How to use processConceptStep method of parser Package

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...69 if !isInState(parser.currentState, conceptScope) {70 parseRes.ParseErrors = append(parseRes.ParseErrors, ParseError{FileName: fileName, LineNo: token.LineNo, Message: "Step is not defined inside a concept heading", LineText: token.LineText})71 continue72 }73 if errs := parser.processConceptStep(token, fileName); len(errs) > 0 {74 parseRes.ParseErrors = append(parseRes.ParseErrors, errs...)75 continue76 }77 addStates(&parser.currentState, stepScope)78 } else if parser.isTableHeader(token) {79 if !isInState(parser.currentState, stepScope) {80 parseRes.ParseErrors = append(parseRes.ParseErrors, ParseError{FileName: fileName, LineNo: token.LineNo, Message: "Table doesn't belong to any step", LineText: token.LineText})81 continue82 }83 parser.processTableHeader(token)84 addStates(&parser.currentState, tableScope)85 } else if parser.isScenarioHeading(token) {86 parseRes.ParseErrors = append(parseRes.ParseErrors, ParseError{FileName: fileName, LineNo: token.LineNo, Message: "Scenario Heading is not allowed in concept file", LineText: token.LineText})87 continue88 } else if parser.isTableDataRow(token) {89 if areUnderlined(token.Args) && !isInState(parser.currentState, tableSeparatorScope) {90 addStates(&parser.currentState, tableSeparatorScope)91 } else if isInState(parser.currentState, stepScope) {92 parser.processTableDataRow(token, &parser.currentConcept.Lookup, fileName)93 }94 } else {95 retainStates(&parser.currentState, conceptScope)96 addStates(&parser.currentState, commentScope)97 comment := &gauge.Comment{Value: token.Value, LineNo: token.LineNo}98 if parser.currentConcept == nil {99 preComments = append(preComments, comment)100 addPreComments = true101 continue102 }103 parser.currentConcept.Items = append(parser.currentConcept.Items, comment)104 }105 }106 if parser.currentConcept != nil && len(parser.currentConcept.ConceptSteps) < 1 {107 parseRes.ParseErrors = append(parseRes.ParseErrors, ParseError{FileName: fileName, LineNo: parser.currentConcept.LineNo, Message: "Concept should have atleast one step", LineText: parser.currentConcept.LineText})108 return nil, parseRes109 }110 if parser.currentConcept != nil {111 concepts = append(concepts, parser.currentConcept)112 }113 return concepts, parseRes114}115func (parser *ConceptParser) isConceptHeading(token *Token) bool {116 return token.Kind == gauge.SpecKind117}118func (parser *ConceptParser) isStep(token *Token) bool {119 return token.Kind == gauge.StepKind120}121func (parser *ConceptParser) isScenarioHeading(token *Token) bool {122 return token.Kind == gauge.ScenarioKind123}124func (parser *ConceptParser) isTableHeader(token *Token) bool {125 return token.Kind == gauge.TableHeader126}127func (parser *ConceptParser) isTableDataRow(token *Token) bool {128 return token.Kind == gauge.TableRow129}130func (parser *ConceptParser) processConceptHeading(token *Token, fileName string) (*gauge.Step, *ParseResult) {131 processStep(new(SpecParser), token)132 token.LineText = strings.TrimSpace(strings.TrimLeft(strings.TrimSpace(token.LineText), "#"))133 var concept *gauge.Step134 var parseRes *ParseResult135 concept, parseRes = CreateStepUsingLookup(token, nil, fileName)136 if parseRes != nil && len(parseRes.ParseErrors) > 0 {137 return nil, parseRes138 }139 if !parser.hasOnlyDynamicParams(concept) {140 parseRes.ParseErrors = []ParseError{ParseError{FileName: fileName, LineNo: token.LineNo, Message: "Concept heading can have only Dynamic Parameters", LineText: token.LineText}}141 return nil, parseRes142 }143 concept.IsConcept = true144 parser.createConceptLookup(concept)145 concept.Items = append(concept.Items, concept)146 return concept, parseRes147}148func (parser *ConceptParser) processConceptStep(token *Token, fileName string) []ParseError {149 processStep(new(SpecParser), token)150 conceptStep, parseRes := CreateStepUsingLookup(token, &parser.currentConcept.Lookup, fileName)151 if parseRes != nil && len(parseRes.ParseErrors) > 0 {152 return parseRes.ParseErrors153 }154 parser.currentConcept.ConceptSteps = append(parser.currentConcept.ConceptSteps, conceptStep)155 parser.currentConcept.Items = append(parser.currentConcept.Items, conceptStep)156 return nil157}158func (parser *ConceptParser) processTableHeader(token *Token) {159 steps := parser.currentConcept.ConceptSteps160 currentStep := steps[len(steps)-1]161 addInlineTableHeader(currentStep, token)162 items := parser.currentConcept.Items...

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