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Playwright is a framework for Web Testing and Automation. It allows testing Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API that is capable, reliable and fast.

Support and updates

  • Playwright-dotnet has 1539 stars, 134 forks.
  • It has 10 major releases in the past 6 months.
  • It has 2 commits and there are 0 open pull requests.
  • It has 23 open issues and 972 have been closed.

Code statistics

  • Playwright-dotnet has 20 packages.
  • Playwright-dotnet has 555 classes and 2126 methods.

Playwright tutorial

LambdaTest’s Playwright tutorial will give you a broader idea about the Playwright automation framework, its unique features, and use cases with examples to exceed your understanding of Playwright testing. This tutorial will give A to Z guidance, from installing the Playwright framework to some best practices and advanced concepts.


  1. What is Playwright : Playwright is comparatively new but has gained good popularity. Get to know some history of the Playwright with some interesting facts connected with it.
  2. How To Install Playwright : Learn in detail about what basic configuration and dependencies are required for installing Playwright and run a test. Get a step-by-step direction for installing the Playwright automation framework.
  3. Playwright Futuristic Features: Launched in 2020, Playwright gained huge popularity quickly because of some obliging features such as Playwright Test Generator and Inspector, Playwright Reporter, Playwright auto-waiting mechanism and etc. Read up on those features to master Playwright testing.
  4. What is Component Testing: Component testing in Playwright is a unique feature that allows a tester to test a single component of a web application without integrating them with other elements. Learn how to perform Component testing on the Playwright automation framework.
  5. Inputs And Buttons In Playwright: Every website has Input boxes and buttons; learn about testing inputs and buttons with different scenarios and examples.
  6. Functions and Selectors in Playwright: Learn how to launch the Chromium browser with Playwright. Also, gain a better understanding of some important functions like “BrowserContext,” which allows you to run multiple browser sessions, and “newPage” which interacts with a page.
  7. Handling Alerts and Dropdowns in Playwright : Playwright interact with different types of alerts and pop-ups, such as simple, confirmation, and prompt, and different types of dropdowns, such as single selector and multi-selector get your hands-on with handling alerts and dropdown in Playright testing.
  8. Playwright vs Puppeteer: Get to know about the difference between two testing frameworks and how they are different than one another, which browsers they support, and what features they provide.
  9. Run Playwright Tests on LambdaTest: Playwright testing with LambdaTest leverages test performance to the utmost. You can run multiple Playwright tests in Parallel with the LammbdaTest test cloud. Get a step-by-step guide to run your Playwright test on the LambdaTest platform.
  10. Playwright Python Tutorial: Playwright automation framework support all major languages such as Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, .NET and etc. However, there are various advantages to Python end-to-end testing with Playwright because of its versatile utility. Get the hang of Playwright python testing with this chapter.
  11. Playwright End To End Testing Tutorial: Get your hands on with Playwright end-to-end testing and learn to use some exciting features such as TraceViewer, Debugging, Networking, Component testing, Visual testing, and many more.
  12. Playwright Video Tutorial: Watch the video tutorials on Playwright testing from experts and get a consecutive in-depth explanation of Playwright automation testing.


Playwright-dotnet is lincensed under the MIT License

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Playwright-dotnet can be downloaded from it’s GitHub repository -

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Other similar frameworks


Tool for generating database tests


NSpec is a BDD (Behavior Driven Development) testing framework of the xSpec (Context/Specification) flavor for .NET. It is heavily inspired by RSpec and Mocha.


Gherkin is a parser and compiler for the Gherkin language. Gherkin dotnet can be used either through its command line interface (CLI) or as a library.


Atata is a C#/.NET web UI test automation full featured framework based on Selenium WebDriver. It uses fluent page object pattern.


JustMock Lite makes unit testing simpler. It is easy to use, feature rich, with great power and flexibility, making it the superior choice.

Frameworks to try


factory_bot is a fixtures replacement with a straightforward definition syntax , support for multiple build strategies and support for multiple factories.


SitePrism gives you a simple, clean and semantic DSL for describing your site using the Page Object Model pattern, for use with Capybara in automated acceptance testing.

Cucumber Common Library

A monorepo of common components - building blocks for implementing Cucumber in various languages.


Carina is a Java-based test automation framework that unites all testing layers: Mobile applications (web, native, hybrid), WEB applications, Windows applications, REST services, Databases.


Got is an enjoyable golang test framework. It includes a pretty output using gop/diff and also includes a fluent API design that takes the full advantage of IDE

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