2040 }2041 public static string athingplaceortime()2042 {2043 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();2044 int t;2045 do2046 {2047 t = RandomNumber.Rand4(3);2048 if (set_place == true && t == 1)2049 {2050 t = -1;2051 }2052 if (set_time == true && t == 2)2053 {2054 t = -1;2055 }2056 } while (t == -1);2057 switch (t)2058 {2059 case 0:2060 str.Append(thing());2061 break;2062 case 1:2063 str.Append(get_place_no_in());2064 break;2065 case 2:2066 str.Append(get_time_no_in());2067 break;2068 }2069 return str.ToString();2070 }2071 public static string get_a_thing()2072 {2073 return get_a_nano_modify() + pick(athing.Concat(bunchofthings).ToArray(), "athing");2074 }2075 public static string get_bitbrain_thing()2076 {2077 return get_a_bit_modify() + pick(athing.Concat(bunchofthings).ToArray(), "athing");2078 }2079 public static string get_power()2080 {2081 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(3) == 0)2082 {2083 return get_powerthing();2084 }2085 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(3) == 0)2086 {2087 return get_aspercream();2088 }2089 return get_powerbeing();2090 }2091 public static string get_powerthing()2092 {2093 return get_a(get_a_far_thought() + pick(powerthing, "powerthing"));2094 }2095 public static string get_powerbeing()2096 {2097 return get_a_far_thought() + pick(powerbeing, "powerbeing");2098 }2099 public static string[] powerthing = new string[] {2100 "submarine","u boat","f 22","stealth bomber","sky scraper","house","home","bus","school bus","b 52","minute man missile","icbm","bank","mob","free candy van","police car","fbi van","store",2101 "mall","school","college","factory","abandonned {truck,submarine,car,building}","conspiracy","gang","cartel","missile factory","cd manufacturing plant","submarine making facility",2102 "space station","u f o","space ship","star destroyer","death star","x wing","corporation","group","trailer","apartment","duplex","g ride","weed circle","city","state","country",2103 "prison","counter nanoterrorist strike force head quarters","romulan warbird","star ship enterprise","planet","solar system","galaxy","black hole computer","lottery company",2104 "catholic school","nano utopia","utopia","paradise"2105 };2106 public static string[] powerbeing = new string[]2107 {2108 "dragon","grandmother","grandfather","father","mother","son","daughter","sister","brother","cop","f b i agent","c i a agent","troll","counter nanoterrorist strike force agent","cd manufacturing planet {c e o,worker}",2109 "submarine building facility worker","submarine captain","nano prisoner","[get_bitbrain] killer"2110 };2111 public static string[] athing = new string[] {"dinner","egg","seven forty seven","blunt","ufo",2112 "oyster","joint","40 ounce","glass of rum","glass of scotch","jar of grey poupon","tie fighter","x-wing","beer","coffee","coffee table","poker game","gang","drug cartel",2113 "submarine","college exam","knife","bank account","check","yacht","anaconda","lion","tiger","bear","polar bear","wolf","cobra","guillotine","eletric chair","cyanide pill","baseball bat",2114 "jacuzzi","pool","garden","color combination light sabre","bath tub","shower","limousine","private jet","cigar","rose","machete","scorpion","snake","law of physics",2115 "computer program","cat","dog","bottle of champagne","glass of champagne","cadillac","ferarri","lamborghini","bugatti veyron","number theory","computational theory","physics theory",2116 "social theory","information theory",2117 "T-Rex","velociraptor","allosaurus","mountain of gold","christmas tree","snow man","falling star","comet","dinosaur","crocodile","alien","bag of marijuana","nano bot","sea of madness",2118 "car","g-ride","bk-ride","grabber blue ford mustang","suv","hooptie","64 impala","time machine","g ride","bk ride","circle of life","circle of hell","lie","fact","story","idea",2119 "reason","style","butterfly effect","justification","justice","camp fire","sentence","paragraph","verse","judgement","election","ring","watch","vision","television","{smart,tele} phone",2120 "computer","operating system","video game","song","box","hard drive","yoyo","bike","skate board","trampoline","pool table","washer","drier","refrigerator","cooler master nepton",2121 "car engine","truck engine","car horn","helicopter","airplane","air conditioner","air conditioning vent","heater","water heater","myth","superstition","elixir","exlixir of life","unicorn horn",2122 "magic lamp","genie","throne","dragon","troll","CD","sands of time","language","sword","spear","club","set of armor","bow","sling shot","symmetry","asymmetry","argument","conspiracy",2123 "rule of the game","rule of engagement","speaker","computer speaker","A I","noise","electric chair","chair","sofa","soda","candy bar","quasar","black hole","star","nanobot","technological singularity",2124 "army","navy","platoon","harpie","mermaid","oath of loyalty","cyborg","robot","matrioshka brain","jupiter brain","answering machine message","answering machine","telephone booth","pager","nintendo","commodore 64",2125 "sega master system","heating vent","tv","ring of power","holy grail","lost ark","jewel","gem","diamond","hope diamond","worm hole",2126 "world trade center","bomb","warp drive","teleporter","torpedo","nuclear submarine","missile boat","boomer","aircraft carrier","destroyer","depth charge","eternity","hell","heaven",2127 "dynasty","empire","royal seal","dating service","realm","bong","dream","world","{black,[get_bit_modify] color combination} blood of the [get_nanodungeon_of_doom]",2128 "burning blade","magic potion","wedding","graduation","secret society","emotion","sentiment","memory","prediction","relationship","love affair",2129 "one night stand","marriage","life","vacation","honey moon","marriage proposal","sin","blood line","business","corporation","government",2130 "[get_bit_modify] color combination blood of the [get_nanodungeon_of_doom]","abandoned truck","abandoned submarine","tape","luck","destiny","Fate","karma",2131 };2132 public static string thing()2133 {2134 string[] afarperson = new string[] { "jedi knight", "sith lord", "nano prisoner" };2135 string[] aperson = new string[] { "pedestrian", "driver","truck driver", "starship enterprise officer","man","woman","child","girl","boy","post man","tax man","computer programmer",2136 "journalist","traffic cop","husband and wife","college student","lawyer","judge","wage slave","valet","alien","monster"2137 };2138 string[] abitperson = new string[] { "crack head", "communist", "nano whore", "enemy", "meth head", "junkie", "crack whore" };2139 string[] thething = new string[] { "starship enterprise", "millennium falcon", "book of the mind raped","styling contest","nano game","U.S. government",2140 "C I A","N S A","F B I","marine corps","N Y P D","L A P D","hope diamond","houma police department","association","club","organization","government","clan","group","think tank","news paper",2141 "truth","peace","war","storm","calm","sacrificial lamb","logic system"};2142 string[] bitbrainthing = new string[] { "face per cream", "car", "jail cell", "cd", "nano dungeon", "obituary", "ambition",2143 "show tech shot","trunk full of [get_bit_modify] bullshit","sickle cell anemia","trophy wife","dildo","teddy bear","diaper","{thought,brain,personality} disorder",2144 "bull bit","drug trip","diapers","bit hole","communist mind conspiracy","nanoterrorist mind conspiracy"2145 };2146 string[] bitchthing = new string[] { "purse", "tampon", "panties", "pussy", "aspercream", "titties", "silk panties", "g-string", "bra", "wedding dress", "lips", "husband", "boyfriend", "prom dress", "pimply face per cream" };2147 string[] notbitbrainthing = new string[] { "fist", "face per cream", "g-ride", "bk-ride", "heater", "cd", "free style", "rap", "P8-A sub hunter", "book of the mind raped", "mafia", "gang",2148 "F-22","F-16","F-15","B2 Stealth Bomber","foot","eyes","family","marriage","job","circle of life","painting","squad","cash stacks","life","computer",2149 "jet ski","poem","song","talisman","good luck charm","watch","ring","ambition","honor","trophy","best friend","father","mother","sister","brother",2150 "prophecy","destiny","fate","act of war","declaration of war","cease fire","peace treaty","book","movie","movie plot","autobiography",2151 "personality","joke","comment","statement","quip","vow","constitution","manifesto","law","order","magic chest"2152 };2153 string[] bitbrainkillerthing = new string[] { "tuxedo", "wife", "girl friend", "marbles", "style", "trophy wife", "geography lessons", "map","military style judgement",2154 "secretary style judgement","salad dressing",2155 "kilos of cocaine","yacht","hotel","country","planet","galaxy","nano utopia","block","neighborhood","nuclear submarine","best friend","face per cream",2156 "prophecy","destiny","fate","style judgement","mind",2157 "flesh","heart","life","crown","sceptre","chariot","treasure","treasure room","bit hole","passion","honor","bravery","loyalty","character","team","family","love",2158 "game","rap","free style","throne","dynasty","face","empire","love slave","circle","ambition","style","voice in his head","corporation","trust","foundation","conspiracy",2159 };2160 StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();2161 switch (RandomNumber.Rand4(8))2162 {2163 case 0:2164 str.Append(get_a(get_aspercream_mofos(bitch_s) + get_far_thought_list() + pick(thething.Concat(notbitbrainthing).Concat(bitchthing).Concat(athing).Concat(gun).Concat(guns).Concat(food_list).Concat(foods_list).Concat(bunchofthings).ToArray(), "thing case 3")));2165 break;2166 case 1:2167 str.Append("the " + get_nano_modify() + pick(thething.Concat(bunchofthings).ToArray(), "thething"));2168 break;2169 case 2:2170 str.Append(get_a(pick(nano_modify, "nano_modify")) + pick(athing.Concat(food_list).Concat(notbitbrainthing).Concat(food_list).Concat(foods_list).Concat(guns).Concat(gun).Concat(bunchofthings).ToArray(), "thing case 2"));2171 break;2172 case 3:2173 str.Append(get_a(get_bitbrain_mofo(bitbrain_mofo_s)) + get_bit_modify() + pick(bitbrainthing.Concat(bunchofthings).ToArray(), "bitbrainthing"));2174 break;2175 case 4:2176 str.Append(get_aspercream_s() + get_far_thought_list() + pick(thething.Concat(notbitbrainthing).ToArray().Concat(bitbrainkillerthing).ToArray().Concat(athing).ToArray().Concat(gun).ToArray().Concat(guns).ToArray().Concat(food_list).ToArray().Concat(foods_list).ToArray().Concat(bunchofthings).ToArray(), "thing case 4"));2177 break;2178 case 5:2179 str.Append(get_a(pick(far_thought_list, "far_thought_list")) + pick(afarperson, "afarperson"));2180 break;2181 case 6:2182 str.Append(get_a(get_bit_modify()) + pick(abitperson, "abitperson"));2183 break;2184 case 7:2185 str.Append(get_a(get_nano_modify()) + pick(aperson, "aperson"));2186 break;2187 }2188 return str.ToString();2189 }2190 public static string get_animal_or_animals()2191 {2192 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0) { return get_animal(); } else { return get_animals(); }2193 }2194 public static string get_animal()2195 {2196 return get_a_nano_modify() + pick(animal, "animal");2197 }2198 public static string get_animals()2199 {2200 return get_nano_modify() + pick(animals, "animals");2201 }2202 public static string get_a_far_thought()2203 {2204 return get_a(get_far_thought_list());2205 }2206 public static string[] animal = new string[] { "shark", "velociraptor", "a T-Rex", "Allosaurus", "wolf", "bear", "polar bear", "lion", "crocodile", "tiger", "pit bull", "killer whale" };2207 public static string[] animals = new string[] { "sharks", "velociraptors", "a T-Rexes", "Allosauruses", "wolves", "bears", "polar bears", "lions", "piranhas", "crocodiles", "tigers", "pit bulls", "killer whales" };2208 public delegate string test();2209 public static string get_nanodungeon_of_doom()2210 {2211 if (RandomNumber.Rand4(2) == 0)2212 {2213 return "nano dungeon of " + pick(nanodungeon_of_doom, "nanodungeon of doom");2214 }2215 string str = pick(nanodungeon_of_doom, "nanodungeon of doom");2216 string str2;2217 do2218 {2219 str2 = pick(nanodungeon_of_doom, "nanodungeon of doom");2220 } while (str == str2);2221 return "nanodungeon of " + str + " and " + str2;2222 }2223 public static string[] nanodungeon_of_doom = new string[]2224 {2225 "doom{s}","miser{y,ies}","suffering{s}","disappointment{s}","regret{s}","wasted life","hard ship{s}","affliction{s}","torment{s}","torture{s}","agon{y,ies}","pain{s}","insanit{y,ies}","{lost,false,no} hope{s}","deprivation{s}",2226 "grief{s}","desolation{s}","sadness","sorrow","melancholia","melancholy","bull bit}"2227 };2228 public static string get_old_bitbrain()2229 {2230 string[] girls = { "jackie", "marcy", "rosa" };2231 return pick(girls, "girls");2232 }2233 public static string get_name()2234 {2235 string str = pick(celebs, "bunchofnames");2236 if (str.IndexOf(" ") > 0)2237 {2238 str = str.Remove(str.IndexOf(" "));2239 }2240 return get_bit_modify() + " " + str;2241 }2242 public static string past_place()2243 {2244 string[] past_place = { "ganster bit ville", "nine millimeter ville", "cold bit ville", "sega bit ville", "star wars bit ville", "star wars bit ville part 2", "pasta bit ville", "hillbilly robocaller bit ville", "free bit hole ville", "wine bit ville", "ghetto bit ville", "magic bit ville", "college bit ville" };2245 return pick(past_place, "past");2246 }2247 public static string past_bitbrain()2248 {2249 string[] past_bitbrain = {"lee","first piece of bit in los angeles","mister i got bit in compton","mister i get beat up and like puppies","short mexican I beat up","highly fuckable taco bit","not a bad wife taco bit",2250 "live book bit","mister i get picked up by dudes smaller than me","penny hustler in rochester","vindictive asian in rochester","greedy [get_bitbrain] baby sitter","[get_bitbrain] who cool in los angeles",2251 "[get_bit_modify] penny hustler aryan","[get_bit_modify] mark blond hair mad","[get_bit_modify] thing","rock star with a bit hole","[get_bit_modify] meth family girl","stephanie from virgina","mister i get one not a bit","[get_bit_modify] that like sleep sex with stinky mouth","the biggest frog in the world","super bitbrain","vindicate bit counter","ugly headless begger bitch",2252 "i'm from bermuda, not we","robocaller hillbilly the rebitted son of a bit","I'm with hillbilly robocaller bitbrain",2253 "five dollar bit hole in bangkok","i like boys, from the hood","i'm giant booger bitch","tall booger","booger fairy","eric from sigonella","booger has a comment","i fight like death","cool except the ear","fat booger no relation",2254 "hillbilly robocaller bitbrain's whore","bitbrain drinks beer tell twice the effect without the meaning about it","i tell bit","i throw bit","i tell secret service a bit","bit sucker","bit in the pants",2255 "i like bit","do i look like bit","i date bit not you after 3 months","i shoot bit","muppet bit","country bit","bitless mole","my mom do bit","i do bit once","i like shaggy bit, and drug bit",2256 "i stare at bit, twice","i love bit for 6 months, not booger bit","i'm eddie acadian the bit whore","i'll get kicked in my bit","i steal bit for weed","old bit, can't wave","lonely bit, loves porn",2257 "i copy bit, i'm italian","little bit the italian","old bit","mafia bit","rich bit","barking bit","asian bit","taco bit","buster rhyme's bit","you gonna rape me bit","cool quiet bit","live hood bit",2258 "drugged out bit","fat bit don't know which","crack dealin bit","fat friend of crack dealin bit","fat sister of crack dealin bit","i hate bit but i'm a whore","i cut bit cuz me","judge bit",2259 "fat bit with a broom","taco eating bit in jail","crackhead bit in jail","hillbilly bit brothers","indian bit with muscle","partridge bit lost in a cell","army bit","karate bit",2260 "giant play bit","giant play bit's sister","hillbilly ho bit","got eyebrows bit","put me in hillbilly bit, i heard bout you mister","communist bit","banshee bit","fat asian puncher bit",2261 "random ass hillbilly gag bit","hillbilly ho bitbrain in command lost in space","the cheerio eating bitbrain","mix up the bit","run from the bit on the ground","book bit","steal a bit worth 50 cents",2262 "bit face","boy bit","karate bit against kid over girl bits","bits on the face","fat bit ho","fat bit ho sister","use your bit","pedo bit","hero bits","C++ bit","i like the cold bit","commander bitbrain",2263 "i love bit","i love bit's sister with the ugly mark","i love cyclops bit","phase bitter","block bit with my nasty bit","de beers bit the hillbilly","asain bitbrain de beers","dairy queen robber the bit",2264 "i like asian bit hole but i complain","stripper bit with the nice butt","crack head bit with the butt","gangster bitbrain the homeless fuck","fat bitbrain with gangster bitbrain","piss bitbrain with a butt",2265 "i like up the bithole on the back","frog looking ganster bitbrain","pick a bit, what","i eat bit hole for free","shaggy bitbrain","what color is bit","piss like a baby bitbrain",2266 "i like any bit","i like it, i die bitbrain","meth head torn bithole","fat puppy bitbrain","cheerio eating hood bitbrain","de beers the wrong hill bitty","fat bitbrain i'm in control",2267 "i don't like bit but it eat cheerios","cool bit dancin","free bit hole once","teacher bitbrain","snap at twice the effect without the meaning at home bitbrain","don't step on my bit",2268 "torn apart by bitbrains","furry cold bitbrain","de bits","chicago bit","military bit","thug bit","bit n ham","don't bit","osama bit laden","daffy bit","normen bits","holy bit",2269 "top bit","bottom bit","nasty bit hole","senstive bit","bit went away","bit on the bit","bit all over","just in bit","just in bit maker","bit picky",2270 "a bitbrain duh"};2271 return pick (past_bitbrain,"past_bitbrain");2272 2273 }2274 public static Dictionary<string, test> dels = new Dictionary<string, test>()2275 {2276 {"[past_place]", new test(past_place) },2277 {"[past_bitbrain]", new test(past_bitbrain) },2278 {"[BH_I]",new test(BH_I) },2279 {"[BH_WE]",new test(BH_WE) },2280 {"[BH_X_Y]",new test(BH_X_Y) },2281 {"[BH_X_Y_thing]",new test(BH_X_Y_thing) },2282 {"[get_celeb]",new test(get_celeb) },2283 {"[get_power]",new test(get_power)},2284 {"[get_name]",new test(get_name) },2285 {"[get_forthings]",new test(get_forthings) },2286 {"[get_bitbrainthings]",new test(get_bitbrainthings) },2287 {"[get_whatthings]",new test(get_whatthings) },2288 {"[get_mental]",new test(get_mental) },2289 {"[get_old_bitbrain]",new test(get_old_bitbrain) },2290 {"[get_nanodungeon_of_doom]",new test(get_nanodungeon_of_doom) },2291 {"[get_no_a_aspercream]",new test(get_no_a_aspercream) },2292 {"[get_aspercreams]",new test(get_aspercreams) },2293 {"[get_a_aspercream",new test(get_a_aspercream)},2294 {"[get_a_far_thought]",new test(get_a_far_thought) },2295 {"[get_a_thing]",new test(get_a_thing) },2296 {"[get_bitbrain]",new test(get_bitbrain)},2297 {"[get_bitbrains]",new test(get_bitbrains)},2298 {"[get_bitbrain_s]",new test(get_bitbrain_s)},2299 {"[get_no_a_bitbrain]",new test(get_no_a_bitbrain)},2300 {"[athingplaceortime]",new test(athingplaceortime)},2301 {"[get_aspercream_bitch]",new test(get_aspercream_bitch)},2302 {"[get_aspercream]",new test(get_aspercream)},2303 {"[get_aspercreaming]",new test(get_aspercreaming)},2304 {"[get_aspercream_s]",new test(get_aspercream_s)},2305 {"[get_aspercream_any]",new test(get_aspercream_any)},2306 {"[get_aspercream_mofos_or_bitches]",new test(get_aspercream_mofos_or_bitches)},2307 {"[get_aspercream_bitch_or_bitches]",new test(get_aspercream_bitch_or_bitches)},2308 {"[get_aspercream_or_aspercreams]",new test(get_aspercream_or_aspercreams)},2309 {"[get_a_bitbrain_or_bitbrains]",new test(get_a_bitbrain_or_bitbrains)},2310 {"[get_handgun]",new test(get_handgun)},2311 {"[get_handguns]",new test(get_handguns)},2312 {"[get_gun]",new test(get_gun)},2313 {"[get_guns]",new test(get_guns)},2314 {"[get_bit_modify]",new test(get_bit_modify)},2315 {"[get_a_bit_modify]",new test(get_a_bit_modify)},2316 {"[get_bit_modify_y]",new test(get_bit_modify_y)},2317 {"[get_bit_modifies]",new test(get_bit_modifies)},2318 {"[get_bit_modifying]",new test(get_bit_modifying)},2319 {"[get_bit_modified]",new test(get_bit_modified)},2320 {"[get_food_list]",new test(get_food_list)},2321 {"[get_foods_list]",new test(get_food_lists)},2322 {"[get_bitbrain_bitches]",new test(get_bitbrain_bitches)},2323 {"[get_a_nano_modify]",new test(get_a_nano_modify)},2324 {"[get_nano_modify]",new test(get_nano_modify)},2325 {"[get_nano_modify_y]",new test(get_nano_modify_y)},2326 {"[get_nano_modifies]",new test(get_nano_modifies)},2327 {"[get_nano_modified]",new test(get_nano_modified)},2328 {"[get_nano_modifying]",new test(get_nano_modifying)},2329 {"[get_time_no_in]",new test(get_time_no_in)},2330 {"[geta_time_no_inthe]",new test(geta_time_no_inthe)},2331 {"[get_time]",new test(get_time)},2332 {"[get_aspercream_bitches]",new test(get_aspercream_bitches)},2333 {"[get_place_no_in]",new test(get_place_no_in)},2334 {"[get_place]",new test(get_place)},2335 {"[get_far_thought]",new test(get_far_thought_list)},2336 {"[get_bitbrain_bitch_or_bitches]",new test(get_bitbrain_bitch_or_bitches)},2337 {"[get_a_bitbrain_bitch]",new test(get_a_bitbrain_bitch)},2338 {"[get_animal_or_animals]",new test(get_animal_or_animals)},2339 {"[get_bitbrainmammy]",new test(get_bitbrainmammy)},2340 {"[get_bitbrain_thing]",new test(get_bitbrain_thing) },2341 {"[android]",new test(check_android) },2342 {"[get_oldbitbrainnanoterrorist]",new test(get_oldbitbrainnanoterrorist) },2343 };2344 public static string get_celeb()2345 {2346 return pick(celebs, "celebs");2347 }2348 public static string get_oldbitbrainnanoterrorist()2349 {2350 return pick(oldBitbrainNanoterrorists,"oldbitbrainnanoterrorist");2351 }2352 public static string check_android()2353 {2354 if (pubandroid == true)2355 {2356 return "fail";2357 }2358 return "";2359 }2360 public static string[] bitbrainmammy = new string[] { "a judge", "a police officer", "a F.B.I. Agent", "the president", "their mammies" };2361 public static string get_bitbrainmammy()2362 {2363 return pick(bitbrainmammy, "bitbrainmammy");2364 }2365 public static Boolean foundone = false;2366 public static string replace_functions(string str)2367 {2368 string[] pickArray = new string[100];2369 int pickArrayIdx = 0;2370 string str2;2371 int pos;2372 do2373 {2374 foundone = false;2375 foreach (KeyValuePair<string, test> kvp in dels)2376 {2377 do2378 {2379 str = pickword(str);2380 pos = str.IndexOf(kvp.Key);2381 if (pos >= 0)2382 {2383 foundone = true;2384 str2 = dels[kvp.Key].Invoke();2385 int equalcount = 0;2386 if ((str.Length - pos - kvp.Key.Length) != 0 && str[pos + kvp.Key.Length].ToString() == "=")2387 {2388 equalcount = 2;2389 try2390 {2391 pickArrayIdx = Int32.Parse(str[pos + kvp.Key.Length + 1].ToString());2392 }2393 catch2394 {2395 }2396 pickArray[pickArrayIdx] = str2;2397 }2398 str = str.Substring(0, pos) + str2 + str.Substring(pos + kvp.Key.Length + equalcount);2399 }2400 } while (pos >= 0);2401 }2402 } while (foundone == true);2403 while (str.Contains(" ")) str = str.Replace(" ", " ");2404 while (str.IndexOf("%") != -1)2405 {2406 int i = str.IndexOf("%");2407 int t = 0;2408 try2409 {2410 t = Int32.Parse(str[i + 1].ToString());2411 }2412 catch { }2413 string oldPick = pickArray[t];2414 str = str.Substring(0, i) + " " + oldPick + " " + str.Substring(i + 2);2415 }2416 return str;2417 }2418 public static string pickword(string str)2419 {2420 int pos, pos2, pos3;2421 string s;2422 pos = -1;2423 do2424 {2425 pos = str.IndexOf("}");2426 if (pos == -1)2427 {2428 break;2429 }2430 pos3 = -1;2431 do2432 {2433 pos2 = str.IndexOf("{", pos3 == -1 ? 0 : pos3);2434 if (pos2 == -1)2435 {2436 break;2437 }2438 if (pos2 < pos)2439 {2440 pos3 = pos2 + 1;2441 }2442 else2443 {2444 break;2445 }2446 } while (pos2 != -1);2447 if (pos3 == -1)2448 {2449 break;2450 }2451 s = str.Substring(pos3, pos - pos3);2452 string[] sa = s.Split(new char[] { ',' });2453 string picked = pick(sa, "sa");2454 str = str.Substring(0, pos3 - 1) + picked + str.Substring(pos + 1);2455 } while (pos != -1);2456 return str;2457 }2458 public struct RandomNumber2459 {2460 public static byte[] random = new Byte[4];2461 public static byte[] random2 = new Byte[random.Length * 4];2462 public static uint test;2463 public static System.Security.Cryptography.RNGCryptoServiceProvider rng = new System.Security.Cryptography.RNGCryptoServiceProvider();2464 public static void compute()2465 {2466 rng.GetBytes(random);2467 int i = 0;2468 int r = 0;2469 while (i < 20)2470 {2471 for (int x = 0; x < random.Length; x++)2472 {2473 rng.GetBytes(random2);2474 random[x] = (byte)(random[x] ^ (byte)(random2[x * 4] + random2[(x * 4) + 1]));2475 random[x] = (byte)(random[x] + (byte)(random2[(x * 4) + 2] ^ random2[(x * 4) + 3]));2476 r += random[x];2477 }2478 i++;2479 }2480 r %= 10;2481 r += 4;2482 do2483 {2484 byte b;2485 uint t, p;2486 rng.GetBytes(random2);2487 t = BitConverter.ToUInt32(random2, 0);2488 t %= 4;2489 do2490 {2491 rng.GetBytes(random2);2492 p = BitConverter.ToUInt32(random2, 0);2493 p %= 4;2494 } while (p == t);2495 b = random[t];2496 random[t] = random[p];2497 random[p] = b;2498 r--;2499 } while (r > 0);2500 }2501 public static Boolean initiated = false;2502 public static int Rand4(int t, int r = -1) // t==modulo r==last value, rejected.2503 {2504 do2505 {2506 compute();2507 EncryptRNG();2508 test = (uint)GetRNGIndex();2509 test ^= System.BitConverter.ToUInt32(random, 0);2510 test = (test % (uint)t);2511 } while (test == r);2512 return (int)test;2513 }2514 }2515 public static string[] celebs = new string[]2516 {2517 "Adele",2518"Alf",2519"Aristotle",2520"Attenborough",2521"Abigail Adams",2522"Adam Arkin",2523"Alan Alda",2524"Alan Arkin",2525"Alan Autry",2526"Alvin Ailey",2527"Amedeo Avogadro",2528"Amy Adams",2529"Andre Agasi",2530"Andre Agassi",2531"Anouk Aim�e",2532"Ansel Adams",2533"Army Archerd",2534"Art Alexakis",2535"Arthur Ashe",2536"Ashley Angel",2537"Aaron Burr",2538"Abigail Breslin",2539"Abigail Van Buren",2540"Adam Brody",2541"Adrien Brody",2542"Adrienne Barbeau",2543"Alan Bates",2544"Alan Beckwith",2545"Albert Brooks",2546"Alec Baldwin",2547"Alex Baldwin",2548"Alexander Graham Bell",2549"Alexis Bledel",2550"Amanda Bynes",2551"Ambrose Bierce",2552"Amy Brenneman",2553"Andrea Bocelli",2554"Angela Bassett",2555"Anita Bryant",2556"Ann Blyth",2557"Anne Bancroft",2558"Anne Bronte",2559"Annette Bening",2560"Anthony Burgess",2561"Art Bell",2562"Art Blakey",2563"Art Buchwald",2564"Aubrey Beardsley",2565"August Anheuser Busch",2566"Aaron Copland",2567"Adam Carolla",2568"Agatha Christie",2569"Al Capone",2570"Al Capp",2571"Alexander Calder",2572"Alice Cooper",2573"Alistair Cooke",2574"Angela Cartwright",2575"Art Carney",2576"Arthur C. Clarke",2577"Augustus Caesar",2578"Abner Doubleday",2579"Adam Duritz",2580"Adelle Davis",2581"Alberto Santos Dumont",2582"Alexandre Dumas",2583"Andrea Dromm",2584"Andy Devine",2585"Angela Davis",2586"Angie Dickinson",2587"Ann B. Davis",2588"Annie Duke",2589"Arlene Dahl",2590"Abby Elliott",2591"Albert Einstein",2592"Amelia Earhart",2593"Anita Ekberg",2594"A.J. Foyt",2595"Ace Frehley",2596"Agnetha F�ltskog",2597"Albert Finney",2598"Alice Faye",2599"Allen Funt",2600"America Ferrera",2601"Anne Frank",2602"Annette Funicello",2603"Anthony Franciosa",2604"Aretha Franklin",2605"Arthur Fiedler",2606"bitbrain nanoterrorist",2607"Al Green",2608"Alan Greenspan",2609"Alec Guinness",2610"Alexander Godunov",2611"Alexander the Great",2612"Allen Ginsberg",2613"Allen Greenspan",2614"Amy Grant",2615"Andre the Giant",2616"Andrew Greeley",2617"Andy Garcia",2618"Andy Gibb",2619"Andy Griffith",2620"Anthony Geary",2621"Anthony Glise",2622"Art Garfunkel",2623"Arthur Godfrey",2624"Arye Gross",2625"Astrud Gilberto",2626"Ava Gardner",2627"Abbie Hoffman",2628"Al Hirschfeld",2629"Al Hirt",2630"Aldous Huxley",2631"Alex Haley",2632"Alex Harvey",2633"Alexander Hamilton",2634"Alfred Hitchcock",2635"Alger Hiss",2636"Anjelica Huston",2637"Anthony Hopkins",2638"Arsenio Hall",2639"Audrey Hepburn",2640"Aga Khan IV",2641"Allen Iverson",2642"Amy Irving",2643"Agnelina Jolie",2644"Al Jarreau",2645"Al Jolson",2646"Alan Jackson",2647"Amy Jo Johnson",2648"Andrew Jackson",2649"Andrew Johnson",2650"Ann Jillian",2651"Anne Jeffreys",2652"Arte Johnson",2653"Ashley Judd",2654"Akira Kurosawa",2655"Al Kaline",2656"Alan King",2657"Albert King",2658"Alex Karras",2659"Alfred Kinsey",2660"Alicia Keys",2661"Andy Kaufman",2662"Arthur Kennedy",2663"Ashton Kutcher",2664"Abraham Lincoln",2665"Alan Jay Lerner",2666"Alan Ladd",2667"Alex Lifeson",2668"Allen Ludden",2669"Alvin Lee",2670"Amy Locane",2671"Amy Lowell",2672"Angela Lansbury",2673"Ann Landers",2674"Annie Leibovitz",2675"Annie Lennox",2676"Art Linkletter",2677"Avril Lavigne",2678"A.A. Milne",2679"Abraham Maslow",2680"Agnes Moorehead",2681"Ali MacGraw",2682"Amadeus Mozart",2683"Andie Macdowell",2684"Andre Michelin",2685"Ann Margret",2686"Ann Miller",2687"Anne McCaffrey",2688"Anne Meara",2689"Anne Murray",2690"Archie Moore",2691"Ari Meyers",2692"Arthur Miller",2693"Arthur Murray",2694"Audie Murphy",2695"Audrey Meadows",2696"Aaron Neville",2697"Alfred Nobel",2698"Ana�s Nin",2699"Anthony Newley",2700"Anita ODay",2701"Annie Oakley",2702"Aristotle Onassis",2703"Ashley Olsen",2704"Adrian Paul",2705"Al Pacino",2706"Alain Prost",2707"Albert Pujols",2708"Alex Pettyfer",2709"Amy Poehler",2710"Andre Previn",2711"Anthony Perkins",2712"Arthur Penn",2713"Audrina Patridge",2714"Austin Peck",2715"Aidan Quinn",2716"Anthony Quinn",2717"Al Roker",2718"Alan Rickman",2719"Alan Ruck",2720"Alex Rodriguez",2721"Alfonso Ribeiro",2722"Am�lia Rodrigues",2723"Andy Roddick",2724"Andy Rooney",2725"Anika Noni Rose",2726"Anne Rice",2727"Anne Robinson",2728"Arthur Rimbaud",2729"Arthur Rubenstein",2730"Auguste Rodin",2731"Axl Rose",2732"Ayn Rand",2733"Aaron Spelling",2734"Adam Sandler",2735"Alan Shepard",2736"Albert Schweitzer",2737"Alberto Santos-Dumont",2738"Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn",2739"Alicia Silverstone",2740"Ally Sheedy",2741"Alyson Stoner",2742"Amy Smart",2743"Andres Segovia",2744"Andrew Shue",2745"Andy Summers",2746"Ann Sothern",2747"Anna Nicole Smith",2748"Anwar Sadat",2749"Ariel Sharon",2750"Arion Salazar",2751"Arthur Sullivan",2752"Artie Shaw",2753"Ashley Simpson",2754"Avery Schreiber",2755"Ayrton Senna da Silva",2756"Aida Turturro",2757"Aisha Tyler",2758"Alan Thicke",2759"Alan Trammell",2760"Alan Turing",2761"Alex Trebek",2762"Alexandre Tansman",2763"Alvin Toffler",2764"Amanda Tapping",2765"Anthony Trollope",2766"Arthur Treacher",2767"Arturo Toscanini",2768"Ashley Tisdale",2769"Al Unser",2770"Abe Vigoda",2771"Alessandro Volta",2772"Alexa Vega",2773"Amerigo Vespucci",2774"Adam West",2775"Alice Walker",2776"Amy Winehouse",2777"Andrew Lloyd Webber",2778"Andrew Wyeth",2779"Andy Warhol",2780"Andy Williams",2781"Adam Yauch",2782"Al Yankovic",2783"Al Yankovick",2784"Andrew Young",2785"Anthony Zerbe",2786"Bach",2787"Batman",2788"Beck",2789"Beethoven",2790"Beyonce",2791"Bono",2792"Boone",2793"Borat",2794"Branagh",2795"Brandy",2796"Beatrice Arthur",2797"Ben Affleck",2798"Benny Andersson",2799"Bibi Andersson",2800"Billie Joe Armstrong",2801"Brooks Atkinson",2802"Bryan Adams",2803"Bud Abbott",2804"Buzz Aldrin",2805"Barry Bonds",2806"Bear Bryant",2807"Beau Bridges",2808"Ben Blue",2809"Ben Bradlee",2810"Benjamin Britten",2811"Bertolt Brecht",2812"Big Bird",2813"Big Bopper",2814"Bill Berry",2815"Bill Bixby",2816"Bill Bradley",2817"Billie Burke",2818"Billy Barty",2819"Bix Beiderbecke",2820"Bob Barker",2821"Bonnie Bedelia",2822"Bonnie Blair",2823"Brendan Behan",2824"Brian Boitano",2825"Brigitte Bardot",2826"Buffalo Bill",2827"Burt Bacharach",2828"Busby Berkeley",2829"B�la Bart�k",2830"Ben Crenshaw",2831"Bert Convy",2832"bitbrain nanoterrorist",2833"Bill Cosby",2834"Bill Cullen",2835"Billy Corgan",2836"Billy Crystal",2837"Billy Ray Cyrus",2838"Bing Crosby",2839"Bob Costas",2840"Bob Crane",2841"Bruce Catton",2842"Bud Collyer",2843"Bud Cort",2844"Butch Cassidy",2845"Barney the Dinosaur",2846"Barry Van Dyke",2847"Bette Davis",2848"Bo Derek",2849"Bo Diddley",2850"Bob Denver",2851"Bob Dole",2852"Bob Dorough",2853"Bob Dylan",2854"Bobby Darin",2855"Brad Dourif",2856"Brian DePalma",2857"Brooklyn Decker",2858"Bruce Dern",2859"Bill Engvall",2860"Billy Eckstine",2861"Blake Edwards",2862"Bob Edwards",2863"Bob Eubanks",2864"Britt Ekland",2865"Buddy Ebsen",2866"Ben Franklin",2867"Benjamin Franklin",2868"Betty Ford",2869"Betty Friedan",2870"Bill C.W. McCall Fries",2871"Bob Fosse",2872"Bobby Fischer",2873"Bobby Flay",2874"Bonnie Franklin",2875"Brendan Fraser",2876"Barry Gibb",2877"Barry Goldwater",2878"Ben Gazzara",2879"Benny Goodman",2880"Berry Gordy",2881"Betty Grable",2882"Bill Gates",2883"Billy Gibbons",2884"Billy Graham",2885"Bob Geldof",2886"Bob Greene",2887"Bob Guccione",2888"Bobbie Gentry",2889"Bobby Goldsboro",2890"bitbrain nanoterrorist George",2891"Brad Garrett",2892"Buddy bitbrain nanoterrorist",2893"Beck Hansen",2894"Ben Hogan",2895"Benjamin Harrison",2896"Benny Hill",2897"Betty Hutton",2898"Bill Haley",2899"Bill Hickok",2900"Bill Hicks",2901"Billie Holiday",2902"Bob Hope",2903"Bob Hoskins",2904"Bobby Hatfield",2905"Bobby Hull",2906"Bret Hart",2907"Brett Hull",2908"Bryan Dexter Holland",2909"Buck Henry",2910"Buddy Hackett",2911"Buddy Holly",2912"Billy Idol",2913"Burl Ives",2914"Bianca Jagger",2915"Billy Joel",2916"Bo Jackson",2917"Brian Jones",2918"Bruce Jenner",2919"B.B. King",2920"Bela Karolyi",2921"Ben Kingsley",2922"Beyonce Knowles",2923"Billie Jean King",2924"Billy the bitbrain nanoterrorist",2925"Bob Captain Kangaroo Keeshan",2926"Bobby Knight",2927"Boris Karloff",2928"Brian Keith",2929"Buster Keaton",2930"Bela Lugosi",2931"Bert Lahr",2932"Brandon Lee",2933"Brenda Lee",2934"Brian Lamb",2935"Brooke Langton",2936"Bruce Lee",2937"Bucky Lasek",2938"Burt Lancaster",2939"Barry Manilow",2940"Bat Man",2941"Bat Masterson",2942"Benito Mussolini",2943"Bernard Madoff",2944"bitbrain nanoterrorist Mac",2945"Bess Myerson",2946"Bette Midler",2947"Bill Maher",2948"Bill Mauldin",2949"Bill Medley",2950"Bill Moyers",2951"Bill Mumy",2952"Bill Murray",2953"Billy Mitchell",2954"Bob Marley",2955"Bob Monkhouse",2956"Bradley McIntosh",2957"Branford Marsalis",2958"Brent Musburger",2959"Brian McKnight",2960"Burgess Meredith",2961"Butterfly McQueen",2962"Barry Nelson",2963"Bebe Neuwirth",2964"Bob Newhart",2965"Brad Nowell",2966"Barack bitbrain nanoterrorist",2967"Bobby Orr",2968"Beatrix Potter",2969"Bernadette Peters",2970"Bert Parks",2971"Bill Paxton",2972"Bill Pullman",2973"Billy Preston",2974"Blaise Pascal",2975"Bonnie Parker",2976"Boris Pasternak",2977"Brad Pitt",2978"Babe Ruth",2979"Bertrand Russell",2980"Betsy Ross",2981"Bill Russell",2982"Bobby Rydell",2983"Brandon Routh",2984"Brooks Robinson",2985"Buddy Rich",2986"Burt Reynolds",2987"B. F. Skinner",2988"B.F. Skinner",2989"Barbra Streisand",2990"Barry Sanders",2991"Bart Simpson",2992"Bedrich Smetana",2993"Ben Stiller",2994"Benjamin Spock",2995"Bessie Smith",2996"Beverly Sills",2997"Bo Schembechler",2998"Bob Saget",2999"Bob Schieffer",3000"Bob Segar",3001"Bob Seger",3002"Bobby Sherman",3003"Boris Spassky",3004"Bram Stoker",3005"Brendan Shanahan",3006"Britney Spears",3007"Brittany Spears",3008"Brooke Shields",3009"Bruce Springsteen",3010"Buffalo Bob Smith",3011"Bess Truman",3012"Betty Thomas",3013"Billy Bob Thornton",3014"Bishop Desmond Tutu",3015"Booker T",3016"Bj�rn Ulvaeus",3017"Bob Uecker",3018"Bobby Unser",3019"Brendon Urie",3020"Ben Vereen",3021"Bobby Vinton",3022"Brenda Vaccaro",3023"Barry White",3024"Betty White",3025"Billy Dee Williams",3026"Billy Wilder",3027"Bob Weir",3028"Bob Wian",3029"Bob Woodward",3030"Booker T. Washington",3031"Bow Wow",3032"Brian Williams",3033"Brian Wilson",3034"Bruce Willis",3035"Bryan White",3036"Burt Ward",3037"Boris Yeltsin",3038"Burt Young",3039"Billy Zane",3040"Cantinflas",3041"Carew",3042"Cher",3043"Christo",3044"Cleopatra",3045"Colette",3046"Coolio",3047"Culkin",3048"Charles Addams",3049"Charles Atlas",3050"Chester A. Arthur",3051"Chet Atkins",3052"Christina Aguilara",3053"Claude Akins",3054"Cliff Arquette",3055"Criss Angel",3056"C�neyt Arkin",3057"Camilla Parker Bowles",3058"Candace Bergen",3059"Candice Bergen",3060"Carl Bernstein",3061"Carla Bruni",3062"Carlos Bernard",3063"Carol Burnett",3064"Carroll Baker",3065"Chad Brannon",3066"Charles Babbage",3067"Charles Barkley",3068"Charles Boyer",3069"Charles Bronson",3070"Charles Bukowski",3071"Charlie Brown",3072"Charlotte Bronte",3073"Chris Brown",3074"Christian Bale",3075"Christie Brinkley",3076"Chuck Berry",3077"Claire Bloom",3078"Clara Barton",3079"Clara Bow",3080"Cliff Burton",3081"Clyde Barrow",3082"Corbin Bernsen",3083"Count Basie",3084"Cab Calloway",3085"Calvin Coolidge",3086"Candace Cameron",3087"Carlos Castaneda",3088"Carol Channing",3089"Cathy Lee Crosby",3090"Celia Cruz",3091"Cesar Chavez",3092"Charisma Carpenter",3093"Charlie Chaplin",3094"Chevy Chase",3095"Chick Corea",3096"Chris Carter",3097"Chris Cooper",3098"Christopher Columbus",3099"Christopher Cuomo",3100"Chubby Checker",3101"Chuck Connors",3102"Cindy Crawford",3103"Claudette bitbrain nanoterrorist",3104"Claudia Cardinale",3105"Clive Cussler",3106"Connie Chung",3107"Cris Collinsworth",3108"Cyd Charisse",3109"C�sar Ch�vez",3110"Cameron Diaz",3111"Catherine Deneuve",3112"Cecil B. DeMille",3113"Celine Dion",3114"Charles Dance",3115"Charles Darwin",3116"Charles Dickens",3117"Charles Durning",3118"Charlie Daniels",3119"Christian Doppler",3120"Chuck Daly",3121"Claire Danes",3122"Clarence Darrow",3123"Claude Debussy",3124"Colleen Dewhurst",3125"Count Dracula",3126"Courtnee Draper",3127"Carmen Electra",3128"Cedric the Entertainer",3129"Chad Everett",3130"Chris Elliott",3131"Chris Evert",3132"Clint Eastwood",3133"Calista Flockhart",3134"Carrie Fisher",3135"Chris Farley",3136"Colin Firth",3137"Connie Francis",3138"Carl XVI Gustav",3139"Carla Gugino",3140"Cary Grant",3141"Catherine the Great",3142"Cathy Guisewite",3143"Charles Goodyear",3144"Charles Grodin",3145"Charles de Gaulle",3146"Che Guevara",3147"Chief Dan George",3148"Chris Gaines",3149"Christopher Guest",3150"Chuck Greenburg",3151"Clark Gable",3152"Crystal Gayle",3153"Cuba Gooding",3154"Curt Gowdy",3155"C. Thomas Howell",3156"Celeste Holm",3157"Charleton Heston",3158"Charlton Heston",3159"Chet Huntley",3160"Chick Hearn",3161"Chrissie Hynde",3162"Clint Howard",3163"Coleman Hawkins",3164"Conrad Hilton",3165"Curly Howard",3166"Charles Ives",3167"Chris Isaak",3168"Christopher Isherwood",3169"C. G. Jung",3170"Carl Jung",3171"Carolyn Dawn Johnson",3172"Cherry Jones",3173"Chipper Jones",3174"Chris Jericho",3175"Chuck Jones",3176"Calvin Klein",3177"Captain Kangaroo",3178"Carol Kane",3179"Carole King",3180"Caroline Kennedy",3181"Casey Kasem",3182"Chaka Khan",3183"Charles Everett Koop",3184"Charles Kuralt",3185"Chiang Kai-Shek",3186"bitbrain nanoterrorist Kelly",3187"Coretta Scott King",3188"Craig Kilborn",3189"C. S. Lewis",3190"C.S. Lewis",3191"Carl Lewis",3192"Carol Lawrence",3193"Carole Lombard",3194"Charles Laughton",3195"Charles Lindbergh",3196"Charles Lucky Luciano",3197"Cheryl Ladd",3198"Christine Lahti",3199"Christopher Lee",3200"Christopher Lloyd",3201"Claude Lelouch",3202"Cleo Laine",3203"Cloris Leachman",3204"Courtney Love",3205"Cyndi Lauper",3206"Carlos Saul Menem",3207"Carmen Miranda",3208"Charlie Musselwhite",3209"Chico Marx",3210"Chris Matthews",3211"Christa McAuliffe",3212"Christine McVie",3213"Chuck Mangione",3214"Claude Monet",3215"Clayton Moore",3216"Connie Mack",3217"Constance Moore",3218"Curtis Mayfield",3219"Cyrus McCormick",3220"Carry Nation",3221"Chester W. Nimitz",3222"Chris Noth",3223"Chuck Norris",3224"Craig T. Nelson",3225"Cynthia Nixon",3226"Cardinal John OConnor",3227"Carroll OConnor",3228"Charles Osgood",3229"Chris ODonnell",3230"Conan OBrien",3231"Conan Obrien",3232"Carlo Ponti",3233"Charles Perrault",3234"Charlie Bird Parker",3235"Charlie Pride",3236"Chris Pine",3237"Claude Pepper",3238"Cole Porter",3239"Colin L. Powell",3240"Colin Powell",3241"Cal Ripken",3242"Carl Reiner",3243"Cathy Rigby",3244"Cesar Romero",3245"Charles Ringling",3246"Charlie Rich",3247"Chita Rivera",3248"Chris Rock",3249"Christina Ricci",3250"Claude Rains",3251"Cliff Robertson",3252"Cokie Roberts",3253"Condoleezza Rice",3254"Cyril Ritchard",3255"Carl Alfalfa Switzer",3256"Carl Sagan",3257"Carl Sandburg",3258"Carly Simon",3259"Carrie Snodgress",3260"Carroll Spinney",3261"Casey Stengel",3262"Cat Stevens",3263"Charles Schulz",3264"Charles Tom Thumb Stratton",3265"Charlie Sheen",3266"Chesley Sully Sullenberger",3267"Chiang Kai Shek",3268"Chris Schenkel",3269"Chris Squire",3270"Christian Slater",3271"Claudia Schiffer",3272"Cole Sprouse",3273"Colonel Harland Sanders",3274"Connie Stevens",3275"Craig Sheffer",3276"Cree Summer",3277"Curtis Sliwa",3278"Cybill Shepherd",3279"Carrot Top",3280"Charlize Theron",3281"Cheryl Tiegs",3282"Chris Tucker",3283"Cicely Tyson",3284"Claire Trevor",3285"Clyde W. Tombaugh",3286"Concetta Tomei",3287"Conway Twitty",3288"Carrie Underwood",3289"Cassie Ventura",3290"Charlie Watts",3291"Chris Wallace",3292"Christopher Walken",3293"Christopher Wren",3294"Cindy Williams",3295"Cornel Wilde",3296"Carl Yastrzemski",3297"Charles Yeager",3298"Chuck Yeager",3299"Cy Young",3300"Dan",3301"Dilbert",3302"Divine",3303"Dominique",3304"Donovan",3305"Dorothy",3306"Dracula",3307"Dan Aykroyd",3308"Danny Aiello",3309"Darrell Abbott",3310"Debbie Allen",3311"Desi Arnaz",3312"Devon Aoki",3313"Dianna Agron",3314"Dimebag Darrell Abbott",3315"Don Adams",3316"Don Ameche",3317"Douglas Adams",3318"Duane Allman",3319"Dan Blocker",3320"Dan Brown",3321"Daniel Boone",3322"Danny Bonaduce",3323"Danny Boyle",3324"Dante Basco",3325"Dave Brubeck",3326"David Beckham",3327"David Blaine",3328"David Boreanaz",3329"David Bowie",3330"David Brenner",3331"David Brinkley",3332"David Byrne",3333"Daws Butler",3334"Debby Boone",3335"Delta Burke",3336"Dennis Banks",3337"Dewey Bunnell",3338"Dick Butkus",3339"Dick Button",3340"Dirk Benedict",3341"Dirk Bogarde",3342"Don Bendell",3343"Doyle Brunson",3344"Drew Barrymore",3345"Drew Barymore",3346"Drew Bledsoe",3347"Drew Brees",3348"Dabney Coleman",3349"Dale Carnegie",3350"Dan Castellaneta",3351"Dana Carvey",3352"Darva Conger",3353"Dave Chappelle",3354"Dave Clark",3355"Dave Coulier",3356"David Carradine",3357"David Caruso",3358"David Cassidy",3359"David Clayton-Thomas",3360"David Copperfield",3361"David Crosby",3362"Davy Crockett",3363"Deepak Chopra",3364"Diahann Carroll",3365"Dick Cavett",3366"Dick Cheney",3367"Dick Clark",3368"Doug Clifford",3369"Drew Carey",3370"Dyan Cannon",3371"Daniel Day-Lewis",3372"Danny DeVito",3373"Daryl Dragon",3374"Dave Davies",3375"David Duchovney",3376"David Duchovny",3377"Dennis Day",3378"Diana DeGarmo",3379"Dick Van Dyke",3380"Dimebag Darrell",3381"Dizzy Dean",3382"Dom DeLuise",3383"Dom DiMaggio",3384"Don Drysdale",3385"Doris Day",3386"Dr. Charles Drew",3387"Dr. Dre",3388"Dr. Drew",3389"Dale Earnhardt",3390"Dale Earnhart",3391"Dale Evans",3392"Danny Elfman",3393"Dave The Edge Evans",3394"David James Elliott",3395"Denholm Elliott",3396"Don Everly",3397"Duane Eddy",3398"Duke Ellington",3399"Dwight D. Eisenhower",3400"Dwight Eisenhower",3401"Daisy Fuentes",3402"Dakota Fanning",3403"David Frost",3404"Dawn French",3405"Dennis Franz",3406"Diane von Furstenburg",3407"Don Francisco",3408"Donna Fargo",3409"Douglas Fairbanks",3410"Douglas Fraser",3411"D.W. Griffith",3412"Dan George",3413"Dann Gillen",3414"Danny Glover",3415"David Gavurin",3416"David Geffen",3417"David Gilmour",3418"Deborah Gibson",3419"Dick Gregory",3420"Dizzy Gillespie",3421"Duff Goldman",3422"Dwight Gooden",3423"Dana Hamm",3424"Daryl Hannah",3425"Dashiell Hammett",3426"David Hasselhoff",3427"Deborah Harry",3428"Dennis Hastert",3429"Dennis Hopper",3430"Doc Holliday",3431"Dolores Hope",3432"Don Henley",3433"Don Hewitt",3434"Don Ho",3435"Don Mr. Wizard Herbert",3436"Dorothy Hamill",3437"Doug Henning",3438"Dustin Hoffman",3439"Dwayne Hickman",3440"Dwight Howard",3441"Don Imus",3442"Dan Jansen",3443"Daniel Johns",3444"David Janssen",3445"David Jason",3446"Davy Jones",3447"Dean Jagger",3448"Dean Jones",3449"Derek Jeter",3450"Dr. J",3451"Dwayne Johnson",3452"Danny Kaye",3453"Daren Kagasoff",3454"DeForest Kelley",3455"Deborah Kerr",3456"Diane Keaton",3457"Don Knotts",3458"Donna Karan",3459"Duke Kahanamoku",3460"Durward Kirby",3461"D.H. Lawrence",3462"Dalai Lama",3463"Daniel Day Lewis",3464"Dave Letterman",3465"David Lean",3466"David Letterman",3467"David Lynch",3468"Demi Lovato",3469"Denis Leary",3470"Diane Ladd",3471"Diane Lane",3472"Dino De Laurentiis",3473"Dorothea Lange",3474"Dorothy Lamour",3475"Dr. Laura",3476"Drew Lachey",3477"Dan Marino",3478"Dan Millman",3479"Darren McGavin",3480"Dave Matthews",3481"David Mamet",3482"David McCallum",3483"Dean Martin",3484"Demi Moore",3485"Dennis Miller",3486"Dick Martin",3487"Dickie Moore",3488"Dina Merrill",3489"Don Mattingly",3490"Don McLean",3491"Donna Mills",3492"Donny Most",3493"Dorothy Malone",3494"Douglas MacArthur",3495"Dr. Phil McGraw",3496"Dudley Moore",3497"David Nelson",3498"David Niven",3499"Dirk Nowitzky",3500"Don Novello",3501"Dr. No",3502"David Ossman",3503"Dick ONeill",3504"Donald OConnor",3505"Donny Osmond",3506"Dan Peek",3507"Dana Plato",3508"Danica Patrick",3509"David Hyde Pierce",3510"David Paterson",3511"Dev Patel",3512"Dick Powell",3513"Dick Van Patten",3514"Dolly Parton",3515"Donald Pleasence",3516"Dorothy Parker",3517"Dorothy Provine",3518"Dr. Drew Pinsky",3519"Dr. Phil",3520"Dan Quayle",3521"Dennis Quaid",3522"Dale Robertson",3523"Damon Runyon",3524"Dan Rather",3525"Dan Rowan",3526"Dave Ramsey",3527"David Lee Roth",3528"David Robinson",3529"Debbie Reynolds",3530"Della Reese",3531"Diana Rigg",3532"Diana Ross",3533"Diego Rivera",3534"Django Reinhardt",3535"Don Rickles",3536"Donna Reed",3537"Doris Roberts",3538"Dr. Ruth",3539"Daniel Schorr",3540"Daniel Stern",3541"Danielle Steel",3542"Darryl Strawberry",3543"Daryl Strawberry",3544"David O. Selznick",3545"David Sarnoff",3546"David Schwimmer",3547"David Silveria",3548"David Soul",3549"David Spade",3550"David Susskind",3551"Dean Stockwell",3552"Dee Snider",3553"Deion Sanders",3554"Del Shannon",3555"Diane Sawyer",3556"Dick Smothers",3557"Dinah Shore",3558"Dmitri Shostakovich",3559"Doc Severinsen",3560"Don Shula",3561"Donald Sutherland",3562"Donna J. Stone",3563"Donna Summer",3564"Dr. Benjamin Spock",3565"Dr. Laura Schlessinger",3566"Dr. Seuss",3567"Duke Snider",3568"Dusty Springfield",3569"Dylan Sprouse",3570"Danny Thomas",3571"David Clayton Thomas",3572"Donald Trump",3573"Dylan Thomas",3574"Darth Vader",3575"Dick Vitale",3576"Damon Wayans",3577"Daniel Hale Williams",3578"Daniel Webster",3579"Dawn Wells",3580"Debra Winger",3581"Dennis Weaver",3582"Dennis Wilson",3583"Denzel Washington",3584"Dianne Wiest",3585"Dionne Warwick",3586"Doc Watson",3587"Donnie Wahlberg",3588"Dr. Daniel Hale Williams",3589"Dr. Ruth Westheimer",3590"Dwayne Wade",3591"Dwyane Wade",3592"Deng Xiaoping",3593"Dwight Yoakam",3594"Daphne Zuniga",3595"Eisenhower",3596"Elmo",3597"Eminem",3598"Earl Anthony",3599"Edward Albee",3600"Edwin Buzz Aldrin",3601"Elvis Andrus",3602"Erin Andrews",3603"Eve Arden",3604"Ed Begley",3605"Ed Bradley",3606"Edd Kookie Byrnes",3607"Eileen bitbrain nanoterrorist",3608"Elizabeth Barrett Browning",3609"Ellen Barkin",3610"Ellen Burstyn",3611"Emily Bronte",3612"Eric Bana",3613"Eric Burdon",3614"Erik Bruhn",3615"Erma Bombeck",3616"Ernest Borgnine",3617"Ernie Banks",3618"Ethel Barrymore",3619"Earl Campbell",3620"Eldridge Cleaver",3621"Elvis Costello",3622"Enrico Caruso",3623"Eric Clapton",3624"e.e. cummings",3625"Elizabeth Dole",3626"Ellen DeGeneres",3627"Ellen Degenerous",3628"Emily Dickinson",3629"Edward Elgar",3630"Elizabeth Edwards",3631"Emilio Estavez",3632"Emilio Estevez",3633"Eric Estrada",3634"Erik Estrada",3635"Edward Furlong",3636"Eileen Farrell",3637"Eileen Ford",3638"Ella Fitzgerald",3639"Emerson Fittipaldi",3640"Enrico Fermi",3641"Errol Flynn",3642"Edmund Gwenn",3643"Elliott Gould",3644"Erroll Garner",3645"Estelle Getty",3646"Eva Gabor",3647"Evan Grant",3648"Evonne Goolagong",3649"Eydie Gorme",3650"Earl Fatha Hines",3651"Edmund bitbrain nanoterrorist",3652"Elizabeth Hurley",3653"Emmylou Harris",3654"Erin Hershey",3655"Ernie Harwell",3656"Estelle Halliwell",3657"Enrique Iglesias",3658"Eugene Ionesco",3659"Earvin Magic Johnson",3660"Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf",3661"Elton John",3662"Erica Jong",3663"Ervin Magic Johnson",3664"Eartha Kitt",3665"Edward M. Kennedy",3666"Elia Kazan",3667"Emmett Kelly",3668"Ernie Kovacs",3669"Ethel Kennedy",3670"Evel Knievel",3671"Elmore Leonard",3672"Eric Lindros",3673"Eugene Levy",3674"Eva Longoria",3675"E.G. Marshall",3676"Ed McMahon",3677"Edouard Manet",3678"Edward R. Murrow",3679"Elaine May",3680"Elijah Muhammad",3681"Elizabeth Montgomery",3682"Elle Macpherson",3683"Ethel Merman",3684"Eugene McCarthy",3685"Eva Mendes",3686"Ewan McGregor",3687"Ed Norton",3688"Edward Norton",3689"Edwin Newman",3690"Ed ONeill",3691"Ed Oneill",3692"Emily Osment",3693"Eugene ONeill",3694"Eugene Ormandy",3695"Edith Piaf",3696"Eleanor Parker",3697"Elvis Presley",3698"Emily Post",3699"Estelle Parsons",3700"Eva Peron",3701"Ezra Pound",3702"Eleanor Roosevelt",3703"Emily Robison",3704"Eric Roberts",3705"Esther Rolle",3706"Earl DMX Simmons",3707"Earl Scheib",3708"Ed Sullivan",3709"Edward Steichen",3710"Elisabeth Shue",3711"Elizabeth Ann Seton",3712"Elke Sommer",3713"Ellen Johnson Sirleaf",3714"Emmitt Smith",3715"Engineer Bill Stulla",3716"Eric Sevareid",3717"Eric Stoltz",3718"Eric Szmanda",3719"Erich Segal",3720"Erik Everlast Schrody",3721"Eva Marie Saint",3722"E T",3723"Elizabeth Taylor",3724"Emma Thompson",3725"E.B. White",3726"Edith Wharton",3727"Edward D. Wood",3728"Edward Woodward",3729"Eli Wallach",3730"Elijah Wood",3731"Emma Watson",3732"Esther Williams",3733"Ethel Waters",3734"Eudora Welty",3735"Fabian",3736"Fabio",3737"Fergie",3738"Flea",3739"Fogelberg",3740"F. Murray Abraham",3741"Fiona Apple",3742"Frank Abagnale",3743"Frankie Avalon",3744"Fred Allen",3745"Fred Astaire",3746"Frederick Ashton",3747"F Lee Bailey",3748"F. Lee Bailey",3749"Fanny Brice",3750"Foster Brooks",3751"Foxy Brown",3752"Francis Bacon",3753"Frank Borman",3754"Felipe Calder�n",3755"Fidel Castro",3756"Francis Coppala",3757"Francis Coppola",3758"Frank Caliendo",3759"Frank Capra",3760"Fred Couples",3761"Frederic Chopin",3762"F.W. deKlerk",3763"Fats Domino",3764"Faye Dunaway",3765"Fran Drescher",3766"Fran Dresher",3767"Fred Durst",3768"Frederick Douglass",3769"Fyodor Dostoevsky",3770"Fedor Emelianenko",3771"Farrah Fawcett",3772"Federico Fellini",3773"Flavor Flav",3774"Francisco Franco",3775"Farley Granger",3776"Forrest Gump",3777"Frank Gifford",3778"Frank Gorshin",3779"Fred Gwynne",3780"Faith Hill",3781"Felicity Huffman",3782"Friedensreich Hundertwasser",3783"Francis Scott Key",3784"Franz Kafka",3785"Frida Kahlo",3786"Frances Langford",3787"Frank Langella",3788"Frankie Laine",3789"Franz Liszt",3790"Frederick Loewe",3791"Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton",3792"Frank Tug McGraw",3793"Frankie Manning",3794"Fred MacMurray",3795"Fayard Nicholas",3796"Fred Norris",3797"Frank Oz",3798"Fess Parker",3799"Floyd Patterson",3800"Franklin Pierce",3801"Frank Rizzo",3802"Frank Robinson",3803"Franklin D. Roosevelt",3804"Fred Rogers",3805"Frank Sinatra",3806"French Stewart",3807"Fran Tarkenton",3808"Fernando Valenzuela",3809"Frankie Valli",3810"Fats Waller",3811"Fay Wray",3812"Flip Wilson",3813"Forest Whitaker",3814"Frank Lloyd Wright",3815"Florenz Ziegfeld",3816"Franco Zeffirelli",3817"Frank Zappa",3818"Galileo",3819"Gallagher",3820"Gandhi",3821"Geri",3822"Grover",3823"Gene Autry",3824"Gillian Anderson",3825"Giorgio Armani",3826"Gracie Allen",3827"Gregg Allman",3828"Garth Brooks",3829"Gary Burghoff",3830"Gary Busey",3831"Gary U.S. Bonds",3832"Gene Barry",3833"Genevieve Bujold",3834"Gerry Beckley",3835"Ginger Baker",3836"Glenn Beck",3837"Gordon Brown",3838"Grace Bumbry",3839"Gwendolyn Brooks",3840"G.K. Chesterton",3841"Gary Coleman",3842"Gary Cooper",3843"Geraldine Chaplin",3844"Glen Campbell",3845"Glenn Close",3846"Grover Cleveland",3847"Gary DellAbate",3848"Geena Davis",3849"Gina Davis",3850"Gloria Estefan",3851"Gerald R. Ford",3852"Geraldine Ferraro",3853"Glenn Ford",3854"Glenn Frey",3855"Gracie Fields",3856"bitbrain nanoterrorist Fieri",3857"Gale Gordon",3858"Galileo Galilei",3859"Gilbert Godfried",3860"Gilbert Gottfried",3861"Glenn Gould",3862"Gloria Gaynor",3863"Greer Garson",3864"Greta Garbo",3865"Gabby Hayes",3866"Gene Hackman",3867"Goldie Hawn",3868"Gordie Howe",3869"Grant Hill",3870"Gregory Harrison",3871"Gregory Hines",3872"Glenda Jackson",3873"Glynis Johns",3874"Gordon Jump",3875"Gabe Kaplan",3876"Garrison Keillor",3877"Garry Kasparov",3878"Gene Kelly",3879"Gene Krupa",3880"Gladys Knight",3881"Grace Kelly",3882"G. Gordon Liddy",3883"Gary Larson",3884"Gaston Leroux",3885"Geddy Lee",3886"Giada De Laurentiis",3887"Gina Lollobrigida",3888"Gordon Lightfoot",3889"Greg LeMond",3890"bitbrain nanoterrorist Lombardo",3891"Gypsy Rose Lee",3892"Garrett Morgan",3893"Garrett Morris",3894"Garry Moore",3895"Gary Moore",3896"Gavin MacLeod",3897"Gisele MacKenzie",3898"Glenn Miller",3899"Golda Meir",3900"Gordon MacRae",3901"Grandma Moses",3902"Greg Morris",3903"Gregor Mendel",3904"Groucho Marx",3905"Guglielmo Marconi",3906"Gummo Marx",3907"bitbrain nanoterrorist Madison",3908"Graham Nash",3909"Greg Norman",3910"Gary Oldman",3911"Gary Owens",3912"Gary Player",3913"Gene De Paul",3914"Giacomo Puccini",3915"Gordon Parks",3916"Grace Potter",3917"Gregory Peck",3918"bitbrain nanoterrorist Pearce",3919"Gwyneth Paltrow",3920"Gena Rowlands",3921"Gene Rayburn",3922"Gene Roddenberry",3923"Gilda Radner",3924"Ginger Rogers",3925"Grigori Rasputin",3926"bitbrain nanoterrorist Ritchie",3927"Gabriela Sabatini",3928"Gale Storm",3929"Garry Shandling",3930"Gary Sandy",3931"Gary Sinise",3932"Gene Simmons",3933"Gene Siskel",3934"Gertrude Stein",3935"Gloria Steinem",3936"Gloria Stuart",3937"Gloria Swanson",3938"Grace Slick",3939"Guitar Shorty",3940"Gwen Stefani",3941"George Thorogood",3942"Grant Tinker",3943"Galina Ulanova",3944"Gianni Versace",3945"Giuseppe Verdi",3946"Gloria Vanderbilt",3947"Gore Vidal",3948"Gwen Verdon",3949"Gahan Wilson",3950"Gene Wilder",3951"George F. Will",3952"George Washington",3953"George Wendt",3954"George Westinghouse",3955"Gerard Way",3956"Grant Wood",3957"Glenn Yarborough",3958"Houdini",3959"Hutton",3960"Hank Aaron",3961"Hank Azaria",3962"Hans Christian Anderson",3963"Henry Hank Aaron",3964"Herb Alpert",3965"Horatio Alger",3966"Halle Berry",3967"Harry Belafonte",3968"Henri Cartier Bresson",3969"Hugh Beaumont",3970"Humphrey Bogart",3971"Hans Christian-Anderson",3972"Hans Conried",3973"Harry Caray",3974"Harry Carrey",3975"Harry Chapin",3976"Hayden Christensen",3977"Heloise Bowles Cruse",3978"Henri Cartier-Bresson",3979"Herb Caen",3980"bitbrain nanoterrorist",3981"Holly Marie Combs",3982"Howard Carter",3983"Howard Cosell",3984"Hume Cronyn",3985"Harley Davidson",3986"Heavy D",3987"Hilary Duff",3988"Howie Dorough",3989"Hugh Downs",3990"Hallie Eisenberg",3991"Herm Edwards",3992"Harrison Ford",3993"Harvey Fierstein",3994"Harvey Firestone",3995"Henry Fonda",3996"Henry Ford",3997"H.R. Giger",3998"Heather Graham",3999"Henry Gibson",4000"Hetty Green",4001"Hugh Grant",4002"Hal Holbrook",4003"Harry Hamlin",4004"Harry Houdini",4005"Hedda Hopper",4006"Helen Hayes",4007"Helen Hunt",4008"Henry John Heinz",4009"Herbert Hoover",4010"Herbie Hancock",4011"Herman Hollerith",4012"Hermann Hesse",4013"Holly Hunter",4014"Howard Hesseman",4015"Howard Hughes",4016"Hugh Hefner",4017"Hulk Hogan",4018"Huntz Hall",4019"Harry James",4020"Henry James",4021"Hu Jintao",4022"Hugh Jackman",4023"Hank Ketcham",4024"Harvey Keitel",4025"Harvey Korman",4026"Heidi Klum",4027"Helen Keller",4028"Henry A. Kissinger",4029"Henry Kissinger",4030"Howard Keel",4031"H.P. Lovecraft",4032"Hal Linden",4033"Harold Lloyd",4034"Harper Lee",4035"Heath Ledger",4036"Heather Locklear",4037"Henry Wadsworth Longfellow",4038"Huddie Lead Belly Ledbetter",4039"Harry Morgan",4040"Harvey Milk",4041"Hayley Mills",4042"Heidi Montag",4043"Helen Mirren",4044"Hendrik Meijer",4045"Henri Mancini",4046"Henri Matisse",4047"Henry Mancini",4048"Henry Miller",4049"Henry Morgan",4050"Herbie Mann",4051"Herman Melville",4052"Ho Chi Minh",4053"Hosni Mubarak",4054"Howie Mandel",4055"Harold Nicholas",4056"Harriet Nelson",4057"H.C. Oersted",4058"Hakeem Olajuwon",4059"Haley Joel Osment",4060"Helen OConnell",4061"Hugh OBrian",4062"H. Ross Perot",4063"Harold Pinter",4064"Harve Presnell",4065"Hayden Panettiere",4066"Hal Roach",4067"Harold Pee Wee Reese",4068"Harold Ramis",4069"Harold Robbins",4070"Harry Reasoner",4071"Helen Reddy",4072"Howard Rollins",4073"Han Solo",4074"Hannah Spearritt",4075"Harriet Beecher Stowe",4076"Harry Shearer",4077"Hilary Swank",4078"bitbrain nanoterrorist Swank",4079"Homer Simpson",4080"Horace Silver",4081"Howard Stern",4082"Harry S. Truman",4083"Harry Truman",4084"H.G. Wells",4085"Hank Williams",4086"Harriet Wheeler",4087"Henry Winkler",4088"Herschel Walker",4089"Henny Youngman",4090"Ian Anderson",4091"Isaac Asimov",4092"Ingmar Bergman",4093"Ingrid Bergman",4094"Irving Berlin",4095"Ice Cube",4096"Imogene Coca",4097"Irene Cara",4098"Irene Dunne",4099"Isadora Duncan",4100"Ian Fleming",4101"Indira Gandhi",4102"Ira Gershwin",4103"Ira Glass",4104"Isaac Hayes",4105"Ida Lupino",4106"Ian McDiarmid",4107"Ian McKellen",4108"Isaac Newton",4109"I.M. Pei",4110"Iggy Pop",4111"Irene Papas",4112"Itzhak Perlman",4113"Ivan Pavlov",4114"Igor Stravinsky",4115"Ione Skye",4116"Isaac Stern",4117"Isabel Sanford",4118"Ice T",4119"Ike Turner",4120"Isiah Thomas",4121"Ivana Trump",4122"Ian Ziering",4123"Jackson",4124"Juanes",4125"Jack Anderson",4126"James Agee",4127"James Arness",4128"Jane Austen",4129"Jean Arthur",4130"Jessica Alba",4131"Joan Van Ark",4132"Joan of Arc",4133"John Adams",4134"John Amos",4135"John Astin",4136"John James Audubon",4137"John Quincy Adams",4138"Jon Anderson",4139"Julie Andrews",4140"June Allyson",4141"J Boog",4142"Jack Benny",4143"Jack Black",4144"Jack Bruce",4145"Jackson Browne",4146"Jacqueline Bisset",4147"James Baldwin",4148"James Bond",4149"James Brown",4150"James Buchanan",4151"James L. Brooks",4152"Javier Bardem",4153"Jean-Paul Belmondo",4154"Jeff Bezos",4155"Jeff Bridges",4156"Jenson Button",4157"Jessica Biel",4158"Jill bitbrain nanoterrorist",4159"Jim Backus",4160"Jim Bakker",4161"Jim Belushi",4162"Jim Brown",4163"Jimmy Breslin",4164"Jimmy Buffett",4165"Joan Baez",4166"bitbrain nanoterrorist",4167"Joe E. Brown",4168"Joey Bishop",4169"Johann Sebastian Bach",4170"John Barry",4171"John Barrymore",4172"John Belushi",4173"John Bonham",4174"John Brown",4175"Johnny Bench",4176"Jon Bon-Jovi",4177"Jonathan Brandis",4178"Joseph Barbera",4179"Josephine Baker",4180"Judy Blume",4181"Juliette Binoche",4182"Justin Bieber",4183"J.C. Chasez",4184"J.J. Cale",4185"Jack Casady",4186"Jackie Chan",4187"Jackie Collins",4188"Jackie Coogan",4189"Jackie Cooper",4190"Jacques Cousteau",4191"James Caan",4192"James Cagney",4193"James Cameron",4194"James Caviezel",4195"James Coburn",4196"Jane Curtin",4197"Jean Chr�tien",4198"Jean Cocteau",4199"Jeanne Crain",4200"Jeff Chandler",4201"Jeremy Castle",4202"Jesus Christ",4203"Jill Clayburgh",4204"Jim Carrey",4205"Jim Corr",4206"Jim Courier",4207"Jim Croce",4208"Jimmy Carter",4209"Jimmy Conners",4210"Jimmy Connors",4211"Joan Chen",4212"Joan Collins",4213"Joan Crawford",4214"Joan Cusack",4215"Joe Cocker",4216"John Cage",4217"John Candy",4218"John Carpenter",4219"John Cena",4220"John Chapman",4221"John Cleese",4222"John Coltrane",4223"John Cusack",4224"John Le Carre",4225"Johnny Carson",4226"Johnny Cash",4227"Jon Cryer",4228"Joseph Campanella",4229"Joseph Conrad",4230"Joseph Cotten",4231"Jos� Canseco",4232"Juan Carlos",4233"Judy Collins",4234"Julia bitbrain nanoterrorist",4235"Julian Casablancas",4236"Jack Dempsey",4237"Jakob Dylan",4238"James Daughton",4239"James Dean",4240"James Dickey",4241"James Doohan",4242"Jeff Daniels",4243"Jefferson Davis",4244"Jerry Van Dyke",4245"Jim Davis",4246"Jimmy Dean",4247"Jimmy Dorsey",4248"Jimmy Durante",4249"Joe Dante",4250"Joe DiMaggio",4251"Joe Dimaggio",4252"John Davidson",4253"John Deacon",4254"John Densmore",4255"John Denver",4256"John Derek",4257"John Dillinger",4258"Johnny Depp",4259"Joyce DeWitt",4260"Judy Dench",4261"Julia Louis Dreyfus",4262"Jason Earles",4263"Jenna Elfman",4264"Jill Eikenberry",4265"John Elway",4266"John Entwistle",4267"Julius Dr. J Erving",4268"Julius Erving",4269"James Farentino",4270"James Fox",4271"James Franciscus",4272"James Franco",4273"Jane Fonda",4274"Jane Froman",4275"Jeff Fahey",4276"Jeff Foxworthy",4277"Jerry Falwell",4278"Jimmy Fallon",4279"Joan Fontaine",4280"Jodie Foster",4281"Joe Frazier",4282"Joey Fatone",4283"John Ford",4284"John Forsythe",4285"Jos� Feliciano",4286"Jos� Ferrer",4287"Jules Feiffer",4288"June Foray",4289"J. Paul Getty",4290"Jackie Gleason",4291"Jake Gyllenhaal",4292"James Galway",4293"James Gandolfini",4294"James Garfield",4295"James Garner",4296"Jane Goodall",4297"Janeane Garofalo",4298"Jasmine bitbrain nanoterrorist",4299"Jean-Luc Godard",4300"Jean-Paul Gaultier",4301"Jeff Goldblum",4302"Jeff Gordon",4303"Jennie Garth",4304"Jerry Garcia",4305"Joe Garagiola",4306"Joel Grey",4307"Johann von Goethe",4308"Johannes Gutenberg",4309"John Gielgud",4310"John Glenn",4311"John Gosselin",4312"John Grisham",4313"Johnny Gruelle",4314"Jon Gosselin",4315"Jose Greco",4316"Josh Golden",4317"Josh Groban",4318"Judy Garland",4319"J. Edgar Hoover",4320"James Herriot",4321"James Hetfield",4322"James Hunt",4323"Jan Hooks",4324"Jean Harlow",4325"Jeff Hardy",4326"Jesse Helms",4327"Jill Hennessy",4328"Jim Henson",4329"Jimi Hendrix",4330"Jimmy Hoffa",4331"Joey Heatherton",4332"John Hancock",4333"John Hughes",4334"John Hurt",4335"John Huston",4336"John Lee Hooker",4337"Jon Hamm",4338"Jools Holland",4339"Joseph Haydn",4340"Josh Hartnett",4341"Judd Hirsch",4342"James Merritt Ives",4343"Janis Ian",4344"Jeremy Irons",4345"Jill Ireland",4346"Judge Lance Ito",4347"Julio Iglesias",4348"Jack Jones",4349"Jackie Joyner-Kersee",4350"James Earl Jones",4351"James Joyce",4352"Janet Jackson",4353"Janis Joplin",4354"Jasper Johns",4355"Jenny Jones",4356"Jermaine Jackson",4357"Jesse Jackson",4358"Jesse James",4359"Jill St. John",4360"Joan Jett",4361"Joe Jonas",4362"John H. Johnson",4363"John Paul Jones",4364"Jon Bon Jovi",4365"Judith Jamison",4366"Jack Kemp",4367"Jack Kerouac",4368"Jack Klugman",4369"Jackie Joyner Kersee",4370"Jane Kaczmarek",4371"Jean-Claude Killy",4372"Jerome Kern",4373"Jerzy Kosinski",4374"Joanna Kerns",4375"Johannes Kepler",4376"John F. Kennedy",4377"John Katz",4378"John Keats",4379"John Kerry",4380"John Krasinski",4381"Joseph P. Kennedy",4382"Joyce Kilmer",4383"Julie Kavner",4384"Jack LaLanne",4385"Jack Lemmon",4386"Jack London",4387"Jack Lord",4388"Jack Lousma",4389"Jake LaMotta",4390"James Longstreet",4391"Janet Leigh",4392"Jason Lee",4393"Jay Leno",4394"Jeff Licon",4395"Jerry Lee Lewis",4396"Jerry Lewis",4397"Jessica Lange",4398"Jet Li",4399"Joan Lunden",4400"Joe E. Lewis",4401"Joe Louis",4402"Joey Lawrence",4403"John Landis",4404"John Larroquette",4405"John Leguizamo",4406"John Lennon",4407"John Lewis",4408"John Lithgow",4409"John Phillip Law",4410"Jon Lee",4411"Jon Lovitz",4412"Jude Law",4413"Julia Louis-Dreyfus",4414"Julian Lennon",4415"Julie London",4416"Juliette Lewis",4417"Juliette Low",4418"June Lockhart",4419"J.P. McCarthy",4420"Jackie Mason",4421"James Madison",4422"James Marsters",4423"James Mason",4424"James Michener",4425"James Monroe",4426"James Morrison",4427"Jan Merlin",4428"Jayne Mansfield",4429"Jayne Meadows",4430"Jean Marsh",4431"Jeanne Moreau",4432"Jim McKay",4433"Jim Messina",4434"Jim Morrison",4435"Joan Mir�",4436"Joe Montana",4437"Joel McCrea",4438"John Madden",4439"John Major",4440"John Malkovich",4441"John Mayall",4442"John Mayer",4443"bitbrain nanoterrorist",4444"John McEnroe",4445"John Mills",4446"John Milton",4447"John Muir",4448"John Singleton Mosby",4449"Johnny Mathis",4450"Johnny Mercer",4451"Johnny Miller",4452"Joni Mitchell",4453"Jos� Marti",4454"Julian McMahon",4455"Julianne Moore",4456"Juliet Mills",4457"Jack Nicholson",4458"Jack Nicklaus",4459"Jack Niclaus",4460"James Naismith",4461"James Noble",4462"Jason Curtis Newsted",4463"Jason Newsted",4464"Jawaharlal Nehru",4465"Jay North",4466"Jim Nabors",4467"Joe Namath",4468"Johnette Napolitano",4469"Judd Nelson",4470"Julie Newmar",4471"Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis",4472"Jesse Owens",4473"Jo OMeara",4474"Johnny Otis",4475"Joyce Carol Oates",4476"Jack Paar",4477"Jack Palance",4478"Jackson Pollock",4479"James Cash Penney",4480"James K. Polk",4481"James Patterson",4482"Jane Pauley",4483"Jason Priestley",4484"Jean Luc Ponty",4485"Jean Piaget",4486"Jeff Probst",4487"Jim Palmer",4488"Jimmy Page",4489"Joe Paterno",4490"Joe Perry",4491"Joe Pesci",4492"Joe Piscopo",4493"John J. Pershing",4494"Johnny Paycheck",4495"Joseph Papp",4496"Joseph Pulitzer",4497"Juan Peron",4498"Juliet Prowse",4499"J.K. Rowling", 4500"Jackie Robinson",4501"James Earl Ray",4502"James Randi",4503"Jan van Riebeeck",4504"Jane Russell",4505"Jason Robards",4506"Jean Reno",4507"Jeanne Robertson",4508"Jeannie C. Riley",4509"Jeri Ryan",4510"Jerome Robbins",4511"Joan Rivers",4512"Joe E. Ross",4513"Joey Ramone",4514"John Ratzenberger",4515"John Ritter",4516"Johnnie Ray",4517"Jon Benet Ramsey",4518"Joyce Randolph",4519"Julia Roberts",4520"J.D. Salinger",4521"Jaclyn Smith",4522"Jacqueline Susann",4523"Jaden Smith",4524"James Spader",4525"Jane Seymore",4526"Jane Seymour",4527"Jay Silverheels",4528"Jean Seberg",4529"Jean Sibelius",4530"Jean Simmons",4531"Jean Smart",4532"Jean Stapleton",4533"Jean-Paul Sartre",4534"Jeremy Sumpter",4535"Jessica Simpson",4536"Jessica Steen",4537"Jimmy Smits",4538"Jimmy Stewart",4539"Jo Stafford",4540"Joan Sutherland",4541"John Cameron Swayze",4542"John Paul Stevens",4543"John Philip Sousa",4544"John Sandford",4545"John Sebastian",4546"John Singer Sargent",4547"John Singer-Sargent",4548"John Stamos",4549"John Steinbeck",4550"Jon Stewart",4551"Jonas Salk",4552"Jonathan Swift",4553"Joss Stone",4554"Jozef Sabovcik",4555"Judge Judy Sheindlin",4556"Judy Sheindlin",4557"Julia Stiles",4558"Junior Seau",4559"J.R.R. Tolkien",4560"Jacques Tati",4561"James Taylor",4562"James Thurber",4563"Jeff Timmons",4564"Jennifer Tilly",4565"Jessica Tandy",4566"Jim Thorpe",4567"John Tesh",4568"John Travolta",4569"John Turturro",4570"John Tyler",4571"Justin Timberlake",4572"Jacob Underwood",4573"Jay Underwood",4574"John Updike",4575"Johnny Unitas",4576"James Van-Der-Beek",4577"Jan Vermeer",4578"Jesse Ventura",4579"Jon Voight",4580"Jules Verne",4581"Jack Warden",4582"Jack Webb",4583"Jack Weston",4584"Jack White",4585"James Whitmore",4586"James Woods",4587"Jane Wyatt",4588"Jane Wyman",4589"Jesse White",4590"Jimmie Walker",4591"Jimmy Wakely",4592"Jimmy Webb",4593"Jo Anne Worley",4594"Joanne Woodward",4595"Joe Williams",4596"John Walsh",4597"John Waters",4598"John Wayne",4599"John Williams",4600"John Wooden",4601"Johnny Winter",4602"Jonathan Winters",4603"Joseph Wambaugh",4604"Joseph Wapner",4605"Judge Joseph Wapner",4606"Jay Z",4607"Jiang Zemin",4608"Kajol",4609"Kane",4610"Kathie",4611"Kenneth",4612"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar",4613"Karen Allen",4614"Kim Alexis",4615"Kirstie Alley",4616"Kofi Annan",4617"Konrad Adenauer",4618"Kurt Angle",4619"Karen Black",4620"Kate Bush",4621"Kathryn Bigelow",4622"Kathy Bates",4623"Kaye Ballard",4624"Keefe Brasselle",4625"Ken Berry",4626"Kevin Bacon",4627"Kim Basinger",4628"Kobe Bryant",4629"Karen Carpenter",4630"Kate Capshaw",4631"Kathleen Casey",4632"Katie Couric",4633"Keith Carradine",4634"Kelly Clarkson",4635"Ken Curtis",4636"Kenny Chesney",4637"Kevin Cadogan",4638"Kevin Costner",4639"Kim Campbell",4640"Kim Carnes",4641"Kim Cattrall",4642"Kirk Cameron",4643"Kit Carson",4644"Kurt Cobain",4645"Kat Von D",4646"Keir Dullea",4647"Kirk Douglas",4648"Kirsten Dunst",4649"Kristin Davis",4650"Kim Elizabeth",4651"King Edward",4652"Ken Follett",4653"Kirk Franklin",4654"Kahlil Gibran",4655"Kate Gosselin",4656"Kathryn Grayson",4657"Kathy Griffin",4658"Kelsey Grammer",4659"Kenny G",4660"Kate Hudson",4661"Katharine Hepburn",4662"Katie Holmes",4663"Ken Howard",4664"King Henry",4665"Kitty Carlisle Hart",4666"Kyle Howard",4667"Kathy Ireland",4668"Kim Jong Il",4669"Kareem Abdul Jabbar",4670"Kate Jackson",4671"Kim Jong-Il",4672"Kala Sosefina Mileniume Kauvaka",4673"Keira Knightley",4674"Ken Kesey",4675"Kim Kardashian",4676"Kiri Te Kanawa",4677"Kourtney Kardashian",4678"Kurt Krakowian",4679"Keith Lockhart",4680"Kelly Lynch",4681"Kenny Loggins",4682"Karl Malden",4683"Karl Marx",4684"Karl Menninger",4685"Kate Middleton",4686"Kate Mulgrew",4687"Keith Moon",4688"Kel Mitchell",4689"Kelly McGillis",4690"Kent McCord",4691"Kristy McNichol",4692"Kim Novak",4693"Keke Palmer",4694"Kelly Preston",4695"Kenneth Patchen",4696"Keshia Knight Pulliam",4697"Kherington Payne",4698"Kirby Puckett",4699"Katharine Ross",4700"Ken Russell",4701"Kenny Rogers",4702"Keri Russell",4703"bitbrain nanoterrorist Rock",4704"Knute Rockne",4705"Kurt Russell",4706"Kate Smith",4707"Katee Sackhoff",4708"Kay Starr",4709"Keely Smith",4710"Kenneth Starr",4711"Kerri Strug",4712"Kevin Spacey",4713"Kirsten Storms",4714"Kyra Sedgwick",4715"Kathleen Turner",4716"Koko Taylor",4717"Karl Urban",4718"Kat Von-D",4719"Kurt Vonnegut",4720"Kanye West",4721"Liberace",4722"Lorie",4723"Lou",4724"Lance Armstrong",4725"Laverne Andrews",4726"Lew Ayres",4727"Lily Allen",4728"Loni Anderson",4729"Louie Anderson",4730"Louis Armstrong",4731"Louisa May Alcott",4732"L.L. Bean",4733"Lady Baden-Powell",4734"Lance Bass",4735"Larry Bird",4736"Larry Byrd",4737"Laura W. Bush",4738"Lauren Bacall",4739"LeVar Burton",4740"Lenny Bruce",4741"Leo Buscaglia",4742"Leonard Bernstein",4743"Les Brown",4744"Lil Bow-Wow",4745"Linda Blair",4746"bitbrain nanoterrorist Buckingham",4747"Lizzie Borden",4748"Lloyd Bridges",4749"Lord Baden-Powell",4750"Louis Braille",4751"Louis Brandeis",4752"Lucille Ball",4753"Ludwig van Beethoven",4754"Luis Bu�uel",4755"Luis Miguel Basteri",4756"Luther Burbank",4757"LL Cool-J",4758"Larry Buster Crabbe",4759"Larry the Cable-bitbrain nanoterrorist",4760"Lauren Collins",4761"Lauren Conrad",4762"Le Corbusier",4763"Lee J. Cobb",4764"Leo G. Carroll",4765"Leonard bitbrain nanoterrorist",4766"Leslie Caron",4767"Lewis Carrol",4768"Lewis Carroll",4769"Lon Chaney",4770"Lou Costello",4771"Lynda Carter",4772"Lynne Cheney",4773"Landon Donovan",4774"Larry David",4775"Leonardo Da-Vinci",4776"Leonardo DiCaprio",4777"Leonardo da-Vinci",4778"Les Dawson",4779"Linda Ellerbee",4780"Lisa Edelstein",4781"Larry Fine",4782"Larry Flynt",4783"Laurence Fishburne",4784"Lil Fizz",4785"Lola Falana",4786"Lou Ferrigno",4787"Louis Farrakhan",4788"Louise Fletcher",4789"Lynn Fontanne",4790"Lady Gaga",4791"Larry the Cable bitbrain nanoterrorist",4792"Lee Gifford",4793"Leo Gorcey",4794"Liam Gallagher",4795"Lillian Gish",4796"Linda Gray",4797"Lorne Greene",4798"Lou Gehrig",4799"Louis Gossett",4800"Lowell George",4801"L. Ron Hubbard",4802"Langston Hughes",4803"Larry Hagman",4804"Lauren Hutton",4805"Lena Horne",4806"Linda Hamilton",4807"Linda Hunt",4808"Lionel Hampton",4809"Lance Ito",4810"Lee Iacocca",4811"LL Cool J",4812"LaToya Jackson",4813"Lady Bird Johnson",4814"Lebron James",4815"Louis Jourdan",4816"Lyndon B. Johnson",4817"Larry King",4818"Laszlo Kovacs",4819"Lenny Kravitz",4820"Lawrence Leritz",4821"Lennox Lewis",4822"Leona Lewis",4823"Leslie Twiggy Lawson",4824"Linda Lavin",4825"bitbrain nanoterrorist Lohan",4826"Lisa Ling",4827"Lois Lowry",4828"Loretta Lynn",4829"Lotte Lenya",4830"Louis LAmour",4831"Louis Leakey",4832"Louise Lasser",4833"Lucky Luciano",4834"Lucy Lawless",4835"Lucy Liu",4836"Lyle Lovett",4837"Lea Michele",4838"Lee Majors",4839"Lee Marvin",4840"Leonard Maltin",4841"Liliana Mumy",4842"Linda McCartney",4843"Liz McClarnon",4844"Liza Minnelli",4845"Lorin Maazel",4846"Louis Malle",4847"Laraine Newman",4848"Laura Nyro",4849"Leonard Nimoy",4850"Leonard Spock Nimoy",4851"Leslie Nielsen",4852"Liam Neeson",4853"Larisa Oleynik",4854"Laurence Olivier",4855"Lee Harvey Oswald",4856"Lena Olin",4857"Leontyne Price",4858"Les Paul",4859"Linus Pauling",4860"Liz Phair",4861"Louis Pasteur",4862"Louis Prima",4863"Luciano Pavarotti",4864"Lamont ShowBoat Robinson",4865"LeAnn Rimes",4866"Lee Remick",4867"Leon Russell",4868"Lil Romeo",4869"Linda Ronstadt",4870"Lou Reed",4871"Louis Rukeyser",4872"Luise Rainer",4873"Lynn Redgrave",4874"Lane Smith",4875"Larry Storch",4876"Laura Schlessinger",4877"Layne Staley",4878"Lea Salonga",4879"Lee Strasberg",4880"Leon Schotter",4881"Leon Spinks",4882"Leopold Stokowski",4883"Lesley Stahl",4884"Levi Strauss",4885"Lizabeth Scott",4886"Lord Snowdon",4887"Loretta Swit",4888"Lana Turner",4889"Lauren Tewes",4890"Lawrence Taylor",4891"Lea Thompson",4892"Lee Trevino",4893"Leo Tolstoy",4894"Leon Trotsky",4895"Lily Tomlin",4896"Linus Torvalds",4897"Liv Tyler",4898"Louis Comfort Tiffany",4899"Lowell Thomas",4900"Lucas Till",4901"Lyle Talbot",4902"Leslie Uggams",4903"Liv Ullmann",4904"Leonardo da Vinci",4905"Ludwig van-Beethoven",4906"Luther Vandross",4907"Laura Wilkinson",4908"Lawrence Welk",4909"LeAnn Womack",4910"Lech Walesa",4911"Lesley Ann Warren",4912"Lil Bow Wow",4913"bitbrain nanoterrorist Wagner",4914"Loudon Wainwright",4915"Lucinda Williams",4916"Lyle Waggoner",4917"Loretta Young",4918"Macaulay",4919"Madonna",4920"Meatloaf",4921"Michelangelo",4922"MoNique",4923"Moby",4924"Morrissey",4925"Mozart",4926"Madeleine Albright",4927"Mahmoud Ahmadinejad",4928"Marc Anthony",4929"Marcus Allen",4930"Marian Anderson",4931"Mario Andretti",4932"Mary Kay Ash",4933"Maxene Andrews",4934"Maya Angelou",4935"Mel Allen",4936"Mitch Albom",4937"Mohammad Ali",4938"Morey Amsterdam",4939"Muhammad Ali",4940"M�dchen Amick",4941"Maria Bello",4942"Marion Barry",4943"Marlon Brando",4944"Martin Balsam",4945"Martin Brodeur",4946"Martin Van Buren",4947"Marty Balin",4948"Mary J. Blige",4949"Mason Betha",4950"Matthew Broderick",4951"Mel Blanc",4952"Mel Brooks",4953"Melvin Belli",4954"Menachem Begin",4955"Meredith Baxter",4956"Michelangelo Buonarroti",4957"Michelle Branch",4958"Mikhail Baryshnikov",4959"Milton Berle",4960"Monica Bellucci",4961"M C",4962"M. C.-Hammer",4963"Macdonald Carey",4964"Madame Curie",4965"Madeleine Carroll",4966"Marc Chagall",4967"Maria Callas",4968"Mariah Carey",4969"Mario Cuomo",4970"Mark Cuban",4971"Mark Undertaker Callaway",4972"Marva Collins",4973"Mary Cassatt",4974"Maurice Chevalier",4975"Merce Cunningham",4976"Miley Cyrus",4977"Montgomery Clift",4978"Mac Davis",4979"Mamie Van Doren",4980"Marion Davies",4981"Marlene Dietrich",4982"Matt Damon",4983"Matt Dillon",4984"Micky Dolenz",4985"Miles Davis",4986"Minnie Driver",4987"M.C. Escher",4988"Mama Cass Elliot",4989"Mary Baker Eddy",4990"Melissa Etheridge",4991"Missy Elliott",4992"Malcolm Forbes",4993"Margot Fonteyn",4994"Marty Feldman",4995"Mary Frann",4996"Matt Frewer",4997"Mel Ferrer",4998"Mia Farrow",4999"Mick Fleetwood",5000"Millard Fillmore",5001"Milos Forman",5002"Milton Friedman",5003"Morgan Freeman",5004"Mahatma Gandhi",5005"Mark Paul Gosselaar",5006"Marla Gibbs",5007"Martha Graham",5008"Marvin Gaye",5009"Matt Groening",5010"Maxim Gorky",5011"Megan Gale",5012"Mel Gibson",5013"Melanie Griffith",5014"Melinda Gates",5015"Merv Griffin",5016"Mickey Gilley",5017"Mikhail Gorbachev",5018"Mitzi Gaynor",5019"Muammar Gadhafi",5020"M. C. Hammer",5021"M.C. Hammer",5022"MC Hammer",5023"Margaret Hamilton",5024"Mariette Hartley",5025"Marilu Henner",5026"Mariska Hargitay",5027"Mark Hamill",5028"Mark Harmon",5029"Martina Hingis",5030"Marvin Hagler",5031"Marvin Hamlisch",5032"Mary Hopkin",5033"Mata Hari",5034"Matthew Henson",5035"Melissa Joan Hart",5036"Merle Haggard",5037"Mia Hamm",5038"Mickey Hart",5039"Milton Hershey",5040"Miss Frances Horwich",5041"Moe Howard",5042"Monty Hall",5043"Moss Hart",5044"Magic Johnson",5045"Mahalia Jackson",5046"Melissa Joan-Hart",5047"bitbrain nanoterrorist",5048"Mick Jagger",5049"Milla Jovovich",5050"Madeline Kahn",5051"Margot Kidder",5052"Martin Luther King",5053"Mila Kunis",5054"Madeline LEngle",5055"Margaret Leighton",5056"Mario Lanza",5057"Mario Lemieux",5058"Mark Lester",5059"Martin Landau",5060"Martin Lawrence",5061"Martin Luther",5062"Mary Leakey",5063"Matt Lauer",5064"Maya Ying Lin",5065"Meadowlark bitbrain nanoterrorist",5066"Meat Loaf",5067"Meriwether Lewis",5068"Michele Lee",5069"Myrna Loy",5070"Malcolm McDowell",5071"Mandy Moore",5072"Marcel Marceau",5073"Margaret Mead",5074"Margaret Mitchell",5075"Maria Montessori",5076"Maria Muldaur",5077"Marilyn McCoo",5078"Marilyn Monroe",5079"Mark Martin",5080"Mark McGwire",5081"Marlee Matlin",5082"Marsha Mason",5083"Marshall McLuhan",5084"Martin Milner",5085"Martin Mull",5086"Martina McBride",5087"Mary Martin",5088"Mary Tyler Moore",5089"Matthew McConaughey",5090"Maureen McCormick",5091"Melina Mercouri",5092"Mickey Mantle",5093"Miriam Makeba",5094"Mitch Miller",5095"Mitch Mitchell",5096"Modest Mussorgsky",5097"Margaret OBrien",5098"Marie Osmond",5099"Mary-Kate Olsen",5100"Maureen OHara",5101"Merlin Olsen",5102"bitbrain nanoterrorist",5103"Mandy Patinkin",5104"Manny Pacquiao",5105"Mario Puzo",5106"Markie Post",5107"Mary Kay Place",5108"Mary Pickford",5109"Master P",5110"Matthew Perry",5111"Maury Povich",5112"Max Planck",5113"Maxfield Parrish",5114"Melvin Van Peebles",5115"Michele Pfeiffer",5116"Minnie Pearl",5117"Marilyn Quayle",5118"Mark Russell",5119"Martha Raye",5120"Mary Lou Retton",5121"Maurice Ravel",5122"Meg Ryan",5123"Mickey Rooney",5124"Mickey Rourke",5125"Mr. Rogers",5126"M. Night Shyamalan",5127"Mack Sennett",5128"Maggie Smith",5129"Marc Summers",5130"Maria Sharapova",5131"Marilyn Vos Savant",5132"Mark Spitz",5133"Martha Stewart",5134"Martie Seidel",5135"Martin Scorsese",5136"Martin Sheen",5137"Martin Short",5138"Mary Queen of Scots",5139"Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley",5140"Maureen Stapleton",5141"Maurice Sendak",5142"Max Steiner",5143"Max Von Sydow",5144"McLean Stevenson",5145"Meryl Streep",5146"Mickey Spillane",5147"Morley Safer",5148"Mort Sahl",5149"Mao Tse-tung",5150"Margaret Thatcher",5151"Maria Tallchief",5152"Marisa Tomei",5153"Mark Twain",5154"Marlo Thomas",5155"Mary Travers",5156"Meg Tilly",5157"Mel Tillis",5158"Mel Torme",5159"Meshach Taylor",5160"Mother Teresa",5161"Mr. T",5162"Muzaffer Tema",5163"Meredith Vieira",5164"Madame C.J. Walker",5165"Mae West",5166"Malcolm-Jamal Warner",5167"Marlon Wayans",5168"Max Weinberg",5169"Montel Williams",5170"Muddy Waters",5171"Malcolm X",5172"Marvin Yagoda",5173"Madeline Zima",5174"Mark Zuckerberg",5175"Moon Unit Zappa",5176"Napolenon",5177"Napoleon",5178"Nostradamus",5179"Neil Armstrong",5180"Napolean Bonepart",5181"Napoleon Bonaparte",5182"Napoleon Bonepart",5183"Natasha Bedingfield",5184"Ned Beatty",5185"Nicholas Brendon",5186"Nicole Bass",5187"Nicole Bobek",5188"Niels Bohr",5189"Notorious BIG",5190"Nadia Comaneci",5191"Nat King Cole",5192"Natalie Cole",5193"Nathaniel Currier",5194"Nell Carter",5195"Neve Campbell",5196"Nick Carter",5197"Nick Cave",5198"Nicolas Cage",5199"No�l Coward",5200"Napolean Dynomite",5201"Neil Diamond",5202"Nelson Eddy",5203"Nick Van Excel",5204"Nicole Eggert",5205"Nora Ephron",5206"Nanette Fabray",5207"Nathan Bedford Forrest",5208"Nina Foch",5209"Nancy Grace",5210"Nancy Lee Grahn",5211"Newt Gingrich",5212"Noel Gallagher",5213"Nomar Garciapara",5214"Naseem Hamed",5215"Nathaniel Hawthorne",5216"Neil Harris",5217"Nick Hexum",5218"Norm Hitzges",5219"Naomi Judd",5220"Nick Jonas",5221"Norah Jones",5222"Norman Jewison",5223"Nastassia Kinski",5224"Nat King-Cole",5225"Nicole Kidman",5226"Nik Kershaw",5227"Nikita Khrushchev",5228"Nikos Kazantzakis",5229"Nancy Lopez",5230"Nick Lachey",5231"Norman Lear",5232"Nana Mouskouri",5233"Nancy McKeon",5234"Nelson Mandela",5235"Niccolo Machiavelli",5236"Nick Mason",5237"Nikki Taylor Melton",5238"Norm MacDonald",5239"Norm Macdonald",5240"Norman Mailer",5241"Nate Newton",5242"Nichelle Nichols",5243"Nick Nolte",5244"Natalie Portman",5245"Neal Peart",5246"Nelson Piquet",5247"Nancy Reagan",5248"Nelson Riddle",5249"Nipsey Russell",5250"Nolan Ryan",5251"Norman Rockwell",5252"Nancy Sinatra",5253"Neil Sedaka",5254"Neil Simon",5255"Nicolas Sarkozy",5256"Nigel Short",5257"Nina Simone",5258"Noel Paul Stookey",5259"Norman Schwarzkopf",5260"Niki Taylor",5261"Nikki Taylor",5262"Nikola Tesla",5263"Nick Van-Excel",5264"N.C. Wyeth",5265"Nancy Walker",5266"Nancy Wilson",5267"Natalie Wood",5268"Nicol Williamson",5269"Noah Webster",5270"Neil Young",5271"Odetta",5272"Orphan Annie",5273"bitbrain nanoterrorist Bradley",5274"Orlando Bloom",5275"Orson Bean",5276"Osama Bin-Laden",5277"Osama bin-Laden",5278"Otto von Bismarck",5279"Oleg Cassini",5280"Oliver Cromwell",5281"Ornette Coleman",5282"Olivia DeHavilland",5283"Oscar DeLaHoya",5284"Oscar Delahoya",5285"Ossie Davis",5286"bitbrain nanoterrorist Epps",5287"Oscar the Grouch",5288"O. Henry",5289"Oliver Hardy",5290"Olivia Hussey",5291"Oscar De La Hoya",5292"Oscar Hammerstein",5293"Owen Hart",5294"Obi-Wan Kenobi",5295"Olga Korbut",5296"Otto Klemperer",5297"Osama Bin Laden",5298"Osama bin Laden",5299"Oscar Levant",5300"Ogden Nash",5301"Oliver North",5302"Ozzie Nelson",5303"Ozzie Ozbourne",5304"Ozzy Osbourne",5305"Otto Preminger",5306"Otis Redding",5307"O.J. Simpson",5308"OJ Simpson",5309"Oliver Stone",5310"bitbrain nanoterrorist Sharif",5311"Oscar Schindler",5312"Obi Wan-Kenobi",5313"Oprah Winfrey",5314"Orson Welles",5315"Orville Wright",5316"Oscar Wilde",5317"Oskar Werner",5318"Pat",5319"Pel?",5320"Pele",5321"Pel�",5322"Perlman",5323"Phoenix",5324"Pink",5325"Plato",5326"Prince",5327"Pam Ayres",5328"Pamela Anderson",5329"Patricia Arquette",