How to use AddConcept method of parser Package

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...199 conceptFiles = append(conceptFiles, cpt)200 }201 conceptsDictionary := gauge.NewConceptDictionary()202 res := &ParseResult{Ok: true}203 if _, errs, e := AddConcepts(conceptFiles, conceptsDictionary); len(errs) > 0 {204 if e != nil {205 return nil, nil, e206 }207 for _, err := range errs {208 logger.Errorf(false, "Concept parse failure: %s %s", conceptFiles[0], err)209 }210 res.ParseErrors = append(res.ParseErrors, errs...)211 res.Ok = false212 }213 vRes := ValidateConcepts(conceptsDictionary)214 if len(vRes.ParseErrors) > 0 {215 res.Ok = false216 res.ParseErrors = append(res.ParseErrors, vRes.ParseErrors...)217 }218 return conceptsDictionary, res, nil219}220// AddConcept adds the concept in the ConceptDictionary.221func AddConcept(concepts []*gauge.Step, file string, conceptDictionary *gauge.ConceptDictionary) ([]ParseError, error) {222 parseErrors := make([]ParseError, 0)223 for _, conceptStep := range concepts {224 if dupConcept, exists := conceptDictionary.ConceptsMap[conceptStep.Value]; exists {225 parseErrors = append(parseErrors, ParseError{226 FileName: file,227 LineNo: conceptStep.LineNo,228 Message: "Duplicate concept definition found",229 LineText: conceptStep.LineText,230 })231 parseErrors = append(parseErrors, ParseError{232 FileName: dupConcept.FileName,233 LineNo: dupConcept.ConceptStep.LineNo,234 Message: "Duplicate concept definition found",235 LineText: dupConcept.ConceptStep.LineText,236 })237 }238 conceptDictionary.ConceptsMap[conceptStep.Value] = &gauge.Concept{ConceptStep: conceptStep, FileName: file}239 if err := conceptDictionary.ReplaceNestedConceptSteps(conceptStep); err != nil {240 return nil, err241 }242 }243 err := conceptDictionary.UpdateLookupForNestedConcepts()244 return parseErrors, err245}246// AddConcepts parses the given concept file and adds each concept to the concept dictionary.247func AddConcepts(conceptFiles []string, conceptDictionary *gauge.ConceptDictionary) ([]*gauge.Step, []ParseError, error) {248 var conceptSteps []*gauge.Step249 var parseResults []*ParseResult250 for _, conceptFile := range conceptFiles {251 concepts, parseRes := new(ConceptParser).ParseFile(conceptFile)252 if parseRes != nil && parseRes.Warnings != nil {253 for _, warning := range parseRes.Warnings {254 logger.Warningf(true, warning.String())255 }256 }257 parseErrors, err := AddConcept(concepts, conceptFile, conceptDictionary)258 if err != nil {259 return nil, nil, err260 }261 parseRes.ParseErrors = append(parseRes.ParseErrors, parseErrors...)262 conceptSteps = append(conceptSteps, concepts...)263 parseResults = append(parseResults, parseRes)264 }265 errs := collectAllParseErrors(parseResults)266 return conceptSteps, errs, nil267}268func collectAllParseErrors(results []*ParseResult) (errs []ParseError) {269 for _, res := range results {270 errs = append(errs, res.ParseErrors...)271 }...

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...115 if err != nil {116 return nil, fmt.Errorf("Unable to read file %s", err)117 }118 cpts, pRes := new(parser.ConceptParser).Parse(content, conceptFile)119 pErrs, err := parser.AddConcept(cpts, conceptFile, conceptDictionary)120 if err != nil {121 return nil, err122 }123 pRes.ParseErrors = append(pRes.ParseErrors, pErrs...)124 createDiagnostics(pRes, diagnostics)125 }126 createDiagnostics(parser.ValidateConcepts(conceptDictionary), diagnostics)127 return conceptDictionary, nil128}129func createDiagnostics(res *parser.ParseResult, diagnostics map[lsp.DocumentURI][]lsp.Diagnostic) {130 for _, err := range res.ParseErrors {131 uri := util.ConvertPathToURI(err.FileName)132 diagnostics[uri] = append(diagnostics[uri], createDiagnostic(uri, err.Message, err.LineNo-1, 1))133 }...

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