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A standard test automation framework provides an environment for carrying out test plans and producing repeatable results. There are specialized frameworks that enable you to perform routine test automation activities. One such framework is Playwright.

In this Playwright tutorial series, we will begin with the basics of Playwright, outlining its capabilities and demonstrating how to install Playwright using the VS Code plugins.

Here’s the highlight of the modules:

highlight of the modules

What is Playwright?

Playwright is a cross browser automation framework for end to end testing created by the Microsoft team and has been steadily gaining popularity. It is a NodeJS library to automate Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit with a single API.

WebKit is a browser engine developed by Apple and used in its Safari web browser and all iOS web browsers. Also, Playwright started as a fork of a Puppeteer. Puppeteer is a node library that automates the Chrome and Firefox browsers with the JavaScript API.

Here’s the highlights of the capabilities of Playwright:

  • It spans multiple pages, domains, and iframes.
  • Intercept network activity for stubbing and mocking network requests.
  • Emulate mobile devices, geolocation testing, and permissions.
  • Can connect physical devices and execute the test in the Chromium-based browser for Android.
  • Supports native inputs like the keyboard actions and the mouse actions.
  • Playwright supports upload and download.
  • Component testing is supported in Playwright 1.22.
  • Playwright has its own Test Runner.
  • Docker support.

How to install Playwright and set up VS Code?

Here are the prerequisites to setting up VS Code:

  • NodeJS
  • VS Code Editor
  • Playwright VS Code plugin

In this section of this Playwright tutorial, we will learn how to install Playwright and set up VS Code. Below are the steps to be followed:

Step 1: Create a folder with “learn-playwright” as a folder name.

Step 2: Ensure the NodeJS version is above 14 from the command prompt.

Ensure the NodeJS version is above 14

Step 3: Open the created folder and type “cmd” in the address bar. The below screen appears.

Open the created folder

Step 4: Type “code”. to launch VS Code. You can now see the created folder as a project in VS Code.

Type code

Step 5: Navigate to the EXTENSIONS section and type "Playwright". There are multiple options available. Select the Playwright Test for VS Code by Microsoft option.

Navigate to the EXTENSIONS

Step 6: Click Install.

Step 7: Press CTRL + SHIFT + P to open the command panel and type "install Playwright".

Step 8: Enable the Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit checkboxes, as Playwright supports all browser engines.

Step 9: Click Okay.

Step 10: Expand the Project Explorer, and the “example.spec.ts” file is displayed.

Expand the Project Explorer

Step 11: To execute the test, click the Green arrow icon.

Step 12: To disable the Headless mode, navigate to the playwright.config.ts file.

Step 13: In the use block, type “headless: false,” and execute again to view the browser.



Playwright makes automation quick, reliable, and simple for anyone eager to acquire a new skill. An online cross browser testing platform like LambdaTest is excellent for performing Playwright testing. It gives you access to an online browser farm with more than 50+ browser versions and OS combinations, enabling you to run the Playwright scripts.

Subscribe to the LambdaTest YouTube Channel, and stay updated with the latest Playwright tutorial, Cypress UI testing, responsive testing, mobile testing, etc. We have now discussed how to install Playwright using the VS Code plugins. Stay tuned for the next video on the Playwright Tutorial Series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Playwright in testing?

Playwright is a framework for web testing and automation. It enables WebKit, Firefox, and Chrome testing using a single API.

Can we use Playwright for API testing?

You can use Playwright to access your application's REST API. Without loading a page and running js code, you might sometimes want to send requests to the server directly from Node.js.

Which language is best for Playwright?

Some of the most well-liked programming languages used by Playwright are JavaScript, Python, Java, and C#. It also supports Firefox, WebKit, and Chromium, offering various cross-browser testing options.

How do you install Playwright for automated browser testing?

To install Playwright, run npm install playwright for Node.js or pip install playwright for Python, then execute playwright install to download necessary browsers. This setup supports testing across Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit on multiple platforms.

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